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David Frum

When I moved to Washington almost 20 years ago, I subscribed to four daily newspapers. Printed newspapers, that is: on paper, with ink. In the mid-1990s, network news was already a fading phenomenon. But the Washington media elite booked time to watch programs such as "Crossfire" at the time they were broadcast.

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The dangers of Obama's passive foreign policyupdated Wed Apr 09 2014 07:43:48

On June 13, 2009, hundreds of thousands took to the streets in the largest demonstrations seen in Tehran since the Iranian revolution of 1979. They were protesting what many observers said was a rigged presidential election. The regime answered with brutal repression. Security forces admitted 2,000 arrests and some 20 killings. Families of the protesters insisted that the true number of the killed was hundreds more.

Las Vegas made a big, bad bet on casinosupdated Tue Apr 01 2014 07:49:56

The expensive casinos of Las Vegas look crowded. Tickets to the popular shows sell out. To the tourist, things look back to normal.

Twitter ban is the least of Turkey's woesupdated Mon Mar 24 2014 07:47:18

You've probably heard that the Turkish government's attempt to ban Twitter quickly collapsed into farce.

If GOP wins the Senate, then what?updated Tue Mar 18 2014 09:05:13

Democratic hopes for 2014, never good, are fading fast. The New York Times reported on the mood of panic among Democratic senators. Forecaster Charlie Cook is speculating about a Democratic Senate wipeout. It's suddenly looking very possible that Republicans could regain control of both houses of Congress for the first time in eight years. What then?

Why are millennials more liberal, less trusting? updated Tue Mar 11 2014 15:18:22

The millennials are growing up, but they are not growing out of their liberalism.

Most neighbors silent as Venezuela reelsupdated Mon Feb 24 2014 15:02:04

Location, location, location: It matters greatly to the success of democracy.

Will Venezuela abandon Chavismo?updated Mon Feb 17 2014 11:03:24

A week of demonstrations in Venezuela. Three people shot dead; dozens wounded; dozens more arrested and imprisoned. Pro-regime thugs intimidate protesting high school and college students. The question is being asked: Is Chavismo finally cracking in Venezuela?

What you didn't see in Sochiupdated Mon Feb 10 2014 06:32:04

Nobody looks to Olympic opening ceremonies for historical exactitude. Yet the brutal denialism of the opening spectacle at the 2014 Sochi Games should anger and sadden every viewer -- and Russian viewers most of all.

GOP race for 2016 is wide openupdated Mon Feb 03 2014 09:49:06

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's political troubles may reshape the Republican race much more radically than most commentators are yet predicting. To understand why, think of the Republican presidential nomination as a playoff game between two rival leagues. One league is composed of the Republican party's donors and professionals. The other features the party's activists and militants.

Fox News and the anxious elderlyupdated Mon Jan 27 2014 08:23:29

"Viewers don't want to be informed. Viewers want to feel informed."

Why the French president needs Michelle Obama updated Tue Jan 21 2014 07:28:22

Michelle Obama is controversial enough in this country. Many commentators criticize the cost of her clothes and the glitz of her entertaining. Yet it may be that she has generated the most reaction across the Atlantic.

A lesson for Chris Christie from Richard Nixonupdated Mon Jan 13 2014 07:31:11

"Obama did worse." "Christie's toast."

Would the 'first conservative' recognize today's right?updated Mon Jan 06 2014 08:03:13

Would the "first conservative" recognize modern conservatism?

Out of jobs, out of benefits, out of luckupdated Mon Dec 30 2013 15:15:30

The old deal made rough sense.

The 'war on Christmas': Did Lincoln start it?updated Mon Dec 23 2013 16:11:53

In 1834, Illinois voted whether to adopt Christmas as a legal holiday. Among those voting "nay" was the young Abraham Lincoln.

The lesson we didn't learn from Newtownupdated Mon Dec 16 2013 08:09:40

Here's some good news, a year after Newtown:

What if the economic recovery is doomed?updated Mon Dec 09 2013 14:47:08

According to the statisticians, the U.S. economy has been expanding since June 2009.

Frum: Beware Russia's power play in Ukraineupdated Mon Dec 02 2013 12:55:43

A superpower needs a super attention span. Unfortunately, Americans seem to take little interest in the troubles of the world around them, even when those troubles threaten soon to vex Americans themselves.

In Iran, a bad actor gets a sweet dealupdated Mon Nov 25 2013 07:51:24

To assess this weekend's nuclear deal with Iran, here are the key questions that must be answered:

Global cooling: When the climate changed astonishingly fastupdated Tue Nov 19 2013 07:24:26

As harrowing images from the Philippines grieve the world, notice something that isn't happening: we are not hearing much debate about the connection between tropical cyclones and global climate change.

Iran was never ready to deal on nukesupdated Mon Nov 11 2013 19:10:48

Instead of opining on the proposed deal with Iran taking shape in Geneva, let's decode it.

Can sugar tax help Mexico's obesity epidemic?updated Mon Nov 04 2013 08:42:02

The Mexican Senate has just passed, 72-2, an 8% tax on candy, chips and other high-calorie foods. It continues to debate a special additional tax of about 8 cents per liter on sugary soda.

The right way for conservatives to winupdated Mon Oct 28 2013 09:07:15

U.S. conservatives deeply admire Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In a March story, National Review hailed Harper as the new "leader of the West" -- and they didn't mean Western Canada. The Wall Street Journal and The Weekly Standard have added their own praise.

A tea party exit would be a blessing for GOPupdated Mon Oct 14 2013 17:23:35

"Do the Republican and Democratic parties do an adequate job of representing the American people, or do they do such a poor job that a third major party is required?"

Real lesson of Yom Kippur War? Israel's survivalupdated Tue Oct 08 2013 09:40:48

Forty years ago this week, Egyptian and Syrian troops attacked the state of Israel.

Be cautious with new, smiley-faced Iranupdated Mon Sep 30 2013 11:56:55

How to react to Iran's new smiley-faced president, Hassan Rouhani?

The harm that casinos doupdated Tue Sep 24 2013 07:54:43

What harm does it do?

The real problems with Obamacareupdated Mon Sep 16 2013 13:55:19

Good news: We're not going to war in Syria, at least not right away.

Be afraid of Big Marijuanaupdated Tue Sep 10 2013 07:41:22

"We're on the brink of creating Big Marijuana." That warning comes from my friend Kevin Sabet, a former senior adviser on drug control policy under President Barack Obama. Sabet now heads Smart Approaches to Marijuana, an anti-legalization group on whose board I sit.

Four questions for backers of Syria missionupdated Tue Sep 03 2013 07:48:17

Members of Congress demanded that President Barack Obama consult with them on Syria. They just got their wish. The responsibility for Syria policy will now be shared. Here are four questions that might be weighed wisely before the missiles fly:

Washington abandons America's joblessupdated Mon May 06 2013 12:57:31

The U.S. economy added 165,000 jobs in April. That's not a bad result, except for this fact: Technically speaking, the economy has been in recovery since the summer of 2009. Yet after nearly four years of economic expansion, nearly 12 million people remain unemployed.

Fewer homeless, a Bush legacy updated Mon Apr 29 2013 15:45:41

Have you noticed that homelessness isn't worse? Here we are, living through the most protracted joblessness crisis since the Great Depression -- and surprisingly, fewer people are living on the street.

After Boston, nothing will changeupdated Tue Apr 23 2013 07:52:07

Ten years ago, politicians and pundits liked to say, "9/11 changed everything." For a while, it seemed true.

GOP off to a bad start for 2016updated Mon Apr 08 2013 07:37:36

Democrats acting like Republicans. Republicans acting like Democrats. The 2016 presidential contest is shaping up to be the political equivalent of gender-bending.

Hillary Clinton, a mistake for 2016updated Mon Apr 01 2013 09:16:31

Democrats seem poised to choose their next presidential nominee the way Republicans often choose theirs: according to the principle of "next in line."

Straight marriage is the real issueupdated Mon Mar 25 2013 11:42:52

The Supreme Court will hear arguments this week in two same-sex marriage cases. Whatever the justices do, the outcome seems foreordained. When 80% of Americans under 30 agree about something, that something will happen -- it's only a matter of time.

Privacy was good while it lastedupdated Mon Mar 18 2013 08:16:43

To be a politician today is to live in some ways like a citizen of North Korea. A politician must assume that he or she is under 24-hour audio-visual surveillance. Any objectionable remark, any untoward joke, any awkward facial expression may be recorded and broadcast. Professional and personal ruin can strike at any moment.

For some employers, 'immigration reform' means cheap laborupdated Mon Mar 11 2013 10:35:36

"When Dr. Johnson defined patriotism as the last refuge of a scoundrel, he was unconscious of the then undeveloped capabilities of the word 'reform.'"

'Peak oil' doomsayers proved wrongupdated Mon Mar 04 2013 09:47:38

Remember "peak oil"?

Vote no and send a message to Hagelupdated Mon Feb 25 2013 16:29:39

Republicans face two decisions about the nomination of Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense: how to vote and whether to filibuster.

Obama needs a 'Plan B' on gunsupdated Mon Feb 18 2013 09:21:39

On guns, President Obama needs a "Plan B."

What we don't know about love and lonelinessupdated Tue Feb 12 2013 07:38:54

Incomes? Home prices? New car sales? Americans exactingly measure everything that pertains to their material well-being. But when it comes time to assess the things that matter most -- human well-being and happiness -- there we find ourselves baffled.

To rebuild middle class, restore marriageupdated Mon Feb 04 2013 08:04:49

The long debate on same-sex marriage is coming to an end. A plurality of Americans now support same-sex marriage; the figure is 63% among voters under 30. The rest is just a matter of time.

World's leaders aren't doing their jobsupdated Mon Jan 28 2013 08:05:30

The world of punditry is divided into two groups: those who attend the World Economic Forum at Davos and those who mock the World Economic Forum at Davos. (There's a subgroup that both attends and mocks, but it's tiny.)

America's gun problem is not a race problemupdated Tue Jan 15 2013 12:29:10

Massacres such as Newtown are horrifying and heart-rending. They are also nothing like the typical American gun murder.

Marijuana use is too risky a choiceupdated Mon Jan 07 2013 11:16:27

Last week, I joined the board of a new organization to oppose marijuana legalization: Smart Approaches to Marijuana. The group is headed by former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy and includes Kevin Sabet, a veteran of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under President Obama.

Time to toot horn for George H.W. Bushupdated Mon Dec 31 2012 12:32:43

George H.W. Bush marked his 80th and 85th birthdays with parachute jumps. He said after the second jump: "Just because you're an old guy, you don't have to sit around drooling in the corner. Get out and do something. Get out and enjoy life."