Friday, December 14, 2007
Fighting cancer with radio waves
John Kanzius with his wife Marianne
It was once said that discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. Such is the case with retired broadcasting executive, John Kanzius. Faced with an illness that most people would find devastating, Kanzius turned his diagnosis around and discovered a therapy that could some day make a huge difference in the field of medicine.

Kanzius'story began eight years ago, when the successful businessman from Erie, Pennsylvania, retired to Sanibel Island, Florida. Kanzius thought he'd fish, relax and maybe dabble in some small radio stations. Instead he ended up fighting leukemia. Doctors didn't give him much hope at first... until he began treatment at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. With state-of-the-art treatments, Kanzius improved. But the scars of cancer remained with him. He was haunted by the faces of others who were also stricken with the disease. He "saw way too many young people die before their time." He was determined to do something.

The effects of chemotherapy kept him up at night, so Kanzius did a lot of thinking.
He used his radio engineering background and equipment, and his wife, Marianne's, pots and pans, to design a machine that used radio waves to heat and possibly kill cells.

He had never gone to medical school and had no real background in science, but he gained a patent for the machine. He then showed it to his oncologist at M.D. Anderson. Dr. Michael Keating found the concept attractive, because the treatment would kill off cancer cells without invading a patient's body. "It was the power of a good idea," Keating said.

Keating showed it to surgical oncologist, Dr. Steven Curley, who thought of using microscopic metal bits, known as nanoparticles as heat conductors. The idea was to inject the particles into tumors, direct radio waves at the tumor and heat the particles to destroy the cancer cells.

Keating also was treating a Nobel Laureate, Dr. Richard Smalley, who specialized in nanotechnology. Smalley was skeptical about Kanzius' machine, but was willing to loan nanoparticles to the project - just to see what would happen.

After testing the machine, the results were promising. So promising that Curley continued his research with the device and found liver tumors in animal subjects did shrink. Curley knew he was on to something, "If we can target these nanoparticles to get into the cancer cells, and then do this treatment, there won't be a lot of side effects that people usually associate with chemotherapy."

Doctors hope the machine will eventually be used to fight all types of cancers - from breast cancer to liver tumors. But human trials are at least three to four years away. The ironic thing is Kanzius' machine is designed to target cancer cells and send the radio waves directly to the tumor area. That might not work in Kanzius' case, because he has a form of leukemia, which is a fluid cancer. That means the cancer cells flow through the body and would be more difficult to zero in on.
But Kanzius said he never invented the machine for himself, he just wanted to help people he saw who were suffering.

"The medical world is going to say we need to treat people's cancers in a more humane way if nothing else," Kanzius said. "I hope I have changed the prevailing thinking of the medical world."
John Kanzius: one man and his machine making a difference.

Do you think one person can make a difference in the medical community? Tell us about that person.

Writer's Note: One of the wonderful things about my job is I get to meet fascinating and inspirational people. When I interviewed John Kanzius at his home in Sanibel and met his wife Marianne, I found them to be two of the most positive, uplifting people I had ever met, even though John is fighting a life-threatening illness. They truly believe that John's machine can make a difference in the world of cancer treatment. Now in the hands of some of the best doctors in the country, it is possible that Kanzius' invention may eventually treat those diagnosed with cancer. I hope to report on the machine's progress as it goes forward towards human trials.
This is amazing! I am a grad student and my focus is how we metabolize certain carcinogens and the how individuals detoxify them. Sometimes I feel so helpless as I plod along and people are fighting this horrible disease that comes in many forms. I hope that by the time I am done with grad school, I will have difficulty finding a job because this machine will be able to treat most cancers. I wish you and our family well as you continue to fight leukemia, Mr. Kanzius.
Thank you for the inspiring post. There are probably hundreds of people like Mr Kanzius out there who can make a difference if not by discovering something, then by providing ideas and inspiration to try something new.

It would be nice to find a way to fund research out of the mainstream from creative, entrepreneurial individuals.

Jeff Benabio
San Diego, CA
The concept of killing always make me uneasy, whether to kill enemies, bacteria or cancer cells. The issue is not about how effective we can kill. It is how long will it take to come back. It is what the scale is when it does return. It's like the war in Iraq. Modern medical science, biology tell us human body is extremely smart, so does bacteria and virus. The signals that the cells use to replicate are of non-material source. I ventures to guess the wave used in this case interferes with the signal that cancer cells use to replicate. That causes the tumor to shrink. The issue is when the external wave is removed, the cancer cell might come back revengefully. Things will deteriorate more deeply. To make things worse, the smart virus might start to recognize this technique and mutate itself to be more malignant and passed along to next generation through epi-genome if the patient does have a baby. If I had cancer, I'll try alternative medicine. If that fails, I will die - fine.

Wow, God Bless to you Mr. Kanzius for the inspiration and future hope you have given to those who are living with cancer, all because of your compassion to human kind. It shows sometimes it's the simple things in life that make the biggest impact. I will certainly circulate this story around though my blog and link this one up. Many people out there will now have something to give them hope in the very near future. You certainly are an earthly angel.

God Bless and take care.
Why is this consistently stated in reports regarding Mr. Kanzius?

"He had never gone to medical school and had no real background in science, but he gained a patent for the machine"

It's as though people (reporters) actually think that a cancer cure (yes I said cure) will come from someone or some team "educated" in the conventional medical system.

Please find a way to support Mr Kanzius and his efforts.
john was a great radio competitor...if his focus on this project is anything close to his focus in broadcasting.....then a cure will have been found....

"But Kanzius said he never invented the machine for himself, he just wanted to help people he saw who were suffering."

What a great guy. Too bad there aren't more like him. I'll be praying for his recovery.
Our baby girl was diagnosed at 16 months with a neuroblastoma and Opsyclonus Myoclonus Syndrome. She was misdiagnosed by several doctors before her tumor was found. They all thought she had ataxia. We found Dr. Pranzatelli on the internet, he is from Springfield Illinois. He has been doing research on OMS for many years. We are blessed to have found him. Because of his research and protocal, she is walking and talking again. What can we do to let others know about OMS. It changes your life completely. My name is Laura and we are from Mission, Texas.
I have seen the ravages on the human body that chemotherapey does and know there is a better way. I am striving to be a radiologist becasue i want to help test and discover these other ways. I often notice that chemotherapy while it may save lives is often just as deadly and destructive as the disease itself. Im so happy when i see treatment like this that offer so much Hope and are so humane and good to the human anatomy and the persons soul.
The CNN Story about Mr. Kanzius is a sad story, and also tremendously exciting.
But this story has already been told.
In the 1930's, there was a man named Dr. Royal Rife who discovered that specific frequencies would destroy specific cells.
He fashioned many machines that he claimed would do just that.
I would be quite surprised if Mr. Kanzius had never heard of Dr. Royal Rife. Because herein may lie the holy grail.
Thank you Mr. Kanzius. The world's prayers are for you.

I am very grateful for the friendship I have with John and Marianne, and am so pleased to witness the success they and the many others involved in this very promising project have achieved thus far. As for this research project, it is truly remarkable and has captured the fascination of some of the world's most prominent physician-researchers.
Hi, I have read about a Canadian man in Western Canada, perhaps Alberta area, who was diagnosed with Cancer in the abdominal regions and just guess how he cured himself? He consumed nothing but the following for at least 30 days: fresh made carrot juice, large doses of vitamin C, and red clover (which is a herbal supplement that cleanses).
I have tried to find scientific studies of such an approach and can not find any. Why is it that methods like this are not tried and tested to see if they have legitimate medical credibilities? Why is the medical profession obsessed with drugs which are often very expensive and have dangerous side effects?
I would like to see sound scientific testing to see if treatments such as carrot juice, fresh made at home, can do any wonderful things for cancer patients.
I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer July of 2006. I am very interested in your machine because I too use a machine. I't is a soft laser machine introduced to me by Dr. Alvin Stjernholm. I use it everyday 6 to 7 times a day. I laser my whole body and it doesn't matter what type of cancer you have. I am now cancer free today without ever having any kemotheraphy, radiation or surgery other than a biopsy. I continue to take many test to stay on top of my body's progress and share my success with others. I pray for your speedy recovery and thank God we are coming out of the dark ages and looking toward a future without killer kemo and radiation.
Dr. Gupta

This is for you a mix of my work with his can solve his problem in days not years.

In my work we have killed cancer cells using EMF fields without injecting nanoparticles.

Also our work can kill cancer cells and make normal cells stronger
Anything is better than the barbaric treatments used to treat many cancers. Chemo is not especially well tolerated in children with cancer and the radiation that is used to treat cancer often leads to secondary cancers. This is as promising as anything that's out there.
I was so very inspired by Mr. Kanzius. I have lung cancer (never smoked) and feel very saddened at this point. I believe that Mr. Kanzius is on to something very special if only it were allowed to progress. As I said, I'm very saddened because I think we could be much farther along in the cure for cancer, but unfortunately, I feel politics and money are the top priority and not the welfare of the people, so it's hard to get your hopes up on anything. We are so fortunate to live in the country that we do, but why this kind of thing is allowed to happen is very scary.
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