Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Why I Am Thankful
This week, I am taking my first full week off this year. My wife could not be more delighted, and I have spent most of today tickling the baby and going for a long run with my dog. Still, I wanted to take a few moments to thank all of you - the readers, the viewers, the bloggers and the simply curious.

At CNN, we are committed to the very highest quality health and medical news. With dozens of hard-working producers in various cities across the country, we are investigating, examining and reporting the news and making sure you are equipped every day with information that you can truly use. And, you show up to watch every single time. In fact I just learned that the premiere of our documentary on happiness last Sunday was the most watched show in its time slot among cable news networks. Amazing. Thanks so much for that.

I have also had a chance to reflect on this past year. CNN has sent me all over the world, including most recently to Africa, specifically Chad and the Congo, to cover the atrocities of war. I have seen things this year that I will never forget. They are terrible, awful things and the truth is, I don't want to forget.

You see, it would be easy to forget; to simply come home, hug my daughter and move on with my life. This year, I have learned that we should not be thankful because we have somehow been dealt a better hand in life. Instead, we should be thankful because we can help those out who are less fortunate. So, this Thanksgiving, the lost boys of Sudan, the famished women I met in Chad, the wounded babies in a Beirut nursery and the brave hospital workers in Haifa all will be on my mind. Please know that I am most thankful to be able to share these stories with the world, in the hope that these people get the help they need and deserve.
Dr Gupta,I am quite sure your fammily misses you while you are away on these trips. As a viewer, though, I always watch your reports and always walk away enlightened. Thank YOU for making me a better person and the world a better place. Will you be going back to any of those places?
Amen! Thank you very much to you & CNN. You guys definitely make a difference. The truth needs to be told & you're stepping up to the plate & doing just that. We are all very grateful for that. Thank you & Happy Thanksgiving to you, your wife & baby girl!!!
"Instead, we should be thankful because we can help those out who are less fortunate."

Perfectly said Dr. Gupta! And Thank You for sharing your knowledge to the world ...
I was blown away by your blog Dr. Gupta. What an amazing post. Thank you for sharing.

As a Canadian I have already contemplated my Thanksgiving reflections however that does not stop me from reflecting on the US day of thanks. Right now in Vancouver we are under a boil-water advisory...day 8 and counting. A bad storm moved in and mudslides caused the turbidity levels to skyrocket...nasty stuff. Instead of complaining about boiling water or having to purchase the bottled stuff, I am so very thankful that this is only a temporary problem...that we have the opportunity to correct our water problems instead of a lifetime of bad water. I think daily of people in the countries you've mentioned and elsewhere in the world with the same situation and wish that I could share my bottled water with them everyday so that they don't have to stare at the same colored water I am seeing for their lifetime.

I try to do my part globally but every holiday (xmas, thanksgiving, easter) my sister and I also pack up sandwiches, juice boxes, fruit and of course a sweet treat and go around feeding the homeless on the streets. The gratitude on people's faces is worth a million and one thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving to all citizens of the US. May you reach out a hand and love your neighbor...no matter who they are.
Adding to some of the information that has been collected pertaining to autism, I have a 7 year old son that was diagnosed at age 5. The age a child's parent is not always accurate in relationship to the reason of occurance. I gave birth to my son at age 26 and his father was 27 years old. My question to you, has it been stated that genetics play a part in this disease? Through constant reading, there was no absolute truths to the reasoning behind the causes of autism.
HELP! Canola Oil is now in almost everything on the grocery shelf. The oil is cheap and reputedly "healthy." I am violently allergic to Canola Oil and wonder whether this product affects the health of others who are not aware of what has hit them. Go and look up what Canola Oil is made of. The consumer once again is the victim of marketing schemes and not the best interest of the consumer. Can anything been done about this? Friderun Ankel-Simons
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