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Did Sen. John Edwards make the case?
CNN analysts offer their assessments.


Tucker Carlson
Political analyst
C- C A B

Bill Schneider
Political analyst
B B A B+

Carlos Watson
Political analyst
B+ A- A- A-

Mo Rocca
Political satirist
B* A** F*** D****
NOTE: * B for boy band, ** A for adorable, *** F for Fabian, **** D for dreamboat

Tucker Carlson
My overall feeling is that his basic premise that America is more unfair than it used to be just isn't true. Society is more fluid and more meritocratic than it's ever been. There are more sons of mill workers going to college now in America than have ever gone. It's not a perfect country but to say that it's gotten less fair or that there's less opportunity is just factually untrue. He's a very effective communicator. He's a charming guy.

Bill Schneider
He surprised everyone because he never mentioned George Bush. By implication, he criticized Bush but I ... never heard the names Bush or Cheney anywhere in that speech. The criticism is by implication; that was very skillful. It was his signature populist speech -- very different in style from what we expect to hear from John Kerry. The question is: Is it the same as Kerry's message? We'll see (Thursday) night.

Carlos Watson
Edwards did what he needed to do. He was tough on terror, saying we will hunt down and destroy al Qaeda, and offering some ideas on how to do it. And he was specific both on foreign and domestic policy. And above all else, he was optimistic, hopeful and confident. For Americans who watched, there's probably not much of a question about whether or not he is prepared to be vice president.

Mo Rocca
What happened to Lance Bass (of *NSYNC)?

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