Oral sex and Hepatitis C

Can HCV be contracted by having oral sex with an infected person who is having her menstrual cycle?

Hepatitis C is a blood-borne disease. Having oral sex with an infected woman while she's having a period would be one of the most risky kinds of sex. Most people don't have perfect gums; their gum tissue is often soft and can bleed easily. If HCV infected blood comes in contact with an open bleeding gum area, it's possible that HCV could be transmitted. The risk of transmitting HCV with intercourse is very low, as long as neither partner is bleeding or has open sores. Some authorities don't even recommend that monogamous couples always use barrier protection if one partner has HCV. Of course, even if the risk of HCV transmission is very low without a condom, it's essentially nil with an intact latex condom that's used correctly.

By Dr. Flash Gordon

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