Friday, June 15, 2007
Fit Buddies update
The CNN Fit Buddies have made it through another week in their weight-loss and fitness challenge. Here's an update on their efforts to eat better and exercise more. Read about their successes and frustrations every Friday here on the Paging Dr. Gupta blog. And join the Fit Buddies by accepting the Fit Nation Challenge (details here).

Ed Lavandera, CNN Correspondent

You always hear people say they have more energy when they lose weight or start working out regularly. I never really believed it to be honest. But I experienced that this week. It was better than any double shot of espresso.

A few days ago I took an 11-mile bike ride with a friend. It was a hot, muggy day. I broke a good sweat.

A few hours after the ride, I realized I wanted to keep going. It was a strange feeling. I couldn't explain it. So I jumped on the bike again and went on another 11-mile ride. 22-miles in one day. I could not believe it.

I'm a believer now. Working out and eating better does give you more energy!

Stacia Deshishku, Director of Coverage CNNUS

As we approach Father's Day weekend, my heart is full. I am looking forward to going away with my husband and kids to Chattanooga, Tennessee, for the weekend. A short getaway. Some family time. A few days to exercise and spend time outdoors. All will be made easier because my husband and I have both been exercising regularly. Before Fit Nation we would have plopped ourselves down in front of the hotel TV and ordered room service. Now we are talking about swimming with the kids and taking a hike up Lookout Mountain. There are moments when we ask ourselves, "Where are the old Deshishkus and who are these healthy people inhabiting our bodies?"

Getting back to my heart : One of the greatest improvements we have seen has been in our heart rates. Both of our resting heart rates have dropped dramatically. We were also both in the 140 bpm range during exercise. After 6 weeks of solid cardio work we have both dropped to under 100 bpm. Our hearts are getting in shape along with our bodies. That's really what it is all about. My husband is my best friend and I want him around as long as possible. We have two gorgeous boys to raise and turn into fine men. We have a lot to live for - for a very long time. Thank you Fit Nation for helping put us on the road to a long and healthy life.

Matt Sloane, Medical News Producer

Fortunately for my weight-loss goals, my dad is on a diet, too. So when we met up with him here on vacation, neither of us was in the mindset to gorge.

We did a TON of walking, ate pretty well and didn't drink a lot.

Dad also brought a scale, so I'm happy to report I've lost a 1/2 pound since I've been here! Not very much, but I figure, if I can go on vacation and not completely torpedo my weight loss, I've done OK!

Now the news you've all been waiting for: She said YES!!

Back to vacationing. See you all next week.

Robert Dothard, Fitness Trainer

It is amazing how the Fit Buddies' training "issues" mirror the training problems I have with many other clients. Warmer weather brings schedule problems: kids' camps and activities, vacations, and the special holidays and events. The Fit Buddies are celebrating with Matt the news of his engagement, and since he was on vacation when he proposed, he has been the biggest victim of the summer workout 'meltdown," but we will all have the July 4 holiday to deal with in a couple of weeks.

I suggest three strategies to keep the "Fit Nation" on task this summer: First, plan ACTIVE events for yourself and your family. For example, my son has attended two camps already since school let out (horse riding and karate), but the activities can be as inexpensive as a family hike (we went up Kennesaw Mountain, near our home). Second, do your "homework." Find activities that are available when you are on vacation; with the vast amount of information online, this should be easy. And third, the best things in life are free. My best memories from last year's Fit Nation tour were of my runs in the various tour cities, ranging from the snow that I ran through in Michigan, to Iowa, where it rained so hard 10 minutes after my run that I have a picture of Sanjay holding an umbrella INSIDE the auditorium!

I hope that all your memories are pleasant, and that they include MANY healthy activities. Good luck, and good health.
Hi Ed! I've discovered the same thing. After my 1 1/2 hour workout I'm still bouncing around. I've discovered all sorts of stamina :)

Stacia... that is so awesome- there is nothing like spending time with your family, that I have also discovered. Long and healthy life? Yes- you can watch your children grow, and their children grow....

Congratulations, Matt! That's all I've got to say!!
Hey Ed, Stacia, Matt, and Robert,
Ed~Whoo~hooo! I am so glad you have reached the point of more energy! There is a motivation in itself. You really look good Ed. I remember seeing you in my town, Nacogdoches when the shuttle blew up. You were reporting from the parking lot of a bank where a giant piece of shuttle had landed. You looked good then but you look even better now!
Stacia~ I love your attitude! It is so nice that you have a happy family and your husband is your best friend! With you new cardio, you will be around to enjoy your family a long time! Kudos, you sound so sweet!
matt~Now you are really with the program with your diet and exercise on vacation! No wonder your lady said YES! I wish you years of health and happiness. Please keep us posted on the wedding!
Robert~You are so right about finding activities to stay "Fit" in the summer. I believe the trick is to stay moving. We were not meant to be stationary. You are quite the motivator!
I am so impressed with all your success to get fit, not fat! You are a great inspiration so you HAVE to keep it up!
Great work guys! (and gals)
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