Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Practicing what we preach
Today is Fit Nation day at CNN, but you won't see it on TV. Today, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and CNN Medical News are encouraging CNN employees to get and stay fit. We are sponsoring a field day of sorts at CNN Center in Atlanta as a way to encourage people to exercise during their lunch break. We are also asking our CNN colleagues to sign up for the Fit Nation Challenge.

The Fit Nation Challenge is really simple - just pledge to exercise a specific number of hours each week. We already have more than 800,000 hours pledged. You can sign up for the Fit Nation Challenge here. The idea is to get moving -- and by making a commitment to exercise -- get fit.

This weekend, Dr. Gupta and CNN Medical News will be in Chicago, Illinois, on the Fit Nation tour. We will be encouraging people to exercise and eat right. Some of us will be running in a 5K race that will wind its way through parts of the city on Sunday. All of us will be handing out exercise information and items including pedometers to encourage fitness. Chicago is the last stop on the Fit Nation tour this year. We already are making plans for the 2008 tour.

Fitness is extremely important to Dr. Gupta -- you could say it is a passion of his. What health issues do you feel passionate about? What are you doing about them?

Want more info on Fit Nation? Check out CNN.com/Fitnation or click here to sign up for Fit Nation alerts and tips from Dr. Gupta.
I have a disability placard in my car still. It sits in my glove box now. But for a long time, it hung from my mirror.

I have a herniated disk in my lumbar region and had a bad hip, plantar fascitis and a bad knee. I would get sciatica and could barely walk. I spent much of July '06 on the couch when I re-injured my back painting a wall. I was looking at my life as a person with limited mobility and morbid obesity.

How much of this was compounded by weighing 272 lbs? All of it. Every single issue was made worse by my weight.

I have been walking on my treadmill an hour a day for the past two months. I am passionate about exercise. I never wake up anymore sounding like I am walking on packing peanuts anymore.

My joints move smoothly. My hip does not hurt, my back pain is under control and I am off of the ibuprofen and the soma. My feet are better.

Exercise is the cure for what ails me. My weight is at 220 after 68 days of working out and eating a 1200-1500 calorie/10 fat grams diet. I am riding a bike now, nearly every day in addition to the treadmill walk, I do strength training with free weights at home.

I can't tell you how much exercise has made a difference in my life. I was on a fast track to major disability and now I have my life back in my control. I have reversed the tide and am making a difference in my life for the better.
Dr.Sanjay Gupta;
Welcome to Chicago.If you get chance--please interview Ian Duncan a 16 years old determination to rejoin his school's race track team after terrible bout with Crohn's disease.This is a story that answers what you asked earlier what is wrong or right about our health system.Michael Moore's warpath movie-SICKO--would benefit from this teenager struggle.There are good doctors and there are doctors who waste lot of money in misdiagnosing Crohn's disease as Stomach ache and sending the patient home after MRI/Cat Scan.
Dr.Groopman of Harvard experienced the same struggle with hand pain--saw 5 specialists--first three were wrong-MRI did not show anything.The 4th young surgeon used common sense to figure out the correct problem--the fifth surgeon had a newer/better MRI machine than MGH.
Here is the Story URL:
Ian Duncan's tel. and E mail address is written there.I think that this is an inspiring teenager for all those suffering in America.He lives in Aurora or Batavia,Illinois.
A trainer helped rebuild muscles for Ian Duncan which helped him rejoin RACE & Field TRACK team of his school.
So Fitness comes in different forms for different ailments.

Hope you all at CNN will find Duncan's story inspiring.
Contact him at 630 689 6043 or
While in Chicago this weekend--interview this teenager so that many in America can be inspired.
This story was published in BEACON News on 6/22/07.
Lately I have been consumed with work and have been spending way too much time behind the computer and not enough time with my family and keeping in shape. So what I have been trying to do lately is combining activities increasing the quality of family time by including fun exercise. My favorite is hiking. Hiking together is not only a great exercise and gives a lot of chance to talk and discuss issues, and bond. And here in Chattanooga there are tons of hiking trails.
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