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Removing 'barriers' to education through free college textbooks updated 1 days ago

Open-source textbooks are catching on in post-secondary schools looking to save students money as rising textbook costs deter them from buying course materials.

'How will the carpet smell?' and questions for your wedding caterer updated 2 days ago

Whether your menu is gourmet or gumbo, your wedding caterer needs to get it right. Here's how you can help.

No prom date? Go anyway! updated 2 days ago

Looking back, going to the prom solo was one of the best decisions she ever made.

No more $5 vocab words on redesigned SAT exam updated 2 days ago

The days of memorizing arcane, recondite vocabulary words might be ending for high school students who will take a redesigned SAT in two years.

Apprentice becomes assassin in 'The Intern's Handbook' updated 3 days ago

Shane Kuhn's new darkly comic thriller, "The Intern's Handbook," explores the dark side of internships.

Your first 90 days as a father updated 4 days ago

Every day will be hard, but they're supposed to be, aren't they? Adam Elder documents his first days as a dad.

The myth of millennial inevitability updated 4 days ago

Erica Williams Simon writes that the size and diversity of the millennial generation is not enough to win culture wars.

Intersex dating: Finding love across the intersection updated 4 days ago

Romance is hard, no matter who you are. For people with intersex traits, connection poses unique challenges.

Recent grad: 'Leaning In' helped me land my first job updated 5 days ago

Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In: For Graduates" targets young people, and one recent graduate says Sandberg's advice has already helped her land a job.

'Speak' author: 'We as adults struggle to talk to kids honestly about sex' updated 7 days ago

As Laurie Halse Anderson's "Speak" turns 15, the author says frank conversation about sexuality between parents and teens is more important than ever.

What the late '60s really looked like updated 8 days ago

With "Mad Men" starting back up, we wanted to know -- was all that glamour real, or is it just the magic of TV?

10 ways not to screw up the bride's day updated 9 days ago

Your mission as a bridesmaid: deflect drama from the bride wherever possible. Here's how.

Behind the changing fashion of 'Mad Men' updated 9 days ago

The "Mad Men" wardrobe has changed dramatically over six seasons because the social upheaval of the 1960s played out in the clothes people wore.

Talking to kids about tragedy a tough task for parents updated 10 days ago

After another mass tragedy, parents are deciding how and what to tell their kids.

'Where's the African-American Harry Potter or the Mexican Katniss?' updated 10 days ago

Despite the growing diversity of American youth, there is a lack of representation in young adult literature.

The worst men's grooming trends of all time updated 10 days ago

Men have been worried about their hair and odor for ages ... and making questionable decisions about both for just as long.

Public vs. private school: What's with all the judging? updated 11 days ago

School choice is a sticky subject: Parents can be quick to pass judgment on whether another parent chooses public or private education. Kelly Wallace asks why.

Street art project wants you to 'stop telling women to smile' updated 11 days ago

Street harassment is the focus of an ongoing street art project led by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh that's drawing global attention.

Do opposites really attract? updated 12 days ago

As a culture, we seem to love saying "opposites attract," and when they do -- whether in movies or in real life -- we're fascinated. But is it real?

Ditching letter grades for a 'window' into the classroom updated 12 days ago

Some schools trade letter grades and traditional report cards for descriptive feedback that shows how well students understand core concepts.

Why do so many have such a beef with paternity leave? updated 12 days ago

Even after Boomer Esiason apologized for suggesting an athlete's wife should schedule a C-section, paternity leave remains a controversial issue for men.

It's never too late to be fabulous at the Ms. Senior Florida Pageant updated 12 days ago

A beauty pageant just for seniors? That's right. Women over 60 are flaunting their maturity and wisdom in this annual event.

Jack Kevorkian's art on sale updated 14 days ago

Known as "Dr. Death" for his assisted suicides, the late Jack Kevorkian was also a lifelong painter. His artwork is being displayed and sold in West Hollywood.

Boomer Esiason apologizes for C-section comments updated 15 days ago

I really am speechless, which makes it that much harder to write this column.

Georgia school hosts first racially integrated prom updated 15 days ago

Last week, for the first time in decades, students from Wilcox County, Georgia, attended a school-sponsored prom that was open to all students rather than a private, racially segregated prom.

Report looks at whether millennial moms are more traditional, happier updated 15 days ago

Millennials, more than Generation X and baby boomers, think one parent should stay home to care for a child, according to a new report by Working Mother Media.

Who's the man in the 'mirror'? Historians investigate mystery photo booth portraits updated 15 days ago

Historians are trying to identify the man in some 450 photo booth portraits, taken of the person over what appears to be decades.

Don't let the flowers die on your wedding day updated 15 days ago

Make your wedding day flower fantasy come true with advice from celebrity designer Preston Bailey.

Rocky Mountain high, or how I spent my family vacation updated 16 days ago

Recreational weed is one option for Colorado vacationers who want to relax after a day of skiing. But when the kids are along, parents have to plan accordingly.

Do you really know your decorating style? updated 17 days ago

Do you know what your decorating style is? If the way you've decorated your home lacks obvious categorization, you're not alone.

9 things you didn't know about Rosie Perez updated 18 days ago

Rosie Perez details her abusive upbringing and Hollywood history in "Handbook for an Unpredictable Life."

When a boyfriend dies, does the grief mean less? updated 18 days ago

Unmarried companions can face the same grief as a husband or wife at the loss of a partner.

The best beauty products of all time updated 19 days ago

According to 300 experts, these lotions and potions have transcended time, claiming their spots in the pantheon of beauty greats.

JFK assassination a collective memory for American children updated 19 days ago

JFK's assassination is remembered by baby boomers as an iconic and unforgettable childhood event.

Why do we make students sit still in class? updated 20 days ago

Some teachers and schools are finding ways to build more freedom to move into formerly still, quiet classrooms.

At home with 'Portlandia' star Carrie Brownstein updated 21 days ago

"Portlandia" star Carrie Brownstein shows off her Portland bungalow, which is as endearingly twee as her on-screen persona.

Teen to government: Change your typeface, save millions updated 22 days ago

A teen's science fair project led him to realize that changing fonts could save the U.S. government millions of dollars.

At some schools, 'Big Brother' is watching updated 22 days ago

Schools are asking themselves whether they should monitor students online to protect them from dangers such as bullying, drug use, violence and suicide.

The intrepid: What it's like to be a blind parent updated 22 days ago

Blind mothers can face a unique set of challenges. Here's how one group of Portland, Oregon, moms face them head on.

A letter to my son as he leaves for college updated 22 days ago

iReporter Deborah Mitchell writes a letter to her son as he leaves for college.

Weddings and the art of parental wrangling updated 23 days ago

Parents and weddings can be a tough mix if there is bad blood or money trouble afoot. Here's how to handle the family drama that can crop up during nuptials.

Saving lives for 75 years: 'Batman helped me find my voice' updated 23 days ago

Batman turns 75: Over its long run the character of Batman has inspired fans, young and old, in some cases due to a strong identification with the character.

What Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Conscious Uncoupling' really means updated 24 days ago

Conscious uncoupling, defined. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin used the term when announcing their separation. What exactly is it?

Visionary women talk gender, mentorship and getting out of their own way updated 24 days ago

In a Google Hangout with The CNN 10: Visionary Women, Kelly Wallace talked about women helping women, the role of mentors, gender bias and getting men involved.

What millennial women want now updated 25 days ago

Millennial feminists have similar goals as women from generations past, but they're forging new paths to success, writes Simone N. Sneed.

When school clothes lead to suspension updated 25 days ago

Students -- and parents -- are challenging the boundaries of school dress codes.

5 reasons why we love Gloria Steinem updated 25 days ago

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem has helped rewrite the rule book for what women can do. On her 80th birthday, CNN takes a look at the journalist turned activist.

The right way to wear leggings in school updated 25 days ago

Some schools are banning leggings, but fashion blogger Lucie Zhang says there are OK ways to wear them.

Long-lost story from Tennessee Williams discovered updated 25 days ago

"Crazy Night," a newly discovered story from playwright Tennessee Williams, was published this month.

Determining the fate of frozen embryos updated 26 days ago

When Paul Ford and his wife had twins using a high-tech fertility procedure, they were left with two frozen embryos -- and a decision to make about their fate.

Aisle be there: The personalized wedding march updated 30 days ago

Taking a stride down the wedding aisle? Might as well make it memorable.

Modern pastoral: Inside a Calvin Klein Home exec's cabin updated 30 days ago

In the upstate New York cabin owned by Amy Mellen of Calvin Klein Home, clean lines and sleek contemporary furnishings give new meaning to the rustic retreat.

How to nominate a CNN Hero updated 30 days ago

They're your neighbors, your friends, your colleagues, your parents.

No more 'buts': Do what makes you happy updated 30 days ago

Here's how one couple faced down excuses getting in the way and learned to make themselves happy

Technology is feminism's friend and foe updated 32 days ago

Women and tech: It's heady to think about how technology is empowering women today, but some technological advances are still being used to hurt women.

I'm not a Pinterest mom -- and learning to be OK with that updated 32 days ago

Pinterest moms seems to make perfect crafts with ease for every occasion. I used to wish I were a Pinterest-perfect parent, but I don't anymore.

Why I'm a Pinterest mom, and you shouldn't be jealous updated 32 days ago

Are you a Pinterest parent? Katherine Linzey has a special-needs child and says being a Pinterest mom helps make up for "a lot of 'mom' things I am NOT."

My high school no longer holds dances updated 33 days ago

Some schools are canceling homecoming dances and proms due to lack of student interest.

'Toy Stories' shows kids with their favorite toys updated 33 days ago

"Toy Stories" by photographer Gabriele Galimberti shows boys and girls around the world with their most prized possessions: their toys.

By the numbers: St. Patrick's Day updated 33 days ago

St. Patrick's Day's origins and traditions -- a list of fun facts.

The SAT word is dead, long live the SAT word updated 33 days ago

The SAT creators say the redesigned test will no longer include little-used, easily forgotten "SAT words," but don't expect vocabularies to suffer.

From near death to the Paralympics: A Brooklyn native's inspiring story updated 33 days ago

Caitlin Sarubbi, a visually impaired skier who competed in the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics and trained for Sochi, says that winning gold means inspiring others.

From my home to yours: St. Patrick's Day updated 33 days ago

Martha Stewart first celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a traditional Irish-American meal as a child in Nutley, New Jersey.

Serving philanthropy by the pint updated 36 days ago

Breweries and bars around the U.S. are serving up philanthropy, one pint at a time.

'Ban Bossy' campaign promotes equality updated 36 days ago

Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chávez says we need to "ban bossy" in describing girls who exhibit leadership traits.

Should you go to college for Mrs. degree? Princeton Mom weighs in updated 37 days ago

"Princeton Mom" Susan Patton says women who want to get married should spend 75% of their time in college looking for a husband in her new book, "Marry Smart."

How to really measure the 'Francis effect' updated 37 days ago

In some ways, Pope Francis doesn't seem like an effective leader -- until you dig beneath the numbers.

Democracy in a dress: Diane von Furstenberg's wrap dress turns 40 updated 38 days ago

Diane von Furstenberg's wrap dress turns 40 this year. Here's how she built her legacy with a superior yet remarkably democratic creation.

Is it good to let kids screw up? updated 38 days ago

Is it healthy for kids to mess up sometimes? Yes, if you coach your kids on what to do differently next time.

Hunger activists re-envision iconic film scenes with food updated 39 days ago

Community art project combines food with images of iconic films to start discussion about hunger

Why do people flake out? updated 39 days ago

We all have that friend who's a bit of a flake. It's annoying, but you usually let it slide. He (or she) is just a little bit absentminded, right? Wrong.

Remembering 'Free to Be... You and Me,' 40 years later updated 39 days ago

"Free to Be...You and Me," the groundbreaking TV special, was first broadcast 40 years ago, on March 11, 1974.

In praise of older men updated 39 days ago

Alex Mar finds that with her own generation stuck in extended adolescence, she much prefers the company of older men.

Home is where the stylist is updated 40 days ago

A slew of tailored-to-you beauty and style services are popping up across the country -- from in-home blowout appointments to custom-made shirts in your bedroom.

'Genius hour': What kids can learn from failure updated 40 days ago

Some schools are building in time for students to work on passion projects -- an idea inspired by Google's 20% time.

#CNNwomen Tweetchat as it happened: 'Welcome to the era of women' updated 42 days ago

To mark International Women's Day, CNN hosted a Tweetchat on gender equality with a slew of special guests including Nobel Peace prize laureate Tawakkol Karman.

Fight eating disorders with Facebook updated 43 days ago

Social media can exacerbate eating disorder behavior, Claire Mysko writes, but it can be a valuable tool to keep people healthy, too.

International Women's Day 2014: What kind of world do YOU want to build? updated 43 days ago

To celebrate International Women's Day on March 8, CNN asked you how we can come together to build a more equal world for all.

10 things NOT to do at a wedding updated 44 days ago

10 things not to do at a wedding: Don't wear white, don't get too trashed, don't complain about the food -- and other rules for being a great wedding guest.

The woman who inspires us the most? Mom updated 44 days ago

In honor of Women's History Month and International Women's Day, we invited readers to talk about the extraordinary women in their lives. Many chose their mom

Dave Barry on parenting, Bieber and why boys are 'scum' updated 44 days ago

Humorist Dave Barry is back with a new book. The prolific writer shares parenting stories in "You Can Date Boys When You're Forty."

Major changes coming to 2016 SAT test: Here's what, how and why updated 44 days ago

The SAT test will see some major changes in 2016, The College Board announced.

#CNNwomen Tweetchat: How can women change the world? updated 44 days ago

CNN will be hosting a Tweetchat on Friday 7 March at 5pm ET/10pm GMT with Anne-Marie Slaughter and Laura Bates. Join the #CNNwomen conversation!

Fair or outrageous? New Jersey teen sues her parents to pay up for college updated 45 days ago

A teen is suing her parents for college tuition. Parents around the country are debating whether it's appropriate or if she's simply entitled.

How to score vintage home decor that looks like new updated 45 days ago

Vintage home decor can be tricky. Have you ever wondered how to make it look fresh and new? Here are some tips!

Would you tell your kids you got high? updated 45 days ago

President Obama's honesty about getting high as a teenager led many parents to consider whether they would tell their children about past drug and alcohol use.

Women in power: Hypervisible, still unseen updated 46 days ago

Even as women have greater visibility in more powerful roles, there are times when they are rendered invisible and attacked, Ava Thompson Greenwell writes.

A school's experiment: Cutting out the classroom updated 46 days ago

Some schools are cutting field trips, but one Atlanta school recently moved its 750 students to the High Museum of Art for a day of "school without walls."

Oscar's most popular date: Mom updated 46 days ago

Oscar dates: Hollywood's hottest award contenders brought Mom along to share in their glory. Here's why it's become so trendy and acceptable to bring Mom.

Every day is grammar day when you've got this job updated 47 days ago copy editor Katherine Dillinger talks about grammar, spelling and the worst mistakes she's run across.

Addicted to the thrill of sleeping with married women updated 47 days ago

Why would a young, attractive, single man prefer to sleep with married women?

20 fashion rules you should resolve to break updated 48 days ago

No white after Labor Day? Don't let your bra show? Dress for your body type? Time to break these fashion rules.

OMG! Your teen actually talks to you? updated 51 days ago

Parents just don't understand: Teens can be hard to talk to, especially if parents don't have the tools to start a conversation.

SOS for stressed out teens updated 51 days ago

Teen stress is at a fever pitch, with the demands of school, sports and even leisure activities leaving them frazzled. Here's how parents can help.

'Silver Linings Playbook' author returns with 'The Good Luck of Right Now' updated 51 days ago

Self-discipline and a bit of synchronicity have turned into best-selling success for author Matthew Quick.

12 ways to cut corners (with class) at your wedding updated 51 days ago

You're engaged! Congratulations! Here's how not to go broke, and still show your guests a fantastic time.

Who takes more selfies: Women or men? updated 51 days ago

While women, on average, take more selfies than men, after age 40 things begin to change, according to the Selfiecity research project.

Don't fear the antique mall updated 51 days ago

Antique malls are often a mess: Shelves full of knickknacks, chairs piled atop tables, dusty toys dangling from the ceiling. But they don't have to be.

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