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Bad news, guys: The pangolin we adopted is missing.

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Hey Disney: Make a pangolin movie! updated 12 days ago

Kit Skogsbergh filed a petition on asking Disney to make an animated character of a pangolin, a little-known mammal being trafficked to extinction.

170 communities in Alaska are rallying to end rape -- and you should join them updated 23 days ago

People in Alaska are planning to hold public "Choose Respect" rallies in honor of survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence.

Colbert: Prove you're gay updated 43 days ago

One backward notion that has been used to differentiate the 1960s Civil Rights movement from today's struggle for LGBT equality in the United States is the idea that gay people are somehow "invisible" and can hide who they are.

This land was made for you and me? updated 82 days ago

We need more Woody Guthrie today, writes CNN's John D. Sutter.

It's OK, the water's safe to flush updated 95 days ago

John Sutter: Noncontaminated tap water is coming back for some West Virginians, but our collective indifference to the disaster is troubling

U.S. should copy Switzerland and consider a 'maximum wage' ratio, too updated 148 days ago

John Sutter says executive pay has skyrocketed over decades while worker pay has stagnated in the U.S.

Income inequality and Google Maps updated 162 days ago

America's rich generally have better schools, tidier parks and more trees. But are their neighborhoods also more likely to be mapped by Google?

Running past 'Mile 20' for Boston updated 164 days ago

Seven months of marathon training have made my 30-year-old knees feel like those of a person decades older. At times, I've hobbled down stairs and winced unexpectedly. If I owned a cane, I'd shake it at the trim women who run past me while pushing strollers full of infants -- and the gazelle-ish teens who spring by at two to three times my running pace.

It's 'way past time' for gay rights law updated 164 days ago

John Sutter says senators must make the moral decision and ban anti-LGBT discrimination in the workplace.

7 ways to narrow the rich-poor gap updated 170 days ago

Income inequality isn't inevitable. As economists have argued, it is the result of bad policies that favor the rich and leave everyone else struggling.

Mucking around with climate change updated 171 days ago

John Sutter says that, for evidence of climate change, the U.S. needs to look no further than Alaska, where towns already are melting.

Is class the new race? updated 171 days ago

John Sutter says both President Obama and CNN readers point up that economic equality is the social justice issue of our time

10 heroes of Income Inequality, USA updated 171 days ago

Meet 10 heroes from Lake Providence, Louisiana, which is the American capital of income inequality. The town is woefully divided, but not hopeless.

Change the List: The most unequal counties in America updated 171 days ago

You might assume New York is the U.S. capital of income inequality -- but the title goes to a parish in northeastern Louisiana.

The new pandemic: road deaths updated 173 days ago

John Sutter says it's time to view car crashes and motorcycle accidents as symptoms of a disease, and killer roads as a public health crisis.

Halloween candy for orangutans updated 178 days ago

When Americans hand out Halloween candy next week, they may inadvertently be contributing to the destruction of orangutan habitat thousands of miles away.

Hey Justice Scalia, let's be friends updated 192 days ago

Columnist John Sutter offers his hand in friendship to Justice Antonin Scalia, who said in a recent interview that he doesn't have any openly gay friends.

Gays for Ole Miss updated 196 days ago

John Sutter: When will homophobia in the United States start seeming so ridiculous it's laughable?

Should we vilify the rich? updated 214 days ago

John Sutter says we've turned the rich into caricatures. Two years after Occupy Wall Street, it's time to rethink their role as American villains.

99 must-reads on income inequality updated 239 days ago

John Sutter asked readers of his column to submit ideas for a list of "99 must-reads on income inequality." They weren't shy

Obama should pay his interns updated 241 days ago

John Sutter says converting the White House internships to paid jobs would be a step toward the president's goal of reducing inequality in America.

Help wanted: Must-reads on income inequality and the rich-poor gap updated 243 days ago

John Sutter is looking for insights on a major issue facing America

The Rawls Test: A journey to the most unequal place in America updated 255 days ago

John Sutter embarks on a journey to confront the question: Is America's income distribution fair?

Is income inequality 'morally wrong'? updated 267 days ago

John Sutter talks to philosophers about the morality of extreme income inequality.

Death by 'amusement' updated 270 days ago

John Sutter says the sad story of the woman who died on a Texas roller coaster highlights the need for regulations.

Blame the U.S. for Mexico obesity? updated 276 days ago

Experts are putting forward all sorts of reasons Mexico recently became more obese than the United States

Abolition in the Land of Lincoln updated 276 days ago

"Abolition" isn't a word you hear much in 2013. It should be, though. And a group of modern-day freedom fighters in Illinois is resurrecting the term -- with its echoes of 1800s America -- to combat ongoing slavery in a faraway West African country.

J-Lo and the dictator: An upside updated 290 days ago

American pop star Jennifer Lopez is catching all sorts of heat following her Saturday performance of "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to a dictator.

Fight for gay rights must continue updated 296 days ago

John Sutter praises the Supreme Court's ruling on DOMA but says full equality for LGBT people in all states remains the goal.

The people have spoken! updated 305 days ago

Remember that scene at the end of that Facebook Movie ("The Social Network") when Mark Zuckerberg's character sits alone at a computer screen hitting the refresh button over and over again -- stuck in a loop of anxiety and longing?

When will workers finally be safe? updated 308 days ago

It's time mass worker casualties stopped seeming so commonplace.

97 issues you care about most updated 308 days ago

CNN is doing something terrifying and awesome this week: The network is asking you to be my boss. You have the power to vote on the stories I'll do.

Who cares about the economy? You updated 310 days ago

John Sutter asked CNN's readers and viewers to pick the five social-justice topics he'll cover for the rest of the year; there's still time to vote.

It's your turn to be a CNN boss updated 312 days ago

Columnist John Sutter invites you to vote on the next five topics he will cover as part of CNN's Change the List, a new project on social justice.

Boy Scouts' decision makes no sense updated 330 days ago

John Sutter says the Scouts' plan to welcome gay Scouts but not gay adult Scout leaders doesn't make sense.

Cartoons that scare Syria's leader updated 333 days ago

Ali Ferzat, the Syrian cartoonist whose hands were injured by pro-Assad forces after he drew a cartoon critical of the regime, remains undaunted in exile

In OKC, a run to finish what she started updated 354 days ago

John Sutter accompanied marathon runner Sara Hunt to Oklahoma City for a run she hoped would help her past the trauma of Boston offer lessons in endurance

Why we're running for Boston updated 359 days ago

CNN iReport is asking for people to sign up to run as a show of solidarity with victims of the Boston bombing.

The week of terror flashbacks updated 365 days ago

It's a surreal and horrifying scene. Father and daughter are in a truck that's parked in a relatively distant field, behind a fence. They're watching a building burn.

I'm running a marathon for Boston updated 367 days ago

John Sutter says people are showing their solidarity with the victims of the Boston bombing by running

In Boston, 'look for the helpers' updated 367 days ago

John Sutter says all of us are geared to help, and the responses to the Boston bombings show that.

Let's get everyone online ASAP updated 368 days ago

Google's Eric Schmidt isn't naive, but his estimate that everyone will be online by 2020 is probably too optimistic, says John Sutter

No kid should be in solitary confinement updated 369 days ago

John Sutter says it's wrong that America has become the world capital for this cruel practice

In praise of 'slacktivism' updated 371 days ago

If you don't spend much time online, and if you're older than most college students, you may have missed the thousands of teens and 20-somethings who were running around the country this week with red "X" marks on their hands.

Maybe this oil spill will stick updated 380 days ago

John Sutter says the pipeline break in Alabama is another warning sign of the risks from reliance on fossil fuels

Gay marriage hasn't won (yet...) updated 384 days ago

If Rush Limbaugh says same-sex marriage is inevitable, it's inevitable. Here's what the conservative radio host had to say about the topic on a recent show:

Is 2013 the 'Year of the Gay?' updated 387 days ago

John Sutter and Will Cain look at the culture shift on gay rights -- and how Supreme Court rulings could affect it

The county where no one's gay updated 390 days ago

CNN columnist John Sutter visits Franklin County, Mississippi, to find out if an all-straight county really exists.

No one should be fired for being gay updated 393 days ago

CNN columnist John Sutter says the lack of legal protection pushes people back into the closet.

Gay people live in 50 Americas updated 394 days ago

For LGBT people, the United States has turned into a complicated mess of 50 Americas -- most of which discriminate against them, says CNN's John Sutter.

Africa doesn't need our 'pity' updated 401 days ago

"Men don't play netball."

Does pre-K work? Ask old people updated 414 days ago

John Sutter: Studies show kids who had preschool fare better on many fronts than kids who didn't. Congress should back Obama's push for preschool for all kids.

China needs smog-free air in a can updated 414 days ago

Air pollution in China has gotten so bad lately that one environmentalist's wacky idea for a solution doesn't seem all that far-fetched: putting clean air in a can.

Plastic ice for the polar bears? updated 421 days ago

In a live video chat, John Sutter and Andrew Derocher fielded questions from readers about how to save the polar bears.

Don't feed the (polar) bears updated 422 days ago

John Sutter says a proposal to airdrop food for polar bears is a sign of just how critical climate change has become.

There's no 'magic wand' for jobs updated 428 days ago

John Sutter says commenters made good points about the plight of the longterm unemployed

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