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After the first day of the Republican National Convention, how would you rate New York as a venue?
CNN analysts offer their assessments.

Legacy of 9/11 Reception by New Yorkers Security Issues OVERALL

Paul Begala
Political analyst
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Tucker Carlson
Political analyst
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Carlos Watson
Political analyst
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Paul Begala
New Yorkers, those who are left, have been exceedingly friendly. I just wish the Republicans were not such tightwads. Every business I've visited is complaining that Republicans are not spending more. All those Republican millionaires need to share the wealth. The protesters made their point with an exclamation point without causing any problems. God bless the First Amendment while we still have it. But I haven't seen so many cops since the last frat party I was at with George Bush. And the Republicans are trying to extract political gain from the murder of 3000 Americans. They should be ashamed.

Tucker Carlson
The number one rule of planning a convention is picking a city with great restaurants. New York passes that test.

Carlos Watson
Things seemed to be pretty safe, but you never know. Given all the security concerns, convention goers have been able to move around very freely. There has been relatively little violence with the protests, and a lot of people have been able to participate. Many New Yorkers still make snide remarks and clearly they're protesting, but when all is said and done in a city where four of five votes went against the president in 2000, it hasn't been that bad.

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