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  • Gov. Pete Wilson (R-Calif.)
  • Gov. Roy Romer (D-Colo.)
  • Gov. Lawton Chiles (D-Fla.)
  • Gov. Zell Miller (D-Ga.)
  • Gov. Phil Batt (R-Idaho)
  • Gov. Jim Edgar (R-Ill.)
  • Gov. Terry Branstad (R-Iowa)
  • Gov. Arne Carlson (R-Minn.)
  • Gov. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.)
  • Gov. Robert J. Miller (D-Nev.)
  • Gov. George Voinovich (R-Ohio)


  • Sen. Dale Bumpers (D-Ark.)
  • Sen. Dirk Kempthorne (R-Idaho)
  • Sen. Daniel R. Coats (R-Ind.)
  • Sen. Wendell Ford (D-Ky.)
  • Sen. John Glenn (D-Ohio)

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  • Rep. Vic Fazio (D-Calif. 3)
  • Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif. 36)
  • Rep. Frank Riggs (R-Calif. 1)
  • Rep. Esteban Torres (R-Calif. 34)
  • Rep. Dan Schaefer (R-Colo. 6)
  • Rep. David Skaggs (D-Colo. 2)
  • Rep. Barbara Kennelly (D-Conn. 1)
  • Rep. Michael Crapo (R-Idaho 2)
  • Rep. Harris Fawell (R-Ill. 13)
  • Rep. Glenn Poshard (D-Ill. 19)
  • Rep. Sidney Yates (D-Ill. 9)
  • Rep. Lee Hamilton (D-Ind. 9)
  • Rep. Scotty Baesler (D-Ky. 6)
  • Rep. Jim Bunning (R-Ky. 4)
  • Rep. Joe Kennedy II (D-Mass. 8)
  • Rep. Mike Parker (R-Miss. 4)
  • Rep. Jon Christiansen (R-Neb. 2)
  • Rep. John Ensign (R-Nev. 1)
  • Rep. Thomas J. Manton (D-N.Y. 7)
  • Rep. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y. 9)
  • Rep. Gerald Solomon (R-N.Y. 22)
  • Rep. Bill Paxon (R-N.Y. 27)
  • Rep. Bill Hefner (D-N.C. 8)
  • Rep. Louis Stokes (D-Ohio 11)
  • Rep. Elizabeth Furse (D-Ore. 1)
  • Rep. Robert Smith (R-Ore. 2)
  • Rep. Joseph McDade (R-Pa. 10)
  • Rep. Paul McHale (D-Pa. 15)
  • Rep. Bob Inglis (R-S.C. 4)
  • Rep. Henry Gonzalez (D-Texas 20)
  • Rep. Linda Smith (D-Wash. 3)
  • Rep. Scott Klug (R-Wis. 2)
  • Rep. Mark Neumann (R-Wis. 1)

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    Eleven seats are open. Four are retirements and seven are due to term limits.

    Idaho -- Gov. Phil Batt (R) is retiring.

    Illinois -- Gov. Jim Edgar (R) is retiring.

    Iowa -- Gov. Terry Branstad (R) is retiring.

    Minnesota -- Gov. Arne Carlson (R) is retiring.

    The seven remaining governor departures are due to governors being forced out of office because of term limits:

  • California -- Gov. Pete Wilson (R) is restricted to two terms and has not completely ruled out a run for the presidency in 2000.
  • Colorado -- Gov. Roy Romer (D), also head of the Democratic National Committee, will leave office after two terms.
  • Florida -- Gov. Lawton Chiles (D) will leave office after two terms as governor and 40 years in politics.
  • Georgia -- Gov. Zell Miller (D) will leave office after eight years as governor and 28 years in public office.
  • Nebraska -- Gov. Ben Nelson (D) is also forced out of office due to term limits after two terms.
  • Nevada -- Gov. Robert J. Miller (D) will leave the governorship after 10 years, the state-imposed term limit for governor.
  • Ohio -- Gov. George Voinovich (R), who must vacate his seat due to term limits (two terms or eight years), is running for a Senate seat.

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    Five senators will leave office. Four are retiring and one will run for governor.

    Dale Bumpers (D-Ark.) is retiring.

    Dirk Kempthorne (R-Idaho) will give up his seat to run for governor of Idaho.

    Daniel R. Coats (R-Ind.) is retiring.

    Wendell Ford (D-Ky.) is retiring.

    John Glenn (D-Ohio) is retiring.

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    Thirty-three members of the House are leaving office. Twenty-one members are retiring, eight House members ran or are running for Senate seats and four members are or have run for governor.

    Rep. Vic Fazio (D-Cal.) will retire after 20 years in the House.

    Rep. Jane Harman (D-Cal.) ran for the Democratic nomination for governor.

    Rep. Frank Riggs (R-Cal.) is retiring.

    Rep. Esteban Torres (D-Calif.) is retiring.

    Rep. Dan Schaefer (R-Colo.) is retiring. Schaeffer has been the Colorado's 6th district only congressman since the district was created in 1982. (He was elected in 1983, replacing astronaut Jack Swigert who died before he took office.)

    Rep. David E. Skaggs (D-Col.) offered a double surprise in October 1997 when he said he would not run for the Senate and would also retire from the House after the 105th Congress.

    Rep. Barbara Kennelly (D-Conn) is running for governor.

    Rep. Michael Crapo (R-Idaho) the 1993 freshmens' "class leader," is running for Senate.

    Rep. Harris Fawell (R-Ill.) is retiring after 14 years.

    Rep. Glenn Poshard (D-Ill.) has said he will honor his earlier statements about leaving after 10 years. Poshard is running for governor.

    Rep. Sidney R. Yates (D-Ill.), the oldest and longest-serving House member, has said his 24th term will be his last. Yates, 87, first won a district on Chicago's North Side in 1948 and has served in every Congress since, save one (1963-65).

    Rep. Lee Hamilton (D-Ind.), the ranking Democrat on the House International Relations Committee, is retiring.

    Rep. Scotty Baesler (D-Ky.) is running for Senate.

    Rep. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.), thought of as a possible candidate for governor in 1999, is running for Senate.

    Rep. Joe Kennedy II (D-Mass.) will retire at the end of this term to run Citizen's Energy Corp, which he founded, and to spend more time with his family.

    Rep. Mike Parker (R-Miss.), after switching to the Republican party in 1995, is retiring.

    Rep. John Christiansen (R-Neb.), the first Republican freshman to get a seat on the Ways and Means committee since George Bush in 1968, ran for governor.

    Rep. John Ensign (R-Nev.) is running for Senate.

    Rep. Thomas J. Manton (D-N.Y.) is retiring.

    Rep. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) is running for Senate.

    Rep. Gerald Solomon (R-N.Y.) is retiring.

    Rep. Bill Paxon (R-N.Y.) is retiring.

    Rep. Bill Hefner (D-N.C.) is retiring after 22 years in the House.

    Rep. Louis Stokes (D-Ohio) is retiring after 30 years in the House.

    Rep. Elizabeth Furse (D-Ore.), who had promised to serve a maximum of four terms, will retire after just three terms.

    Rep. Robert F. Smith (R-Ore.), who retired from the House first in 1994 and then ran again and won in 1996, is retiring.

    Rep. Joseph McDade (R-Pa.), who spent most of the 1990s under investigation for campaignand financial indiscretions (he was acquitted in 1996), is retiring.

    Rep. Paul McHale (R-Pa.) is retiring.

    Rep. Bob Inglis (R-S.C.) is running for Senate.

    Rep. Henry Gonzalez (D-Texas) is retiring.

    Rep. Linda A. Smith (R-Wash.) is running for Senate.

    Rep. Scott L. Klug (R-Wis.), after four terms, is retiring.

    Rep. Mark W. Neumann (R-Wis.) is running for Senate.

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