April 24, 2008

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Making the film "Trapped" was a shocking experience for me. I spent two years observing the trafficking enviroment in Denmark and other parts of Europe, researching for the film.

I met Michelle Mildwater, a British psychotherapist working with these women in the streets and brothels of Denmark. Together we roamed the red light areas and witnessed the growing group of African and Eastern European women standing on the ice-cold streets, forced by the criminal network to prostitute themselves in order to pay off their debts.

Through Michelle I got in contact with the two Nigerian women, Anna and Joy. I felt really priviliged when they agreed to cooperate with me to make the film. They said they wanted people in the world to know about their suffering at the hands of pimps, madams and the legal authorities in Denmark.

I was deeply affected when I visited Joy month after month, imprisoned as a common criminal and was witness to her tears and desperation. She said to me so often: "I only asked for help and now I have ended up behind bars. Why am I being punished like this?"

Anna and Joy were deported to Nigeria and Michelle and I followed them home.

Nigeria was a great challenge -- the grinding poverty, the polution and the constant danger were overwelming and made filming very difficult.

I was hardly ever able to film in an open way and I had to improvise by placing a hidden camera in a shoulder bag with a hole cut in it, so I could film on the streets of Lagos and Benin city.

In Nigeria, Joy and Anna encountered new problems every day and I followed their
struggle for survival. I realized that the traffickers do not just give up their victims easily and I also discovered the cruel way their families were threatened. And the psychological terror of voodoo.

It was terrible to see how a womam returning to her own country, remained a fugitive and had to live underground moving from place to place.

We had hoped an organization would be willing to protect and rehabilitate these needy women but without funding there was no possibility for this to occur and it was clear to me that there was no well organized, coordinated support provided for trafficked women.

Despite this, Joy and Anna were determined to stay in Nigeria and resisted being trafficked again Anna had said once that I would rarther eat sand in the desert than stand here on the ice cold streets of Copenhagen.

Many women, however, succumb to the intolerable pressure put on them and return to the streets and brothels of Europe. My question is: When can we ever hope to end the cycle of trafficking and retrafficking? When if ever will we put a stop to 21st century slavery.

-- From Director Anja Dalhoff
Hats off...Its a real real world. Every one knows about it but no one to look after this people. Are we living in this world or just spectators ?
i think most of those women do that by there own will.i do not think that if you don t wanna do something,someone can force you to do it.There is a will,there is a way.I live in Frankfurt am Main,Germany and the prostitution here is legal when registered.i see always on the street so many girls from East Europe,who prostitute by there own will.I am also east european and to be honest,I feel so embarased to say that when i see on the street so many girls from my native coutry.Everyone makes his lifechoice.that s my opinion.
Hristina Shangova
maan..this is totally an untold story...so hard to stay without thinking about this.thanks to the one who shared this story
I tend to agree with ladu. No one really cares when it is not within our backyard. Even if it is, what is it to us?
The world has become so consumed with power, greed, selfishness to really see into the miseries of others.
it would be a great idea if cnn provides visual link to this trapped. to better understand the issue
the lad was in afghanistan and no body knew.
what the hell this all emedia for. and they are missing their kid so to call him back they LEAKED the news. was he serving there or wanted time out from chelsey unfortunately 4000 US innocent men had no royal links.
Why are these women being criminalised yet they are the victims? why do countries like Denmark legalise prostitution and make market for traffickers only to end up imprisoning victims without any help?This is inhumane treatment of these girls on the part of migration authorities. Unacceptable.
Hristina Shangona i agreed with u tht prostitution is legalised in Germany for those people that legally residing in the country.How can our girls work legally when they are not legally residing there.These girls i know is not there wish and will.They go thru rituals before leaving Nigeria and they have no choice but to do it and pay back.They have to submit hairs of their bodies and menstrual pads.With these they cannot run away.Prinz from Spain
prostitution is the world oldest profession.Criminalizing them is wrong.Well,that is not new.Sexy racism is a big problem in Europe.
Why is it always the southerners in Nigeria that give Nigeria a bad name? The love for money is too much.These girls are not being threatened or even trafficked. The part of the country they come from worship money and the only recognition one gets is not from well earned success but from money.
It's unbelievable and shocking to hear the tale of these victims. If the governments of these European countries can't track those behind these networks, they may not be very different from those of African countries who cover up these networks.
I think all you heard from this ladies are all lies.Am a Nigerian and this is like a national disgrace to me and many other Nigerians that are following this stories.There is poverty in Nigeria,Africa and some other third world countries but this is different.This ladies knows that they are going to Europe to sell their body for money.
Ten years ago when i used to run my father's hotel in Lagos,Nigeria this guys will come to lodge 8 to 10 young ladies and their destination then was Italy and Spain then.After they have lodge the ladies they start to their lectures.After the lectures off they go to the the airport.This ladies are mostly EDO/DELTA cos they speaks the same local dialect and it is through the consent of their parents.They parents are aware of the dirty business their children are going to do in Europe.We have so many tribes in Nigeria,why are they different, that tells you they are so proud of what they are doing.It's like a pride and competition among now are days.The lady that was interview today(JOY)will never tell the truth about their dirty deal.When they go back home for holidays they are like heroes and most ot them ladied are rich from this prostitute business cos they all have Godmothers and Gogfathers.They all have houses back at home in their village.So don't let them deceuved you.They know what they are doing in the first place.I really don't know what Nigerian government are doing this issues since 10/12 years ago.The people we elected to serve us are so corrupt all they know is how to get rich,i mean super-rich,not how to put an end to poverty.AIDS/HIVs is growing radily in Nigeria and they are the major cause of this killer disease.
I will be very pleased if you can invite me for an interview in your london studio.
Thanks to Dr. Michelle and CNN team. The story so related to Denmark’s reality and shows that the system cannot put any line between freedom and offending other freedom. This selfishness lead to human abuse and attacking others freedom in different ways.
It is unfortunate that women are still seen as objects that can be sold and bought especially in Westerns countries like Denmark, that is where I fault the situation at hand. These women or most of them at least, are aware even before they struggle to go to Europe that they are going to prostitute. The Nigerian government has tried for decades to eliminate this trend but these women volunteer to be prostitutes. Don't be fooled into thinking there is a ring of sex slave traders holding them hostage and selling them abroad. The ones who have been successfully repatriated have become a nuisance to the Nigerian government because they keep trying to return to Europe to be sex workers and the ones who fail resort to making pornographic films instead. They only cry "fowl play" when they are in a dilemma. I would advise that you not just take their solemn word for it and defame Nigeria even more than it already has been but investigate the governments efforts before you report it as fact.
A concerned Nigerian in Kuala Lumpur
Its quite unfortunate that stuff like this happen , but to be taken by the stories from these women who are driven by greed and the glitz of the western world to resort to life of low virtue is repulsive. Coming from a poor african country i ve had the privilege of seeing how these girls informed as they are of what awaits them , pay ..i mean pay to get themselves overseas . It bleeds my heart , knowing how much effort nigerian govt put into educating her young girls about stuff like this, the african society still take the punch for the greed of a little few . let it be known that a lot more had resisted the "trap" and even more will be "trapped" after watching this program. Let the real truth be told ... they knew and they made their choice. stan, nigeria.
As a Nigerian woman, I am appalled at this horrid situation going on in Europe! The lives that these women live in Nigeria is better than prostituting themselves on the streets. At least back home, they have roofs over their heads, no matter how poor the situation maybe. It is the excitement of travelling to a foreign country that makes these women gullible to the traffickers who entice them with a promise of a better life. There is a foundation called WOTCLEF in Nigeria - Women Trafficking and child labour eradication foundation dealing with these types of situations. I hope they can get help and stop falling for the "better life" promise of Europe.
I hope that all those hopesless Nigerian Leaders are watching this.This is a direct conseqence of failure of leadership and their corrupt and klepto-patrimonial tendencies.We have a government that has forsaken its people,This is a country where a governor of a state stole £30 million and he is being feted by the government in power.It is really a sad story,My heart goes out to all this girls.Sending those girls back to Nigeria is tantamount to passing death sentence on them.Going to the police in Nigeria will only make their problem worse,I sincerely hope the Danish goverment will cosider against deporting those girls but help them in whatever way humanly possibly to escape this vicious circle.
This is old news and almost always the women involved are from Edo State in Nigeria. The women from this state are well known for traveling to Europe to become prostitutes.

Since it came to light in the late 90's, Nigeria has done a lot to stop these women from disgracing us and at the moment, passports and travel documents are not being issued to women from this state.

I am a Nigerian and have lived here all my life and it hurts to see that CNN always looks to downgrade Nigeria even if it means digging on old news.

What about the millions of eastern European women on the streets of Europe being trafficked everyday?

These women have an abundant of choices available to them and if they chose to sell their bodies, its their choice.
Half of them never say the truth and as far as am concerned, you can not forcible remove a Nigerian from Nigeria so they were well aware when they entered the flights and flew here.

Just 2 weeks ago, I was on my way back to Europe from Nigeria and I noticed something when I passed through immigration at the Lagos airport. A lot of single girls ( Obviously from Edo/Benin were being denied boarding by Nigerian immigration officers! I think this is also a step in the right direction as denying them travel passports is not enough as they go to apply for it from other states and claim to be from other state.

CNN, please give Nigeria a break! Prostitution is the least problem that Nigeria has and for your info, stop making it look like Nigeria is full of Slums, the parts of Nigeria you always ever show are some villages in the bush and never have any nice thing to say about my people.

Least I forget, the one women in the jail cell in Copenhagen is not a Nigerian, she is Liberian!She is lying and I can tell cos even though I am nigerian, I have a lot of friends from other African countries and she looks and speaks like a Liberian and this is no wonnder she cant get any documents to prove her nationality. Nigeria has an embassy in stockholm and if she is really Nigerian, she could contact them for documents.

Please do your research well before starting to paint my country black!
I now understand the frustrations of the Arab league at the continuous propaganda of the western press. It's sad to see reporters churning out stories to which little effort is made to see the true picture. I am a Nigerian, yes life is tough, my people want to travel all right, get good jobs, make a living and what have you, and they understand they need to work at that. It's the lazy ones who refuse to go to school or cant hold down a regular job, the ones that wanna go to Europe and come back 6 months after with a Lexus jeep that get trapped, out of their own greed. Lastly, it's saddening to see the extent reporters go to twist stories or stage manage interviews all in the name of doing a good job. So much for telling the truth.
Yeh...so lots of things going around the world. So I love some one who had shown something to usby courage. Again I salute you making this.
SHAME ON YOU CNN for imposing the faces of village children on that of a prostitute. How much did you pay the villagers to gather all the village children to eat from one single plate for your cameras?

If there is little food in the village, how do you explain the healthy looking children? How do you explain the GIANT COOKING POTS seating on fire woods next to the children as they fight over a plate of food for the your camera? The presence of the GIANT COOKING POTS [in the camera shots] indicates that someone had just finished cooking in them; and yet you showed the village children all fighting over a small plate of food. SHAME ON YOU CNN. If that was not staged for your cameras then I am Ted Turner.

Further, if these girls don't have papers, how do you know they are Nigerians. And how many of these kind of girls live in Nigerian villages? You also showed a slum in Lagos, I suppose, this was the VILLAGE the prostitutes came from?

SHAME ON YOU CNN. There is someone in your organization that really HATES Nigeria. LIES, DISTORTIONS and RECKLESSNESS with facts is your standard of reporting when it comes to matters relating to Africa, particularly Nigeria.

You earn advertisement revenue from Nigerian businesses and governments and then UNDO the positive image they try to portray of Africa.
Its quite unfortunate that stuff like this happen , but to be taken by the stories from these women who are driven by greed and the glitz of the western world to resort to life of low virtue is repulsive. Coming from a poor african country i ve had the privilege of seeing how these girls informed as they are of what awaits them , pay ..i mean pay to get themselves overseas . It bleeds my heart , knowing how much effort nigerian govt put into educating her young girls about stuff like this, the african society still take the punch for the greed of a little few . let it be known that a lot more had resisted the "trap" and even more will be "trapped" after watching this program. Let the real truth be told ... they knew and they made their choice.
I am a Nigerian and i watched your documentary this morning on CNN. To say the least, i am utterly disgusted. Life is all about choices, there are people with worse family backgrounds than these girls and rose against all odds to make the best of their lives. Most of these Ladies are from a particular part of Nigeria which is necessarily not at all the poorest but the major problem is their greed coupled with their bunch of covetous parents. I will suggest that you be balanced in your reporting, i was amazed at the comments of the girls on what will happen to them when they get back to Africa. They portray Nigeria like a jungle without laws. The most shocking part of the whole story is the woman that was ready to "GIVE" her kids to a stranger that she has never met before - all these give you an idea of the mindset of the parents of these ladies. As far as am concerned, they are all a bunch of lazy, greedy, ungodly and unpatriotic humans that are ready to trade their souls on the altar of money.........'Tosin
Please does this story have part 2 please I will like to read more about it...

Great story,

I'm just curious to how the author of this story helped these two women besides revealing their sad and desperate lives to everyone.

I truly feel for these women, but I hope that reporters don't just use their lives to make themselves famous.
i think it's really time for the entire world to know " there's right for all human , people are fighting uneccessary wars ans killing, then some people say globalizaion " what's is glonalizaion" human trakficking, shouldn't be ingored , the goverment should get anyone involved jailed for life " innocent women are dying every giving day , what give these tracfickers power, because sex slavery don't have access to police , even them go to the police will also arrested them , then throw them into prison or deport them to their country , which , the police are n't doing their work , when them realise that these prostitute are unsafe by their tracfickers if they are cought" i just where i'm now , morocco, no freedom , this why you see people dying everyday here it's true . my are ikpo del, a nigeria '' morocco
After watching the 1st part of TRAPPED hearing Ana´s stories i cannot help weeping for her.How she was taking advantage of by 8 men:-(
Hristina i have to disagree with you on your statement that "Most of those women do that by there own will" You are wrong 95% of these girls are going thru poverty.There is nothing to hold on to.Did you hear what Joy said that you cannot think about any other thing when you are thinking of what to eat.
I am a Nigerian and i´m proud to be.But i must let you know that our Government and leaders are to be blamed for this unfortunate situations that has befallen our young beautiful girls.
They are elected into offices all they could do is loot the treasure of the office which they pledge to the people they want to serve.For instance from Benin City in Edo State where 99% of these girls are from the former Governor Lucky Igbinedion son of a MULTIMILLIONAIRE BUSSINESS TYCOON did absolutely only to steal the states´money and escape to Morocco where he was later arrested.If he has used these money to established a company in that state employ these girls i am sure they will have 2nd thought about travelling to Europe going thru harsh pains.
I reside in Spain and i leave with them here too.We listen to there stories too but we cannot do anything to help them only to encourage them to be strong and after the payment they are FREE.
Poverty and empty future have driven them into these inhumane trade.
Hristina you also said prostitution is legalised in Germany when registered.Let me ask you.How can ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT that is afraid of been sent to hardship of Nigeria work as a legalised prostitute?You know in Germany if you are an illegal immigrant you have no right whatsoever that happened to you they don´t care all they are after is how to get you out of there society FAST.
Prinz from Spain
I must first of all thank you for bringing the Nigerian situation and it's repercussions to it's helpless citizens to the world. Poverty, insecurity of both life and property as well as the lack of the basic life supporting infastructure e.g healthcare and education have tranformed an average Nigerian today into a desperate "I must survive by all means necessary" human being. There seems to be no more respect for human life from the once warm and friendly Nigerian culture. For this reason many dream of going to countries where they can feel at least some form of human decency. I am a Nigerian and my heart bleeds when I see my people in the manner that this report portrays as well as the other reports of fraud and other crimes by Nigerians all over the world. I must acknowledge the work of the wife of the former Vice President of Nigeria, Mrs Titi Atiku Abubakar who founded WOTCLEF, an NGO that even after leaving office today is at the fore front of the fight against women trafficing. but the task is not an easy one as life in Nigeria only seems to be getting more difficult by the day as it's corrupt leaders lavish in unimaginable wealth.
Bashiru Ibrahim
I want to say that the manner in which the documentary depicts the story in nothing short of "hollywood creation". Too many misrepresentation from the documentary. Its sad that a British crew who should know better about the Nigerian State lies to the world of Nigeria being in state of abject poverty. THIS IS FALSE!!!. The girls are nothing but actresses playing a role cast for them by cheap British Journalists. I challenge them to Bring these girls cases to the Lagos State Ministry of Youths, Sports and Social Development. Where social workers will verify all the claims by these characters
i watched this programm yesterday and was really ashamed of being a Nigeria.From ma point of view i feel this girls are not being forced but they are willing n then get their selfs into this voodoo act with their bosses.it's nice as the story was showned to the holy world n i think something must be n should be down in the city of benin in nigeria because they are the most populated tribe included in this act.if concelling could be done there i think it will help.
The issue is that one chooses the kind of life one wants to live,it´s not by force.In a particular side of Nigeria to be exact EDO STATE and BENIN STATE,they take pleasure in sending their daughters to any Oversea countries to go and prostitute for them.The Federal Government has done all she could to stop this type of trafficking all to no avail.It is not really the issue of poverty,it is the mind set.It is in a bit to get rich quickly.There are so many people in various hardship who are living an organised and disciplined life.A young lady who decides to travel out where she knows nobody,what type of life does she expect.Please,people should learn to be creative.There are so many opportunities in Nigeria.Thank you.
Being a Nigerian i felt totally ashamed and enraged at what are so called leaders have done to the society. They have shredded the moral fabric of our society with their insatiable lust for corruption. They empty the nation's coffers to send their spoil brats to school, while the common man has to sell his daughter to commercial sex barons for a tiny amount of cash. I dont think the ladies engage in such a practice on their own free will, if u have ever lived in Africa u will be quick to judge. Only the one who wears the shoe knows where it hurts. dont be quick 2 judge, you've probably never stared poverty and hunger in the face before.
Femi Oke,a Nigerian, CNN anchor, an employee of CNN,knows better,As a Nigerian Professor living in the US for over 20years, Never before has a Nigerian woman being so ridiculed.
For this news report " World's Untold Stories" On Nigerian girl's In Europe, I'll give the reporter and her crew zero. They no nothing about Nigeria.
CNN know's next to nothin about Nigeria, and I wouldn't blame them for nothing.
..If Nigeria had got a Sincere government.
..If Nigerian Political class had not been so Corrupt.
..If the Oil revenue had been Evenly distributed.
..If there's transparency in Governance in Nigeria.
..If above all Our Politicians have the fear of God In their hearts.

The situation Nigeria is today wouldn't be happening, I want to believe that this New report is staged to smear Nigerian good image "We never have one though", I want to believe that those ladies in question in the footage of this report are lairs.
Nigeria has been one of the few countries in Africa that has provided education to it's citizens free, upto college level,hence the decision of having a solid educational Background in Nigeria depends absolutley on the citizens.
I want to call on the foregin Consulates in Nigeria to up grade their Visa requirement qualifications before Issuing Nigerians Visa to travel abroad, and Finally I want to call on fellow honest Nigerians living abroad to Strive and always tel the truth, about immigrating to live and make money abroad, please stop telling fairy tales whenever you travel to Nigeria, The streets in Europe, Canada or the US is not made of Gold, I like so many other Nigerian professionals had to take on odd jobs,"Night-guard" to be able to pay bills until graduation, this is no news, I just hope one day, Nigerians won't Need to travel abroad to look for jobs except going on Vacation. Libya is one country in Africa where you don't find their citizens abroad, and hopefully if any of the sons, daughters or relatives of the Nigerian Politicians are reading this,I would like you to Implor your relation who's in the corridor of power to stop stealing what belongs to the State, as on the long run, it's end up putting us all together inthe same category as fraudsters, and cheap Nigerians On the streets of Europe.

if i must chip in some coments after hearing this i must say that i am really disappointed at those girls.you see if you must know those are just lies and as a matter of fact you western journalist dont hessitate to publish and follow up reports that have to do with great african countries like Nigeria.
well on the second note pls i must tell you that those girls were not totally ignorant of what they were being involved in, that was what they bargainned for only that the didnt know the intensity of the inferno, thy thought it was just a game they play and got away with it so easily.thank you.
I honestly think no one cares - people should stop being so ingorant to situations like these especially to people of high authority - all they care about it MONEY - well if the people of high authority such as government and leaders want money they should realize that it comes from the PEOPLE - with more people working, being productive, the country's GDP, GNP etc... increases thus making the country more profitable and more attractive to other nations. REMEMBER - MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND - but not necessarily in the smoothest direction.
I am a young woman from benin, i was 16 when my aunt made arrangement for me to come to europe. i believe her story in film and have many friend who are trafficked, no just greedy but many tricked. when i get there in italy they put me in prostitution and burn me with cigarete and beat me.this nigerian who say it hollywood creation no nothing bout the wicked people who take advatage of poor people.i think film good and show truth. these people who write is rich nigerians say girls actress and want world to not beleive thier suffering.if they be actress they must get big oscar. nigerian goverments for 40 years must shame themself -not the women who be boughtand sold and now told they all greedy liars.shame on you ignorant nigerians it always the poorand weak who suffer and now yu say they are liars too.
the one person said
The issue is that one chooses the kind of life one wants to live,it´s not by force HE NO NOTHING ABOUT TRAFFICKING AND SITS IN GOOD JOB AND JUDGE. TRAPPED TELLS THE TRUTH i am in a special plce for woman with this problem cause i run away.so i see film with social workers
so it is through the do it, that is ridiculous,l wish it will be stopped.
its so interesting that this things is being published in CNN as world untold stories.l want to believe that this girls did not ingage in it willingly,is just because of poverty being faced in nigeria by majority of the citizens,they do not have options rather than accepting prostitution,infact most of them is their parents that made them to do it due to lack of money to bring them up in a proper way.And their so called godmother and godfather now took advantage of them in making money through it.they are being taken to native doctors to take an oath not to violate the agreement and when they do,they will die instantly and maybe their parents down home will be victimized.so that made them to really suffer so much in abroad in the name of prostitution if not they can as well run away on getting to these countries.some of them succeeds while some do not,if only all these traffickers will be trapped as well,it will help matters.let them stop spoiling the image of nigeria in the outside world,and also parents should be talked to who give away their children all in the name of making money for them,moreso family planning should be encouraged,it will go a long way in helping nigeria women in giving birth as many the can train,not bringing innocent children into the world to come and suffer for what they do not know.
My name is Joseph Onu Silas, the secrtary of the Justice M.L.Uwais Law students Foundation, and proudly Nigerian. This story is definitely one of those western unfair comments about Nigeria. if the reporter is to be fair, why was she covering event with a hidding camera,who said that there is no freedom in Nigeria. Those that go to european countries in order to prostitute are nothing but greedy people, and you find such in New York, London and Brussel. It is not just a Nigerian problem, but a human problem. It should be seen as such, moreover, which nation parades the highest number of prostitutes in the world today? the answer is clear, the United States and Europe. So, please, be fair when making your comments. I Love Nigeria, I love the US and the europeans. Thanks.
The reality is that people that live in a EU that is so independet and free to choose their own destinies cannot realy grasp what this is about. To close the eyes is so easy but the reality won't go away. The future will bring back on us the "B" product that will come out of it with anger and hate. Some say that it is their choises to do it and they would have done even if free. The reality is that the demand of this kind of services reveal a even harder truth about the society that surrounds us. Think about that.
Javan Junior
Trapped is true a reflection of the reality of corruption, bad governance, and selfish nature of the political leadership of so called third world societies. We often hear of rumours that the former Nigerian ruthless dictator Sani Abacha died while surrounded by women from the four continents of the world. The women were hired and brought in to specifically cool his burning appetite for sex. Many governments in Africa, East Europe, Asia and Latin america have totally failed to empower their people- i mean fighting corruption, embracing good governance and improving the living standards of the people. On the other hand, the West is yet to come to terms with the best practices in dealing with these issues. I abhor the pracice of chasing these innocent human being who find themselves in between the two conflicting forces. The rounding up and detention is not the solution to eradicating prostitution, but respecting their basic fundamental human rights is. The West can learn allot of things from www.hopenow.org the producers of the film. It is a pity to try to advance a naive point of view that these girls are aware that prostitution awaits them in the West.

No one would accept such a humiliating ordeal to end up in the trap and be TRAPPED. So my advice to bloggers here is to try to discourse around primary issues that promote the desire to ''fly out''. Another angle which I think needs discourse is the angle of a mans unlimited desire to explore sex as a way of fighting the modern day stress etc. Sex has become a very powerful force in our world today. The media, fashion industry, travel industry, print media, etc. are all there to try and please a man's desire to see something really revealing (seminaked or totally naked woman pleases many men). There are also many myths that do exist about this subject; I have conversed with a number of European men who think that an african womans' ''hole'' is the answer to their sexual appetite. This might sound funny but this is true. The question is how do we communicate these scenes to those in positions of authority (both in the third world and the rich countries), what can we learn from the experiences of the producers of this film?

It is my hope that the government agencies working around these issues(especially the government of Denmark) needs to log on and share with us what they think about this film.

Have a nive day and don't be TRAPPED

Thanks for showing the reality as it is. I've been in contact with women in the same situation as Joy and Anna in the film. Women who have cried for help, but trapped in the criminal network of traffickers. How can anybody say that this film is not showing the truth. Go to the streets of the red light areas all over Europe and talk to the Nigerian women. How can you believe that they have chosen this kind of life? Because of pressure from the family and bad living in poverty they end up in this horrible kind of living. They are crying but can't find a way out !
Anja Dalhoff and CNN need to give Nigeria a break,
Looks like you are out of stories to write as this was written about a long time ago and is old news.
Obama and Clinton can give you more to write about if you dig enough.
please leave Nigeria alone with your western propaganda
Ana & CNN, you have been had, you have been hoodwinked. These girls are seasoned hookers even back in Nigeria. I talk to these hookers in the streets of Madrid or any European city, it is all about EUROS, not about victimization. I know for a fact that families in southern part of Nigeria pool their money to "sponsor" a young girls to Europe for prostitution because the returns are big.Mr. Oluwafemi George,the hotel owner gave us first hand inside view of that. As for those Nigerians, who say that the country is given a bad focus, I have seen worst focus about Eastern European countries. I tell these guys, puh-leez!, go check you reality.
Am a nigerian in the netherlands and this is not news here and in nigeria,becouse these girls and their families knows what their girls are doing and they do not care about the after effect of prostituting without a proffessional help and its just the money,and most of these girls endup spreeding HIV,which is killing the innocent nigerians.I am not proud of this as nigerian and the gorvament is doing nothing to help these girls.I remember visiting nigeria couple of years ago and some one in my family asked me to help the docther abroad,and when i asked the father of the if he knew what the girls are doing over there,he said yes that it is better for his little girl to go to europ to make money with her body than having intercous in nigeria and not been paid for.told him that i dont work in the embassy,so i can"t help her and just as he left,i told my mum never to let this people into our home anymore.Anyway,what am saying is since i couldn"t help,i know with their despiration they will find another person to help them.My solution to this is for the fedral goverment to throuw these trafficers in jail.This not new but a disgrace to all nigerians.
this is not pardonable in any form. ladies must not use ignorance as an excuse. do i use my poverty as an excuse to commit crime? or for my sister to prostitute. prostitution has existed long before the word poverty and people involved have to be responsible for thier choices. do we claim ignorance for girls who went to shrines to swear to keep their side of a bargain before embarking? do we claim poverty for people who pay the equivalent of a year/ 2 years income to embark on a trip to europe hoping to making an instant fortune?
tijani said... : Let me answer you in different ways. I agree some time women became prostitute to make fast fortune, but there are other side also - some one forcing them, no other opportunities arises for them. Or even to get money to cure relatives i.e. need for money in urgent way. We can not ignore those people. Are we not responsible to make them like. So much money wasted on Religion, parties - cant we spend on them ?
Shame to anyone that will criticize
this innocent ladies especially my African brother.
When a shepherd lost a sheep instinctually he search for it upon locating it he carries the sheep back home.
This ladies have been victimize once,lets us welcome them back home and love them as we love our mother and sister.
I read thru all the opinions of writer and i concluded that we all are right.If you say it due to bad governance,poverty,laziness,famousity et al to mention but few we are all right.But the fact still remains that whatsoever opinion that we have all these factors jointly or seperately has led them into world number one oldest trade.Prinz from Spain
Southerners again!!!! If it is not fraud, it is prostitution. Check in all the prisons abroad. 95% of the Nigerians in prison are from the south. WHY?

There is more poverty in the middle and northern part of the country but why don't you see this variety of shame?

Benin city. Place where mothers encourage daughters to make money at all costs. This is no secret.
The earlier Nigerians realise that the developed world owes us nothing, the better. We cannot continue to allow people in positions of authority to privatise the national exchequer; impoverishing the majority in the process; turning many into desperadoes. We Nigerians must join hands to fight corruption to a standstill because it engenders poverty, the kind of poverty that pushes people not just to, but sometimes through, the wall. The developed world worked to develop its facilities and infrastructure for the benefit of its citizens; not for unplanned-for, illegal (often criminally-minded) immigrants from a race that seems cursed. While i concede that prostitution and all forms of deviant anti-social behaviour ought to be deprecated,the fact of the matter is that many of those who have posted comments casting aspersion on these two unfortunate ladies, would not act differently, if faced with such stark, daunting realities. What needs to be done is to tackle what is at the root of all this - CORRUPTION. The 2-part report is at least 90% accurate. Well done!
It’s really amazing the time i saw the promo running in CNN network about the untold stories of Real Dirty Nigerian girls and their prostitution. Let me start by saying that I live and work in Italy, and a Nigerian, The fact remains that I didn’t watch the program but believe what these are doing.
If anyone will believe on what they did said was true, its total Opposite. They knew what they are going to do in Europe as when mention about Nigerian girls travelling to Europe especially western part, though it was a fun at home but they knew what was be hide the game.
I strongly believe that they engage into several things like the girl making a strong oath with their promoter by donating some of their private heirs for an oath which will not make them depart from the said agreement.
Anyway, they are not poor, because they made a lot of money from the dirty profession which their parents knew exactly what they are doing. I'm total confused, though some agencies in Nigeria are doing their little best as those left prefers is the real thing due to they make real money from it.
It was a total disaster and challenge to the Nigerian Government on the activities of their citizens both the girls and the men’s are doing in western world. My advice to the viewers around the globe that whatever they said should not be taken seriously any reason whatsoever for a Nigerian girl to sell her body to the public.
My thanks goes to the Management of CNN to unveil this.
Samuel Odimuko
I was very angry when i saw this programme, it is so unprofessional.

Obviously there are prostitutes all over the world. In America where I lived, there are tons of Mexican prostitutes.

I think Nigerians have to stand up and stop allowing negative reporting about us. There is dirt in every country.

For me the untold stories are the stories of the recent successes in Nigeria, i wonder why we never hear of such on the western media.


I lived in America for 6 years in France for 3 years, there is a lot of rubbish in those countries.
It is just so unfair and i am so angry about it.

I think CNN should apologise to Nigerians for airing that story.

1, Generalised comments like the street are riddled with criminals

2. Propstitutes every where

3. Airport is filled with criminals


We must stop all this.







Most of the traficker are also from Port-harcourt Region.And they lived in Denmark Copenhagen area .many of this so called maddam are as young as 32 years old ,even the worst part is that they tell this girls that they are coming to help them sale in their shop which later becomes a prostutute demanding 70 thousand Us doller or the victim will be killed.Am one of the victim,can,t identify myself for my safty reason.silvia.
the Nigerian who trafick those women to europe for sex bussiness are as evil as a terrorist and should be asahmed of their selves.My disapointingment is also on Nigeria government who did not have justice systement as scandinavian who will bring justice to justice and not taken pribe from this pimp that destroy a young upcoming women image and future.Let their be a justice to those whom have been caugt,so that others can learn from there.the victim are inoccent and we need to protect them if they come forward and testify ,their lifes are in danger we know that but we never help.How can we stop human traficking if we don,t protect the victim?
As a young Kenyan woman living in Europe, i both agree and disagree with most of the comments on here about the story 'Trapped'.
I know first hand about living in abject poverty in Africa.And i know how families are always looking up on you, for you to salvage them. So i can imagine what drives these girls to result to prostitution, if only to put a loaf of bread on the table for their many siblings and elderly parents. On the other hand, like one of the comments read, there's no way you would get a girl forcibly out of a village in Nigeria into Europe. That's like alien abduction.Ultimately most of these girls get to know what it is they will be doing in Europe, and have a choice to say no before the sad story begins.Most just do not know how deep the web will spin, but just see it all as a fast way out of poverty.Sadly there's a few who are tricked into it, but i strongly believe that if they really want a way out of it they can get the help they need. Anyway kudos Michelle for starting Hopenow, i hope this will do to save the girls, especially those lured into it unknowingly.

can someone help mee , i would like to watch BROTHERS OF KABUL, also an untold story but i cant. it says "undefined" when i try to open . Both parts dont work...

thank you


i dont think what the ladies are saying is true,iam from nigeria and i know how itis in our country. NOBODY FORCES THEM ;THEY DO IT ON THEIR KNOWING WELL ALL THE CONDITIONS INVOLED;THEY ARE LAZY AND THEY NEED FAST MONEY
The prostitution business is like Drug Traficking.Both Young and Old are recruited volentrily by their Boss or Madam in Africa,south America and even in Western Europe for a Fee or Personal Upgrade in Life.
These Young Women are 100% aware of the Deal with the Concent of their Parents before embacking on the Job.
The Crime now is that they are not Legally Resident,Dose not Pay Government Tax and Have no operational Permit.

Gentlemen and Ladies this is why the West are Shouting via CNN.Give the Residency and Permits to Run the Job and they will Upgrade.
I could just hope that the local goverment there in Africa could just educate their women there that what may happen if they were to go to Europe to work and the odds are they might be trick into prostitution industries over. So at the end we must made them aware.... of the risk. And why do such advance country like Denmark or anywhere in Europe legalise this industries where you only encourage this criminal mind people to take advantage of the 3rd world girl and women where they only carry a light of hope to improve their life and else being mistreated and criminalised we should look back to the root of the problem who is the mob and the country who legalise it......BSBOH
I think so many nigerians still dont believe in reality. i have followed the comments made on this bloq by some nigerians who were born with silver spoon or who their parents stole a public fund to enrich their family. tell me is there any difference between a thief and a prostitute? i want to thank cnn for exposing this, because the nigeria government, the nigeria police, immigration officers at the airports and borders in nigeria are all aware of what is going on. but corruption has become their second name, the love of money closes their mouth. Its true that some of these girls knew they were travelling abroad, but they dont know what they were getting themselves into by agreeing to the conditions giving to them by the pimp, who promise them a good job when they get there. all we nigerians are asking for is help,if there is any way the european union and government and ngos can help to put pressure on the nigerian government to join in this fight against this dirty trade.the worst part of it, it is the same indigenes of the soil that are taking advantage or enriching themselves at the expence of others.moreover the european government are not helping by refusing some of these girls residence or sending them back to nigeria without proper protection, when everybody knows that nigeria is a lawless country that has no protection for her citizens. we all know that european authorities want some of this girls to give away their pimps for prosecution, but they should also know that some of this girls are binded by oath taking at a voodoo shrine not to mention their pimp no matter what happen to them. some of them who believe that even the voodoos can kill are afraid to talk.
this is reality, some nigerians are trying to talk about country dignity, let us put that aside and join those who care like the founder of the union of hopenow to fight against this digraceful business of trafficking girls for prostitution that some of our brothers and sisters are doing to enrich themselves at the expence of innocent girls.
Sadly many people have tried to justify this hideous trend: the excuse: POVERTY!!! lets get real someone suggested that those condemning prostitution are comfortable and must therefore be thieves! can you beat that!! that is an example of the average get rich quick trying to justify there shamelessness with poverty.
well for the records not all Nigerians who have condemned this act are rich, and more importantly not every rich Nigerian is either a prostitute or thief! these people are poor only in thier minds, they wish to drive the flashiest cars, live in the best mansions without cost or sacrifice of any form on the back of some crazy foreign currency exchange rate! worst of all they expect not to get denounced for it. these people are certainly not hungry, not unsheltered ... the word poverty simply means not living a flashy life.... i dont call it poverty I call it decadence.
We must not excuse this or else we ridicule the millions of women of virtue struggling to make ends meet via decent means every day by showing that indecency is not only excusable but perhaps even rewardable and hence may be fashionable
lets think again
No one else understands stories like this better than Nigerians themselves. To call this a 21st. century slavery is over-rated. The Nigerian women who take such risks do that very very voluntarily in their quest for get-rich-quick lifestyles. Especially, the Edo state aspect of Nigeria. Almost every household or family has one or two women shipped abroad to hunt down the dollar, euro or even pounds sterling as the case may be. The expectations back home are quite steep, and so these girls/women do anything, just anything at all to make that money, no matter what it takes. So, I just dont buy the idea that Anna and Joy were forced and traficked to Europe without there express approval. Anything to the contrary suggests that Nigeria is a lawless state, which ofcourse is nigh. Alias Sambo Musa.
Well, quite a good piece and very enlightening. The harsh economic situations push people to do the most unthinkable things in Nigeria. People are always desperate to get out of the country by all means without considering the dangers involved. But the truth is this, we all have a choice. They choose to seek greener pastures outside the country and ended up choosing quite unwittingly,prostitution and other vices that regularly come up. Am a Nigerian and i see things going on here, but it is no excuse to flee. Greatness resides in our nation,we only need to believe in it, in ourselves and in our destiny to achieve greatness. Like the Guinness advert in my country,"There is a drop of greatness in every man."
condemnable as the act of prostitution may be, it is a pointer to the leak in the security of families and mismanagement of the common resources of the people by a corrupt few in government.
SANDHOLM in Denmark where Joy is "imprisoned" :Is that not an ASYLUM CENTER? Is it now a prison?
A link below in Danish about the center.
Unfortunately, the producer of this documentary left the fact out that Nigerian government is corrupt and greedy. In Europe and America, education is free,medical is free.Even, when one is unemployed, there is unemployment allowance and ones rent is paid for.No one get that in any African Countries.Education and Medical is luxury. Africa Continent is a matter of All animals are equal,but some are more equal than others. Where some individuals works hard to make life better for themselves,Europe and America will dictate to Africa what price to sell their farm products like Cocoa,Coffee,Cotton,Banana,even Crude oil.Let Europe and America sell the end products, at their terms and price! What a crude world!Who cares about what is happening in Daffur, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Angola etc? No one! You know why? Because they all have no crude oil.If it were to be Kuwait or Iraq where any wrong move will affect the world production of crude oil, you will see the meeting of United Nation conveyed immediately! Look at the UN itself, how many African Countries have permanent seat? None! I am very sorry for those that prostitute themselves, but the world put them to.The leaders in Africa that were greedy and corrupt, then the world leaders who want the continual colonization of the African Countries that they once colonized. Why is that no European is allowed to lodged any sum more then €5000 at a time,but all the African corrupt leaders can come over to Europe and lodge millions of Dollars or Euros. How much of African monies are in European banks? To tackle prostitution,illegal migration,drugs,frauds, 419 etc, the world leaders needs to look into all these and stop pretending as if nothing is wrong.Everything is wrong. 'Remi
It is a shame, but I admit that I have lived in benin city Nigeria. I sympatise with their stories but I will like to say that prostitution is an accepted norm for this people.
Do not be surprised that 80 or more percentage of this people are aware of what they are going to europe to do. Most of them are the ones who come to Nigerians living overseas begging them to take them to europe for prostitution. They even educate the ignorant ones about how lucrative the business is. When they get here, they don't want to pay. They do anything to get asylum but then start prostitutiong for themselves. Be aware that this people grow up grooming themselves for this profession. It is a shame that an edo parents will deny their children education, opt to sell their property that their sons and daughters can go to europe to steal or prostitute. Even parents take their children to satanic shirines to swear before they live. This sounds like a lie but believe me the truth they say is bitter. I lived among this people. It is a horrible horrible thing.
This tale has been told over and over and it is certainly not an untold story.

It pains me that these western producers will whole heartedly take the word of a prostitute as the gospel truth without subjecting it to verification.

The Nigerian government has done so much to discourage this disgraceful trend but this girls are adamant.

They always like to play the victim, but the real victims are the proud Nigerians who have their national and private images tanished by this lazy elements in our society.

The west will always seek news that will hurt Africa. How many stories do you ever hear about the Russian prostitution ring? Do you ever hear about europeans that are not only prostitute but drug addicts? Do they ever do stories on European men who visit brothels for prostitutes?

One last point, nobody needs to hide a camera to film in Lagos please!

Obas writes from London
Just as it goes with the illegal drug industry the truth of the matter is that without the huge demand for legal prostitution in the western world there couldn't possibly exist a black market prostitution ring. So long as the "sophisticated" civilizations of Europe and North America allow, and encourage legal prostitution -and I am not talking red light districts alone, but high-rank executive sex trade- you will find inbetweeners who provide the meat.

Stop Legal Protitution THE WORLD OVER and you solve both woman and children degradation. Keep it as a "sane and healthy" practice and it'll keep increasing and there will never be enough int'l aid funds on earth to stop it. Notice that the main illegal sex consumer countries are usually the most generous philantropists.
Well this is the right time to bring this stories to Oprah Winfrey she is the richest woman and lover of hard difficult cases such as these...she will find funding or give it herself...
Born African, I know the face of poverty and hardship that these women face. I am excited to see a heartbeat of reaching out. More than financing, these woman need prayer. God can move mountains. He can make these woman whole.World wide prayer can change their destiny.
so those girls from nigeria need help? like what? send money to them? we cannot help everybody in this planet? they are grown ups, they wanted a greener pasture and so they failed. once they go to another country they should know that it is like testing the water there and u do not know what really is going to happen to u. to those poor ppl...do not go to other country then feel bad after something bad happens to u. it is ur choice.
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