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Occurrence and ad spending data is provided by Campaign Media Analysis Group. To obtain more details visit TNS Media Intelligence/CMAG
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Below are highlights from the current ad campaigns. Learn more about the new ad requirements/restrictions
No Limit

The Choice    
Whatever It Takes    
Full list of Bush ads

Your Hands

Bush's Mess    
Full list of Kerry ads

Progress for America: Ashley's Story

Swift Vets and POWs For Truth: Never Forget    
Swift Boat Veterans For Truth: Friends    
Full list of Interest Group ads
Improve your campaign ad I.Q. Check out a few classic campaign ads that political analysts still reference.

Morning in America
Willie Horton

Here are some other Web sites that deal with Election 2004 campaign ads.
Club For Growth
Move On
Wisconsin Advertising Project
Bush-Cheney '04
John Kerry for President
The Center for Public Integrity

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