Wednesday, January 31, 2007
The perfect meal

There are so many diets out there - how do you know which is the right one? Check out Dr. Sanjay Gupta's podcast "Paging Dr. Gupta" (iTunes or for tips on the most balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Have you tried our perfect food tips? Have they worked for you? Tell us about your perfect breakfast, lunch and dinner meals!

My doctor looked me right in the eye when we found out my triglycerides were 255 and my bad cholesterol was 98 and told me to lower the cholesterol. I was 238 pounds in October of 2006 (6'1"). Since then, when I am at the grocery checkout, my cart has absolutely nothing in it containing trans-fat, saturated fat, or cholesterol, and I watch the salt. Here it is end of January and I'm 208 pounds, and my last bloodwork showed me my triglyerides at 175, bad cholesterol at 88. A perfect meal for me (I have 5-7 small meals a day) consists of about 300 calories. I do not eat meat, confection, or dairy. Breafast is usually unsugared shredded wheat with Rice Dream or I'll make an omelet with Eggbeaters, chopped scallions, mushrooms, and celery. I use SmartBalance oil (you need a little bit of fat or your skin will turn flakey and your hair will fall out). The rest of the meals are small as well. Cascadian Farms makes a nice granola bar (130 calories) and Zoic (I seem to be the only person who likes it) has a meal shake (110). Arnold's makes a no-trans, no-satfat, no cholesterol bread, and with soy cheese / soy meat, I have a sandwich for lunch. Kraft makes a 0/0/0 mayo sandwich spread. Dinner is usually a veggie burger or vegetarian chilli. It's just my own diet; nothing out of a book. Works for me.
I agree with Garfield 150%, lasagna is the worlds most "purfect" food. Made with turkey, it has everything that you need.
I don't care how well-balanced it is, if it's not the following you're fighting a losing battle ~ Organic, all-natural, whole. Raw when possible. Forget the processed food. Buy from a local farmer so it's also fresh. As a Society we've gotten so far from the basics it is truly amazing & frightening.
my perfect meal well i would have to say a salad with fat free ranch with cucumbers tomatoes carrots crutons and ceasar cheese its really good you can stay healthy and feel good but for a good dinner wise would be chicken and pasta is good or cucumbers and ranch for a little late nite snack
A couple of comments regarding your "perfect dinner" segment. I recall reading about two recent empirical studies that challenge two of your claims that have been been long held notions. Specifically, the studies found that (1) exercising late at night did not disrupt one's ability to fall asleep, and (2) the time of day when the calories were consumed (e.g., late night / before bed) was not related to weigh gain.
Is there any way to see the segment on the "perfect lunch"? Everytime I tried to watch it . . . I always got to see the breakfast segment again. I love lunch and would love to get my hands on at transcript at least.
Large salad with romaine, peppers, olives, sunflower seeds and homemade olive oil dressing. Serve with succulent roasted chicken, skin and all (also homemade), plus some asparagus lightly steamed with a touch of butter.
Start with a crunchy organic salad with veggies and dressing of your choice. A small but juicy steak, oven roasted vegetables. Natural strawberries and blueberries for dessert. YUM
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