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Recipes banner Cooking with Cupid
Create the perfect Valentine's Day meal with these recipes for romance:
lobster Lobster Lovers Salad
This appetizer combines roasted red peppers, fresh Maine lobster and young lettuces. The peppers are cut into heart shapes and used to decorate the plate, adding both colorful and flavorful dimensions to this dish.

  polenta Polenta Gratin
Polenta is cooked cornmeal that is often served in small cakes as a side dish or an appetizer. Try cutting the polenta in heart shapes for a romantic addition to your evening meal. To save time, prepare the polenta a day ahead, chill overnight, and then bake it when you are serving your first course.

Beef Tenderloin of Beef St. Valentine
A romantic dinner is even more special when the gourmet food comes from your own kitchen. A perfectly roasted tenderloin of beef with a truffle-infused pan sauce looks and tastes great on a bed of creamed spinach with heart-shaped polenta gratin on the side.

  Coeur a la Creme Coeur a la Creme with Strawberries
French for "heart with cream," this classic dessert is made in heart-shaped molds for a great finish to a Valentine's Day meal. The natural heart shape and red color of strawberries is beautiful with this dessert, but if you can't find ripe berries, feel free to use frozen and garnish with fresh kiwi slices. This recipe needs to be made a day ahead so be sure to plan accordingly.

spinach Creamed Spinach
This simple side dish goes well with almost any entree. Remove the spinach from the heat as soon as it has wilted to preserve color and flavor. Any leftovers are a great addition to omelettes or sandwiches.

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Cooking with Cupid
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