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Peanut butter to popcorn -- avoid choking hazards for children

Peanut butter, raisins , marshmallows, and popcorn -- all sound like perfect chewy treats for children. But such snacks can also pose a choking threat to their small throats. Pediatrician Ginette Archinal has some tips on how to break up food for youngsters' plates, and what to do if a child chokes on food or other small, everyday objects.

S E P T E M B E R   F U L L   S T O R Y


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our mission

To help individuals and families improve their health and quality of life.

who is AccentHealth

AccentHealth is the only healthy lifestyle network created specifically to inform and entertain patients in medical waiting rooms around the country.

AccentHealth is produced by CNN's Emmy award-winning Health Unit in conjunction with Turner Private Networks, and is hosted by CNN's Karen Maginnis.

The customized programming focuses on prevention and wellness and is designed to help patients take a more active role in their own health.

The Network

AccentHealth serves over 6,000 waiting rooms and will grow to 12,000 by the end of 1998. These 6,000 waiting rooms deliver over 7 million viewers each month.

Qualified subscribing healthcare facilities receive a fully integrated system including 25" TV monitor, video CD player, cabinetry, installation, service, and monthly programming, plus access to other AccentHealth products and services at a discount.

sponsorship opportunities

A limited number of advertiser opportunities exist on AccentHealth for qualified brands. Major sponsors enjoy added marketing benefits in addition to media time within the program.

Viewer Attitudes

Nielsen Media Research June 1997 and October 1996 Intercept Surveys indicate a positive response from AccentHealth viewers:

96% feel that having AccentHealth in the waiting room makes the time go by more quickly.

97% feel that AccentHealth provides useful health-related information.

96% feel that AccentHealth enhances the waiting room environment.

97% trust the health-related information on AccentHealth as much as or more than health-related information they see on TV at home (40% trust AccentHealth more).

96% trust AccentHealth's health-related information as much as or more than health-related information they read in newspapers and magazines (32% trust AccentHealth more).

More Information

Email us at

Medical Waiting Room Subscriptions - Eve-Lynn Gornbein (1-800-791-8756)

Advertiser Sponsorships - Mary Webb Walker (1-800-791-8756)

Customer Service 1-800-235-4930

Program Information 1-800-791-8756

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