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Unemployment takes tough mental tollupdated Thu Jun 14 2012 07:21:44

Michael Dixon hasn't had a job since September, but he's definitely not relaxing at home.

A walk to pound grief into the groundupdated Thu Jun 07 2012 20:38:29

Some people go on pilgrimages abroad for religious reasons or for historical interest. Denis Asselin created his own rite on the Eastern Seaboard in honor of his son who took his own life last year.

Music: It's in your head, changing your brainupdated Sat May 26 2012 08:31:57

Michael Jackson was on to something when he sang that "A-B-C" is "simple as 'Do Re Mi.'" Music helps kids remember basic facts such as the order of letters in the alphabet, partly because songs tap into fundamental systems in our brains that are sensitive to melody and beat.

Depression in middle age linked to dementiaupdated Mon May 07 2012 17:16:27

People who have symptoms of depression in middle age may be at increased risk of dementia decades later, a new study suggests.

How girls and boys differ when it comes to autism updated Wed Apr 04 2012 09:46:45

Autism (now better known as autism spectrum disorder or ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder caused, at least in part, by genetic factors.

With autism, no longer invisibleupdated Sun Apr 01 2012 13:40:49

Joseph Sheppard has an IQ above 130. Ask him about his life or worldview and he'll start drawing connections to cosmology and quantum mechanics. He'll toss around names of great intellectuals -- Nietzsche, Spinoza -- as if they're as culturally relevant as Justin Bieber.

Expert: Did 'Kony' director have 'manic episode?'updated Mon Mar 26 2012 15:06:58

Modern medicine is very good at some things, and really lousy at others. As I wrote in a blog last week, psychiatry is no different in this regard.

Do homeopathic treatments for ADHD work?updated Tue Mar 06 2012 15:08:01

Our 8-year-old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at age 6. We have tried several medications, stimulants and nonstimulants, and have not gotten good results. We are now looking at homeopathic treatment for our daughter, but the question is: Does it really work?

Beholding beauty: How it's been studied updated Fri Mar 02 2012 07:09:19

Beauty. We know it when we see it, but what is it?

Finding 'new normal' after school shootingupdated Wed Feb 29 2012 14:23:36

For students, parents and teachers in Chardon, Ohio, the week has been a disorienting one after a high school shooting left three teenagers dead.

Compulsive shopping: When spending is like substance abuseupdated Mon Dec 19 2011 07:41:10

The purse was by designer Baby Phat, and it was only $5. But when Elizabeth Deiter bought it at the thrift store where she works, she immediately had to run over to the bank and deposit money to avoid running a negative balance.

Are mood swings a sign of depression?updated Tue Nov 29 2011 07:52:07

I would like to know what you recommend for a person that believes he or she is suffering from depression. There are mood swings, and extreme sleeping, and just thoughts of being lonely, and that no one cares. Is this depression?

Is my husband going through a midlife crisis?updated Tue Nov 22 2011 10:29:24

How do I know if my husband is going through a midlife crisis? How do I know if there is depression as a result of this? How can I get him to stop thinking the marriage is over and that he is worthless?

Should I still be grieving my horse's death?updated Tue Nov 15 2011 10:03:45

Is it crazy that I still feel this bad from my horse's death four years ago? This horse was my life. He died of cancer on November 20, 2007, when I was 12, and I've been affected by his death ever since. I feel as if I can't talk to anyone about it, because they expect me to be over it by now, but I just can't. I tried telling my mother once, but she told me point blank that she didn't understand why I was still upset, and that it was a little silly for me to still be this hurt by his death. I write my feelings in a notebook sometimes when I can't think, but all that's happening is making me feel worse. There are nights where I just break down crying until I can't breathe. Sometimes I think I'm depressed, but I'm scared to tell anyone. What should I do?

Is it safe to use ketamine as a pain drug?updated Tue Nov 08 2011 12:08:28

What about ketamine as a pain drug? Could it be used to get someone off methadone who previously took Oxycontin and then got sent to a methadone clinic? Is ketamine more addictive than methadone as a pain drug? What are the risks vs. benefits of ketamine?

Can omega-3 fatty acids help prevent depression?updated Tue Nov 01 2011 07:14:48

I just read something on the Internet that omega-3 fatty acids can help prevent depression. Is there any truth to this?

Why teens are wired for riskupdated Wed Oct 19 2011 13:02:47

It was hot at 3 a.m. in a small town in North Carolina, and there wasn't a lot for a group of teenagers to do. So, Hillary Tillotson, her brother and three other guys sneaked under a fence to go swimming at a private pool down the street. Only Tillotson and her then-boyfriend kept their clothes on, she said.

How can I move on after son's death?updated Tue Oct 18 2011 09:57:34

My baby boy died January 12, and my life has been a nightmare ever since. I have tried therapy, and I have been prescribed different antidepressants and nothing seems to help. I'm told I have post-traumatic stress disorder due to the nature of his death. Is there any natural alternative? Are there any other options out there, be it holistic or medicinal? How long does the grief last? I want to feel better for the sake of my other kids, but I just feel worse.

Will my daughter ever recover her mental health?updated Tue Oct 11 2011 12:44:58

My 18-year-old daughter has been repeatedly hospitalized. There is a definitive family history of bipolar disorder on the paternal side. She has OCD behaviors and much of her conversational speech is off-topic and inappropriate. The medical team is unable to stabilize her. She was recently found to have schizoaffective disorder. Will she ever be functional?

Will ketamine help depression?updated Tue Sep 27 2011 09:34:47

Is ketamine IV promising for medicating resistant depression? What are the possible side effects?

How can I help my 18-year-old be more responsible for himself?updated Tue Sep 20 2011 11:27:40

My son suffers with anger and low self-esteem but is outrageously cocky toward me. He is almost 18, we don't get along lately, and I feel like he is jealous of my happiness. I feel like it is my fault, as I raised him as a single mom and spoiled him a lot, and now it feels like it has all backfired on me. I am crushed, but I am also starting to have my own resentment toward him. He suffers from ADHD and most likely a mood disorder, but he refuses to make time to see the doctor. When I schedule appointments, he often wants to reschedule, which leads to having to start the whole process over. I don't want to give up, but with no support, I just don't know what to do. I am 35, I had him young, and I want to have a life, too; and I just don't see how that can happen when he refuses to help himself. It's like he wants me to do everything for him. Please advise.

What's the next step in fighting depression?updated Tue Sep 13 2011 11:12:08

I have had depression for almost seven years. I saw a psychiatrist and therapist for eight months, two years ago; it made me feel worse. I started to see another psychiatrist and therapist last November; it only mildly helped. I tried Prozac first, but when the dosage increased, I started to have hallucinations and delusions. I was then prescribed Celexa (disrupted my sleep greatly) and then Cymbalta, which showed no change. I also was given several sleep medications. Medications just do not seem to work; they all have side effects. I just moved and have not found more doctors here. My depression and sleep problems seem to get worse with every day. What should my next step be?

When the pieces of memory are scatteredupdated Mon Sep 12 2011 07:39:51

There was cake at one of the last birthdays Robert John Kreitner Jr. would have at the nursing home in Pennsylvania, but the guest of honor didn't open his eyes to see it.

How can I control my panic attacks?updated Tue Aug 30 2011 10:24:30

I've been having a lot of panic attacks, almost every day; sometimes when I'm working, dealing with the kids or just nothing at all. I'll get shortness of breath, chest hurts on both sides or just one side, and a lot of my heart skipping a beat. And it scares me. I'm 29 years old and in good health. How can I control this?

Could my bipolar brother develop schizophrenia?updated Tue Aug 23 2011 13:12:25

I was wondering if my brother, who we have been told is bipolar, could develop schizophrenia? My uncle, my mom's brother, was schizophrenic and unfortunately fell victim to the mental illness. We are aware that there have been some mental health issues with males on my mother's side of the family, so could it be possible that he could be schizophrenic as well as bipolar?

Why are my OCD feelings so intense?updated Tue Aug 16 2011 12:28:52

I have OCD. When I hear the sink faucet turn off, it makes a squeaking noise, and I feel tense and need to use antibacterial wipes on my hands. I also feel tense and need to use antibacterial wipes when I hear someone say the word "gas," when I see a red gas tank anywhere, when I see a gas nozzle at a gas station (or on TV), and the red color of a gas tank on anything plastic similar to a red gas tank. I also hate looking at sinks in the bathroom and kitchen because I feel tense and literally walk around the apartment covering my eyes so I do not see those objects when I am passing them. Why do I feel so intensely about these things? What can I do?

Can a 9- or 10-year-old be bipolar?updated Tue Aug 09 2011 11:04:29

Can a 9- or 10-year-old get a true diagnosis of bipolar disorder?

Could I have been sexually abused?updated Tue Aug 02 2011 10:33:40

I am wondering if I could have been molested as a child. I have this strong feeling that I was, but I can't remember anything. When I was young, 6 or 7, I used to make my dolls have sex. At 9, I began touching myself, even though I didn't know what it meant. I am now 29 and was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder last year. I know this condition often comes with a history of childhood sexual abuse. Could it be possible?

Is it OK to be on antidepressants for years?updated Tue Jul 26 2011 12:01:57

Is it dangerous to be on an antidepressant for several years?

Alzheimer's: Early detection, risk factors are crucialupdated Mon Jul 25 2011 07:34:09

With more than 5 million people suffering from Alzheimer's disease in the United States, a number that's expected to rise to 16 million by 2050, the pressure is on to find better methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Can physical injury cause depression?updated Tue Jul 05 2011 11:09:09

I suffered a pretty serious compound fracture to my ankle last year, followed by an infection, five surgeries, three rounds of IV treatment with PICC lines, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, and now physical therapy and oral antibiotics. I feel like I've let my family, my company and myself down. I find it hard to concentrate and my limited mobility makes everything worse. I am in constant pain (bone-on-bone in the ankle) and even though the infection is finally gone, I find that an alarming amount of my thoughts are related to doing away with myself. When I was really hurt, I had getting better to look forward to. Now that I am there (sort of) it isn't that much better. Right now my life seems pretty joyless. Is this typical for a Type A after an injury? Should I be (even more) worried?

Can an abuse victim 'fix' aversion to sex?updated Tue Jun 28 2011 11:48:04

I was abused as a child. Never intercourse, but I was threatened about it, and I had to watch my sister and this man. I was always called a prude by him. Anyway, I'm married and celibate. I do not enjoy sex nor do I have any interest in it. I am on Effexor and unsure how I feel about my husband. I do not know if this is a physical issue, mental or marrying the wrong man. Obviously this causes issues for my husband, but why should I suffer so he doesn't have to?

Can depression cause inability to focus?updated Tue Jun 21 2011 10:13:09

I am a college student, recently diagnosed with depression, and am taking steps to figure out if I have ADHD because of a tremendous inability to focus and retain information. It is almost like, when I'm trying to focus on something someone says, it slips right through me like water. I am curious to know what prospects I have of gaining my cognitive abilities back if I start taking Lexapro or other antidepressants. If these are going to impair my ability to concentrate and focus even more, then I am not sure how to weigh the cost-benefits of taking them, because I am in school. In short, are antidepressants more helpful or hurtful to my cognitive functions? Can I look forward to reversing the concentration and memory retention problems I am currently undergoing?

Can I ask my therapist personal questions?updated Tue Jun 14 2011 10:04:25

I am curious about the working relationship of therapist and patient. I have always been aware that there is a boundary. But I also think it is human nature to make assumptions. So, of course, I make assumptions based on the way my therapist responds to some of my comments. The bad thing is that I don't feel I can ever ask if my assumptions are correct since some of them would be somewhat personal. On the other hand, I sometimes think this information would be helpful to know because I think I would trust the therapist a little more (since education and life experience are two different things). I know with my previous therapist I made several assumptions that I now know are wrong. Because of those assumptions, I feel like it slowed my progress down. So, what is that line? Can I ask questions, knowing that although I can't have, nor do I need to know, all the details of my therapist's personal life, can I ask basic information to try go get a better understanding of my therapist?

My son hears suicidal voices. What can I do?updated Tue Jun 07 2011 07:40:00

My 7-year-old son has lost touch with reality, I think. He says he feels like he's in a dream and nothing is real. He sees things and hears voices telling him to do bad things. He is bipolar, has autism, anxiety disorder, ADHD, ODD and OCD. He has tried many medications that either don't help or make things worse. He says the voices are telling him to kill himself. What should I do? I'm so scared for him.

How can I safely wean off an antidepressant?updated Tue May 31 2011 07:32:17

What is the best and safest way to wean yourself off of an antidepressant drug such as Zoloft?

Could I have PTSD from being bullied?updated Tue May 24 2011 12:38:26

I have been harassed for many years at work due to the fact I am considered a disabled person. I can't do some jobs because I don't have the strength or endurance. People taunted me, saying stuff like saying I was a hypochondriac. They made me do work I couldn't physically do, and I'm harassed almost on a daily basis. During this time, I developed major depression, and last year I needed time off from work because of it. I feel I have some signs of PTSD because I can't work in certain areas of the plant I work in.

Why your brain needs vacationsupdated Tue May 24 2011 07:43:23

Mary Kole loves her job, but she's been feeling like she's lost the line between "work" and "not work."

Are my son's bipolar meds the most effective ones?updated Tue May 17 2011 14:11:17

My son has biopolar and takes Depakote and Seroquel together. He doesn't seem that much better. Are there more effective drugs than these?

Skin infestation a delusion, study saysupdated Mon May 16 2011 17:04:52

For years, dermatologists have been aware of -- and baffled by -- people who feel a constant creepy-crawly sensation beneath their skin, which they believe is due to bugs, worms, or eggs below the surface.

Will my baby inherit bipolar disorder?updated Tue May 10 2011 11:48:33

I am five months pregnant, and it has been great. My mother-in-law has bipolar disorder and is clinically depressed. I wonder if there will be a slight chance that my baby will get that from her? My husband has been emotionally taking care his mother since he was 10 and can't seem to help.

Poetry, film give voice for OCD sufferersupdated Mon May 09 2011 10:28:19

"I'm edging towards being a recluse, but choose daily to fight for release from this crippling prison."

How can I make my mom understand my bipolar disorder?updated Tue May 03 2011 18:39:39

I have bipolar disorder type 2. My mood is almost always influenced by the season and this winter I went through one of the worst depressive episodes I have ever experienced. When I mustered up the courage to tell my mom that I felt trapped and that I was desperate for help, she dismissed my symptoms as "something every teenager goes through" and that things will get better. She keeps telling me that everyone is depressed once in a while and that's just how life is. I'm better now, but I'm constantly scared about the next depressive episode I'll have to go through. It's been about three years since my diagnosis, and I think my mom has been in denial ever since. I've tried my best to convince her that this isn't normal but she refuses to see the truth. Even when I attempted suicide about a year ago, she lectured me about how selfish I was being and refused to even consider hospitalization or medication. How do you convince an unsympathetic parent that you need help?

Osama bin Laden's death: How should we feel?updated Mon May 02 2011 15:44:05

You may be relieved or even ecstatic about the end of a symbol of terror, or maybe it seems like the pain is just beginning all over again.

Seth Rogen: Alzheimer's is 'brutal'updated Wed Apr 27 2011 07:51:56

Seth Rogen may be known for starring in some raunchy comedies, but there's one issue he doesn't take lightly: Alzheimer's disease.

Is electroconvulsive therapy safe?updated Tue Apr 26 2011 11:56:18

Is electroconvulsive therapy safe to use on children?

Is my antidepressant use risky to my future kids?updated Tue Apr 19 2011 12:48:08

I am a 21-year-old female set to graduate from college in May. I have been taking antidepressants since roughly my senior year of high school, so approximately four or five years. I have been on Xanax, Cymbalta, Effexor, Paxil and Wellbutrin. I am currently taking only the Paxil and Wellbutrin together (in conjunction with birth control pills, which I have been on since my freshman year of college). I just read your answer about the effectiveness and safety of taking antidepressants long term, and my question is this: Since I am fairly young, and may be taking antidepressants for several years, how do I transition when I marry and decide to have children? I know that Paxil can result in serious birth defects, but it is working very well for me. What would I do instead?

Study: Popular Alzheimer's drug ineffective for mild casesupdated Mon Apr 11 2011 16:02:48

A drug widely used to treat mild Alzheimer's disease appears to provide no benefit to this group of early stage patients, according to a new analysis of previously conducted research.

How can I reveal painful things in therapy?updated Tue Apr 05 2011 11:48:38

I have been seeing a therapist for several weeks, and I am having trouble disclosing several issues. These issues are extremely personal and embarrassing. Do you have any suggestions to help me talk about these extremely personal, painful things?

Could my memory loss really be depression?updated Tue Mar 29 2011 18:27:28

I am having significant memory problems that my M.D. thinks are due to depression, but I wonder if such severe problems can be accounted for by depression. I have had dysthymia my whole life. I admit I have a lot of stress in my life and may even be more depressed than I have been in the past, but I have never had these problems before. Here are some examples of things I forget on a daily basis (multiple times a day, actually) : not knowing why I'm in the car driving, not able to remember longtime friends' names, my dog's name, can't remember the names of common objects, putting keys, laundry, etc. in the refrigerator. This is affecting my professional and personal life. Could this really be just depression?

What meds work for depression caused by physical pain?updated Tue Mar 22 2011 13:01:16

I have a stainless steel shoulder joint that causes me constant chronic pain. I've also had a small stroke, prostate and skin cancer that required three surgeries and I have two stents in my heart. All of this caused me to have depression and anxiety attacks. One doctor had me on Cymbalta and Xanax, but they didn't help. A different doctor put me on Wellbutrin 150 mg. and Zoloft a month later. For the next six months I felt better than I had for about eight years, but now the depression and anxiety issues are coming back. I most likely need a change in my medication or an adjustment in dosage. What is your advice? I am a 65-year-old retired man who rarely leaves my house and has trouble sleeping.

Are psychiatric advance directives worthwhile?updated Tue Mar 15 2011 11:19:36

Do you think it is worthwhile to have a psychiatric advance directive?

Women feel more guilt when BlackBerry buzzesupdated Tue Mar 08 2011 17:33:43

Thanks to our BlackBerries, iPhones, and iPads, the line between work and family time is getting blurrier. But a new study suggests that women feel 40% more distress than men when family life is frequently interrupted by these electronic devices or other types of contact, despite being under the same amount of work pressure.

Could first-grade traumas cause PTSD?updated Tue Mar 08 2011 11:12:29

I was bullied when I was in the first grade really badly, and on the last day that year (the end of the year was when it was at the worst), my sisters and I were taken from school and put into foster care for over a year because our parents had been neglecting us. I've been researching it, and I think I'm exhibiting symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Would what happened to me be traumatic enough to cause PTSD?

Is it OK to stay on antidepressants long term?updated Tue Mar 01 2011 10:17:25

I have a family history of mental illness. Three of my siblings have schizoaffective disorder (one recently told by a doctor that it may be bipolar with hallucinatory symptoms). I have dealt with mild to moderate depression for over 10 years with a few episodes of major depression in that time. About three months ago, I began taking Lexapro even though I have always wondered whether doing so might aggravate an underlying genetic illness. I feel much better on this medication, and do not have a history of mania or hallucinations. (I am a 31-year-old female, and take 10mg of Lexapro a day).

Can antidepressants jump-start bipolar disorder?updated Tue Feb 22 2011 09:00:22

I had an untreated health issue for a couple of years that threw me into a mild depression. I have a mother and brother who are bipolar and one of the things my therapist told me is that studies show that if you go on an antidepressant and there is a history of bipolar in your family that this can sometimes "kick in" the bipolar. I am lucky and was able to get past my depression with therapy, exercise, etc. I was just wondering what your thoughts were.

What is the antidepressant called Emsam?updated Tue Feb 15 2011 09:52:01

I am a 26-year-old female. I have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, PTSD, and anxiety. The doctor gave me samples of a transdermal patch called Emsam. What can you tell me about the medicine and possible side effects?

Should I force my teen to get help after trauma?updated Tue Feb 08 2011 09:02:59

My 17-year-old son, Will, lost his best friend two weeks ago; his friend killed himself in a very, very unexpected suicide. His friend was on the phone with my son, and evidently the friend told my son that he was going to kill myself. My son tried to stop him, but the kid shot himself. My son heard it all. My son is showing signs of PTSD along with depression -- nightmares, anger and irritability -- and he's had at least two panic attacks. I know he needs help that I can't provide, but he adamantly refuses. What can I do? Should I force him to see a psychologist?

Psychologist or psychiatrist -- which should I see?updated Tue Feb 01 2011 10:17:16

How do you know if you need a psychologist vs. a psychiatrist? When people say they have had a nervous breakdown, what is that? It isn't a specific diagnosis -- so how do they know what a nervous breakdown really is?

Where can I get help for depression relapse?updated Tue Jan 25 2011 08:16:52

Hi. I am 18 years old. In the past, I have been treated for depression, among many other things. My problem now is I am feeling the same way I used to before. I am feeling very depressed. I want to go to counseling because it could help, but I don't have insurance and I do not know any low-priced place. No one knows what's going on, and I am not telling my parents. What can I do? I want counseling. I want help, but there is nowhere to go at the moment.

Does depression mean I'll be on meds for life?updated Tue Jan 18 2011 12:10:04

I was recently scared by someone who told me that they have a depression that has "no cure," meaning they have to be on medication for life. This scared me because I am currently going through a depression and I DO NOT wish to take any medication.

Can you control your dreams?updated Wed Jan 12 2011 17:43:22

Life doesn't always go the way you want, but sometimes dreams do.

Do I have major depression?updated Tue Jan 11 2011 14:01:51

Hi, I am a teen in high school and I was wondering whether or not I should talk to my doctor, again, about taking medicine for depression. I have been so depressed for roughly two years, however it has progressively gotten worse. I have done some research and I have almost all the symptoms of depression.

Winning the lottery: Does it guarantee happiness?updated Fri Jan 07 2011 12:04:53

She was a mother of three living in a small apartment and working four jobs. And then, as if in a fairy tale, she won her state's lottery last year. But the story doesn't have the happy ending you might expect.

How can I get mental health services?updated Tue Jan 04 2011 09:24:56

How can I get acceptable mental health services? I am 31, living off of Supplemental Security Income and have Medicaid. I cannot get assistance to have all basic essentials met. I am limited to what can be done alone without money or being able to walk or go too many places at once. I just need to know what to do.

SAD: When seasons change how you feelupdated Mon Jan 03 2011 08:09:05

By 10 a.m. every day during the winters, Rachelle Strauss felt like she could go back to bed. She used to be a morning person, but that all changed about 10 years ago when she started to feel exhausted as the darkest days dragged on.

On antidepressants, why the jaw pain?updated Tue Dec 28 2010 09:45:37

I have been on antidepressants for many years and have taken almost every kind of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. One side effect I developed is temporomandibular joint disease symptoms and tinnitus. I also recently have been diagnosed with attention-deficit (hyperactivity) disorder. All of these medications aggravate my TMJ. The only medication that has helped me in the past is Valium. I am now taking clonazepam with less effectiveness. How common are TMJ symptoms and tinnitus with both of these medications? Any suggestions on how can I get relief for my jaw pain and ringing in my ears?

The secrets to a super-happy winterupdated Fri Dec 24 2010 08:48:10

Freezing temps? Check. Gray skies? Check. Crabby mood? Check again. But not for long!

Do homeopathic treatments for ADHD work?updated Tue Dec 21 2010 08:40:29

Our 8-year-old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at age 6. We have tried several medications, stimulants and nonstimulants, and have not gotten good results. We are now looking at homeopathic treatment for our daughter, but the question is: Does it really work?

Do I really have ADHD?updated Tue Dec 14 2010 08:13:49

I have just been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, but I am questioning the diagnosis since I feel that I don't exhibit most of the symptoms. I mean, I do get distracted while I am working on my research or studying, but I feel everyone gets distracted just as I do. How is normal distraction different from ADHD?

Are mood swings, extreme sleeping signs of depression?updated Tue Dec 07 2010 08:39:08

I would like to know what you recommend for a person that believes he or she is suffering from depression. There are mood swings, and extreme sleeping, and just thoughts of being lonely, and that no one cares. Is this depression?

Is my 10-year-old hearing voices serious?updated Tue Nov 30 2010 14:32:07

My son is 10 and while he was home sick with a sinus/cold, he came out of the bathroom and looked very scared and sad. Later he told me he feels like a voice is telling him to take a knife and stab himself. He told me he would never do it because he is strong enough to overcome it. The only medication I gave him today was Sudafed PE and Advil -- two each. He is a sweet, intelligent, funny child. Can this be serious?

How acne and depression feed each otherupdated Mon Nov 29 2010 08:10:49

Kelly, 22, has suffered from depression since age 8. But it's only recently that she realized how much worse she feels when her acne flares up. During the two years in college when her depression waned, so did her skin problems.

Could emotional withdrawal be side effect of new med?updated Tue Nov 23 2010 09:00:58

My daughter started taking Zoloft for anxiety two weeks ago and since then, she has gone from talking to me every day to not speaking to me for days. We were very close, and now she gives me the cold shoulder. Her response is she doesn't want to talk and she is depressed. She has more or less cut herself off from her family. Is this a side effect?

Can mindfulness help manage pain and mental illness?updated Tue Nov 16 2010 12:18:45

In the German night sky, there were hundreds of parachutes falling in a routine army training exercise.

Will my ADHD medication make me lose weight?updated Tue Nov 09 2010 15:54:51

I'm 40 and diagnosed with ADHD. I was given amphetamine 30 mg once in the morning. My concern is that I'm about 120 pounds and I have nothing wrong with the way I eat. This medication is known to cause weight loss. I'm also told it raises your heart rate, and I'm currently taking atenolol for my high heart rate. I'm feeling great mentally -- I'm able to pay attention and feeling like my old self, except I'm not sleeping very well with this medication. Your input would be very encouraging.

How do I tell my parents I'm depressed?updated Tue Nov 02 2010 08:26:03

I am 12 years old, and I think I'm depressed. How am I supposed to tell my mother and stepfather?

Is it normal to have anger issues after going on and off pain meds?updated Tue Oct 26 2010 09:13:08

My husband had major surgery and while on pain meds in the hospital he started developing anger issues. They lowered his pain meds saying this was a side effect for some people. He is out of the hospital and no longer on any meds but he still seems to be unreasonable and angry much more than is typical for him. Is this normal? Is it due to the drugs? I feel like he has become someone other than the man I married.

When should ECT be used on a bipolar patient?updated Tue Oct 12 2010 11:33:17

At what point in a bipolar patient should ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) be tried?

Can antidepressants raise liver enzymes?updated Tue Oct 05 2010 08:21:12

How do I help my daughter who has a diagnosis of bipolar and each time the doctors put her on an antidepressant, her liver counts go up and she goes into mania? This happens when the liver levels rise. It takes at least two weeks to cycle through.

How can I stop using Paxil without the side effects?updated Tue Sep 21 2010 08:42:19

I have been taking 10 mg of Paxil for nine years. I would like to get off of it but have heard of the many side effects associated with stopping it. Brain "buzzes" and various other frightening possibilities.

My son hears suicidal voices. What can I do?updated Tue Sep 14 2010 08:37:53

My 7-year-old son has lost touch with reality, I think. He says he feels like he's in a dream and nothing is real.

Can memory lapses be a sign of identity disorder?updated Tue Sep 07 2010 17:54:00

If a person has had a traumatizing year and is finding himself having lapsing memories, is this a sign that he or she has developed dissociative identity disorder?

Are mood swings a sign of depression?updated Tue Aug 31 2010 08:35:27

Is it possible to have mood swings where one moment you are happy, then the next you can be sad? Is this a sign of depression? I do also have ADD as well but currently am not on medicine.

Growing up bipolar: 'Nobody was on my side'updated Mon Aug 30 2010 08:25:21

Jennifer Konjoian was 10 years old when she put a plastic bag over her head. She remembers doing it impulsively, for no other reason than to get attention.

How can I get clean from heroin?updated Tue Aug 24 2010 08:22:29

I don't understand how to get clean off heroin. I want to so bad but why do they make it cost so much? For Suboxone, you pay close to $350 for the visit plus $720 for a monthly prescription. Methadone is cheap, but my treatment center doesn't believe in methadone. Do you think methadone is that bad? I feel so lost.

What drives a mom to kill?updated Wed Aug 18 2010 13:01:03

Unemployment. Single parenthood. Taking care of multiple young children. Millions of people deal with these challenges every day, but in some cases, they add up to something unthinkable: turning against one's own child.

Why is panic disorder a psychiatric condition?updated Tue Aug 17 2010 10:17:11

Why is panic disorder classified as just a psychiatric condition when there are so many physical symptoms (some painful) that arise during the attack? They would occur whether in good/bad mood, or even asleep.

Homesickness isn't really about 'home'updated Mon Aug 16 2010 08:06:49

There was nothing but excitement for Keila Pena-Hernandez when she first stepped onto the grounds of the University of Missouri.

When adult children fail, parents suffer tooupdated Thu Aug 12 2010 18:19:24

Some kids continue to be their parents' pride and joy for years after they've flown the nest. But the pleasure parents can experience from a grown child's success cuts both ways, new research suggests.

ADHD: Who makes the diagnosis?updated Wed Aug 11 2010 08:10:39

As a toddler, Ian Barrier got expelled from day care.

Help: 'I have a fear of snakes'updated Tue Aug 10 2010 14:49:15

I have a fear of snakes that is making my life miserable. I saw two in my yard and ever since cannot focus. I am afraid to go out. I look under my covers before I go to sleep at night. I run to my car to go to work and I don't want to come home knowing a snake might be outside. This is really interfering with my daily life. It is ruining me.

Why weight gain can happen with antidepressantsupdated Tue Aug 03 2010 08:33:11

Why do antidepressants cause weight gain?

Can a mother's affection prevent anxiety in adulthood?updated Mon Jul 26 2010 19:07:49

Babies whose mothers are attentive and caring tend to grow into happy, well-adjusted children. But the psychological benefits of having a doting mother may extend well beyond childhood, a new study suggests.

Back pain? Alternative therapies may helpupdated Sat Jul 24 2010 08:18:02

Trent Northcutt, 42, a corporate executive in New York City, had been suffering from lower back pain and leg pain for about three years, to the point that he was "cautious about picking up the simplest thing," he remembers.

More Americans drinking (alcohol)updated Wed Jul 21 2010 08:12:12

More adults in the U.S. appear to be drinking alcohol, according to a new study of the nation's drinking habits.

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