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Voter Leagues -- You decide!

Is there a particular issue driving you to the polls this Election Day? Or are you interested in connecting with others with similar backgrounds? CNN's League of Voters gives more power to your voice and the issues that matter to you -- so you decide which Leagues CNN should offer!

As part of an upcoming election feature, the League of Voters will allow readers to see how different groups think about the issues and candidates. Inside the Leagues, you can:
1. Connect with like-minded members
2. Compare views
3. Find resources specific to your interests
Don't see a League for you? Send us a League you'd like to see offered.
League of African-American Voters
For the first time in U.S. history, an African-American is a major party's candidate for president. Yet for many African-American voters, the focus remains on issues such as education, jobs and health care.
League of Conservative Voters
Institutions like family, a limited government and free enterprise are what you think make this country great, and you're on the side of whatever upholds them.
League of Experienced Voters
You've seen a lot of presidential candidates come and go, and you have the wisdom of experience when picking a candidate.
League of Faith-Based Voters
Your faith guides your life as well as your politics. A candidate's stance on religious issues influences your decisions on Election Day.
League of Fed-Up with Fuel Prices Voters
Sure, issues like health care and national security are cause for concern, but they're nothing compared with record-high fuel prices. To you, Big Oil and gas costs are your biggest concerns on Election Day.
League of Green Voters
It's all about the environment for you. Green issues drive you to the voting booth on Election Day and to the recycling bin every day of the year.
League of Independent Voters
Political parties don't have a hold on you. You spurn the idea of joining a group and you have your own ideas about politics. You'll vote for what you want, regardless of the candidate's party affiliation.
League of Latino Voters
America's booming Latino population has caught the attention of many politicians running for office this Election Day. You want to make sure they listen and your voice is heard.
League of Liberal Voters
When it comes to government, you oppose aggressive foreign policy, stand up for the environment and are on the side of immigration rights and health care reform. You want to initiate social change.
League of Military Voters
Whether you're a veteran or just concerned about military policy, issues such as national security, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and veterans' rights will heavily influence your vote this Election Day.
League of Political Junkies
Election Day is like the Super Bowl for you. For the last three years you've been following every sound bite of the presidential nomination process and you can't wait to see how it all boils down this November.
League of Third Party Voters
Democrats and Republicans aren't the only game in town. You gravitate to third-party politics to best represent you and your issues.
League of Undecided Voters
Not sure whom to vote for just yet? Without a strong affiliation to either party, you wish you could take the bits you like best about all the candidates to make one Super President.
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Election Express Yourself
CNN's Election Express is touring the country talking to voters about their concerns and experiences during the 2008 election.
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