How did the Democratic candidates rate at the CNN/YouTube debate on July 23? Take a look at the top picks by CNN's political analysts and then make your choices by dragging the photos to the answer fields. View CNN voter results
Bill Schneider
Political analyst
Leslie Sanchez
Republican strategist
Bill Press
Radio talk show host
1.Who do you think won the debate?
Clinton had a very strong performance Clinton: Sounds much less like an automaton than usual. Managed to make Obama sound sophomoric and inexperienced Clinton: Forceful, in charge, good sense of humor
2.Who seemed to know most about the issues?
Biden: When he talked about military matters and foreign affairs, you could hear his deep knowledge and experience Biden: Seemed like the straighter talker, especially on the situation in Iraq and what it means to leave in an effective manner Biden: Strong on urging all candidates to tell the truth
3.Who had the best response to user-generated content?
Biden: When questioner described his gun as his "baby," Biden responded, "If that's his baby, that man needs help!" Dodd's defense of the accountability provisions in No Child Left Behind was strong and passionate Edwards: Remembered names and spoke well to videos
4.Who had the most disappointing performance at the debate?
Richardson sometimes seemed a little shaky, but he got better as the debate went on Richardson: had the poorest performance, exacerbated by his bumbling responses Richardson: Got better and stronger, but started off shaky
5.Whose performance was most surprising?
Edwards' answer about same-sex marriage was surprisingly candid, saying he feels "enormous personal conflict on this issue" Obama is much improved. This debate was a pander party to special interests -- affirmative action, anti-war crowd, teachers unions Obama: Surprised he didn't use opportunity to take on Hillary more than one time
6.Whose campaign got the biggest boost from the debate?
Obama came across as a more serious and knowledgeable candidate than we've heard in earlier debates Clinton's camp has to be pleased. She threw some red meat to the Democrats, especially when talking about the 2000 election Obama: More lively, more forceful
7.Who had the most creative campaign video?
Obama's video captured the excitement of his campaign very effectively Dodd's "white hair" video was clever and memorable Richardson: Very clever emphasis of resume
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