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May 8, 1996
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Safe sex not likely to kill heart patients

heart disease and sex

CHICAGO (CNN) -- Even if you have a heart condition, Harvard doctors say, it's still safe for you to have sex. The doctors found that lovemaking is about as risky as waking up in the morning or getting angry.

Patients with heart disease have a 20-in-a-million risk of having a heart attack during sex, compared to a 10-in-a- million chance for people without heart disease. Researchers said the findings should help in counseling the thousands of people who suffer heart attacks each year.

The researchers also found that the increased risk for heart patients can be reduced, and possibly eliminated altogether, with a regimen of regular exercise, such as light singles tennis.

Study indicates 2 antacids are better than one

ulcer drugs

(CNN) -- With the recent rash of antacid preparations that have moved out of the prescription market and into over-the-counter sales, one wouldn't think it would be hard to find an effective heartburn remedy. However, a new study published in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association says none of the antacids by themselves are the best remedy for mild stomach inflammations.

The best results come from a combination of Tums and Pepcid AC, said Dr. Mark Feldman of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Each boosts the other's activity for several hours longer than normal.

Feldman notes that because his study was partially funded by the makers of Pepcid AC, Pepcid was the only H-2 blocker he tested. He said consumers should see similar results with any antacid and any H-2 blocker, such as Tagamet HB and Zantac 75, to name two. He also said those with persistent discomfort may have a more serious illness and should seek a physician's advice.


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