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Ladies: I know you've heard the news that some doctors think you should just say no to your annual pelvic exam. "Doctors are examining your genitals for no reason" and "Skip the stirrups" were just a few of the headlines that followed last week's report from the American College of Physicians.

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Food allergy treatment shows promiseupdated Fri Feb 28 2014 16:35:32

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses immunotherapy as a treatment for food allergies.

Halted after deaths, kids' heart surgeries resuming updated Fri Jan 17 2014 21:59:56

Joequetta Lewis got to hold her newborn son for 53 days.

When routine surgeries go wrongupdated Thu Dec 19 2013 07:14:51

When Nailah Winkfield took her daughter to Children's Hospital & Research Center in Oakland, California, for a tonsillectomy, she thought it would be a short stay.

Trusting her intuition led to two cancer diagnosesupdated Tue Dec 03 2013 07:10:52

Three months after a thyroidectomy to remove cancer and one month after radioactive iodine to treat it, Julie Seitz found herself in an operating room again, this time for a lumpectomy to remove breast cancer.

Disabled baby denied heart transplantupdated Sat Nov 30 2013 07:09:49

The mood in the room was somber as five doctors, a nurse, and a social worker pulled their chairs around the table and turned to address Autumn Chenkus and Charlie Higgs.

Learn how to fight off cancerupdated Fri Nov 22 2013 07:03:32

No one wants to get cancer. Turns out, you have considerable power over that scary fate. True, it's possible to do everything "right" and still end up developing the disease.

This video is no longer availableupdated Mon Nov 18 2013 13:06:11

This video is no longer available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

FDA takes on trans fatsupdated Thu Nov 07 2013 17:48:55

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on the FDA's new rule that would ban trans fat from the U.S. food supply.

Reality Check: The $50/month policyupdated Tue Nov 05 2013 11:33:43

Will young people choose to buy health insurance for $50 a month, but with high deductibles? Elizabeth Cohen reports.

Are you sleeping too much?updated Tue Nov 05 2013 06:56:07

You're groggy, dizzy even. You can't see straight and you sure as hell can't keep your eyes (or your mind) focused on the screen in front of you. And you're pretty sure your boss has noticed.

Obamacare: Some pay more, but get moreupdated Tue Oct 29 2013 18:51:15

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on some rising costs and coverage under Obamacare.

Obamacare needs young, healthy signupsupdated Tue Oct 29 2013 10:40:15

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on the the White House effort to sign up 2.7 million young, healthy people for Obamacare.

Get dangerous germs out of your home updated Tue Oct 29 2013 07:07:20

Even if you're one of the many people who believe that exposing yourself to day-to-day germs is healthy for your immune system, it's still wise to take steps to protect yourself from the most infectious germs in your home.

Could you be almost depressed?updated Fri Oct 25 2013 07:02:20

Consider whether the following questions describe you or someone you love:

Understanding Obamacare site woesupdated Fri Oct 25 2013 06:45:20

In a report on CNN Monday, Elizabeth Cohen looked at problems plaguing the health site.

State success in Obamacare programupdated Wed Oct 23 2013 11:27:26

In a report on CNN Tuesday, Elizabeth Cohen explained the state exchanges running more smoothly than the federal program.

5 foods you should eat this fallupdated Wed Oct 23 2013 08:47:53

Your mom probably never gave you better advice than when she said, "Eat your fruits and veggies."

Foods every breast cancer survivor should know aboutupdated Fri Oct 18 2013 07:54:40

Women checking in for appointments at the Comprehensive Breast Center at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York this month are being offered more than a pre-op or post-op surgical visit.

Hope for a smoother ride on Healthcare.govupdated Tue Oct 15 2013 15:21:38

For nearly two weeks, I was a failure -- a complete and utter failure.

Gay community 'Coming Out' to enroll in Obamacareupdated Fri Oct 11 2013 11:17:27

Jeff Jones started shopping for health insurance as soon as the Obamacare insurance marketplaces opened on October 1.

'Sister survivors': Latinas band together in breast cancer battleupdated Thu Oct 10 2013 10:41:18

Last summer, Jessica Rodriguez didn't want to go outside, or even open the door. She didn't want anyone to see she had lost her hair during breast cancer treatment.

Food poisoning: What you need to knowupdated Tue Oct 08 2013 07:44:21

Despite food safety measures, the threat of foodborne illness remains in meat and produce -- and some types of illness are on the rise.

In pain, girl waits for government to openupdated Fri Oct 04 2013 07:15:40

The happiest day in Justin Smith's life -- next to the day his daughter was born -- was March 5, 2013.

5 things to think about when picking your health insurance planupdated Thu Oct 03 2013 10:58:46

Frankie Huff is working on her doctoral degree in Florida and can tackle most complicated education theories with ease. That's not the case when it comes to picking a health insurance plan through her school.

Gov. shutdown forces patients to waitupdated Wed Oct 02 2013 14:46:24

The shutdown means some patients at the NIH's Clinical Research Center in Bethesda, Maryland can't begin new drug trials.

Signing up for Obamacareupdated Tue Oct 01 2013 16:46:27

Enrollment in the Obamacare exchanges has begun. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on trying to sign up.

5 questions to ask before surgeryupdated Wed Sep 25 2013 07:42:46

The prospect of undergoing surgery can be unnerving, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable.

Parents push for standardized screening of Jewish genetic diseasesupdated Tue Sep 10 2013 07:19:32

Caroline Gold calls out to her three children as she takes pizza bagels out of the oven. Shai, 18 months old, runs to her high chair chanting, "Pizza, pizza!" Natanel, 7, comes in from another room in their Atlanta home.

Kentucky hospital settles lawsuit over pediatric programupdated Tue Aug 20 2013 10:20:07

The University of Kentucky has settled its case with the state over the release of safety data for its embattled pediatric heart surgery program, which was closed last year following patient deaths.

After CNN investigates babies' deaths, hospital releases mortality dataupdated Mon Aug 12 2013 18:38:31

Following a CNN investigation, The University of Kentucky released some data on its pediatric heart surgery program, showing a 5.8% overall mortality rate from 2008 to 2012, slightly higher than the national average of less than 4% mortality.

After babies' deaths, more scrutiny for Kentucky surgeonupdated Fri Aug 09 2013 08:35:27

The University of Florida's health system is reviewing the application of a heart surgeon from Kentucky who came under scrutiny after a CNN investigation into the deaths of babies in his care.

Babies die; hospital halts heart surgeries updated Sat Aug 03 2013 09:58:01

Tabitha and Lucas Rainey were beginning to get suspicious.

10 ways to get your child the best heart surgeonupdated Sat Aug 03 2013 09:04:54

Every year, thousands of parents get a shock when they go in for a routine ultrasound during pregnancy: Their child has a severe congenital heart defect.

Overtested Americans: When cancer isn't cancer at all updated Tue Jul 30 2013 15:27:37

The patient slammed his fist on the table in Dr. Otis Brawley's office.

Medical aspects of Jolie's recoveryupdated Mon Jun 03 2013 11:50:24

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses the recovery of actress Angelina Jolie, who returned to the red carpet.

Consumer Reports on sunscreensupdated Wed May 29 2013 16:13:04

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on the sunscreen rankings by Consumer Reports.

Answers to your breast cancer questionsupdated Thu May 16 2013 16:32:09

When Angelina Jolie revealed she'd had a double mastectomy, she probably had a pretty good idea that her bravery would empower other women to tell their breast cancer stories.

Woman reveals face transplantupdated Wed May 01 2013 11:24:23

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen has the remarkable story of a woman, once badly burned, who received a new face.

Face transplant recipient's goal: A kissupdated Wed May 01 2013 10:30:07

After Carmen Tarleton's estranged husband doused her with industrial-strength lye, doctors saved her life with a medically induced coma and more than 50 surgeries.

Who owns your DNA?updated Mon Apr 15 2013 14:07:05

The Supreme Court is deciding who owns your DNA. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen explains.

Group: Study on babies 'shocking'updated Fri Apr 12 2013 08:18:54

A consumer advocacy group calls federally-funded research on babies "shocking." CNN's Elizabeth Cohen has more.

Helping patients navigate the health care systemupdated Sat Apr 06 2013 08:47:00

Karry Trout's first patient was a 38-year-old woman who had been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.

Morning-after pill made available to allupdated Fri Apr 05 2013 16:16:46

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on a ruling ordering the morning-after pill to be available to all, without a prescription.

Preventing sports injuries, in the labupdated Fri Apr 05 2013 15:15:31

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on research teaching athletes how to avoid injury.

Doctors warn of overuse of ADHD drugsupdated Wed Apr 03 2013 07:10:18

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on the use of ADHD medications among children without the condition.

2012: Bird flu research publishedupdated Mon Apr 01 2013 06:31:33

Research about the deadly bird flu virus was published in a scientific journal. Elizabeth Cohen explains.

Report: Calorie bombs on kid's menuupdated Thu Mar 28 2013 11:24:03

A group says 91% of kids' meals at chain restaurants exceed the industry's 600 calorie "Kids Live Well" requirement.

Nation's toughest abortion lawupdated Thu Mar 07 2013 16:54:08

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses a new tough abortion law in Arkansas.

How to keep your surrogacy conflict-freeupdated Wed Mar 06 2013 12:49:11

When Crystal Kelley agreed to carry someone else's baby, she didn't, in her words, "dot every 'i' and cross every 't.'"

When it comes to sitting, take a breakupdated Thu Feb 28 2013 14:29:25

A new study finds that less sitting, and more breaks between sitting, reduces risk factors for diabetes.

FDA approves breast cancer drugupdated Fri Feb 22 2013 15:55:09

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on the approval of a drug for breast cancer and explains what type of cancer it treats.

Couple shares embryo donation storyupdated Wed Feb 20 2013 16:08:29

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on embryo donation and one little girl's story.

Diet drinks=drunker fasterupdated Wed Feb 06 2013 10:34:35

A study shows mixing diet instead of regular soda with alcohol makes people more intoxicated. Elizabeth Cohen reports.

Doc: Christie's health is "a time bomb"updated Wed Feb 06 2013 08:44:13

Former White House physician Dr. Connie Mariano says NJ Gov. Chris Christie's health is "like a time bomb."

Racial gap closing for cancer deathsupdated Tue Feb 05 2013 11:55:31

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on some cancer death rates declining in African-Americans.

Compromise for contraception coverageupdated Fri Feb 01 2013 16:28:58

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses new proposals by the Obama administration regarding contraception coverage.

Is less more in breast cancer treatment?updated Mon Jan 28 2013 12:25:20

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on new research looking at treatment options for breast cancer patients.

Food fraud on the riseupdated Thu Jan 24 2013 09:13:45

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses a new study, which finds foods are not always what they seem.

Study: Some Facebook users enviousupdated Thu Jan 24 2013 06:18:45

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses a study of Facebook users, which finds some are envious of their friends.

Saving your child's life from the fluupdated Fri Jan 11 2013 19:38:08

How will you know if the flu has crossed the line to become deadly? Elizabeth Cohen has the story of a boy's close call.

CDC to release new flu numbersupdated Fri Jan 11 2013 11:04:52

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen previews new numbers of flu cases from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Doctor: Flu shot not perfect, but helpfulupdated Thu Jan 10 2013 20:21:01

The flu outbreak spreads, straining emergency rooms in some parts of the country. CNN's Mary Snow reports.

NIH: Seau had debilitating brain diseaseupdated Thu Jan 10 2013 17:58:45

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta takes a look at the neurodegenerative brain disease NFL player Junior Seau had before his death.

Texas teen dies from fluupdated Thu Jan 10 2013 07:20:02

Max Schwolert was a healthy 17-year old athlete who simply caught the flu while on vacation. Elizabeth Cohen reports.

Family grieves for teen killed by fluupdated Wed Jan 09 2013 19:52:31

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on the unusual death of a Texas teen after he came down with the flu.

Sperm donor liable for child supportupdated Fri Jan 04 2013 18:30:02

A sperm donor in Kansas is being told he must pay child support. Hear from him, his attorney and CNN's Elizabeth Cohen.

CDC: Flu hitting hard, earlyupdated Fri Jan 04 2013 12:50:06

It is not too late to get a flu shot. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports.

Flu season hits hard, earlyupdated Fri Jan 04 2013 11:11:45

It is not too late to get a flu shot, reports CNN's Elizabeth Cohen.

Sen. Kirk's comeback after strokeupdated Fri Jan 04 2013 09:52:25

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses Sen. Mark Kirk's comeback after a stroke, along with doctors' role in gun control.

Fired over flu shotupdated Wed Jan 02 2013 16:51:45

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on mandatory flu vaccines for hospital employees.

Child shooting victims: What we've learned from the pastupdated Thu Dec 20 2012 07:09:41

In many ways, Josh Stepakoff's childhood came to an abrupt halt at 10:49 a.m. on August 10, 1999.

Survivor: I didn't live normal childhoodupdated Wed Dec 19 2012 19:54:40

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen speaks to two teens who survived a mass shooting in 1999. They offer advice for Newtown parents.

Peanut butter, garlic bread back on school platesupdated Wed Dec 12 2012 13:51:46

In a battle over healthier school lunches that pitted the Obama administration against school children, chalk up a point for the kids.

Harsh cancer treatment successfulupdated Mon Dec 10 2012 16:38:05

A form of the virus that causes AIDS was used in the therapy. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen has more.

Study shows stages of brain damage, CTEupdated Tue Dec 04 2012 09:43:48

Elizabeth Cohen reports on a new study showing how CTE progresses in those with a history of repeated blows to the head.

Kate Middleton pregnant, in hospitalupdated Mon Dec 03 2012 16:59:57

What is acute morning sickness? CNN's Elizabeth Cohen explains.

FDA reversal: Keep taking recalled cholesterol drugupdated Fri Nov 30 2012 17:26:34

The Food and Drug Administration advised patients Friday to keep taking a popular cholesterol drug even though it might contain specks of glass, reversing advice it gave just a day ago.

Stop taking recalled cholesterol drug, FDA advisesupdated Thu Nov 29 2012 17:24:32

The Food and Drug Administration advised concerned consumers Thursday to stop taking a popular cholesterol drug that may be contaminated with specks of glass if the pills came from one of 41 recalled lots.

Job loss and heart attacksupdated Tue Nov 27 2012 13:29:59

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on the connection between repeat job loss and heart health.

Company recalls generic Lipitorupdated Mon Nov 26 2012 16:06:15

Generic Lipitor was recalled by Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals, but it's still not clear what patients should do.

Top five health trends for baby boomersupdated Thu Nov 22 2012 09:09:21

Elizabeth Cohen brings you the top five trends in baby boomer health for CNN's "Age Against the Machine" series.

Marijuana's highs and lowsupdated Mon Nov 12 2012 14:40:33

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on the health-related ups and downs of marijuana use.

Voting on pre-existing conditionsupdated Mon Nov 05 2012 18:04:47

An HLN viewer asks how Gov. Romney would help those with pre-existing conditions get health insurance.

10 shocking medical mistakesupdated Mon Nov 05 2012 17:25:45

When you're a patient, you trust you're in good hands, but even the best doctor or nurse can make a mistake on you or someone you love.

Meet NYU's heroic nursesupdated Fri Nov 02 2012 16:22:00

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen speaks with nurses who evacuated patients, including babies, during Sandy.

Sandy leaves behind dirty waterupdated Thu Nov 01 2012 15:30:26

Sewage, chemicals and debris contaminate the water following Hurricane Sandy. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports.

N.Y. hospital evacuates during stormupdated Tue Oct 30 2012 16:00:06

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses the evacuation of 300 patients, including babies, from a N.Y. hospital during the storm.

Preparedness in storm's pathupdated Mon Oct 29 2012 12:58:28

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses what people need to have to be prepared for the monster storm.

Death toll from meningitis outbreak upupdated Wed Oct 24 2012 15:12:40

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on the pharmacy at the center of the meningitis outbreak.

Egg freezing changing fertility treatmentsupdated Mon Oct 22 2012 08:32:24

Other women's eggs have not been kind to Debbie Vernon.

Can multivitamins help prevent cancer?updated Thu Oct 18 2012 11:56:07

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on a study looking at healthy middle-aged men, multivitamins and risk of cancer.

Health care debate, what to expectupdated Wed Oct 03 2012 12:25:21

The first presidential debate of the 2012 election will included 15 minutes dedicated solely to health care.

Little-known fecal transplant cures woman's bacterial infectionupdated Wed Sep 26 2012 04:42:34

After surviving a near-fatal car accident, Kaitlin Hunter found herself battling a devastating bacterial infection in her colon that also threatened her life.

Using gadgets for your healthupdated Tue Sep 25 2012 14:47:40

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses the pros and cons to using gadgets to monitor one's own health.

Mapping genes of breast cancerupdated Mon Sep 24 2012 15:59:35

A study shows grouping breast cancers by genes could lead to new treatments. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports.

Are you missing your child's pain? updated Fri Sep 21 2012 14:26:47

It's happened so many times that Dr. Raymond Pitetti has lost count: A child comes into the emergency room with, say, a broken leg, and doctors give him strong narcotic painkillers in the ER, but then send the child home with no pain medication at all.

"Popcorn lung" patient wins $7.2 millionupdated Thu Sep 20 2012 15:19:40

A federal jury awards a Colorado man with "popcorn lung" $7.2 million. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen has details.

Toxic tuna?updated Thu Sep 20 2012 11:49:21

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on recommendations for tuna consumption by children.

Uterus transplants successfulupdated Wed Sep 19 2012 15:14:40

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on two women receiving a uterus from their own mothers.

U.S. obesity predicted to worsenupdated Tue Sep 18 2012 15:15:15

A new report predicts extremely high rates of obesity in the U.S. in the future. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen breaks it down.

Substance abuse in military risesupdated Tue Sep 18 2012 12:24:20

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen has a closer look at the report from the Institute of Medicine.

Fewer Americans uninsuredupdated Wed Sep 12 2012 14:22:02

The U.S. Census Bureau reported a drop in the number of people without health insurance. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports.

58 cancers receive 9/11 fund coverageupdated Tue Sep 11 2012 14:46:40

Authorities added 58 types of cancer to covered illnesses for people who were at Ground Zero in the aftermath of 9/11.

What is Romney's health care plan?updated Mon Sep 10 2012 16:02:13

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses specifics of how Mitt Romney would replace Obamacare.

Judy Blume's breast cancer revealedupdated Fri Sep 07 2012 09:26:39

Author Judy Blume has breast cancer. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen and Brooke Baldwin discuss what to do following a diagnosis.

DNC puts spotlight on lifetime limitsupdated Wed Sep 05 2012 14:44:53

Stacey Lihn, whose daughter has a congenital heart defect, says she worries every day that Romney will repeal Obamacare.

Should you buy organic?updated Tue Sep 04 2012 13:35:04

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on a study about organic versus conventional produce and pesticide levels.

Should you buy organic? Study complicates decisionupdated Mon Sep 03 2012 17:02:29

Jen Matlack's husband teases her about buying organic. It's not worth the extra money, he says, but she insists.

Romney and overturning Obamacareupdated Thu Aug 30 2012 14:58:53

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen explains Mitt Romney's proposed health care reforms.

Ryan on Obama and Medicareupdated Thu Aug 30 2012 12:06:30

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses what Paul Ryan said about Obamacare and Medicare.

Replacing Obamacareupdated Thu Aug 30 2012 09:13:44

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen has details on Mitt Romney's health care plan for seniors.

Examining health care under Romney-Ryanupdated Tue Aug 28 2012 23:34:42

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen looks at what health care would look like under Romney-Ryan.

Aimee Copeland is homeupdated Fri Aug 24 2012 11:44:55

Flesh-eating bacteria survivor Aimee Copeland goes home. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports.

Older fathers may be linked to autismupdated Fri Aug 24 2012 10:03:05

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen explains a study looking at a father's age and risk of their child having autism.

West Nile outbreak largest ever in U.S.updated Wed Aug 22 2012 15:09:02

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen has an update on the West Nile virus outbreak.

West Nile outbreak largest ever in U.S. updated Wed Aug 22 2012 11:37:06

The recent West Nile virus outbreak is the largest ever seen in the United States, according to new numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Battling surge in West Nile virus casesupdated Fri Aug 17 2012 14:40:08

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on aerial spraying and how to protect yourself.

Olympic soccer player Shannon Boxx's battle with lupusupdated Thu Aug 16 2012 07:23:10

More than 4.3 million people tuned in to watch the U.S. women's soccer team beat Japan in a 2-1 victory in the gold medal Olympic game.

'I knew my husband was going to go,' West Nile widow saysupdated Wed Aug 15 2012 12:23:04

Betty West knew that something was wrong when her husband Howard slept through a NASCAR race on television.

Senior spelling bee champ shares his secrets for staying sharpupdated Wed Aug 15 2012 07:08:19

Michael Petrina's mother passed away from Alzheimer's disease 15 years ago. That's one of the reasons the 67-year-old retired attorney works his mind so hard.

Refunds issued: Kids' vitamins aren't as healthy as advertisedupdated Tue Aug 14 2012 16:50:20

The marketer of a popular children's vitamin is refunding nearly $2.1 million to customers after acknowledging its pills contained only a fraction of a nutritional substance the packaging claimed.

New treatments offer hope for Crohn's patientsupdated Tue Aug 14 2012 10:56:25

We read with great interest Debbi Wynn's description of her life with Crohn's disease and commend her for sharing her personal story so that others can learn about this difficult disease.

Paul Ryan's Medicare proposal explainedupdated Mon Aug 13 2012 13:30:22

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses the Medicare proposal of Vice Presidential Candidate, Paul Ryan.

Overwhelmed, hoarders avoid decisionsupdated Tue Aug 07 2012 09:11:32

Elizabeth reports on brain imaging research suggesting a difference between how hoarders and persons with OCD think.

Magnet experiment saves baby big surgeryupdated Sat Aug 04 2012 08:23:31

The day after Nelly Divricean gave birth to twin sons Andrew and Patrick, doctors gave her terrible news: one of her tiny, premature babies was in serious trouble.

'Serial Infector' had lost his licenseupdated Fri Jul 27 2012 15:20:18

The technician suspected of spreading Hepatitis to patients had previously surrendered his license in Arizona.

Hepatitis outbreak strikes fearupdated Wed Jul 25 2012 16:33:38

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on an outbreak of the disease involving a suspected "serial infector."

Suspected 'Hep C infector' arrestedupdated Wed Jul 25 2012 16:24:25

CNN's Brooke Baldwin and Elizabeth Cohen discuss the connection between a traveling lab tech and the disease outbreak.

The man 'cured' of HIVupdated Tue Jul 24 2012 06:16:31

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on the man "cured" of HIV, Timothy Ray Brown.

Siblings conceived in one Petri dishupdated Wed Jul 18 2012 15:44:11

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses "tripblings" and how common this is.

Lack of exercise can be deadlyupdated Wed Jul 18 2012 14:57:19

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on inactivity and the effects it has, according to new research.

FDA expected to approve new diet drugupdated Tue Jul 17 2012 14:30:10

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on the obesity treatment, Qnexa, and the potential side effects.

Mother survives flesh-eating bacteriaupdated Mon Jul 16 2012 12:52:12

Lana Kuykendall will go home soon when she departs a South Carolina hospital. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports.

Hair loss drug may reduce libidoupdated Fri Jul 13 2012 14:40:59

A new study confirms that some men may have sexual side effects from the hair loss drug Propecia, even after they stop.

Alzheimer's: Genetic mutation foundupdated Fri Jul 13 2012 09:36:41

A rare genetic mutation protects against Alzheimer's, says research in the journal Nature. Elizabeth Cohen reports.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has mood disorderupdated Thu Jul 12 2012 16:15:47

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen explains what a mood disorder is.

Woman abandons disabled daughterupdated Thu Jul 12 2012 12:04:29

Elizabeth Cohen and Brooke Baldwin discuss caregiver stress.

Study looks at elderly & mental healthupdated Tue Jul 10 2012 15:52:45

A new report looks at mental health and substance abuse in the elderly, and concludes better access to care is needed.

Babies with pets healthierupdated Mon Jul 09 2012 17:12:32

A new study looks at pets, children and respiratory infections. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports.

Mom reacts to health care decisionupdated Thu Jun 28 2012 16:18:13

Elizabeth Cohen and Brooke Baldwin speak with the mother of a young girl with epilepsy.

Weight-loss pill claims to fight obesityupdated Thu Jun 28 2012 10:03:23

Elizabeth Cohen has more on the new drug to help with weight control in some overweight and obese people.

Understanding the health care rulingupdated Wed Jun 27 2012 15:48:42

Elizabeth Cohen explains how the Supreme Court's ruling on health care affects people with real-world examples.

Doctors' role in obesity fightupdated Tue Jun 26 2012 15:09:07

A federal health panel discusses doctors' role in the fight against obesity. Elizabeth Cohen reports.

Consumers demanding drug-free meatupdated Wed Jun 20 2012 14:55:32

A new report urges industry to eliminate the use of antibiotics in meat. Elizabeth Cohen brings us details.

10 shocking medical mistakesupdated Sat Jun 09 2012 07:19:56

When you're a patient, you trust you're in good hands, but even the best doctor or nurse can make a mistake on you or someone you love.

Powerful magnets in toys raise risks from swallowingupdated Tue Jun 05 2012 12:10:23

Several months ago, Meaghin and Jonathan Jordan were strolling through a shop near their home in Kiln, Mississippi, when they spotted a box of high-powered magnets that could be arranged and rearranged into various shapes.

Family counters flesh-eating bacteria with faithupdated Tue May 29 2012 08:11:39

In the four weeks since his daughter cut her leg in the Tallapoosa River, Andy Copeland has experienced several low points. But nothing was as desperate as a moment in the surgical waiting room on May 4.

Artificial pancreas gives girl a vacation from diabetes updated Sun Mar 04 2012 21:03:54

At 3:30 a.m., Stefany Shaheen awoke to a feeling of uneasiness. Something was not quite right with her daughter, Elle.

How to limit Alzheimer's wanderingupdated Thu Nov 10 2011 07:10:52

It was early evening when Lee Ferrero got in his car to make the trip home from a meeting for work. He'd done the trip many times over the years, and he looked forward to the drive.

Are you missing your child's pain? updated Thu Nov 03 2011 07:14:15

It's happened so many times that Dr. Raymond Pitetti has lost count: A child comes into the emergency room with, say, a broken leg, and doctors give him strong narcotic painkillers in the ER, but then send the child home with no pain medication at all.