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It was the jab heard around the world. At Sunday night's Academy Awards ceremony, Sean Penn veered off-script in an utterly offensive way. Presenting "Birdman" director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu with his prize for best picture, Penn quipped, "Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?"

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America facing anti-Muslim bigotryupdated Mon Feb 23 2015 07:54:11

"I have been told at my job to hide the fact I am Muslim for my own personal safety by a manager."

What war has in storeupdated Mon Feb 23 2015 07:22:08

Everything you think you know about the "future of war" is wrong.

Will one man keep Americans locked up in prison?updated Mon Feb 23 2015 06:28:04

A phenomenal thing has happened in Washington: Progressive advocates and conservative forces have united around legislative action supported by the strong majority of the American people.

The Oscars take on inequalityupdated Mon Feb 23 2015 02:56:59

The talented, charismatic and handsome Neil Patrick Harris brilliantly ushered this year's Oscars through the potential landmines of political commentary and irreverent humor. Indeed, from hosting many of the entertainment world's most prestigious award shows, to posing on the recent cover of Architectural Digest with his husband David Burtka, it's nearly impossible not to see Harris front and center somewhere.

How big of a threat is Al-Shabaab to the United States?updated Sun Feb 22 2015 18:00:33

How big a threat is Al-Shabaab to the United States? Despite the Somali terrorist group's calls over the weekend for attacks on malls in the West, including the vast Mall of America in Minnesota, the group isn't much of a threat at all to Americans.

Why 70-year-old Iwo Jima photo became iconicupdated Sun Feb 22 2015 13:42:55

Seventy years ago, on February 23, two American flags were planted on the peak of Mount Suribachi, located on the Japanese island of Iwo Jima. Coming five days into one of the most ferocious battles of World War II, the first flag-raising, by a group of United States Marines, was emotional, and a Marine photographer captured it.

Why there won't be a red carpet rebellionupdated Sat Feb 21 2015 14:45:05

Hollywood's leading women want to be treated with a little more respect as they parade the red carpet on Oscar night this Sunday. And it's not hard to sympathize with them.

Why 'Still Alice' is about youupdated Fri Feb 20 2015 20:10:10

Julianne Moore won an Academy Award on Sunday night for her heart-wrenching performance in "Still Alice," in which she plays a linguistics professor with early-onset Alzheimer's disease.

10 ways to show you love Americaupdated Fri Feb 20 2015 18:18:14

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has generated a firestorm by asserting, at a fundraiser for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, "I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the President loves America."

Can circumstantial evidence convict Aaron Hernandez?updated Fri Feb 20 2015 17:23:22

Circumstantial evidence is in dire need of a public relations agency. Often described as weak and unconvincing, it is continually bashed by criminal defense attorneys as being synonymous with reasonable doubt. It enjoys none of the glamour of its attractive twin sisters DNA and scientifically based forensic evidence, who even get their own TV shows.

Tough choices: How to win against ISISupdated Fri Feb 20 2015 17:01:52

Having helped to plan my fair share of international conferences and summits, I know a real success when I see it. And the White House's summit on countering violence and extremism this week wasn't one.

7 ways to celebrate World Pangolin Dayupdated Fri Feb 20 2015 16:42:45

I kinda hate that there's a "day" for everything, these days. Friday, for example, was simultaneously Love Your Pet Day, Cherry Pie Day and Handcuff Day (apparently celebrating the 1912 patenting of the "de facto restraint of law enforcement agencies worldwide"), according to, a website I'm embarrassed to be citing.

Is Oklahoma scared of AP history?updated Fri Feb 20 2015 08:48:38

Oh, that pesky history of ours.

Dock labor disputes must end nowupdated Thu Feb 19 2015 18:30:22

West Coast dock workers and port management have been locked in heated labor negotiations since their contract expired in July of 2014 . Such negotiations are often difficult and proceed in fits and starts. But in this case, the increasingly contentious and protracted dispute could have major economic consequences for America if it isn't settled soon.

Rudy Giuliani's Obama outburst is ugly, divisive updated Thu Feb 19 2015 18:23:36

Several times in recent months, America has been treated to a spectacle that New Yorkers grew accustomed to -- and sick of -- a long time ago: an outburst from ex-mayor Rudy Giuliani that is equal parts ugly, thoughtless and divisive.

Fight climate change, make moneyupdated Thu Feb 19 2015 16:38:54

Though the public rarely notices, businesses succeed because of their planning. To see what is happening now, while positioning yourself to make the most of the future, is ultimately the key to turning a profit. Indeed, more than having the start-up capital or the latest hit piece of technology, knowing what the future might bring is a critical component of success in business.

Can U.S. drone policy finally soar?updated Thu Feb 19 2015 14:52:19

You log on to a website and place a rush order. Minutes later, your order is processed and boxed at a warehouse. Within an hour, a speck appears on the horizon. It's an unmanned aerial vehicle -- commonly called a UAV or a drone -- and it's coming to deliver your order right to your front door.

Not all soccer fans are racist hooligansupdated Thu Feb 19 2015 14:20:14

Video footage of Chelsea soccer fans apparently pushing a black man off a train in Paris on Tuesday have startled news followers around the world.

Nonsense about terrorism's 'root causes'updated Thu Feb 19 2015 12:40:41

The Obama administration this week hosted a three-day conference on "Countering Violent Extremism," which is a government euphemism for how best to deal with Islamist terrorism.

Is cheap oil killing the planet?updated Thu Feb 19 2015 12:11:33

The halving of world oil prices since June 2014 has generally been reported as a bright spell for oil-importing countries, with various projections of higher GDP growth as a result. But for the environment -- and therefore society's longer-term well-being -- the forecast is murkier.

Lorena Rojas and the power of telenovelasupdated Thu Feb 19 2015 11:12:48

The death of beloved Mexican soap opera star Lorena Rojas this week in Miami drew a deluge of heartfelt condolences -- from Los Angeles to San Juan, from Dallas to Buenos Aires.

We're playing into ISIS' handsupdated Wed Feb 18 2015 17:21:53

"We cannot kill our way out of this war," State Department spokesperson Marie Harf said on Tuesday. "We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs ..." Since then, Harf has been attacked by conservatives, particularly for her jobs remarks. But she's right in her assessment.

26 states ignore reality on jobsupdated Wed Feb 18 2015 16:54:46

Here's the hard reality about illegal immigration: Politicians can change policies. Judges can issue decisions. But the issue will not go away until Americans change their behavior.

When online censorship is beautifulupdated Wed Feb 18 2015 15:50:40

Imagine flying over The Netherlands and seeing one of the fat-pixeled images from the gallery above.

Road rage+guns=tragedyupdated Wed Feb 18 2015 12:00:07

The death of 44-year-old mother of four Tammy Meyers in Las Vegas on Valentine's Day after an apparent road rage incident is the latest tragedy to challenge the adage: "An armed society is a polite society." Meyers was driving home after giving her daughter a driving lesson when she exchanged words with another driver, who was apparently annoyed she was only driving the posted speed limit of 25 miles per hour.

Down syndrome should not be fearedupdated Wed Feb 18 2015 07:39:57

Down syndrome, with all its promise and challenges, has never been more visible: Jamie Brewer, an actress with Down syndrome, just walked the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. A video of a girl with Down syndrome singing a John Legend song went viral, receiving 6 million page views and counting. People were so moved by the story of a father choosing his son with Down syndrome over his marriage that they donated over $500,000 to his care (although the father's story has now been called into question).

Fix this hot, ugly immigration messupdated Tue Feb 17 2015 19:34:30

America's immigration issue needs a comprehensive and permanent bipartisan legislative solution.

Europe confronts wave of anti-Semitismupdated Tue Feb 17 2015 18:18:57

Every morning, my children have to enter their preparatory school in London through a door that is inches thick. They and tens of thousands of other Jewish children across the continent have to pass by police officers with armed assault rifles and high walls laced with barbed wire.

What really happened to Malcolm X?updated Tue Feb 17 2015 16:47:13

When Malcolm X was assassinated on February 21, 1965, many Americans viewed his killing as simply the result of an ongoing feud between him and the Nation of Islam. He had publicly left the Nation of Islam in March 1964, and as the months wore on the animus between Malcolm's camp and the Nation of Islam grew increasingly caustic, with bitter denunciations coming from both sides. A week before he was killed, Malcolm's home -- owned by the Nation of Islam, which was seeking to evict him -- was firebombed, and Malcolm believed members of the Nation of Islam to be responsible. For investigators and commentators alike, then, his death was an open and shut case: Muslims did it.

'Moneyball' for governmentupdated Tue Feb 17 2015 14:24:19

We have sparred privately and publicly on a range of issues on any number of occasions. But on this one, we both agree: government should -- and can -- play "Moneyball."

Why the flawed 'War on Terror' needs a rebootupdated Tue Feb 17 2015 10:30:27

Barack Obama is convening a landmark White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism with key international leaders in an attempt to develop an urgently needed plan to tackle terrorism and radicalization across the world.

John Legend: Let every child's light shineupdated Tue Feb 17 2015 08:50:16

I grew up in a crowded house with three siblings, many passions and incredible energy. I was surrounded by loving family, including two wonderful parents who cared so much about our education.

Cindy Crawford and what real women look like updated Tue Feb 17 2015 08:31:21

I don't know what a "real woman" is supposed to look like.

Opinion: Anwar imprisoned, Malaysia rights in free fallupdated Mon Feb 16 2015 19:54:25

Watching from the observers' gallery last week, I could see Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim moving from hope, to exasperation and then finally to anger as the country's highest court dismissed his defense team's arguments against his sodomy conviction.

How tech can fight extremismupdated Mon Feb 16 2015 19:11:41

Violent extremists like the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, have become increasingly sophisticated at creating dense, global networks of support online, networks that are helping these groups run virtual circles around governments and communities. And it is activities like these that have raised a disturbing prospect, one that has serious implications for fighting extremism: We could lose the information war.

What 2016 presidential candidates can't avoidupdated Mon Feb 16 2015 16:53:07

History has a cruel sense of humor. Just watch President Barack Obama struggle with a war in Iraq and Syria during his final years in office; watch him discuss what kind of U.S. military he will hand over to the next president, and think back to the campaign promises that put him in office, a vow to end America's "dumb war" in Iraq.

Is Cindy Crawford's cellulite photo empowering? updated Mon Feb 16 2015 15:41:13

A few days ago, when British journalist Charlene White posted on Twitter an apparently unretouched photo of supermodel Cindy Crawford, she launched a firestorm of debate over what women's bodies should look like as they get older.

Why does ISIS keep making enemies?updated Mon Feb 16 2015 14:53:00

Whenever ISIS carries out a new atrocity, whether it's beheading a group of Egyptian Christians or enslaving Yazidi women in Iraq or burning its victims alive, the big question most people have is: Why on Earth is ISIS doing this? What could possibly be the point?

Hillary Clinton's talent problemupdated Mon Feb 16 2015 08:48:00

Last week, in an unusually public display of campaign discord, a clash between Hillary Clinton political operatives erupted in full view when David Brock, a liberal activist and staunch Clinton supporter, announced his resignation from the board of Priorities USA, a pro-Clinton super PAC.

What if you had as much political influence as a billionaire?updated Mon Feb 16 2015 07:48:01

If you want to have influence in the American political process, Michelle Obama in 2014 advised an audience, there's only one thing to do: "Write a big, fat check...Write the biggest, fattest check that you can possibly write."

Are presidents overrated?updated Sun Feb 15 2015 16:17:32

We devote one day of every year to celebrating our presidents and the other 364 to complaining about them. But what if this year, on Presidents Day, we realize something else:

A Valentine for black menupdated Sat Feb 14 2015 11:04:41

It has been a painful few years for young black men in America. From Florida to Ferguson to New York, our TV screens have delivered heart-wrenching images. It is a story centuries old of mothers and fathers crying out for their sons, wives for husbands, and neighbors for friends whose lives tragically ended too soon. Their grief has been amplified across race and culture as people of good conscious everywhere stood together to shout #BlackLivesMatter.

Snatching Little League team's title is a lousy moveupdated Fri Feb 13 2015 19:02:49

To paraphrase the ESPN "30 for 30" sports documentary opening: "What if I told you that a sport based on lying, cheating and rule bending worked perfectly fine as long as brown kids and fans paid the price?"

David Carr, we'll miss you updated Fri Feb 13 2015 18:30:26

A trio of disasters that battered American journalism -- the suspension of NBC anchor Brian Williams, followed by the unrelated deaths of CBS correspondent Bob Simon and New York Times media critic David Carr -- could not come at a worse time for the news business.

This is a revolutionary popeupdated Fri Feb 13 2015 17:53:12

This weekend, Pope Francis appoints 20 new cardinals in Rome (five of them are nonvoting cardinals). As one commentator notes, it is not a question of right versus left, but of north versus south: Most of these new cardinals hail from far-flung locations including Tonga, Cape Verde, Panama, Uruguay and Myanmar. They are a far cry from the usual array of European and American cardinals. This will, indeed, "change Catholicism forever."

Why America's Yemen policy is failingupdated Fri Feb 13 2015 16:14:24

News that the United States has suspended operations at its embassy in Yemen -- and reports that Houthi rebels have seized U.S. Marines' weapons -- have laid bare the failure of U.S. policy in the country.

The end of humanitarian space?updated Fri Feb 13 2015 13:25:34

I did not know Kayla Mueller, the American aid worker and ISIS hostage whose death was confirmed by her family this week. But like many people who read her letter to her family, I wish I had. And in some ways I feel I have.

When it comes to love after 50, has Cupid lost his aim?updated Fri Feb 13 2015 13:02:22

In many ways, baby boomers are the luckiest generation in history. We are living longer, challenging stereotypes and following our passions. Unfortunately, there is one area that we aren't so fortunate -- and this blind spot has the potential to kill. We are unlucky in love.

Never-ending war: What might a more serious conflict in Ukraine look like?updated Fri Feb 13 2015 12:49:26

A deal aimed at imposing a ceasefire in Ukraine from this Sunday was concluded following talks between the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany. Yet despite 17 hours of talks in the Belarus capital of Minsk, during which President Vladimir Putin was seen breaking pencils on his desk in frustration, some of the agreement's most important provisions have yet to be clarified.

A new fight for rights in Alabamaupdated Fri Feb 13 2015 12:33:43

I like to think I'm a pretty optimistic person.

Please, respect my son's rightsupdated Fri Feb 13 2015 12:18:57

My son Jason Rezaian and his wife were taken at gunpoint from their apartment in Iran more than 200 days ago. Since then, he has been languishing in a jail with no firm trial date in sight. Our patience has been exhausted. It is time to release my son or let him face a fair trial.

Why executions won't win Indonesia's drug warupdated Fri Feb 13 2015 11:29:38

Indonesia has announced that death row inmates and ringleaders of the Bali Nine drug smuggling ring, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, will be transferred from Kerokoban prison. It's the first step in their last walk to the firing squad.

Did Brian Williams embed with SEAL Team 6?updated Fri Feb 13 2015 09:35:47

Embattled NBC News anchor Brian Williams may have some more explaining to do.

Single with Valentine's Day blues? updated Fri Feb 13 2015 09:04:01

I remember some lonely Valentine's Days. Yes, you know it's just one big commercial Hallmark invention. But you still envy your peers who are sitting down to an expensive candlelit dinner with their honey, loving their cheesy card and enjoying the roses.

Anderson Cooper: Bob Simon was a warrior poetupdated Thu Feb 12 2015 22:58:32

There was nothing simple about Bob Simon. Except that he was simply the best. The best writer. The best correspondent. As F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote of Gatsby, the best of the "whole damn bunch."

Is Scott Walker qualified to be president?updated Thu Feb 12 2015 17:41:36

The 2016 presidential race is just beginning. Yet we already can say this much: Despite a bump in the polls, and the fact that some conservatives consider him the prototype for successful leaders, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker would be a terrible choice for the GOP nomination.

Chapel Hill shooting attack on diversityupdated Thu Feb 12 2015 15:50:18

Many have been asking whether Tuesday's horrific execution-style killing of three Muslim students in North Carolina was due to a dispute over a parking spot.

Triple killing may not be a hate crimeupdated Thu Feb 12 2015 15:22:47

In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Craig Stephen Hicks faces first-degree murder charges. He's accused of shooting three students in the head because of what police say could have been a dispute over a parking space.

Rather: Bob Simon a scholar correspondentupdated Thu Feb 12 2015 12:51:01

There is an old saying among soldiers and correspondents who cover them that when two people drink from the same canteen in some desert, jungle or other war zone they have a bond for life.

Begala: The day Jon Stewart blew up my showupdated Thu Feb 12 2015 12:16:16

I still remember sitting on the set of "Crossfire" that day in 2004 as the floor manager counted down to blastoff. I was thinking: "Jon Stewart, wow. I hope Diane is watching." My wife, truth be told, rarely watched "Crossfire," but she rarely missed "The Daily Show." By the time Stewart finished disemboweling my show, I was hoping she wasn't watching.

Big data saves livesupdated Thu Feb 12 2015 08:27:36

In his CNN opinion piece, "The Big Dangers of Big Data" , Konstantin Kakaes of New America raises some interesting points about the ways that designing certain types of Big Data projects could lead to bad societal results.

'Imitation Game' is right: UK must pardon thousands of homosexualsupdated Thu Feb 12 2015 06:47:00

A couple of weeks ago, the rally cry that had been bubbling in the wake of "The Imitation Game" suddenly grew louder. Matt Breen, editor-in-chief of The Advocate and one of the most impassioned, trustworthy voices out there when it comes to politics and civil liberties, started a petition. Visit and you'll see that it's gathered more than 272,000 signatures already and counting.

3 slain college students strived for a better worldupdated Wed Feb 11 2015 17:12:14

I was on the phone with a friend in his junior year at my alma mater, UNC Chapel Hill, discussing his campus work and future goals, when his roommates relayed the news and he stopped, suddenly, and said: "Mariem, Deah and his wife were shot. They are dead."

Your TV may be watching youupdated Wed Feb 11 2015 16:19:55

Earlier this week, we learned that Samsung televisions are eavesdropping on their owners. If you have one of their Internet-connected smart TVs, you can turn on a voice command feature that saves you the trouble of finding the remote, pushing buttons and scrolling through menus. But making that feature work requires the television to listen to everything you say. And what you say isn't just processed by the television; it may be forwarded over the Internet for remote processing. It's literally Orwellian.

The danger of Obama's military requestupdated Wed Feb 11 2015 15:17:11

President Barack Obama has sent a letter to Congress requesting a resolution that will grant him authority to use military force against ISIS. In an effort to placate opponents of military intervention in both parties, the administration has hedged the request by including language that restricts "enduring offensive ground forces" and limits any intervention to three years. He sent a letter with the request promising Congress that he would not authorize "long-term, large scale ground combat operations" as occurred in Iraq or Afghanistan. With that language, he then does ask for authorization to use ground troops.

Don't rely on insanity defense updated Wed Feb 11 2015 12:41:59

Two major trials kicking off 2015 feature defendants invoking the insanity defense. For many, this adds to the myth that insanity is commonly used and frequently successful.

Jon Stewart: The voice of my generation -- and yoursupdated Wed Feb 11 2015 10:32:51

Quick: Guess how old Jon Stewart is?

Help find the world's 'loneliest whale'updated Wed Feb 11 2015 09:03:47

There's something about this whale.

Negotiate against, not with terroristsupdated Tue Feb 10 2015 23:35:41

The announcement that Kayla Mueller, the 26-year-old held by ISIS, has been killed has thrust the question of how -- and whether -- to negotiate with extremists back into the spotlight.

The Brian Williams case -- that's the way it wasn'tupdated Tue Feb 10 2015 19:42:38

Walter Cronkite had a golden rule for all wartime reporters: never self-aggrandize. Even though Cronkite had been the first reporter to fly over the beaches at Normandy on June 6, 1944, he minimized the experience.

Boston: Stop complaining about the snowupdated Tue Feb 10 2015 15:05:58

We've had a historic 17 days here in Boston. There's so much snow the only place left to dump it is into Boston Harbor.

Sending arms to Ukraine won't workupdated Tue Feb 10 2015 14:15:35

The fighting in Ukraine may be escalating, but hopes of a decisive breakthrough in talks and a clear and coordinated Western response -- hopes raised by German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to Washington on Monday -- have been dashed, at least for now.

Do selfies erode our humanity?updated Tue Feb 10 2015 12:02:24

Last week, 16-year-old Maxwell Morton was arrested and charged with murder after he posed for a selfie with the body of a teenager he had just allegedly shot and then uploaded the picture to Snapchat. A friend of Morton showed a screen grab of the picture to his mom, who then called police.

Keystone debate is a sign of progressupdated Tue Feb 10 2015 08:11:06

Late last month, the U.S. Senate voted to approve the siting of the Keystone pipeline by a vote of 62-36. This vote will ultimately have little impact on the project's future as President Barack Obama has promised to veto the legislation. Nevertheless, the process by which the Senate considered this highly partisan issue was truly remarkable.

Will Uber and Lyft make your job obsolete?updated Tue Feb 10 2015 07:47:55

Recently, the new on-demand economy met U.S. employment law, and the encounter left both sides dazed and confused.

#Nigeria2015: The quiet before the perfect storm updated Tue Feb 10 2015 07:01:25

Nigeria has just postponed their national elections by six weeks, now to be held on the 28th March.

Made in America makes a comebackupdated Mon Feb 09 2015 22:50:20

Thanks to the resilience of U.S. workers and businesses of all sizes, "Made in America" is making a comeback.

Coach Dean Smith, Zeus himselfupdated Mon Feb 09 2015 17:21:54

The Four Corners was just a restaurant in Chapel Hill to me for years after I moved here. I thought the data programmers -- who left calculus back where I left fractions -- were out of their analyst minds when, the morning after a game, they'd huddle in the office hallways to relive a lay-up or exclaim about a buzzer-beater basket.

'Get your government hands off my Obamacare'updated Mon Feb 09 2015 15:12:24

It is possible to imagine that several decades from now, when a Democratic president sends a proposal to Congress that would require cuts in the Affordable Care Act, a right-wing activist will say: "Get your government hands off my Obamacare!"

Putin in Ukraine: Why would he stop in the face of weakness?updated Mon Feb 09 2015 12:17:40

Why stop now? This must be the question Vladimir Putin is asking himself as he considers the latest European pleas for peace in Ukraine, to be discussed at a crisis summit in Minsk on Wednesday.

American Sniper, the perfect hero for our timeupdated Mon Feb 09 2015 07:43:06

Every age has the heroes it deserves, as the saying goes. To judge from the success of the movie "American Sniper," the hero of the current moment would be the trained killer.

Why we need to listen to Bruce Jenner's storyupdated Mon Feb 09 2015 07:40:21

In the spring of 2000, my friend Michael and I hopped on a bus in Grand Rapids, Michigan, heading to Washington. The reason? To participate in the "Millennium March on Washington for Equality," a mass demonstration in the nation's capital in support of LGBT rights.

Enough with the speed trapsupdated Sun Feb 08 2015 17:52:02

As you're driving along the highway, wouldn't you like to know if there's a police car up ahead so you can slow down and avoid getting a ticket? You'd also probably like to know if there's a speed trap around the next corner, so you don't wind up spending your weekend at traffic school.

Why child safety ad made senseupdated Sun Feb 08 2015 13:22:02


Time to close HIV's racial disparitiesupdated Sat Feb 07 2015 11:14:47

The HIV/AIDS epidemic might not make as many headlines as it used to, but it continues to infect tens of thousands in our country each year. And, unfortunately, some groups in the United States are being affected at the kinds of rates you would expect to see in hard-hit developing countries.

Obama is not a Christian?updated Fri Feb 06 2015 19:42:44

One of the strangest right-wing conspiracies is that Barack Obama is not really a Christian. It's strange because the President has missed few opportunities to inject Christianity into his rhetoric -- to an extent that really ought to irritate his more radical liberal allies. Yet all his talk about being "brought to Christ" has done little to bring conservatives to him.

Black History Month: Bridge racial divides updated Fri Feb 06 2015 18:54:27

Last month, we mourned the passing of Edward Brooke. Nearly 50 years ago, in 1966, he was elected to the U.S. Senate by the people of Massachusetts, making history as the first African-American elected to the chamber since Reconstruction. He was a Republican, which seems unusual now, but in light of the Emancipation and Reconstruction of a century ago it reflects the complexities of black history in America.

Now's not time for more Iran sanctionsupdated Fri Feb 06 2015 18:49:32

Some members of the U.S. Congress may be resisting proposed new sanctions on Iran, but their opposition doesn't seem likely to stop Congress passing legislation on Tehran's nuclear program by the end of March. As one of the negotiators who sat across the table from the Iranians for the past 15 months, though, I can assure you that legislation at this juncture risks undermining a deal that is clearly in the interest of all parties.

Smell test key in music copyright casesupdated Fri Feb 06 2015 14:28:51

Recently, it was reported that Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne would be given songwriting credits for Sam Smith's hit song "Stay With Me." But the really interesting part was that this only happened after Petty's team noticed a likeness between Smith's song and Petty's 1989 hit "I Won't Back Down."

Why ISIS terrorism won't workupdated Fri Feb 06 2015 11:00:21

Does terrorism ever work? 9/11 was an enormous tactical success for al Qaeda, partly because it involved attacks that took place in the media capital of the world and the actual capital of the United States, thereby ensuring the widest possible coverage of the event.

Why no Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue of men?updated Fri Feb 06 2015 08:14:31

On Wednesday night, Jimmy Fallon opened "The Tonight Show" with a big reveal: a first look at the cover of this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, featuring model Hannah Davis, and quite a lot of her at that.

Who's to blame for the Anthem hack?updated Fri Feb 06 2015 07:46:39

Maybe you got the email, too?

Opinion: Should Muslims really apologize for terror attacks?updated Fri Feb 06 2015 07:37:20

Why do Muslims "speak out" and "condemn" violent acts with which they have no connection, and why do others, across the political spectrum, expect it?

Brian Williams broke public trustupdated Thu Feb 05 2015 16:17:33

There are some moments in life I will never misremember: The joy of seeing my newborn son for the first time. The sweet excitement of my first kiss. Or, the terror I felt on September 11, 2001, as I wandered the streets of New York with my 7-year-old son, trying to protect him from the horror all around us as we and millions of others walked for miles to safety.

The potential danger of dietary supplementsupdated Thu Feb 05 2015 15:41:12

There was some good news this week. The New York state attorney general's office has told four major retailers --Walmart, GNC, Target and Walgreens -- to cease sales of their store-branded herbal supplements because their products do not actually contain the herbs purportedly listed on their labels. These herbal supplements contain mostly fillers and in some cases potential allergens. But other supplements are more worrisome.

Where's Obama's ISIS strategy?updated Thu Feb 05 2015 15:36:51

The burning alive of Jordanian pilot Moath al-Kasasbeh is yet another reminder that ISIS is intent on testing the utter limits of evil and depravity. But even as our eyes are drawn to the horrors being committed overseas, concern is growing in Washington that the Obama administration's strategy for defeating ISIS is falling short.

Cut Brian Williams a break on Iraq claimupdated Thu Feb 05 2015 13:34:12

The NBC anchor issued an abject apology in his "Nightly News" program Wednesday, admitting he'd falsely claimed to have been in a Chinook helicopter shot down over Iraq 12 years go. He wrote on the NBC Nightly News Facebook page that he'd spent some time wondering if he'd "gone crazy," but ultimately decided he'd conflated events in his memory.