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How would you rate Vice President Dick Cheney's speech?
CNN analysts offer their assessments.

Defining Issue & Choices Praising the President Personal style/Delivery OVERALL

Donna Brazile
Political analyst
F B+ B C

Tucker Carlson
Political analyst
A A- C A-

Bill Schneider
Political analyst
B A C B-

Carlos Watson
Political analyst
Grades show the average of user scores in each category.

Total: 247434 user votes
C+ B- C+ C+

Donna Brazile
Hot air. He spent too much time preaching to the choir. He forgot about the congregation watching and waiting to hear "What are you planning to do for us now? We need jobs. We need health care." Cheney gave them little to "chew over."

Tucker Carlson
Cheney's more of an asset than people think. Cheney's delivery was good for Cheney but on any objective scale not so good.

Bill Schneider
Cheney defined issues only on one dimension, which was national security -- nothing else. It's not a one-dimensional election. Promoting the president. That's easy. What else could it be? Very effective. Cheney's personal style in one word, grim. Overall it was nothing special compared to Zell Miller. Zell Miller is the one people are going to be talking about, not Dick Cheney.

Carlos Watson
While technically it may not have been as charismatic a speech as Rudy Giuliani gave and it may not have utilized the compelling personal story of Arnold Schwarzenegger, in terms of energizing the core Republican base, it was a very solid speech. It's worth noting that he largely relied on national security to energize the race, as opposed to the economy and social values issues.

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