Friday, January 05, 2007
Jump-Start Your Health
This time every year, many people suggest that we do a show on making and keeping resolutions. I wondered how to make such a familiar topic interesting for our viewers. But in talking with my co-workers I discovered that we shared many concerns - dealing with the stress of coming back to work, getting back to healthy eating after splurging over the holidays and getting organized.

This isn't cutting-edge medical news, but it's what many of us need -- a little help getting our lives back on track. So whether you've resolved to make changes or you're just trying to get back to normal, I hope this weekend's show will help you jump-start your new year. Our guest, Dr. Howard Shapiro, has some great advice on that front: "It is a journey, it is a process" but he says, as long as you stay focused on your target, you will succeed.
Do you have a health goal this week, month or year? If so, how are you planning to stay focused?

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The only way to stay on track for a resolution is not to make a resolution, honestly. Studies show that if your resolution is to lose weight, and you join a gym, 30% of people are likely to quit going within 90 days or less. What does that tell you? In order to make a resolution about your health, you have to 1. Really want to make a change in your lifestyle, and 2. Be ready to do whatever you can to make the changes stick.

Far too many people assume that just because something is 'low fat' they can have twice as much- how is that, exactly? If you change one small thing a day, you'll start to see a difference. Start getting your Starbucks coffee with skim milk, and you save yourself some calories. If you switch from regular pop to diet pop, you go from a drink with tons of calories per serving to one with zero calories...

So many people look for the 'quick fix' to help them do what they want.. lose weight, quit smoking, etc. There's no such thing. The only way to lose weight is to exercise and change your diet...and if your diet isn't something that you could see yourself following for a *very* long time, then find something else to guide you. Restricting yourself and then gorging on the same food that helped you get overweight in the first place when it's all over is not going to help you.

I've made a lot of changes this year.. so I know it's not an easy thing to do, but the sooner you start and realize that you are ready to do it, things get easier. In September, I could barely walk at a brisk pace without getting winded.. Since then, I've managed to start running (I run 2 miles 4 days a week), and lost 33lbs.. my health goal for the year is to lose the other 85lbs and run a 5k in June. It took me awhile to get to this point- something clicked. I really wanted to do it.

Now I can't imagine life without it.

So, to everyone out there, good luck with your health goals this year!
My goal: Say NO to sugar!Thats why i have plenty of Quaker low sugar oatmeal on hand. It satifies my meanest cravings. Its the perfect food without the post guilt.
I just wanted to say that i am very close with this cancer war because in the summer of 2004 i lost one of my favorite people in the world. I lost my grandpa to cancer at 78!
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