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"It gives tangible expression to a milestone in North American history."
-- George Stuart, National Geographic Society


The fort built by the first English settlers of the "New World" was discovered at Jamestown, Virginia, by archaeologists digging in an area long thought to have been eroded by the James River.

The remains of the triangular James Fort were unearthed over two years to reveal a circular bastion typical of 17th century forts and an angle formed by two walls matching a 1610 description of the original fort's design.

Researchers estimate most of the area once covered by the fort is on dry land, though the river erosion had come within 5 feet of the fort.

It was the first major excavation in the riverside area on Jamestown Island, owned by the Association for the Protection of Virginia Antiquities. Jamestown was settled in 1607 by 104 people with a charter from King James I.

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