How did the candidates rate at the Republican debate on June 5? Take a look at the top picks by CNN's political analysts and then make your choices by dragging the photos to the answer fields. View CNN voter results
Bill Schneider
Sr. political analyst
Paul Begala
Democratic strategist
Amy Holmes
GOP strategist
1.Who do you think won the debate?
No clear winner. Giuliani, McCain and Romney all had effective moments. Giuliani McCain
2.Who seemed to know most about the issues?
No big difference here. McCain All equally knowledgeable
3.Who had the best one-liner or comeback?
McCain: His response to the woman who asked about her brother’s sacrifice. Also – Giuliani's lightning strike comment. Tancredo (His remark: "I'd tell George W. Bush never to darken the door of the White House.") Giuliani (lightning strike) and Huckabee again proved wit and skill.
4.Who had the most disappointing performance at the debate?
George Bush had very few defenders in this field of Republicans. T. Thompson Romney
He didn't grow
5.Whose performance was most surprising?
Tancredo’s astonishing attack on President Bush. Huckabee
Witty and warm
6.Whose campaign got the biggest boost from the debate?
McCain and Romney by defending themselves well – and by not attacking each other. Giuliani McCain
7.Who was the snappiest dresser?
Forget clothes. Romney has the best hair. I wonder how much he pays for his haircuts? Wolf Blitzer Romney
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