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There may be sweet news for saccharin -- July 18, 1997

    The National Toxicology Program announced plans Friday to review data that could lead to the removal of saccharin from the federal government's official report of potential cancer-causing substances.

Boston trolley tour tempts chocolate lovers

    The average American consumes 12 pounds of chocolate a year. In Boston, some tourists may be tilting the scales, as they set out to savor some of the city's sinfully sweet creations.

Inside a jelly bean factory

    Tasty, colorful and fat free. What's not to like about jelly beans?

Crazy cakes: designer desserts

    Before you say no to chicken or sushi for dessert -- make sure you're not missing a dish that takes the cake.

Chocolate may help reduce heart disease

    Chocolate contains high levels of phenol, a chemical that helps reduce the risk of heart disease, according to a researcher at the University of California-Davis.

Cashing in on the fortune cookie -- March 12, 1996

    Nested in rural Georgia, the Big Fortune Cookie Co. bakes more than 115,000 cookies a day that are produced by three production lines running 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Chocolate triggers feel-good chemicals

    Researchers have found that eating chocolate, the number one food craved by American women, causes the brain to release endorphins, chemicals that make us feel good.

Argentenian town takes chocolate seriously

    Mention the Southern Argentinean town of Bariloche to anyone in South America, and the first thing that comes to mind is chocolate.

Dose of sugar may make you smarter

    Dr. Paul Gold, a psychologist at the University of Virginia, found that in his studies on rats and humans, subjects that were given a dose of glucose sugar could think better.

Ghana cocoa industry at crossroads

    At the urging of the World Bank and other aid donors, Ghana's government has carried out major reforms in the cocoa sector, improving efficiency and channeling more money to farmers. At the same time, world market prices have recovered from historic lows.

Hawaii makes waves with chocolate

    Hawaii, famous for its scenic beauty and deep blue surf, is making waves with the U.S.'s first home-grown chocolate.

Sweet Links

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Sugar | Chocolate | Cakes/Cookies/Desserts in general | Misc.


Sugar Information Service
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    Clearinghouse of sugar information. Requires subscriber information, but is free to those who subscribe. Offers monthly market reports, freight rates, links to other sugar associations and a quarterly market review.

Sugar and Sweetener Yearbook

    U.S. and world data on acreage, yield, and production of sugar crops; production, trade, supply and use, and prices for sugar; and supply and use data for caloric and non-caloric sweeteners.

The Monitor Sugar Company site

    A corporate site includes all sorts of sugar information, for example non-food uses for sugar, healthy facts and recipes.

Weight Watcher's facts about sugar.


Chocolate Trivia

    From the Sweetfudge company, this page includes such fun facts as how to make chocolate leaves and how long chocolate can stay fresh. Site also includes chocolate recipes and a chocolate fan club!

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Candy USA: Types of Chocolate

    This fact sheet is part of the Confectioner's Association site. The site features lots of information, including trivia, news and links to other sweet sites!

A world of chocolate - a luscious global update

    Some interesting articles on the world of chocolate. Part of a site from Lifetime cable.

Chocolate, Candy and Fudge at The Shopping Place

    This commercial site is a chocolate-lover's information clearinghouse. Includes a Chocolatopedia with facts about the cocoa bean, chocolate's history and the various kinds of chocolates in the world.

I Need My Chocolate!

    Another great site: chocolate on the Web, a column on the all-new One Passion Web site, chocolate in DC, recipes and a Chocolate Haiku poem.

The Chocolate Lover's Page

    Founded in 1994 as a simple list of twenty chocolate shops and other chocolate-related resources on the Web, this resource has grown to become the most comprehensive list of chocolate web sites in the world.

Cakes/Cookies/Desserts in general

Pillsbury Bake-off Desserts Index

Take a look at the recipes of cakes that have made the Pillsbury Bake-off legendary.

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Rice Krispies Recipes Galore

    The title says it all.

Mimi's Cyber-kitchen desserts and other sweets

    Lots of baking and food links, including pastry chef favorites and a recipe for making rock candy.

Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder

    Learn the difference between the two! Especially helpful when baking.

Dolores' Web page for cake decorators

    Includes decorating tips and a link to Dolores' monthly decorating newsletter.

Sweet Technology Home Page

    Clearinghouse of sweets information, includes a service page to find food related information, a cake and recipe archive and discussion groups.

Zia's Dessert Resources

    Lots of links to recipes, baking tips and general baking information.


The Village Bakery: The best resource on the net for bread baking

    Check out the recipe bin, and ask a question in the bread question center.

The Cooking Dictionary

    Includes a dictionary of cooking terms and foods.

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