Friday, May 18, 2007
Fit Buddies update
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The CNN Fit Buddies have made it through Week 5 of our weight-loss and fitness challenge. Here's an update on their efforts to eat better and exercise more. Read about their successes and frustrations every Friday here on the Paging Dr. Gupta blog.

The Fit Buddies have lunch with their trainer: Robert Dothard
Ed Lavandera, CNN Correspondent:

If you're like me walking into a gym triggers a daunting, overwhelming feeling of confusion. Which machine do I use? Which weight exercise is the best? Am I using the right technique? Most personal trainers I talked to in the past didn't help untangle the confusion.

But I have developed a weight routine with our trainer, Robert Dothard, that is delivering inspiring results for me.

How you work out matters. Robert has taught me several interesting strategies to making my weight workout effective:

-- Work the biggest muscle groups and work down to smaller muscles. That means hit your back then chest, then shoulders, then triceps ad biceps and abdominal muscles.

-- Do your cardio routine AFTER you work with weights.

This routine is incredibly effective for those of you like me who have hectic, crazy lives and limited time to work out. I can do that weight routine and hit all those upper body muscle groups in 30 minutes.

I could not have imagined such a focused and effective routine when I walked into the gym with Robert a month ago.

The hard work is paying off I've lost 25 pounds so far.

Stacia Deshishku, CNN Domestic director of coverage:

What a week. I've been sick as a dog, but not able to really take a day off. I finally relented yesterday and visited the doctor. Ear infection! Oh was that what was causing that ringing?

My hellacious cold has sunk my energy to a subterranean level. Subsequently I made only one workout this week. I have felt so guilty and so I have been fighting that nagging negativism that lurks in the back of my mind sometimes. "What if I don't ever go back to the gym?"

The truth be told, Monday is going to be hard. I'm dreading it as much as I am looking forward to it because this is one of those things that has gotten me off track in the past. Stopping the workouts, if only for a week, more often than not turned into two weeks, then three, more gym.

This time the challenge is mental. I need to stop feeling so anxious about Monday's struggle and start looking forward to the chance to get back on track. I got some help today during the lunch I had with Eddie, Matt and Robert. They pumped me up and reinvigorated my challenge.

It made me realize the best part of this experience hasn't been the weight loss - it's been the bonding and camaraderie of the challenge alongside friends.

Matt Sloane, Medical producer:

You've been keeping up with my progress all along, so you know there are a few times I've slipped up (most notably, New Orleans). Overall though, I thought I was doing ok -- better than I ever had in previous attempts at losing weight. So last week, I decided to go weigh in - the first time since we started the program. I had lost 25 pounds!! Could it be that even with all of that falling off the wagon that I had actually lost 25 pounds?

Unfortunately, it was too good to be true. After gloating in my success for about a week, a sneaking suspicion last night led me to try a few more scales, and much to my dismay, the number was MUCH smaller. As it turns out, I've lost about 6 pounds. Still a good start, but not even close to the great success I thought I'd had. For the record - I REALLY don't like scales!!

Regardless of the number, it's inspiration to keep going. I know now for sure that slip-ups do count and that missing workouts will have an effect on my success. Either way, I'm proud of my progress. Without a doubt, I've been making better food choices across the board, I know that I am capable of running and I'm finally of the mentality that a grueling workout is the best kind!

Robert Dothard, Fitness expert:

My job is like most: If you give your clients "positive" results, you are able to keep them as clients, in most cases.

Stacia, Matt, and Ed have all celebrated victories in the last few weeks, but ALL of their programs MUST change or the results could stop!

Many people who get great initial results with an exercise program will do a couple of things to kill their program. They will celebrate too much (bad eating, or start to skip workouts), or they continue to expect the same results.

The key is: take DIFFERENT action! I have encouraged all three of training "studs" to do the same thing once the positive results started - First CELEBRATE, then get back to work with a renewed focus, and a "Stacia" type of BRING IT ON attitude!

Ed's in Atlanta this week to get his program updated (I may have to up my liability insurance, because of what I have planned for him), and I have scheduled time to meet with Matt and Stacia's trainers as well.

The real news here is.. YOU can do it too! If you have been with us from the start, I hope this week finds you celebrating YOUR results; or if you are new to the "Fit Nation", don't worry. Just as Stacia, Matt and Ed have learned over the past few weeks, results are only going to start, when YOU do! Good luck and good health.

I have a small vegetable and herb garden in my backyard. I grow my own spinach, basil, rosemary, chives, and tomatoes. Ever since the Ecoli scare occured last year, I went to the local garden supply store, bought pots, soil, and seeds to grow my own spinach and other veggies. Since I control what gets put on my crops, I'm not worried about Ecoli or other pathogens on my spinach. Tastes better too!
Hey Ed,Stacia, Matt, & Robert,
I think you guys got ripped off from getting comments for a day or so.
I want to say that I admire all of you for the effort you are putting forth to get "fit". It is not easy with you busy schedules to have regular workouts, so you all get an atta boy. Stacia gets an atta girl and a get well soon wish! Keep up the good work!
Exercising can be drugery. I have a very interesting personal trainer who is a female wrestler. She tells me stories of week~end wrestling matches and the after parties. I actually look forward to workouts. My trainer keeps me laughing!
Robert mentioned celebrating when you see positive results. I reward myself when I have worked hard all week with my exercise program. Sometimes I get manicures and pedicures or treat myself to a piece of jewelry or get a massage.
My masseuse is another colorful character but I'll tell you about her later.
Good job! I want to keep hearing your progress reports! YOU can do it!
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