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Earthweek - A Diary of the Planet
Earthweek - A Diary of the Planet
Tropical Storm Spring Blizzard Drought Blaze Eruption Dolphin Slaughter Earthquake Earthquake Earthquake Earthquake Earthquake Lightning Deaths Eruption Bangladesh Twister Eruption Fears Cyclone Earthquake Earthquake Earthquake Earthquake Earthquake Earthquake High Temperature Extreme Low Temperature Extreme Click on any icon for more information

By Steve Newman - April 9, 1999 - Click any icon

High temperature

High Temperature Extreme

Low temperature
Low Temperature Extreme


Tornado Tornado Season
Blizzard Spring Blizzard Fire Drought Blazes
Lighting Lightning Deaths Earthquake Earthquakes
Tropical Storm Tropical Storms Dolphin Dolphin Slaughter

High Temperature Extreme
High temperatureNawabshah, Pakistan: 113 degrees Fahrenheit


Low Temperature Extreme
Low temperatureVostok (Russia), Antarctica: -100 degrees Fahrenheit


VolcanoA wide flow of lava continued to snake down the side of Mount Cameroon Volcano, threatening three nearby towns. The lava was flowing in a westerly direction at the rate of 3 yards per minute, scorching a nearby virgin rain forest as it headed toward the communities of Bakingele, Batoke and Idenau. Villagers were issued gas masks as a precaution against possible poisonous fumes from the eruption.

Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau Volcano exploded repeatedly with columns of volcanic gases and rocks soaring into the sky. Hundreds of outbursts were observed and visitors were warned to stay at least three miles from its crater.

Mexico’s Popocatepetl Volcano shot gas and ash into the sky, prompting officials to issue new warnings of increased volcanic activity. Residents were advised to close their doors and windows and cover their drinking water reservoirs after an ash cloud dropped debris over areas surrounding the “smoking mountain."


Tornado Season
TornadoAt least six people were killed and 100 others injured when a tornado struck northwest Louisiana.

The tornado flattened a trailer park and ripped through residential areas near the city of Bossier. The Louisiana twister was only one of a string that tore across the American Midwest and Deep South.


Spring Blizzard
BlizzardA record-breaking spring blizzard dropped more than 30 inches of snow on Newfoundland’s capital, closing government offices and toppling power lines. Bus service was halted, the airport was closed, and non-emergency operations at hospitals and clinics were canceled


Drought Blazes
FireAt least 23 people died in north-central China from the worst forest fires to strike the area since 1979.

Twenty-three civilians perished while battling the fierce blazes. Lack of water from a severe drought in the region forced firefighters to try to put out the fires with spades or felled trees. The blazes were last reported still out of control and spreading in nearby Wenshui County.


Lightning Deaths
LightingTwo people were killed and nine others injured by lightning during a thunderstorm over a Kurdish Iranian village in western Iran on Saturday.

The victims, all from a single Kurdish family, were found in their gardens in Hashmiz, near Sanandaj, where the lightning struck. Lightning often claims lives in mountainous regions of Iran which are regularly hit by severe thunderstorms in the spring.


EarthquakeA magnitude 6.0 temblor killed at least one person and toppled 15 homes in the southern Peruvian towns of Molledo and Camana.
Landslides unleashed by the shaking blocked traffic along the Pan American Highway.

Earth movements were also felt in the Calif.-Mexico border, Northern California, Vancouver Island, southern Wyoming, central Turkey, northeastern Iran, northern India, southern China, southern Japan, Taiwan and Papua New Guinea.


Tropical Storms
Tropical StormThe second intense tropical cyclone to strike Australia’s northwest coast within two weeks roared ashore near the already-wrecked communities of Exmouth and Onslow. Cyclone Gwenda weakened from its former category-five force before making landfall.

Cyclone Fredreric was renamed Evring as it passed over the open waters of the central Indian Ocean.


Dolphin Slaughter
DolphinThe number of bottle-nosed dolphins killed in the South Australia city of Adelaide during the past year rose to four when a baby dolphin was found stabbed to death on a nearby beach.

Australian Dolphin Research Foundation scientist Mike Bossley said that the dolphin was most likely speared as it rode on the bow waves of a boat. "I have no idea whatsoever why someone would do this," Bossley said. "You couldn’t see any signs or evidence of the dolphin being caught in a net. It looks like somebody just wanted to kill a dolphin." In the past 12 months, three dolphins have been found shot to death on beaches in Adelaide.


Additional Sources: Japan Meteorological Agency, U.S. Climate Analysis Center, U.S. Earthquake Information Center and the World Meteorological Organization.

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