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Amid the current tension along the Turkish-Syrian border, Turkey has seemingly surrendered its initial reluctance to take a more proactive stance against the Islamic State (ISIS).

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How to treat threats of Ebola and ISISupdated Wed Oct 01 2014 18:33:35

Over the past several months, about 3,100 people have died from Ebola infection in western Africa. Now, we have a confirmed case of Ebola in the United States, making this global health security threat all the more real. Thousands of miles away, an unknown number of people have died at the hands of members of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.

Can the law requiring 'yes' for sex work?updated Wed Oct 01 2014 18:19:42

California, in an honest attempt to clarify communication about sexual consent in colleges and universities, has created just another way we can misunderstand each other. Let me be clear: I support efforts to make rape or date rape or sexual opportunism when someone is drunk less likely. Who wouldn't?

Ebola reaches U.S.: A tragedy of errorsupdated Wed Oct 01 2014 17:56:41

Running at full speed since the summer, a lab with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, testing blood samples collected by American hospitals on patients they suspected of having Ebola, has returned a negative result in every case. Until Tuesday.

Why Kansas City is making noiseupdated Wed Oct 01 2014 16:48:02

Let me bring you up to date in Kansas City:

An Afghan miracleupdated Wed Oct 01 2014 14:56:24

Yep. You read the headline right.

Steve Israel: The legacy GOP wants you to forgetupdated Wed Oct 01 2014 14:30:17

Across America, middle-class families are wondering how they'll send their kids to college, pay their mortgages and still manage to save enough for retirement. Women across America face an uphill climb in the workplace, as they continue to earn less than men.

What will Khodorkovsky do next?updated Wed Oct 01 2014 14:24:43

After a decade in prison you look at time differently, says Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The former Russian oligarch, whom President Vladimir Putin unexpectedly pardoned in December, is visiting Washington this week, sharing his thoughts with people who knew him back in Moscow -- before prison, before his Yukos Oil Co. was dismantled, before he lost his estimated fortune of $15 billion.

Why does GOP fight early voting?updated Wed Oct 01 2014 11:49:24

As a longtime political operative, I know firsthand how a vote here or a vote there can make a huge difference in a close election. And as Vice President Al Gore's former campaign manager, I understand the impact U.S. Supreme Court decisions can have on electoral outcomes.

Another freedom group abandoned by U.S.updated Wed Oct 01 2014 11:08:42

Hong Kong's pro-democracy demonstrators are but the latest freedom group to be abandoned by the Obama administration.

What Jimmy Carter did right updated Wed Oct 01 2014 07:58:36

Today is the 90th birthday of former President Jimmy Carter.

Half of nature is still here! ... Yay?updated Tue Sep 30 2014 17:29:18

In case you've avoided reading what may be the more depressing reports in the history of the natural world, the awful take-away is basically this: Half the animals of planet Earth have disappeared since 1970, and much of it is the fault of humans.

The trouble with y'all moving to Texasupdated Tue Sep 30 2014 16:33:31

There is a great, geologic break in the land that runs almost the length of Texas from around Fort Worth to just west of San Antonio. Known as the Balcones Escarpment, geologists describe the rift as the place "where the South ends and the West begins."

Do we want a fortress White House?updated Tue Sep 30 2014 16:06:48

The President of the United States is the most powerful person on Earth, and one of the most threatened.

Killing of John Crawford: Injustice for allupdated Tue Sep 30 2014 13:09:46

Police gunned down John Crawford, 22, in a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio, on August 4. Recently released surveillance video, synced with a recording of the 911 call, reveals the blatant dishonesty and falsehoods that led to his death as he talked on his cellphone in the pet aisle, casually holding a pellet gun that he had picked up from a shelf in the store.

Will Ello succeed as 'anti-Facebook'? updated Tue Sep 30 2014 11:23:50

You may have seen mentions of the mysterious new social network Ello pop up in feeds on the social networks you actually belong to such as Facebook and Twitter -- usually followed by a casual but plaintive request to join it.

Call Oklahoma beheading what it is: Terrorismupdated Tue Sep 30 2014 10:59:58

Colleen Hufford, 54, was beheaded by Alton Nolen during a surprise attack at a Vaughan Foods plant in Oklahoma last week, according to police. Thankfully, before the terrorist -- yes, terrorist -- could behead another victim, Traci Johnson, he was shot by the company's CEO, Mark Vaughan, who is also a deputy sheriff.

Opinion: Law and war will not beat jihadupdated Tue Sep 30 2014 10:42:31

In recent months, much ink has been spilt exploring why some young British Muslims abandon a comfortable life in the UK to join one of the most brutal and blood-thirsty terrorist groups in recent history, namely the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Sadly, much of this commentary has struggled to move beyond clichés that revolve around hate preachers and extremist websites.

'Where's Waldo' ... but for scienceupdated Tue Sep 30 2014 09:23:38

Remember those "Where's Waldo" books? You know, the ones featuring a bespectacled, beanstalky character dressed in a red-and-white striped shirt -- and hiding in massive crowds.

Occupy Central is bigger than Hong Kongupdated Mon Sep 29 2014 20:14:21

The images are all too familiar. Young protesters, disenfranchised and frustrated, take to the streets to fight a government that is ignoring their demands. At first peaceful, the protests are met with the heavy hand of riot police. Photographs of resilient demonstrators -- some standing obstinate amid the clouds of tear gas, others covered in pepper spray -- flood the Internet. But what is surprising about this week's images is that they come from Hong Kong, one of Asia's financial hubs and a territory known for its stability.

To beat ISIS, focus on young peopleupdated Mon Sep 29 2014 15:38:25

Earlier this month, Kenyans commemorated the heinous attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi.

In Colorado, history gets Botoxed updated Mon Sep 29 2014 15:10:29

Hundreds of students in Colorado walked out of classes this week in response to recent attempts by the conservative-leaning Jefferson County board of education to change the school curriculum.

Now on Google Street View: povertyupdated Mon Sep 29 2014 13:40:20

Lake Providence, Louisiana, is the parish seat of the "most unequal place in America," meaning it has a higher rate of income inequality than any other parish or county. And until somewhat recently, the poor side of town was missing a key Google Maps feature.

Common Core, a good idea gone bad?updated Mon Sep 29 2014 10:19:10

This academic year, the major lesson in America's public schools will be on the civil war.

Democrats heading for 2016 clash over world dangersupdated Mon Sep 29 2014 07:25:19

Eight years ago, the Democratic presidential candidates had the luxury of running against George W. Bush. Their main foreign-policy message was that they were different from the incumbent: They were against the war in Iraq; against the way Bush was conducting the war on terrorism; against his unilateral approach to world affairs.

Why Modi's visit mattersupdated Sun Sep 28 2014 20:24:27

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the White House next week, he will carry with him grand hopes for a re-energized partnership between his country and the United States. Fresh off a landslide victory in the Indian elections, Modi has seized an outright majority in parliament and a mandate for sweeping domestic reform. For years, the former chief minister of Gujarat faced an American visa ban due to his alleged role in violent riots. Now, the new premier's visit represents a key opportunity to recharge a critical bilateral relationship.

Hong Kong Chief Executive C.Y. Leung: Raw emotion 'will get us nowhere'updated Sat Sep 27 2014 22:26:39

Hong Kong is in the midst of a passionate debate about our constitutional development. It's a debate we must have. But it's a debate that must be tempered with reason. Raw emotion -- for or against the proposed political reform -- will get us nowhere.

Albright: Why Modi visit crucial for U.S., India, worldupdated Sat Sep 27 2014 18:09:35

From the moment I stepped onto the tarmac in New Delhi two weeks ago, I was struck yet again by the sheer breadth of India's diversity -- ethnic, religious, cultural, geographic. It is what makes India a remarkable country, home to the world's largest democracy. Earlier this year, some 550 million citizens went to the polls to cast their vote, in the largest election the world has ever seen.

Why so many children aren't ready for schoolupdated Fri Sep 26 2014 19:11:31

Too many of America's children aren't ready for kindergarten -- or for what comes after.

When Congress kept promise to Americaupdated Fri Sep 26 2014 18:46:20

On Wednesday I had the privilege of meeting with S. Ganbaatar, a member of the Mongolian Parliament.

Time for electronics industry to end supply chain slaveryupdated Fri Sep 26 2014 16:21:41

If you are reading this on a tablet, smart phone or computer monitor, then you may be holding a product of forced labor.

'Toxic stress' can harm your child updated Fri Sep 26 2014 16:03:04

Chances are, you know someone whose child has been diagnosed with attention-deficit (hyperactivity) disorder. Perhaps you've received that news about yourself or your own child. In many cases, it's a legitimate issue and can require medication, therapy or both. But in my experience, ADHD is sometimes a diagnosis that can be mistakenly given based on a pattern of behavior, without appropriate understanding of the underlying biology.

Jihadist threat not as big as you thinkupdated Fri Sep 26 2014 12:31:19

Most Americans had never heard of the Khorasan group until this week, when President Barack Obama announced that U.S. airstrikes in Syria had targeted the "seasoned al-Qaeda operatives." U.S. officials said that the Khorasan group was actively plotting to conduct an attack in the United States or Europe.

On Web: Islamic Spring vs. ISIS?updated Fri Sep 26 2014 12:02:55

The gruesome images circulated by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria might have grabbed the headlines in recent weeks, but the group is merely the latest in the Arab world to try to manipulate Islam for their own ends.

Talk to the homelessupdated Fri Sep 26 2014 07:55:10

Every day I commute into the city along with hundreds of thousands of other New Yorkers. On my walk to the subway, I pass by a homeless man. For months and months, I walked by him and felt bad about it.

Opinion: Airstrikes will not beat ISISupdated Fri Sep 26 2014 06:47:24

The UK has become one of the latest Western countries to enter the coalition fighting ISIS, with Parliament voting Friday to endorse British military engagement in Iraq through airstrikes.

How will ISIS use media in the war it provoked?updated Fri Sep 26 2014 02:43:09

Modern U.S. presidents seem to be in need of neat, catchy labels for the enemy they want to destroy. "Network of death" is the latest one. After U.S. President Barack Obama's speech at the United Nations, we now know that it is this network that needs "dismantling."

Will ISIS brutality backfire?updated Thu Sep 25 2014 21:16:06

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has managed to shock the world by releasing videos of the executions of two American journalists, a British aid worker and now a French tourist. The U.S. said Thursday that it believes it has identified the man in the video showing the execution of James Foley.

Holder a fighter who would not cowerupdated Thu Sep 25 2014 19:59:29

Eric Holder, who resigned Thursday, kicked off his stormy tenure as attorney general with a challenge to the American public that set the tone for his six turbulent years as the nation's top law-enforcement officer.

Don't click on celebrity nude photos, ISIS videosupdated Thu Sep 25 2014 16:56:15

When you click on nude pictures of celebrities or ISIS videos of beheadings, you're part of the problem.

6 ways to talk climate with Republicansupdated Thu Sep 25 2014 15:00:58

On the sidelines of the massive People's Climate March last weekend in New York, I met an unassuming couple who were on vacation from Texas, the land of oil and gas.

To beat trafficking, change mindsetsupdated Thu Sep 25 2014 13:59:28

The issue of human trafficking has exploded into the headlines in recent years. State and federal legislation has been passed helping to define trafficking more specifically and prosecute traffickers, while services enabling victims to lead productive lives, safely beyond the reach of their traffickers, have been proliferating.

Is Obama tarnishing his legacy?updated Thu Sep 25 2014 13:08:23

"When the history is written of this era, this is how you'll be remembered: 'He was the first black president.' Okay, not a bad accomplishment, but that's it. That's it, Mr. Obama."-- Michael Moore

Is Turkey finally ready to aid military strikes against ISIS?updated Thu Sep 25 2014 12:45:06

Turkey, a key U.S. ally and a NATO member that borders the territory captured by ISIS, which now calls itself the Islamic State, in Syria and Iraq, could play a critical role in the U.S.-led military assault against the jihadist group.

Dating website founder says love doesn't existupdated Thu Sep 25 2014 11:11:45

Believe it or not, my first kiss didn't happen until I was 21 years old.

Why a Republican Senate could make a differenceupdated Thu Sep 25 2014 08:58:47

In homes all across America, working parents struggle to pay their bills at the end of the month. College graduates move back in with their parents because student loan debts are so high. Young families juggle two jobs just to afford their rising health care premiums.

War with ISIS: What does victory look like? updated Thu Sep 25 2014 08:57:42

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and now Syria and Iraq. The decade-plus duration of America's confrontation with al Qaedism offers lessons not only on how we battle extremist ideology but also how we should calibrate our expectations.

Why fraternities should admit womenupdated Wed Sep 24 2014 18:10:27

In curbing the excesses and occasional crimes of fraternities and sororities, universities have relied on a traditional set of punishments. They have suspended chapters, or in extreme cases, expelled them from campus. And they have denied chapters "official" recognition as campus organizations. These strategies rarely have any lasting effect and they ignore two of fraternities' defining characteristics, both of which contribute to frequent misbehavior: exclusivity and gender segregation.

What world gets wrong about Arab womenupdated Wed Sep 24 2014 13:38:58

Three years ago, scenes of the Arab Spring broadcast across the globe showed women who appeared to be equal participants in the revolutions and their aftermath. These images of women taking such public positions -- from Tunisia to Egypt, Libya and Yemen -- took much of the world by surprise.

How great is Derek Jeter ... really?updated Wed Sep 24 2014 09:43:12

Derek Jeter's nicknames: "The Captain," "Captain Clutch," "Mr. November."

Opinion: No more Dalai Lamas? Not so fastupdated Tue Sep 23 2014 21:09:13

The Dalai Lama, Tibet's spiritual leader, set off a media kerfuffle this month when he spoke about his next reincarnation.

America's wartime presidentupdated Tue Sep 23 2014 18:30:59

Quick: Which U.S. president has authorized wars of various kinds in seven Muslim countries?

Opinion: Why Arab states are supporting U.S. in Syriaupdated Tue Sep 23 2014 17:09:50

The involvement of five Arab countries in the air strikes against ISIS in Syria is a major new development for the region. It is not yet clear exactly what role they have played in what the Pentagon described as "participation and support" for the operation, but this is about symbolism more than military might.

Blair: 3 ways to help Africa beat Ebolaupdated Tue Sep 23 2014 16:38:36

If you had asked me 12 months ago what the future held for Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, I would have been cautiously optimistic. Each country is emerging from a tragic past: civil war in both Liberia and Sierra Leone and decades of military rule in Guinea. But I've visited all three countries many times in my role as patron of the Africa Governance Initiative, and I've seen the huge progress each country has made.

Marriage equality is not like abortionupdated Tue Sep 23 2014 15:30:08

The Supreme Court is set to decide whether to take the same-sex marriage cases on September 29, a mere 15 months since they overturned the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional. That decision has created a deluge of cases, all of which (save one in Louisiana) have found that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional.

Silent crisis: 1 in 5 American kids is poorupdated Tue Sep 23 2014 14:05:51

I know, I know, I know. There's enough bad news in the world. You don't want to hear any more of it from me. But #sorrynotsorry. I'm here to bombard you with another catastrophe that isn't making headlines like Ebola and ISIS: the astounding rate of child poverty in the richest country in the world.

5 biggest surprises in Syria bombingupdated Tue Sep 23 2014 13:46:52

America had already telegraphed plans to attack terrorist targets in Syria, but the operation that unfolded over Syrian skies overnight brought several significant and revealing surprises.

Lone wolves are biggest terror threatupdated Tue Sep 23 2014 12:21:12

On Sunday, ISIS released a new audio recording calling for Muslims to kill Americans and Europeans. In it, an ISIS spokesman states, "If you can kill a disbelieving American or European, especially the spiteful and filthy French, or an Australian, or a Canadian or any other disbeliever, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be."

How to equip farmers for climate changeupdated Tue Sep 23 2014 08:58:44

This week in New York, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is convening world leaders at Climate Summit 2014 to discuss actions the world must take to address the tremendous challenges of climate change.

Are Americans ready for another war?updated Tue Sep 23 2014 06:52:56

Joint Chiefs Chair Martin Dempsey made no bones about it. If he believes U.S. troops advising the Iraqis in the fight against ISIS should aid them in a combat role, he will seek permission from the President.

In trust we trust: Why reputation is the currency of the futureupdated Tue Sep 23 2014 06:11:07

Today's world increasingly challenges us to think differently about value and money. How important is your reputation? Does it have an impact on your finances? What is the currency of reputation and is it transferable or exchangeable?

Hypocrisy of sports gambling foesupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 18:38:23

As a society, it seems we'll always struggle with our vices. Our governments are less morally conflicted, it seems.

Hezbollah armed drone? Militants' new weapon updated Mon Sep 22 2014 13:48:56

Over this past weekend, Hezbollah, the militant Shiite group that is headquartered in Lebanon, reportedly used drones to bomb a building used by the al Qaeda affiliated Nusra Front, along Lebanon's border with Syria.

We're at a tipping point over climateupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 12:52:45

Across the globe, political and economic leaders have come under increasing pressure to live up to their words on climate change. And, on the eve of the U.N. Climate Summit taking place in New York, it seems we might even be at a tipping point in the global battle against climate change.

A land war against ISIS?updated Mon Sep 22 2014 09:28:51

Should we worry about mission creep? Only one week after President Obama said that he would not send combat troops to fight ISIS, Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Senate that U.S. forces could "accompany Iraqi forces in attacks" if the situation deteriorated. As President Obama prepares to address the United Nations General Assembly this Wednesday, Americans are naturally wondering where this will all end.

Obesity, early puberty and why we should be concernedupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 08:34:48

Reports earlier this year of a dramatic decline in childhood obesity were too good to be true. According to results of a more recent analysis, published in JAMA Pediatrics, the widely-heralded drop in the proportion of overweight young children was probably a statistical aberration. When data are examined over a longer time period, it turns out that early childhood obesity is just as prevalent today as it was at the beginning of the 21st century.

Why prosecutor is retrying 'loud music' murder caseupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 07:39:17

Michael Dunn will stand trial for the shooting of Jordan Davis -- again.

Miley Cyrus' trifecta of bad tasteupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 07:38:09

What's Spanish for "twerk?"

Re: No one cares about climate changeupdated Sun Sep 21 2014 18:01:23

You could be forgiven for thinking no one cares -- or even should care, right now -- about climate change.

ISIS war rollout resembles launch of Obamacare siteupdated Sun Sep 21 2014 17:03:56

Someone in the Obama White House clearly has a good book to write one day: "How Not to Do Rollouts."

Opinion: Why climate change is an 'everybody issue' nowupdated Sun Sep 21 2014 06:50:01

Scientists are normally a pretty measured bunch. But in recent months, they've been resorting to some unusual language to get our attention. One top climatologist recently tweeted: "If even a small fraction of Arctic sea floor carbon is released to the atmosphere, we're f'd." When scientists start swearing in public, it is time for everyone to start worrying.

'I'm on the front lines of this crisis'updated Sat Sep 20 2014 11:14:28

On Friday morning, I boarded a leaky oyster boat in Connecticut with a captain who can't swim. Our destination: Manhattan, 84 miles down the coast. Mission: don't drown get world leaders to act on climate change.

Is the world going nuts?updated Fri Sep 19 2014 22:22:25

Is the world spinning out of control?

Why fall in love with ballet? updated Fri Sep 19 2014 19:22:27

Is ballet dying?

The imminent threat to the U.S. that gets ignoredupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 17:47:42

There is an imminent threat facing the people, economy and territory of the United States of America.

Politics a turnoff for millennialsupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 15:58:22

Scotland may have voted no on independence, but 16- and 17- year-olds offered a resounding yes to the question of whether young people can be motivated to take part in the political process after being allowed to vote for the first time. With voter turnout reportedly edging close to a remarkable 90% in some areas, many are pondering what we can expect from the youth vote in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections.

Arab public not taking U.S. efforts on ISIS seriouslyupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 15:21:17

As the United States gears up for possible airstrikes inside Syria, it should remember one thing: No matter how much planning has gone into U.S. military plans to counter the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the Arab public isn't convinced that anything will change.

Opinion: Nationalists should not be ignored after Scottish pollupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 13:43:25

British Prime Minister David Cameron and the "No" campaign are entitled to savor their victory in the referendum on Scottish independence.

Will ISIS try Australian-style plot in America?updated Fri Sep 19 2014 11:47:50

Australian authorities say that ISIS leaders ordered followers to behead someone on Australian soil as a "demonstration killing." Prosecutors say they uncovered a plot that was "clearly designed to shock and horrify" the public.

Let 16-year-olds voteupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 10:48:24

Scotland decided to trust its 16-year-olds to vote in the biggest question in its history when the country headed to the polls this week for a referendum on independence. Americans, in contrast, don't even trust theirs to help pick the county sheriff. Who's right?

Money, a powerful weapon in domestic violence updated Fri Sep 19 2014 08:24:41

A mother and her young son were at a mall, when she considered buying him a sandwich. She knew her husband would beat her later for spending the $7, but her son was hungry. She swallowed her fear and bought the sandwich.

A new low in anti-Muslim American biasupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 08:01:49

As a Muslim American, I didn't think anything could shock me when it comes to anti-Muslim bigotry.

Why Hillary Clinton won't say she's running in 2016updated Fri Sep 19 2014 07:59:40

"Are you running for president?"

Why Scotland's 'No' vote will relieve UK allies and make an EU exit less likelyupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 05:17:25

The news that Scotland has rejected independence from the rest of the United Kingdom -- by a relatively close 55-45 margin -- has reassured financial markets and many governments across the world.

Why air strikes alone won't beat ISISupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 00:50:53

President Obama's strategy for destroying the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) appears to depend on a volley of airstrikes followed by a (currently absent) holding force of Syrian rebels and Iraqi troops. "[T]his strategy of taking out one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years," the President said.

Opinion: Why al Qaeda's expansion into India and Bangladesh will failupdated Thu Sep 18 2014 22:39:50

In the space of a short few months, the self-styled Islamic State (also known by the acronym ISIS) has claimed to have established a fundamentalist state and revived the Caliphate, while seemingly monopolizing the market on young foreign fighters from Europe and North America, while conducting a sophisticated social media and propaganda campaign.

Obama's emerging foreign policy doctrineupdated Thu Sep 18 2014 13:57:33

Critics say that President Barack Obama's foreign policy is "feckless," "mushy" or "too cautious" and above all, that it lacks a clear overarching doctrine.

Spanking isn't child abuse; it's common senseupdated Thu Sep 18 2014 08:32:19

So now we're having a debate about spanking.

How Walmart can help confront racism updated Thu Sep 18 2014 07:56:18

When a black man dies at the hands of a white police officer, not often is there video evidence that could end the speculation and show what happened.

Does spanking harm the black community?updated Thu Sep 18 2014 07:52:31

To hear some folks tell it, in the wake of NFL star Adrian Peterson's child abuse arrest, giving your child a good whuppin' is one of the treasured icons of black culture, as revered an activity as playing bid whist, eating fried catfish at a backyard barbecue or doing The Cupid Shuffle at a wedding reception.

View from Russia: Could Putin be in Obama's 'broad coalition' against ISIS? updated Thu Sep 18 2014 05:16:10

Sometimes geography gets in the way of power politics. Just when you thought that Ukraine was miles away from Syria, bang -- you find out that they're actually bordering each other.

On relationship violence, let's move from discussions to solutionsupdated Wed Sep 17 2014 21:33:33

Over the last few weeks, America has been caught up in a wrenching discussion of the issue of relationship violence with the revelations about Ray Rice and other star football players and the handling of their cases. It's a conversation in which my family and I have a vital stake.

NASA misses chance to revitalize space programupdated Wed Sep 17 2014 18:24:23

It didn't take a rocket scientist to predict that NASA's plan to pay Russia to launch American astronauts into orbit wasn't going to turn out well.

Time to give Ukraine defensive weaponsupdated Wed Sep 17 2014 15:36:33

When Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko visits Washington on Thursday, he will almost certainly again ask for U.S. military assistance, including defensive weapons. President Barack Obama should say yes. Arming Kiev can deter Russian Vladimir Putin from further aggression and support the fragile Ukraine ceasefire and settlement process. Doing so would also bolster U.S. efforts to prevent nuclear proliferation.

America needs a game plan for next president and Congressupdated Wed Sep 17 2014 07:55:48

In case you haven't heard, nothing worthwhile will happen in Washington until after the midterm elections. That's the conventional wisdom anyway, where the thinking is that a bitterly divided Congress will be lucky to name a post office, let alone deal with pressing issues like the budget or jobs.

Rihanna is rightupdated Wed Sep 17 2014 07:48:37

I love you Rihanna.

NASA move could transform space explorationupdated Tue Sep 16 2014 21:51:10

Today's selection of Boeing and SpaceX as the providers of a U.S.-based capability to take humans to the International Space Station (ISS) is a major milestone in the almost six-decade history of space exploration. It is just the latest sign that the old paradigm of government-only space travel is being replaced by something else -- a new business ecosystem composed of novel relationships among NASA and the aerospace industry.

What an anti-ISIS strategy should look likeupdated Tue Sep 16 2014 18:48:09

The beheadings of two American journalists and now a British aid worker have rightly prompted outrage around the world. Although ISIS only started to make international headlines this year, its rise has been years in the making. And it should not have taken anyone in the international community by surprise.

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