Debate Scorecard
How did the candidates rate at the Republican debate on November 28? Take a look at the top picks by CNN's political analysts and then make your choices by dragging the photos to the answer fields. View CNN voter results
Gloria Borger
Sr. political analyst
Jamal Simmons
Democratic strategist
Bill Bennett
Conservative analyst
1.Who do you think won the debate?
I don't think there was a clear winner tonight McCain won because he looked like an adult Romney. He was strong, in command, and articulate
2.Who seemed to know most about the issues?
McCain was especially strong on national security, belittling Romney's experience on the torture issue McCain was head and shoulders above the rest on being adept at the issues Depended on the issue
3.Who had the best response to user-generated content?
They were all pretty much the same Huckabee's answer on the Bible being the literal word of God was great That's hard to say. Anderson did well in clarifying the questions
4.Who had the most disappointing performance at the debate?
Paul didn't wow the crowd the way he sometimes does Thompson was the most surprising; seems like he was lost without his cue cards Paul just does not come off convincing or presidential
5.Whose performance was most surprising?
Thompson showed his sense of humor with his video and response to the Cheney cartoon Paul came off very direct and clear. He is the most extreme candidate on stage but seemed quite reasonable I was surprised Giuliani went so strongly after Romney in the opening on immigration
6.Whose campaign got the biggest boost from the debate?
Maybe Huckabee, who showed his easy demeanor and sense of humor It seems like Paul and Huckabee stood out the most Romney, no doubt
7.Who had the most creative campaign video?
Thompson Thompson. I don't know if it was creative but it certainly was the most provocative I guess I'd give that to Giuliani; kind of funny, but I'm not a great judge of these things
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