Thursday, February 08, 2007
Cheesesteaks... My only weakness!!
I love cheesesteaks, really more than any other food on the planet. I'm a Philadelphia transplant, so when a restaurant here in Atlanta serves a "Philly cheesesteak" I'm at the head of the line to try it. I'm usually disappointed!

Not surprisingly, in 2001, Philadelphia was named America's fattest city in the country on the annual "Fittest and Fattest Cities" list from Men's Fitness magazine. Naturally, I was outraged. They've got pizzas the size of small cars in New York and Chicago, fried everything here in the South, In N' Out Burgers out in California (my second favorite food). How could Philly be the fattest?

A few years later in 2005, we were picking cities for our first CNN Fit Nation Tour, and Philadelphia kept coming up as a city that was doing things right. So we called Men's Fitness and asked, "What's up?"

Editor-in-chief Neal Boulton had a good answer. He said that magazine staffers were also surprised when the city's new mayor, John F. Street, called and asked them to take a second look. Boulton and his team went, and found out that when he took office in 2001, Street had taken Philly's "fat" ranking as inspiration for change.

The city began sponsoring weight-loss support programs, the mayor himself met with families who struggled with obesity and personally mentored them to better health, and he appointed a "fitness czar." (Full Story)

He didn't mess with the cheesesteak though. That would have been sacreligious.

Just yesterday, Men's Fitness came out with its latest list. Guess what? Philly is No. 20 - on the FIT list!

Las Vegas, Nevada, was named the fattest city, followed by San Antonio, Texas, and Miami, Florida. On the Fittest list, Albuquerque, New Mexico, is tops - up from No. 13 last year. Nos. 2 and 3 are Seattle, Washington, and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

None of those last three had to deal with a cheesesteak addiction. Life can be so unfair.

To check out the full list, go to Men's Fitness Magazine online. The latest issue hits newsstands nationwide this weekend.
mmmmmm Jim's Steaks 4th and South !!
I think we have gone crazy in American Society! Instead of banning cupcakes we can remove vending machines out of the schools and let children have a recess to go out and play and get some fresh air. I am 40 yrs old and we were not allowed to chew gum in school and sodas were not served.
Perhaps the problem is with people who want to be parents but do not know how to take care of their children once they are out of the womb. Seems like a lot of people have busy schedules and big important jobs to go to but give very little time to their kids except to buy them junk to make up for not spending time with them.
Cupcakes at school are not the problem, feeding the kiddies fast food and letting them watch tv/play video games all the time at home is. Start taking responsibility for your fat children and quit blaming everyone else.
You've obviously never had a vegan philly cheesesteak with seitan and soy cheese. Tastes amazing with a lot less fat and calories. Try one at the Chicago Diner ( sometime.
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