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Ari Fleischer

When I saw the story, my jaw dropped.

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The man who could stop Romney updated Wed Jan 11 2012 15:08:38

There are now just two people standing between Mitt Romney and the GOP presidential nomination -- Newt Gingrich and Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire financier of Newt's super PAC.

Herman Cain meets Washington's 'scandal industrial complex'updated Thu Nov 03 2011 11:38:53

If Herman Cain committed sexual harassment and is now lying about it, his goose is cooked and it should be. But if he is telling the truth, there is something terribly disconcerting about the way the Washington "scandal industrial complex" -- full of reporters, former campaign workers and pundits -- has reacted to this sad story.

It's too late for Chris Christie to runupdated Tue Sep 27 2011 13:16:30

I'm a Chris Christie fan. He's refreshing, he's raw, he takes on the big challenges, especially fiscal ones, and he's a Republican governor in a blue state, a helpful fact for a presidential candidate. But he's also late -- too late to successfully mount a winning campaign for the Republican nomination.