Friday, June 01, 2007
Fit Buddies update
A running theme throughout our time as Fit Buddies has been balancing health and fitness with a busy work life. Like many of you, Ed Lavandera, Stacia Deshishku and I all have jobs that are unpredictable, and this week has been especially busy. For the last four days, each of us has been involved in covering the story of Andrew Speaker, the man who traveled to Europe for his wedding while carrying a rare form of tuberculosis. (Full Story)

Needless to say, getting to the gym, eating well and blogging are all difficult during breaking news. So, how have we all fared?

Stacia has had to miss her workouts this week - one of which we had planned to videotape for an updated piece about our success. (Watch Video) She promises Robert, though, that she'll be headed to his studio directly after work today!

Yesterday Ed had a slice of the pizza that was delivered to the CNN satellite truck in Denver, but he also managed to fit in a workout! (Sound familiar? I did the same thing at Virginia Tech, minus the workout.)

I missed my workouts as well, and most likely will miss tonight too. Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta is headed to Denver tonight to anchor a one-hour special edition of Anderson Cooper 360 from National Jewish hospital. That means I'll be here in the office until the show is over at 11 p.m. ET.

Maybe Sanjay and Ed can talk fitness over tonight's pizza delivery?
Hands off the pizza, boys.

I can't imagine trying to fit the workout that I do into a schedule like yours. I'd have to get up at four in the morning before work! Good think I'm a student!

Great Video :) But I wonder- is it possible to do two things at once? I mean, could you walk on a treadmill or something while doing something else? I can't imagine trying to sit in the office doing that... maybe you could run laps around the news desk (yeah right).

I absolutely loved this Fit Buddies idea, since I'm obsessed with proper diet and nutrition. Maybe it'll leak over into some of the other CNN employees' lives? I can think of one anchor in particular that needs it... (hmmm... might it be ANDERSON??!! uh, yeah)
Good grief! Looks like you guys slipped this week. It's ok but remember Pizza is the WORST! All that bread dough really adds calories and fat! Better order a salad to go with that!
Better luck next week. Ahh, next week I fall off the wagon as I am headed to the mountains of Mexico for a seminar. Authenic Mexican food and tequilla! Oh, well **it happens!
Hey Matt,
I don't know why my comment said anonymous. I thought you had to add your name, city and state to be published. You guys stay on your diet next week and I'll eat and drink for you in Mexico ( while I am working at a seminar) I know, it's tough but someone has got to do it!!!!
You all keep up the good work and don't give up! I am rooting for you!
Hey Betty Ann! How about you and I start cheering for Anderson to get proper diet and exercise before he keels over? (I'll root for THAT.)

I sincerely wish that this Fit Buddies idea really takes off for the whole nation. Perhaps watching you three get fit will help!
Hey Sharla Dawn!
I didn't know that Anderson did not have a proper diet and exercise. I could have sword I read somewhere where he eats right and exercises except when he is on assignment, which is a lot.
He looks like he is in good shape.
He APPARENTLY works too much. Sometimes he looks tired don't you think?
I too and a health and fitness NUT! I like your style Sharla Dawn, so tell me what we need to do to harass Anderson. After all we don't want him to keel over, he is my favorite anchor!
Thanks sister~
Just be happy the way you are. No matter how fit you are...You're still going to die. You will just be a skinny corpse and become a skeleton quicker.
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