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At luxury pet hotels, your pet can live better than you do.

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The best sandwich in the universe updated 20 hours 40 minutes ago

A tomato and mayonnaise sandwich on store-bought white bread is the finest sandwich known to mankind.

Study: Dogs can feel jealous, too updated 3 days ago

Dogs experience jealousy, according to a University of California study.

Longing for the carefree parenting style of yesterday? updated 5 days ago

Most moms agree that motherhood has changed dramatically over the years. But is it for the better or worse?

Be a celebrity -- or just rent their home updated 5 days ago

Need a little star treatment? Celebrities' homes are just a click away and ready to rent.

Don't call me 'grandma' at the club updated 6 days ago

A 43-year-old writes what happened when she was called "grandma" at a club, and what she learned partying with Millennials.

'XL Love': How fat is affecting our sex lives updated 6 days ago

A new book, "XL Love," focuses on how obesity is "complicating" America's love life.

Mom arrested for leaving 9-year-old alone at park updated 7 days ago

The arrest of Debra Harrell for allegedly leaving her 9-year-old alone at a park has sparked debate about how young is too young to leave kids on their own

Summer rewind: Looking back at 1974 updated 7 days ago

Historians view the 1970s as a transitional era in the United States. By the time the summer of 1974 rolled around, America was ready for a break.

#IamJada: When abuse becomes a teen meme updated 10 days ago

Jada, a Houston teen, becomes a heroine for speaking out after unfortunate photos of her passed out after an alleged rape were circulated online.

Why we're in a 'one-piece moment' updated 10 days ago

Bikinis might dominate beach bods, but style editors say the one-piece makes a bolder statement.

Film follows 'Brave Miss World' from beauty queen to sexual violence activist updated 10 days ago

Emmy-nominated documentary "Brave Miss World" follows former Miss World Linor Abargil's journey from beauty queen to sexual violence activist.

Is drinking with your kids at home a good idea? updated 10 days ago

Letting the kids drink is a tough subject for parents: To give a tipple or not?

How to elope without offending your loved ones updated 10 days ago

Eloping? No matter the reason, here's how to say "I do" without hurting friends' and family's feelings.

Every day is grammar day when you've got this job updated 11 days ago copy editor Katherine Dillinger talks about grammar, spelling and the worst mistakes she's run across.

Strangers help with photo in midst of tragedy updated 11 days ago

A grieving father turns to Reddit for help remembering his 6-week-old daughter.

First woman firefighter poses for FDNY charity calendar updated 12 days ago

Fans of the FDNY's annual charity calendar featuring hunky firefighters will find a woman, Danae Mines, posing for the first time.

Is your house old? Some buyers want 'time capsule houses' updated 12 days ago

Some home buyers are seeking "time-capsule houses," especially those built in the middle of the 20th century, realtors say.

Should the government step in to prevent hot car deaths? updated 13 days ago

Hot car deaths -- should the government step in to prevent them?

Shocking fashion scandals and tragedies updated 13 days ago

Gianni Versace was killed on July 15, 1997.

Millennials want to live in parking spaces, says school updated 13 days ago

Students create a small, experimental prototype community of tiny homes in an Atlanta parking deck.

When owning a car made you a god updated 13 days ago

There were two distinct groups of guys in high school back in the '60s: Those who had cars, and those who didn't.

5 ways to outsource your kids' summer updated 14 days ago

Parent concierge services outsource the summer cooking, cleaning, and camp planning for kids. Here's how it works.

At 54, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' is now an e-book updated 17 days ago

Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" celebrates its 54th anniversary on July 11, 2014, and is now available as an e-book.

Inside the Bush family's green retreat updated 19 days ago

At their magnificent 1,600-acre Crawford retreat, once known as the Western White House, Laura and George W. Bush live the green life.

This is Carol. Her illustrations are reimagining how we see women updated 19 days ago

Brazilian Carol Rossetti's illustrations about women's identities have gained a surprise global following.

'I like weed, and I'm a good person': Pot smokers fight stereotypes updated 20 days ago

Would you buy retail pot for recreational use if it were available in your areas?

Postpartum depression: One mom's mission becomes a movement updated 20 days ago

Postpartum depression affects about 15% of new mothers. One mother, Katherine Stone, is crusading to increase awareness.

Two transgender women complain of DMV mistreatment in West Virginia updated 20 days ago

Two transgender women say they were called "it" and asked to remove their makeup, hair and jewelry at a West Virginia DMV.

What I don't want to happen at my daughter's wedding updated 21 days ago

She has been dreaming about this day for as long as I can remember.

15 best new paperback beach reads updated 21 days ago

Whatever your definition of "beach book" -- romance, mystery, gripping true-life-tale -- it's here.

Summer rewind: Looking back at 1964 updated 24 days ago

What were the hallmarks of summer 1964? Beatlemania, "Mary Poppins," the monokini and the Schwinn Sting-Ray.

15 state flowers to grow anywhere updated 25 days ago

15 state flowers to plant this July 4th!

Student who mocked white males out as president updated 25 days ago

Maya Peterson, former student-body president of The Lawrenceville School, resigned after posting photos online mocking her fellow students.

The puberty ad you'll want to show all girls and boys updated 25 days ago

A new ad by Always on why girls lose confidence after puberty goes viral and sparks a conversation on how to boost self-esteem during the teen years.

'Where's the African-American Harry Potter or the Mexican Katniss?' updated 26 days ago

Despite the growing diversity of American youth, there is a lack of representation in young adult literature.

Nationality, identity and the pledge of allegiance updated 27 days ago

Living between two countries and two cultures was a challenge for CNN reporter Moni Basu. Here she explains why she finally pursued U.S. citizenship.

Why I want my kids to fail updated 27 days ago

Let kids fail. Here's why.

Proper etiquette for every occasion updated 28 days ago

Your be-all, end-all, modern authority on awkward interactions, stressful situations and elbows on the table.

The pros and cons of transgender children in the public eye updated 28 days ago

The presence of transgender and gender nonconforming youth at NYC Pride March is latest effort to increase visibility of the transgender community.

Vargas: Undocumented and hiding in plain sight updated 28 days ago

He earned a college scholarship, he pays taxes and he even won a Pulitzer prize. And Jose Antonio Vargas did all this as an undocumented immigrant.

I didn't know I was undocumented updated 30 days ago

David Martinez grew up thinking he was American until he learned a secret his parents were keeping from him: he is an undocumented immigrant.

This is your brain on wedding planning updated 31 days ago

Wedding planning can send you and your beloved spinning off into another reality. Welcome to Wedding World.

Why I'm tired of hearing about 'that' civil rights movement updated 31 days ago

Here's a dirty little secret about the civil rights movement:. A lot of Americans don't want to hear about it. Ans why should they?

Sorry to ask but ... do women apologize more than men? updated 32 days ago

A new ad by the hair care company Pantene asks why women apologize so much and raises the question whether women say 'sorry' more often than men.

The Natural State updated 32 days ago

Packing for a summer weekend trip? Here's what you need.

Parents should read aloud to infants every day, pediatricians say updated 33 days ago

The American Academy of Pediatrics announced new guidelines for doctors encouraging parents to read out loud to their children beginning in infancy.

A movie about romance and ... abortion? updated 33 days ago

"Obvious Child" has all the story arcs for romantic-comedy gold, but one of the major through lines is a topic not often broached in theaters: Abortion.

The rise of the civil rights museum updated 35 days ago

The National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta opens June 23, just one of many civil rights museums in the works around the United States.

Work-life balance not just a women's issue updated 35 days ago

As the White House convened a summit on working families, surveys dispel any notion that work-life balance is just a woman's issue. Men care about it too.

Cool kids study offers 'revenge' for nerds updated 38 days ago

The cool kids in middle school were the ones who actually had bigger problems later in life, according to a new study in the journal Child Development.

Taking autistic kids out to a ball game updated 38 days ago

For many families, a night at the ballpark is a treat. But it can be a nightmare for those with autistic children.

Entrepreneur Barbie leans into a new career updated 39 days ago

Mattel says it hopes to inspire a generation of female entrepreneurs with Entrepreneur Barbie, but critics say the message is pink-washed.

Oh, mama! Don't make these wedding faux pas updated 39 days ago

The mother of the bride needs to remember these 10 wedding etiquette rules.

How not to raise a mean girl updated 39 days ago

With 'mean girl' behavior a bigger problem than years ago and starting as young as elementary school, parents wonder what they can do to try not to raise one.

Caftans, your timeless summer wardrobe updated 39 days ago

The caftan started as a war garment, worn beneath chainmail armor. It's come a long way and is now a timeless fashion staple.

When is 'Daddy' more than DNA? updated 40 days ago

Forget about Who's your daddy? Actor Jason Patric is engaged in an L.A. court fight that raises an even thornier question: What is a daddy?

North West's earrings spark social media debate updated 40 days ago

How young is too young to pierce a baby's ears? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby sparks a debate on social media.

Reclaiming the Native American voice updated 40 days ago

Recent visibility of Native Americans in mainstream news is significant because they are typically left out of the American conversation, Simon Moya-Smith says.

The truth is I never left you updated 42 days ago

Selling a family home is a life event that raises questions about identity.

2014's big-name college commencement speakers updated 42 days ago

Barack Obama, Sean Combs, Bill Nye, Shonda Rhimes and Condoleezza Rice are among high profile speakers at college commencement ceremonies in 2014.

Man cuts open truck to save kitten updated 43 days ago

A hitchhiking feline in Florida has a 50-year-old truck owner to thank for her unusual rescue.

Do modern dads get enough credit? updated 45 days ago

Dads don't get the same respect in society as moms, but modern fathers have certainly come a long way, says CNN's Kelly Wallace.

8 secrets of perfect wedding pictures updated 46 days ago

Want perfect wedding pictures? Try these 8 simple tricks.

10 items for a year: A minimalist approach to fashion updated 46 days ago

Could you live off 10 articles of clothing for a year? Here's how some people make minimalist fashion fit their lifestyles.

Graduation photo shows 'Black Women Do Breastfeed' updated 47 days ago

The women of "Black Women Do Breastfeed" say a picture shared from their page of mother breast-feeding at graduation sends a positive message to black mothers.

Melissa McCarthy and Miss Indiana USA show that size is not all they are updated 47 days ago

Peggy Drexler: Fat women are acknowledging their weight, then dismissing its significance. Melissa McCarthy leads the way.

Talking to kids about tragedy a tough task for parents updated 47 days ago

After another mass tragedy, parents are deciding how and what to tell their kids.

What the late '60s really looked like updated 48 days ago

With "Mad Men" starting back up, we wanted to know -- was all that glamour real, or is it just the magic of TV?

Defining -- but not defined by -- single fatherhood updated 48 days ago

Matt Logelin, author of "Two Kisses for Maddy," talks about the trials and triumphs of single fatherhood to his 6-year-old daughter, Madeleine.

Inside the wild comeback of tournament pinball updated 49 days ago

Pinball is experiencing a wave of popularity -- and a big increase in the number of competitive players.

Grownups: Don't be ashamed of your YA habit updated 50 days ago

Here's why adults SHOULD read young adult literature.

Code talker Chester Nez and the tragic history of native language updated 52 days ago

Simon Moya-Smith writes that without the use of the once-discouraged Navajo language, the U.S. military could have lost a distinct advantage.

Was it really a simpler time? Your '60s family photos, revealed updated 52 days ago

The good ole days of the 1960s, when life was more innocent, families were happier and children behaved better. Or maybe not?

'Inflatables aren't baby sitters': How to keep kids safe in bounce houses updated 52 days ago

Two recent cases of bounce houses getting swept away by wind gusts have parents wondering what they can do to keep their children safe.

Slenderman stabbing case: When can kids understand reality vs. fantasy? updated 53 days ago

The case of the girls accused of stabbing their friend to impress a fictitious Internet bogeyman named Slenderman raises many questions for parents.

11 ways to be a terrible bride updated 53 days ago

Wedding planners can't tell their clients they're acting like a bridezilla, but they can tell us!

Why you're seeing more women and people of color Google Doodles updated 53 days ago

More women and people of color are appearing in Google Doodles worldwide. Here's why.

Can exercise monitors reduce obesity rates? updated 53 days ago

When several health setbacks sapped my 77-year-old dad's zest for life, I had to do something.

Check your 'cat-lady' preconceptions about childless women updated 53 days ago

Nearly half of U.S. women of childbearing age don't have kids. And yet they feel misunderstood and nearly invisible to Madison Avenue, many women say.

Native American designers fight cultural caricatures updated 54 days ago

Why Native American designers are not OK with fashion headdresses in pop culture.

How to overcome shyness updated 55 days ago

Hate mingling? Dread public speaking? Try these confidence-boosting strategies to overcome shyness.

Reinventing libraries for 'hanging out, messing around and geeking out' updated 56 days ago

New library learning labs envisioned as spaces where teens can create content instead of consume it.

From the vault: 1964 World's Fair photos updated 56 days ago

While digging through a box that belonged to his father, Robert Ondrovic uncovered a collection of vintage photos that brought him back to the 1964 World's Fair.

Spelling bee blues: From 'I totally know it!' to 'What!?' updated 56 days ago

Jacob Williamson captured our h-e-a-r-t-s at the Scripps National Spelling Bee finals this week in Maryland.

A litany of 'thou shalt nots': Catholic teachers challenge morality clause updated 58 days ago

If you want to teach at a Catholic school in Cincinnati's Archdiocese, regardless of your religion, you must be willing to sign a more detailed morality clause.

5 best-selling authors' favorite beach reads updated 59 days ago

Emma Donoghue, Joshua Ferris and other best-selling authors offer up their favorite beach reads of all time -- and their picks for this summer.

Food, friends and freedom: Nikki Giovanni remembers Maya Angelou updated 59 days ago

Poet Nikki Giovanni knew Maya Angelou over the years, and says that part of her appeal was that she spoke "to everyone in the same voice."

How do you spell T-I-E? National Spelling Bee has two winners updated 59 days ago

Sriram Hathwar and Ansun Sujoe correctly spelled so many words Thursday that the Scripps National Spelling Bee had to declare them both winners.

One way to end the 'mommy wars' updated 59 days ago

A photo spread called "End the Mommy Wars" encourages moms to love more and judge less. CNN's Kelly Wallace likes their message.

You can't say that in your wedding toast! updated 59 days ago

Best man and maid of honor wedding toasts are full of potential pitfalls. Don't screw it up.

LeVar Burton's 'Reading Rainbow' Kickstarter exceeds goal on first day updated 60 days ago

LeVar Burton launched a $1 million Kickstarter campaign to create a web-based version of "Reading Rainbow."

Fat steak no match for skinny woman in eating challenge updated 60 days ago

Molly Schuyler recently ate a 72-ounce steak, baked potato, salad, shrimp cocktail and a roll in record time.

The uncomfortable role white people play in diversity updated 61 days ago

Psychologist Susan Bodnar uses every opportunity to teach her children that "diversity" doesn't simply mean "not white."

National contest isn't bee-all and end-all updated 62 days ago

1986 National Spelling Bee winner Jon Pennington gives his thoughts on the contest.

Why #YesAllWomen took off on Twitter updated 62 days ago

California killer Elliot Rodger's rants inspired the #YesAllWomen Twitter hashtag movement that draws attention to violence against women.

Rebuilding a girl's dream home after tragedy updated 62 days ago

A Georgia teen planned to build a tiny house for a school project, but the lessons changed after her father's death.

The agony and ecstasy of the National Spelling Bee updated 62 days ago

Karla Miller and I met as competitors in the 1986 National Spelling Bee, where I wilted in the third round on "phyllophorous."

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