Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Jillian's reflections
My friend Jillian got to go home for Christmas. While most of us take spending the holiday's at home for granted, for Jillian this is a huge deal. You see, Jillian has cancer. For the better part of this year, she has been in and out of the hospital. Jillian and I became friends while I was working on a story about African Americans and bone marrow transplants. Jillian is one of my favorite people -- smart and sassy -- a real ball of fire - a girl with spunk. Literally a girl: Jillian just turned 10.

Jillian's mom, Jessica, writes a blog to let friends and family know what's going on. Sprinkled in with the triumphs and challenges, there is great wisdom. From time to time this year, I've shared some of Jillian's reflections. After reading a recent entry, I asked if I could share it. Here it is:

"I asked Jillian if she could have three Christmas wishes what would they be. She said:

1. All the hospitals empty - like no patients on Christmas Eve or Christmas at all, even the adults.

2. I'd like to know the meaning of my life - my purpose - so I can get through it.

3. I'd wish for everyone to have a good future. "

Wow. I told you Jillian is deep. I am curious, what would you add to the list?
really cute girl..very mature. I think shes an example for many adults. I wish her Merry Xmas and happiness,love in life..
Very simple: Peace on Earth!
Hi Jen Pifer :-)

Thank you for sharing her life and her words with us, it make my day a little brighter.

I'd like to add to you're list..

1. I hope the world without nuclear weapons and the war.

2.I hope the reunification of the divided Korea.

3.I hope the world should be freed from violence, and child abuse.

4. I hope all our family's health and happiness.

And...before I close the year end and receive the New Year, I usually look back on the footprints
I left behind briefly.

1.Do I tell the truth, even when it brings me hurt or criticism?

2. Have I failed to confess something to someone who should know of wrongdoing?

3. Have I been abusive with my loved ones? If I have, what am I willing to do about it?

4. Have I formed habits detrimental to my health.

Thanks again, Jen Pifer for the beautiful posting. I hope you will spend this winter with long lasting
warmth. Happy New Year to the entire CNN family!!!
i spend christmas with my mom on a ventilater. i wish your wish came true
We believe that suffering is not in vain, apparently if we suffer in this world the world to come we will be awarded a better place in heaven. At 10 yrs of age she is not even a sinner so she is being elevated to very high spiritual world after death. Life is temporary and a preparation for the eternal world. This is the Jewish interpretation of what she is going through, its also making better people of the immediate family because they are constanly praying to G-d and asking for a cure for the loving child. May the almighty give them all the strength to overcome all their trials.
Oh Jen, I can barely write a note...I have tears in my eyes...it must have put a tear in your eye to write this blog...it's so touching...

My wish for dear Jillian is this:

For dear Jillian to get well soon and never have to go to the hospital again. To wake up and never hear the word cancer again. Never have another test or have to wait for another test result.

For her to wake up and feel well and happy. To do whatever her little heart desires. To dream and wish...and that all her dreams and wishes will come true.

To enjoy life to the full, with nothing holding her back.

To know that her beautiful personality is now touching others and inspiring them. Her courage, her sweetness and profound wisdom is a priceless treasure. Her compassion for others is such a beautiful part of her personality.

To know that I believe what the Bible lovingly promises...the time will soon come when no one will ever be sick again. No sad news. No more pain. No more death. Just peace and love and happiness on this gorgeous earth. All the darling animals will cared for and enjoyed forever.

To know that this beautiful earth will be here forever and ever...it's an absolute promise in the Bible...it will not fail...

This is my wish for dear Jillian.

I send her a gentle get well hug. She is so inspiring...so very inspiring...and I count it as a blessing to even read her beautiful words spoken from her kind heart. Thank you so much Jen for sharing them with us all. What a blessing for you to have her as your own friend Jen. And you are her blessing too. You will blessed for your kind heart Jen.

I keep Jillian and her family in my heartfelt prayers.

in kindness, Gina in Canada

Life is beautiful...
"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." Revelation 21:4
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I pray little children never grow up to smoke. I wish all cigarettes were made illegal. I'm watching my best friend die from emplysema and had watched my mother die from lung cancer.

Mostly I wish Jillian could be a little brat like I was at that age, and not have that stupid cancer. No child should have to grow up so quick. I wish I had her vision, her strength, her beauty, and her wisdom, and I wish our world leaders did, too. Jillian is, indeed, a very special little girl (in age and size only, I think) that God has sent us.
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