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Going on vacation? Rent an environmental vehicle

The Honda Civic GX has the lowest emissions of any internal combustion engine vehicle ever tested by the government, according to Honda Motor Co.   

April 8, 1999
Web posted at: 11:30 AM EDT

Southern California vacationers who want to make less of an impact on the air around them can now rent a natural gas vehicle at the Los Angeles International Airport.

A partnership between EV Rental Cars, Budget Rent a Car and Southern California Gas, Pickens Fuel Corp. and American Honda Motor Co. is now renting five Honda Civic GX sedans through Budget Rent a Car. The cars run completely on natural gas fuel.

At least 15 additional NGV rentals available at other Budget locations throughout the state will be offered by the end of the year, the group says.

Natural gas fuel currently costs about 25 to 40 percent less than gasoline and is considered the cleanest burning alternative fuel available. In addition, The Honda Civic GX, a dedicated natural gas vehicle, has the lowest emissions of any internal combustion engine vehicle ever tested by the government, according to Honda Motor Co.

Renters will be able to fuel up at any of the 125 NGV fueling stations throughout Southern California. All fuel costs are included in the daily rental rate.

"Although this technology has been available for 40 years, it has been underutilized," David Rodgers, director of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Technology Utilization and the company's first NGV renter, said Tuesday. "I hope the service being launched here today will lead to increased awareness among consumers about the cost effectiveness, high performance levels and environmental benefits of NGVs, and ultimately lead to more widespread use of these vehicles."

EV Rental Cars began offering the first electric vehicles rentals in the U.S. in December when their first office opened at the Los Angeles Airport.

"Los Angeles has made great strides toward improving its air quality," said L.A. City Councilwoman Ruth Galanter, whose district includes Budget's LAX facility. "I commend EV Rental Cars and Budget for making this new environmental service available to consumers, and I hope that visitors to the city and residents alike will consider the rental of NGVs and other alternative-fuel vehicles as one more way that they can help the environment."

Although the rental of NGVs and other environmental vehicles is relatively new in the U.S., Europeans have been renting such cars for several years. EV Rental hopes to expand the U.S. market, opening more offices throughout California this next year.

For more information, contact Susan Welty, Budget Rent a Car Corp., (630)955-7419.

Copyright 1999, Environmental News Network, All Rights Reserved

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