How did the candidates rate at the Democratic debate on June 3? Take a look at the top picks by CNN's political analysts and then make your choices by dragging the photos to the answer fields. View CNN voter results
Bill Schneider
Political analyst
James Carville
Political analyst
J.C. Watts
Political analyst
1.Who do you think won the debate?
Obama and Edwards had best moments. Drew sharp distinctions with others. Clinton Clinton. Clinton did nothing to hurt her front-runner status
2.Who seemed to know most about the issues?
Biden and Obama. Biden's extensive experience showed. Obama was clear, concise on health care. Biden Biden
3.Who had the best one-liner or comeback?
Obama. Question of English as official language is designed to divide us. Obama Obama (to Edwards on leadership) and Biden (cutting off war funding)
4.Who had the most disappointing performance at the debate?
Richardson's answers often confusing, especially on amnesty. Needed a sharper, clearer answer. Richardson Richardson. Needed a breakthrough. Didn't get it
5.Whose performance was most surprising?
Biden. Angry and forceful. Not clear whether this will energize voters or turn them off. Biden No surprises
6.Whose campaign got the biggest boost from the debate?
Obama. Stood out as a calm, clear communicator, knew his issues, explained his views cogently. None Biden. Biden is the one to watch and Edwards' aggressiveness -- will it pay off?
7.Who was the snappiest dresser?
All looked the same! Dark suit brigade. Like they all talked to the same fashion adviser. Clinton Obama
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