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The versatile scallop

March 27, 1997

From Correspondent Liz Weiss

Sea Scallops

FAIRHAVEN, Massachusetts (CNN) -- While Massachusetts is known largely for it's lobster, cod and clams, the state's supply of seafood is far more extensive, producing some of the world's finest scallops.

In the United States, the two so-called wild varieties of scallops most often sold include the large, plump Sea Scallop from deep waters in the north Atlantic and the smaller, sweet Bay Scallop caught in shallow bays from New England to the Gulf of Mexico.

Fisherman Rod Taylor grows and harvests Bay Scallops on his sea farm in the icy waters of Cape Cod Bay. His company is the only one in the United States that farm-raises bay scallops.

Taylor Bay Scallops, as they're known, grow five hundred to a net, suspended from a network of ropes and buoys.

Scallop Nets

They live in the nets for about one year before they're harvested and sold live in the shell.

Other farm-raised scallops are mostly imported from Asia.

Chef Corrina Mozo likes the versatility of scallops and includes them on her menu at Chez Henri restaurant in Cambridge.

"I like to sear the sea scallops on one side, get them nice and crusty and brown," she says.

After the sea scallops are sauteed, she steams a few Taylor Bays. They're unusual because the meat is left in the shell, as in a clam or mussel.

"I just love the way they look. The colors are beautiful, and they're not hard to take out," said Mozo.

Scallop Dish

The scallops are served with pureed potato and a blood orange sauce.

Scallops are one of the healthiest types of shellfish, virtually fat- and cholesterol-free.

"A three-ounce serving, whether it's Bay or Sea Scallops, is about 90 calories, seven of those from fat. And very low in saturated fat -- 17 grams of protein, and about a half-gram of omega-three fatty acids," says Registered Dietitian Bonita Oehlke.

Meanwhile, back on the boat, Taylor hauls in his morning's catch of 20,000 scallops. And since his seafood is farm-raised, his product is available year round.

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