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When the guests around your Thanksgiving table are busy stuffing their bellies today, here's one way to dazzle them with some tasty turkey trivia.

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Harvest ales are out now, so 'hop' to it updated 15 hours 1 minutes ago

Fall means fresh hop beers are available, usually for a limited time. Here are some of the best out there.

'Brutally Honest' series: What if you don't like your kids' friends? updated 17 hours 39 minutes ago

If it hasn't happened already, it likely will at some point: the moment you don't like one of your child's friends. What do you do?

Pennsylvania city's 'sad' Christmas tree will stay put updated 1 days ago

The 50-foot Christmas tree decorating downtown Reading, Pennsylvania, is supposed to spread good holiday cheer, but instead it's making some residents sad.

Thanksgiving by the numbers updated 1 days ago

Thanksgiving by the numbers: Everything you ever wanted to know about the November holiday.

Possible reprieve for Louisiana family's beloved pit bull updated 1 days ago

A Louisiana family may have won a reprieve in its fight to protect its beloved pit bull from a local "vicious dogs" ordinance.

10 signs you might be addicted to your smartphone updated 1 days ago

Smart phone addiction is real, says Dr. David Greenfield of the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction. Here are 10 signs you've got a problem.

Oklahoma teens walk out of school to protest bullying updated 2 days ago

Hundreds of Oklahoma high school students walked out of class Monday after allegations of bullying of rape victims hit close to home.

11 things you'll fight over this Thanksgiving updated 2 days ago

As we all know, Thanksgiving isn't always the harmonious holiday it's sometimes made out to be.

Easy roast turkey breast updated 2 days ago

Roasting a turkey breast is a great way to make sure there is still turkey on the table without an excess of work.

8 holiday time-savers updated 2 days ago

Simplify the season with these baking secrets, shopping tips, cleaning tricks, and more.

Ex-NFLer: First impressions matter updated 2 days ago

Former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones shares one piece of advice that will help you #BeAChamp.

20 years of Tofurky: Why eat fake meat? updated 2 days ago

Tofurky, which turns 20 this year, is a far gobble from a real bird. But vegetarians say fake meat roasts offer the "taste and texture" of Thanksgiving.

Family fights to save pit bull from being 'impounded' updated 3 days ago

A Louisiana family is fighting to protect its beloved pit bull from a "vicious dogs" ordinance.

'Landfill Dogs' face sad reality updated 3 days ago

Homeless and ownerless, these shelter dogs could end up buried in the very landfill they are playing on.

Adoption: One story, three lives updated 5 days ago

For National Adoption Awareness Month, CNN's Michaela Pereira shares her story of growing up in a family of five adopted kids and seeking her birth mother.

'Lemony Snicket' author sorry for 'racist' joke at National Book Awards updated 5 days ago

Jacqueline Woodson's big win at the National Book Awards on Wednesday was briefly eclipsed by a racially charged joke.

How to cook a Thanksgiving turkey updated 5 days ago

Don't make guesses on how to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey -- we'll show you exactly how to cook it.

Your Thanksgiving do-ahead list updated 5 days ago

Get these Thanksgiving food preparations done ahead of time to de-stress the big day.

Here's to a cheesy Thanksgiving updated 5 days ago

Here are five tips to make amazing holiday macaroni and cheese -- including recipes.

Don't fear the vegan at your Thanksgiving table updated 5 days ago

Vegan cookbook author, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, shares her tips for delicious vegan Thanksgiving recipes.

Teen 'like' and 'FOMO' anxiety updated 6 days ago

Teens are suffering from social media anxiety, often caused by the quest for more and more likes and the fear of missing out or FOMO.

5 ways community colleges are fixing higher education updated 6 days ago

Why consider community college? They're facing problems that weigh down all of higher education -- and succeeding.

We can land on a comet, but we can't ... updated 7 days ago

A Twitter hashtag milked humor from a spacecraft's landing on the surface of a comet.

Protect your skin from winter weather updated 7 days ago

When winter hits, we all have to make concessions to care of our skin -- even dudes. Try these moisturizing strategies.

Transgender activist Leslie Feinberg's immeasurable impact updated 8 days ago

Transgender activist Leslie Feinberg, a pioneering LGBT advocate, has died at 65. Here's what Feinberg did for her community.

Back off #shirtstorm scientist, supporters say updated 8 days ago

Supporters are coming to the defense of #shirtstorm space scientist Matt Taylor.

OKCupid expands options for gender and sexual orientation updated 8 days ago

Do you identify as agender, asexual or intersex? If so, OKCupid has you covered with expanded options in categories of gender and sexual orientation.

The Oxford 2014 word of the year is... updated 8 days ago

"Vape" is the Oxford Dictionaries' 2014 word of the year.

Dog hitches a ride to hospital with his human updated 8 days ago

Good boy Buddy! Buddy the dog went for quite the ride recently after his owner wasn't feeling well.

Separated at birth, reunited on Facebook updated 8 days ago

In "Separated @ Birth," identical twins Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman reveal how they found each other thanks to You Tube and Facebook.

Chances are, your teen has sexted updated 8 days ago

Studies by Drexel University and the University of Texas Medical Branch suggest that sexting by teens is more common than parents might realize.

Same suit every day? No problem for man, but a woman ... updated 8 days ago

Australian morning show anchor Karl Stefanovic wore the same suit every day for a year, minus a dry cleaning here and there. Stunt has caused stink on Web.

The puberty ad you'll want to show all girls and boys updated 8 days ago

A new ad by Always on why girls lose confidence after puberty goes viral and sparks a conversation on how to boost self-esteem during the teen years.

Despite ban, 'Rich Kids of Tehran' party on updated 9 days ago

"Rich Kids of Tehran," a popular Instagram account showing wealthy young Iranians. refuses to die.

5 types of people you should unfriend updated 9 days ago

Here are 5 types of social media "friends" you may want to lose for National Unfriend Day.

Confessions of a Catholic priest updated 10 days ago

Jesuit priest James Martin reveals why men like him seek out the Catholic priesthood, as well as the ups and downs of his profession.

50 states, 50 jobs, one honeymoon updated 10 days ago

Heath and Alyssa Padgett are spending their honeymoon on a seven-month road trip to each of the 50 states.

Brutally Honest: Mean girls are getting younger updated 12 days ago

We are seeing mean girl behavior at younger ages, even in elementary school. Experts say one cause may be the portrayal of girls in mainstream media.

Philae researcher criticized for shirt covered in scantily clad women updated 12 days ago

Scientist Matt Taylor wore a shirt featuring women in lingerie during the European Space Agency's live stream of the Philae landing.

I still live with my parents and love it updated 12 days ago

Jillian Knowles has a Master's degree and a great job, but she's part of the "boomerang generation" to move back in with her parents.

World's tallest man meets world's shortest man updated 12 days ago

For the first time ever, the tallest recorded man in the world met the shortest man at a Guinness World Records event in London.

Father plays guitar for dying infant son updated 13 days ago

Father plays guitar, sings "Blackbird" for dying infant son just days after losing his wife.

One fish, two fish, red fish, saltfish updated 13 days ago

Make this recipe for Jamaican spicy garlic pepper shrimp if you're longing for a taste of island life.

Why do so many female veterans struggle to find work? updated 13 days ago

Female veterans often have a harder time finding employment than their male counterparts. But why?

Paraplegic groom's first-dance surprise updated 13 days ago

Joey Johnson, a paraplegic, surprised his wife on their wedding day with a contraption that let him stand for their first dance.

Name that holiday? This Maryland school district won't updated 13 days ago

A school district in Maryland has decided to remove all references to religious holidays from its school calendar, leaving some in the community frustrated.

Meet the woman with 50 mustaches updated 13 days ago

It's Movember, that time of year when men everywhere grow ridiculous looking mustaches to raise awareness about men's health.

Girl empowerment ads like GoldieBlox: Do they work? updated 14 days ago

A new ad by GoldieBlox is the latest in a series of ads by companies focused on busting gender stereotypes. But do the ads truly empower girls?

Church: Mormon founder Joseph Smith wed 40 wives updated 15 days ago

The founder of the Mormon church, Joseph Smith, wed as many as 40 wives, including one as young as 14 years old, the church acknowledged.

Get it straight: The difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day updated 15 days ago

Don't embarrass yourself: Know the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

5 ways to honor veterans beyond Veterans Day updated 15 days ago

Veterans need more than a holiday. Here are some ways to help and honor members of the Armed Forces year-round.

America's superlative sports bars updated 15 days ago

Here are America's best sports bars for the big game, no matter what the sport.

Amazon picks the 100 best books of 2014 updated 15 days ago

Celeste Ng's debut novel, "Everything I Never Told You," just topped Amazon's list of the 100 best books of the year.

This weekend's trending video: 'Too Many Cooks' updated 16 days ago

"Too Many Cooks," this weekend's trending video, parodies 1980s TV and pop culture with a sinister twist.

Prison hosts first-ever father-daughter dance updated 16 days ago

Prisoners and their daughters dressed up for the first-ever Daddy-Daughter Dance at a Miami federal prison.

Peering inside a batterer's mind -- and his victim's soul updated 18 days ago

The story of suspended NFL player Ray Rice raised the question: What goes on in the mind of a batterer? A man who's abused opens up. So does his victim.

What Lena Dunham controversy can teach parents about kids and sex updated 18 days ago

Lena Dunham episode prompts question: When does childhood curiosity become inappropriate sexual behavior?

New Reese's spread a Nutella killer? Not so fast updated 19 days ago

The peanut butter and chocolate goodness that is the essence of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups now comes in a jar. Will these new Reese's spreads beat Nutella?

This may be the oldest surviving photo of a human updated 19 days ago

The earliest known photograph to show a person, a Paris street scene from 1838, was published online this week.

Nurse picks up diner tab, 46 others pay it forward updated 19 days ago

A Vermont nurse paid a family's diner tab and unknowingly started a "pay it forward" chain of nearly 50 people.

Plot of #AlexFromTarget thickens updated 20 days ago

A tech startup is claiming responsibility for making #alexfromtarget one of the "most amazing social media experiments ever." Does it deserve credit?

'Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month' roots for the underdogs updated 20 days ago

Marnie the Dog is celebrating November as Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month, a cause near and dear to her heart.

Rubik's Cube, army men, bubbles enter Toy Hall of Fame updated 20 days ago

Rubik's Cube, little green army men and bubbles gained entry into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2014.

Why you need to visit Virginia wine country updated 21 days ago

We'd be hard pressed to pick out a place that is as gorgeous as Virginia wine country during the fall.

School system hires former FBI agent to probe social media updated 22 days ago

Schools are asking themselves whether they should monitor students online to protect them from dangers such as bullying, drug use, violence and suicide.

Internet lusts after new mugshot guy updated 23 days ago

For the second time this year, a California man's arrest mugshot has gone viral because of his looks.

Unmasking a new trend: stylish smog masks updated 24 days ago

As air pollution levels soared in Beijing on Tuesday, models at China Fashion Week walked the runway wearing designer respiratory face masks.

The issue with ousted CBC host Jian Ghomeshi's 'kinky defense' updated 24 days ago

The Jian Ghomeshi sex scandal raises questions about discrimination over sexual activity, and BSDM and abuse.

Halloween by the numbers updated 26 days ago

Did you know 41 million children will go trick-or-treating this Halloween? Here are some more facts about the holiday.

Ick or treat? 5 strange facts about candy corn updated 26 days ago

This year, manufacturers will produce almost 9 billion kernels of candy corn, the polarizing Halloween treat.

Can Starbucks delivery deliver? updated 26 days ago

Starbucks' delivery service is set to kick off in late 2015.

An orientation to asexuality updated 26 days ago

Asexual orientation means feeling little or no sexual attraction to other people. To the asexual community, that's A-OK.

Is the 'be a man' stereotype hurting boys? updated 26 days ago

After the Washington school shooting, parents and experts say we need to do more to redefine masculinity and help boys deal with difficult emotions.

Game company to help 'Operation' creator with operation costs updated 26 days ago

Friends of "Operation" game creator John Spinello are raising money to help him pay for a medical procedure.

To be a black cat on Halloween updated 26 days ago

From ancient superstitions to modern photography, black cats face their share of special issues -- especially on Halloween.

Director of catcalling video responds to race debate updated 27 days ago

The discussion surrounding a catcalling video now has a new element: Where are the white men behaving badly?

An introduction to Iranian cooking updated 27 days ago

Skewered ground lamb kabab recipe.

What I learned in strip clubs updated 27 days ago

A self-proclaimed feminist, Lisa Ling writes about what surprised her most about going inside strip clubs for her CNN show "This is Life."

What's fishy about your shrimp? updated 27 days ago

Ocean conservation group Oceana released a new study today that shows 30% of sold shrimp products are misrepresented.

6 rules for a better Halloween updated 27 days ago

Memorize and share these rules to avoid a frightening faux pas -- like an offensive costume -- this Halloween.

Inside the world of a feminist stripper updated 27 days ago

Writer, professor, and stripper Antonia Crane explains what her dancing career has taught her about humanity.

Woman in New York street harassment video: 'My story is not unique' updated 27 days ago

A woman walked around New York City for 10 hours and filmed every catcall she received.

Register now for 'Wasting time on the Internet' 101 updated 27 days ago

You can now get credit for all those cat videos. The University of Pennsylvania is offering a class next semester titled "Wasting time on the Internet."

UC Berkeley student group votes to disinvite Bill Maher; college overturns it updated 27 days ago

The controversy over having TV host Bill Maher speak at the University of California Berkeley has taken another turn. Well, make that two.

How should men approach women? updated 28 days ago

The video of NY woman being catcalled on streets has men asking, "What should I do?" Answer starts with respect.

What 10 hours of street harassment in NYC looks like updated 28 days ago

A woman walked around New York City for 10 hours and filmed every catcall she received.

Fall beers worth the brouhaha updated 28 days ago

It's officially fall, which means people are haunted by pumpkin. From seasonally spiced lattes to unexpected pumpkin-flavored items like Greek yogurt and potato chips, it's no surprise that this time of year you're likely to be offered a squash-style beer.

Reducing street harassment to 'women's work' updated 28 days ago

Elana Adler created 32 samplers bearing slogans of street harassment for art series, "You are my duchess."

For Halloween, R.L. Stine live tweets a creepy, crawly tale updated 28 days ago

Author R.L. Stine took to Twitter on Tuesday to regale his followers with a creepy tale.

GoPro, whiskey bottle make for wedding to remember updated 29 days ago

Attach a GoPro camera to a whiskey bottle at a wedding. Genius?

Walmart apologizes for 'fat girl' costumes updated 29 days ago

Walmart found itself sending apology tweet after apology tweet Monday after the Twitterverse raked it over the coals for a major goof on its website.

Boston Bruins bring 'Frozen' to sick kids updated 29 days ago

The Boston Bruins put down their hockey sticks on Monday and got decked out "Frozen"-style for a good cause.

UC Berkeley students petition to drop Bill Maher from commencement updated 29 days ago

Students at the University of California, Berkeley are petitioning to have Bill Maher removed as their 2014 fall commencement speaker.

The dangerous seduction of the rich boyfriend updated 29 days ago

Lisa Ling describes herself as fiercely independent and a die-hard feminist. She opens up about the one time she was seduced by a much different lifestyle.

The Ray Rice children's Halloween costume you won't believe updated 30 days ago

An Instagram photo of a child wearing a Ray Rice costume, and dragging a doll ostensibly meant to symbolize Janay Rice sparked outrage online among parents.

Gisele Bundchen is right, mom comes first! updated 33 days ago

Giselle Bundchen was criticized for saying taking care of herself makes her a better mother, but many women agree with her.

Talking to kids about tragedy a tough task for parents updated 33 days ago

After another mass tragedy, parents are deciding how and what to tell their kids.

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