Duncan Hunter

Candidate status: Dropped out January 18, 2008
Filed statement of candidacy with the FEC on January 23, 2007

States won: None

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Current job: U.S. representative from California

Birth date: May 31, 1948; Riverside, California

Family: Married Lynne Hunter

Religion: Baptist

Education: Western State University, B.S.L and J.D., 1976

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In Their Own Words

Buy American ... That just might keep your neighbor from losing his job, and it might help that young person coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan in uniform to have a job.
-- On Chinese imports at the November 28, 2007, CNN/YouTube debate
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Some supporters, who may have also contributed to other candidates, include:
Roger Milliken, chair of Milliken and Company
Donated $2,100
Bruce Bartlett, founder of Bartlett Holdings, a nuclear technology firm
Gave $2,300
James Ritchie, CEO of International Foundation of Hope
Donated $500
* Money figures are according to FEC
Some of the top and notable advisers, according to the campaigns and/or media reports.
Roy Tyler, national communications director
A former Arizona restaurant owner. Tyler last year closed all three Yuma, Arizona, restaurants he had operated.
Sydney Hay, national campaign manager
An Arizona lobbyist for the Southwest Policy Group, specializing in education, mining, and small business issues.
Brigadier Gen. Charles "Chuck" Yeager, USAF (Ret.), honorary national chairman
Yeager is a former American general in the United States Air Force. Yeager was the primary subject of Tom Wolfe's book "The Right Stuff."
Retired Gen. Chuck Yeager
Dan McKinnon, national campaign chairman
The former owner of KSON radio and son of former San Diego Rep. Clinton McKinnon
Nathan Tabor, director of Internet outreach
Founder of and CEO of
Ken Gorrell, New Hampshire state director
Newspaper contributor, radio commentator, U.S. Navy veteran
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Duncan Hunter Fundraising
TOTAL as of 09/30/2007
Raised: $1,890,873
Spent: $1,758,132
Cash-on-Hand: $132,741
provided by FEC
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Hunter on the Issues
Opposes abortion rights. Sponsored legislation which would define life as beginning at conception and apply constitutional protections to the unborn.
Supported strict House immigration overhaul legislation that did not provide a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants. Voted to authorize construction of a 700-mile fence along the U.S.-Mexican border. Opposes amnesty programs. Says stricter enforcement of the nation's borders is a national security issue.
Voted for the use of military force in Iraq. Voted against war spending bill that would have withdrawn most U.S. troops by March 2008. Supported Bush plan to increase the number of American troops, but would also require increased use of Iraqi forces. Has called for the administration to update Congress on war progress every 30 days. Says the United States is obligated to complete its mission in Iraq.
Same-sex marriage
Opposes same-sex marriage and supports a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman.
Social Security
Says he is considering all options to reform the program and prevent impending insolvency.
Supported 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts. Supported extending tax cuts through 2010.
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