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Election Express Yourself

New president, now what?

CNN's Josh Rubin asks people in Chicago what's in store for Barack Obama now that he's been elected president.

updated Fri Nov 07 2008 12:41:10

New president, now what?

CNN's Josh Rubin asks people in Chicago what's in store for Barack Obama now that he's been elected president.

updated Fri Oct 31 2008 06:43:23

Predicting the president

Missouri voters, who have picked almost every president for more than 100 years, weigh in on who they think will win.

updated Fri Oct 24 2008 08:32:35

The accuracy of polls

Voters discuss whether they trust poll numbers.

updated Fri Oct 17 2008 01:05:19

Does world's opinion matter?

Voters discuss whether global opinions have an effect on their choice for president.

updated Fri Oct 10 2008 13:12:37

McCain or Obama?

Voters discuss which presidential candidate they think is more equipped to handle the economy.

updated Fri Oct 03 2008 11:19:18

Voting for vice president?

Students at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, sound off on whether a VP candidate can sway them.

updated Fri Sep 26 2008 10:41:35

Who can fix the economy?

Can either of the presidential candidates mend the shaky economy? CNN's Richard Lui hits the street as voters weigh in.

updated Fri Sep 12 2008 13:44:58

Political generation gap?

Is there a generation gap in this year's election? CNN's Josh Rubin asks voters of all ages who they support.

updated Mon Sep 08 2008 16:12:28

Celebs, protests at convention

Watch Ben Stein and other iReporters comment on the Republican National Convention, and get a glimpse at protests.

updated Mon Sep 08 2008 12:44:22

Will Palin help the GOP?

Voters in St. Paul, Minnesota, are abuzz over Gov. Sarah Palin. CNN's Sandra Endo listens in on what they're saying.

updated Fri Aug 29 2008 17:26:08

Unconventional coverage

Republican "housewives," Sen. Barack Obama's acceptance speech and more of your convention stories in Denver, Colorado.

updated Thu Aug 28 2008 16:15:00

The Obama-Biden ticket

People at the DNC give their take on Sen. Barack Obama's choice for vice president.

updated Thu Aug 21 2008 22:59:13

DNC: What's the buzz?

Residents of Denver, Colorado, talk about their expectations of the Democratic National Convention in their city.

updated Fri Aug 15 2008 14:13:23

Voters discuss VP candidates

With Election Day less than three months away, VP selection is a hot topic. CNN's Josh Rubin has the word on the street.

updated Fri Aug 08 2008 10:54:29

Negative campaign ads

CNN's Richard Lui asks voters what they think about political mudslinging.

updated Fri Jul 25 2008 13:24:37

The ideal president

CNN's Sandra Endo talks to voters in Missouri about what they are looking for in the next president.

updated Fri Jul 18 2008 13:15:14

Energy and executive power

Voters weigh in on what the president should do to get people to conserve energy.

updated Fri Jul 11 2008 13:48:06

Dealing with gas prices

Some people make major life changes to afford to drive to work.

updated Thu Jul 03 2008 13:59:27

Do we really need pennies?

Some people feel the smallest unit of U.S. currency is worthless, but others disagree. CNN's Josh Rubin reports.

updated Thu Jun 26 2008 14:55:42

Preparing for the worst

What must the presidential candidates do to better prepare the country for natural disasters? CNN's Sandra Endo reports.

updated Thu Jun 19 2008 13:14:37

The wives

Voters discuss whether it's important to know where presidential candidates' wives stand on the issues.

updated Fri Jun 13 2008 07:44:57

Hop on the train

CNN's Josh Rubin listens to commuters and the ways they get around

updated Tue Jun 10 2008 15:07:07

Obama voters

CNN's Josh Rubin talks to Virginia democrats about Barack Obama being the presumed nominee.

updated Thu Jun 05 2008 16:56:39

Clinton supporters sound off

Hillary Clinton supporters vent their anger after a DNC meeting dealed her a setback.

updated Thu May 29 2008 12:52:31

The Ohio vote

CNN's Josh Rubin is listening to Ohio voters on this week's "Election Express Yourself."

updated Thu May 22 2008 17:39:19

Listening to Kentucky voters

CNN's Josh Rubin finds out from Kentucky voters what issue concerns them the most.

updated Wed May 21 2008 14:28:00

Welcome to Indianapolis

Election Express producer Josh Rubin shows us around Indianapolis and talks to locals.

updated Wed May 21 2008 14:25:23

West Virginians and the Economy

The Election Express is on the campaign trail and producer Josh Rubin is talking to West Virginia voters.

updated Mon May 19 2008 14:45:49

Welcome to Kentucky

Election Express producer Josh Rubin is with the Election Express in Frankfort, KY.

updated Thu May 15 2008 15:29:25

Election Express Yourself

Gas prices are rising everywhere. How are people in Indiana coping?

updated Thu May 08 2008 15:50:50

Rising costs changing lives

CNN Election Express producer Josh Rubin asks people how they're adjusting to rising fuel costs.

updated Mon May 05 2008 13:44:28

The gas tax holiday

A gas tax holiday is a possible solution to skyrocketing gas prices, but it's fueling debate among voters.

updated Wed Apr 30 2008 12:10:13

Election Express bus arrives

CNN's Election Express bus sets up shop in Philadelphia ahead of the Pennsylvania primary.

updated Wed Apr 30 2008 12:09:33

Pennsylvania's economy

Election Express producer Josh Rubin takes a look at how residents in Pennsylvania cope with the troubled economy.

updated Wed Apr 30 2008 12:09:07

Political Advertising 101

CNN's Josh Rubin takes us to a Philadelphia high school that is using political ads to turn students into savvy voters.