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Sally Kohn says the UNC report highlights how some colleges exploit student athletes while offering little in return.

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4 ways Democrats have already won updated 13 days ago

Sally Kohn says when it comes to critical issues, Democrats look well-positioned to win over voters over time

GOP strategy won't fool women updated 21 days ago

Republicans need to win female voters, and their campaign strategy is to oppose domestic violence. Sally Kohn says that's not going to cut it.

Don't click on celebrity nude photos, ISIS videos updated 34 days ago

Sally Kohn says when people click on hacked celebrity photos or ISIS videos, we are encouraging the bad guys.

The imminent threat to the U.S. that gets ignored updated 41 days ago

Sally Kohn says it's time we take climate change as seriously as we do warfare in the Middle East

Obama's emerging foreign policy doctrine updated 42 days ago

Sally Kohn says America tried "Cowboy Adventurism" as a foreign policy strategy; it failed. So why try it again?

Ferguson: The signal it sends about America updated 46 days ago

The Ferguson, Missouri, protesters want justice for Michael Brown, but they're also reflecting the larger dynamic of racial injustice.

Why Labor Day was a political move updated 59 days ago

Sally Kohn says Labor Day is a reminder of the power of employers and the government over American workers, and its history is a lesson for today.

How Gidget broke the rules in '60s TV updated 66 days ago

Sally Kohn says she never wanted to grow up to be June Cleaver. But then Gidget came along in the '60s, sassy and independent, a taste of the revolution to come.

How Market Basket workers are fighting greed updated 70 days ago

Sally Kohn says like the Occupy Wall Street protesters, Market Basket workers are asking for shared prosperity.

Eat this fish and do the planet a favor updated 100 days ago

Sally Kohn says the world's fish and waters are polluted and under other threats. Be very careful what fish you eat

Republican Party goes round the bend updated 105 days ago

Sally Kohn says now the House GOP wants to sue Obama for not implementing a law fast enough, a law they voted down 50 times, all reason has left the room.

The 'i-word' is un-American updated 118 days ago

Sally Kohn says the intensity of the anti-immigrant rhetoric is stunning. It's time to stop using 'illegal' as an epithet

High court ruling is all about gutting unions updated 122 days ago

Sally Kohn says conservative justices who have increasingly sided with corporate America just chipped away more at the ability to form and keep unions.

Real lesson in Eric Cantor's loss:
Beware conventional wisdom
updated 141 days ago

Sally Kohn says Eric Cantor's surprising loss doesn't necessarily mean what you think it means.

McCain must be getting dizzy from all the flip-flops updated 142 days ago

Sally Kohn wonders how John McCain gets away with his constant flip-flops. He was in favor of a prisoner swap for Bowe Bergdahl, she says, then was against it

Michelle Obama for Senate? updated 146 days ago

Why not? says Sally Kohn of speculation that Michelle Obama's recent high profile might presages a Senate run.

Marriage equality is unstoppable updated 149 days ago

Sally Kohn says despite the progress we've made, there is still much discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Conservatives are so wrong about corporations updated 155 days ago

Sally Kohn says the GM recall and Toyota settlement show why the private sector doesn't operate in the public interest, and why government is more trustworthy.

The smarter way to protest college speakers updated 155 days ago

Sally Kohn says students who object to the views of commencement speakers should welcome them to campus and then protest.

With ruling, money talks even louder in politics updated 155 days ago

Sally Kohn says the Supreme Court's McCutcheon ruling will allow the rich to influence our nation's political process even more with unlimited spending.

317 million reasons to love Obamacare updated 155 days ago

Sally Kohn says over time, not even the most partisan Republicans will be able to attack Obamacare.

A guide to GOP's Benghazi obsession updated 155 days ago

Sally Kohn says what happened in Benghazi was a tragedy, not a scandal, and no amount of Republican witch hunting or wishful thinking will make it otherwise

Badass hero Tara shows cats rule updated 155 days ago

Sally Kohn says how refreshing to see not just another cat-in-a-cardboard-box video (though she loves them, too) but a cat being brave and saving the day.

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