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Popular U.S. Apple Varieties
BRAEBURN Yellow with red stripes or blush Sweet-tart, firm Late October Good for baking, sauce and salads
CORTLAND Red and green Slightly tart September to spring
CRISPIN/MUTSU Green with pink blush Sweet All year
EMPIRE Red and green Sweet-tart September to spring
FUJI Red blush with green and yellow stripes Sweet, crisp October through December Excellent in salads
GALA Red-orange with yellow stripes Sweet, crisp Mid-August through December Very good for sauce or salads
GINGER GOLD Green-yellow, sometimes with blush Sweet Late July to early September
GOLDEN DELICIOUS Yellow-green with pink blush Sweet, tender All year Excellent for pies
GRANNY SMITH Green, sometimes with pink blush Tart, crisp All year Very good for baking, sauce and salads
IDARED Mostly red with green, blushed Moderately tart September to early spring
JONAGOLD Bright red and gold Sweet/slightly tart, crisp Late September to October Very good for baking and salads
JONATHAN Light red stripes over yellow or deep red Moderately tart September to spring
McINTOSH Red and green Sweet-tart September to early summer
NEWTOWN PIPPIN Green Slightly tart, firm September to early summer Very good for salads and baking
NORTHERN SPY Red striped or blushed Slightly tart Late fall to early winter
PAULARED Red and green Slightly tart Early fall
RED DELICIOUS Striped to solid red Sweet, crisp All year Excellent for salads, poor for baking
ROME Deep solid red Slightly sweet, firm October to July Very good for pies and sauce
STAYMAN/WINESAP Deep purplish red Slightly tart, firm Septmeber to spring Excellent for salads
YORK Deep red with green stripes Moderartely tart October to spring
Sources: U.S. Apple Association, Harry's Farmers Market

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