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GOP  U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, who filled Jim DeMint's seat, is on track to become South Carolina's first elected black Republican senator.

Tim Scott defends 'all lives matter'

By Eugene Scott, CNN
South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott said it is not his problem that Black Lives Matter activists find the phrase "all lives matter" offensive.

What hip-hop lyrics tell us about Trump

Story by Deena Zaru; Video by Alex Lee
Billionaire real-estate mogul Donald Trump, who was known to Americans as a celebrity businessman for decades before his presidential run, has been named-dropped in hip-hop lyrics for decades. And like Hillary Clinton, who has also been a go-to reference, Trump is inserted into lyrics to symbolize status, wealth and power.
Not only is the Montoya business adding an 8th location in the Chicago metropolitan area, the Montoya family is also growing.  They are expecting their fourth child in October.

Birthright citizenship hits home for business couple

By Rosa Flores, CNN
A warm welcome and a special recipe for mangonada -- a mango ice cream cup topped with fresh mango slices and a tangy Mexican red sauce -- is the secret to their success, said Eladio and Judith Montoya, owners of Los Mangos, an ice cream and fruit shop in Chicago's Little Village.
"We weren't expecting the rapid growth. We opened our first location in 2012 and less than six months later, due to the great response from the people, we opened our second location," said Eladio Montoya, 35.

Rapper drops Clinton for Sanders

By Deena Zaru, CNN
California rapper Brandon McCartney, known by his professional name Lil B The Based God, released a track last year expressing his love and respect for Bill Clinton.
And in his ode to the former President, titled "B---- I'm Bill Clinton," he raps a sort of endorsement for Hillary Clinton even before her 2016 presidential bid was announced: "Shout-outs to Hillary Clinton. You gonna win that presidency."

Water politics and immigration debate collide in Coachella

By Maeve Reston and Gabe Ramirez, CNN
The political debate over illegal immigration has centered on border security and whether there should be a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented living in this country.
But the presidential candidates from both parties rarely touch on the more complex questions underpinning the debate like the living conditions of the people who work the fields and whether the government has any role in providing for their basic needs such as clean water.