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Ah, fruitcake. The traditional ambrosia of the season. It is, of course, fruit and cake, blended into a dense mass of colors, flavors and textures to delight all five senses...

...or so we've been told. We have yet to find anyone who has actually eaten fruitcake. Nevertheless, with your help, we at CNN Interactive salute the misunderstood fruitcake, the most traditional of holiday treats and time-honored target of holiday jokes. Dig in!


If you love fruitcake or just want to torture your friends and family with it, then please submit your fruitcake recipes below. Please make sure that you don't include too many toxic main ingredients. Remember, if we can hammer a roofing nail into a brick with it, it's a normal recipe.

To submit recipes, uses for fruitcake, fruitcake-inspired haikus, or other submissions, please visit our Feedback page.

Suggested fruitcake uses


  • Door stop
  • Weapon
  • Paper weight
  • Home plate
  • Hammer
  • Malfunctioning boomerang
  • Use them as bricks to make a really sturdy house (mice could be a problem, though)
  • Foot rest
  • Use to build bomb shelter
  • Gift for mother-in-law
  • It's the gift that keeps on giving (wrap it up and give it to someone else next year)
  • Proof that an expiration date means nothing
  • Liquify it and power a jet
  • Manhole cover
  • Really heavy pants
  • Improptu bench
  • Surf board
  • Puck
  • Not edible, yet,
    Durable when thrown
    under a fast-moving car.

    Fruit from the past,
    A present from Aunt Gertrude
    But do I dare eat it?

    I see bright red, glowing green,
    and ominous dark brown.
    Where's the cake?

    It will outlive cockroaches.
    By the way, what are those
    dark brown things in there?


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