November 23, 2007
Romania's Lost Children

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The little baby boy lay awake in his cot. He was bound in swaddling, as is the tradition in these parts, and I was aching to pick him up. The doctor told me his name: Emanuel Bizgan. He was five months old, the son of a homeless woman, and had been abandoned at the hospital.

Emanuel is one of a new generation of orphans in Romania. These days babies abandoned at hospitals are likely to stay there until their second birthday. New laws banning the institutionalization of children under two have backfired for them. Only when they turn two will they be legally allowed to go to a children's home. Not that that would be much better.

The doctor in charge, Dr. Monica Nicoara, has become a babysitter for dozens of newborns and toddlers. There's nothing medically wrong with the children – they've simply had the misfortune of being given up by their parents.

"They have no affiliation, no stability; 'that’s my mummy, I go to my mummy, I am safe with my mummy. I have many mummies – anyone is okay, but which is mine?,'" she tells me. "It is not a personal relationship here."

We filmed Dr. Nicoara and her charges at the Baia Mare hospital in northern Romania. Some of the older babies who could sit up were rocking – child welfare experts say that's a sign that they’re suffering from a lack of stimulation. I noticed something else odd about the ward – the babies weren’t crying. There were a dozen little ones there and they were all quiet. They'd given up on crying. That above all was hard to learn – the best way babies can communicate their needs and these ones had given up. They had learned that crying didn't get them what they wanted. How could it – when their were 23 of them to care for and just 3 nurses on the ward?

The babies didn't cry but by the end of this shoot I think our entire crew was holding back tears. We knew that this was going to be an emotional story to tell. By the time we finished filming, we'd all had a cuddle of Emanuel and some of his friends in the ward. We really wanted to take them home (wryly joking that they'd fit in our backpacks). But even if we were serious, it would have been impossible: International adoption has been banned in Romania.

The story became personal for me later that same day. I received an e-mail from a dear friend in Australia who was desperately trying to get pregnant and having all sorts of problems. She really wanted a child and it was painful to think that here I was meeting so many unwanted children. It brought home the tragedy of this story and the importance of telling it. Romania has made great strides in its child welfare system since the horrors of the Communist regime – but there are still too many babies here who may never know a mother's love.

-- From Emma Griffiths, Moscow Correspondent, ABC Australia
Es realmente triste y preocupante la historia de estos niños. Esto es algo cada vez más común en diferentes paises, sobre todo en personas mas pobres y con bajo nivel de educación. En este caso yo me pregunto, será que el cambio político-económico no les es tan provechoso como quizás lo esperaban, ó son víctimas de la globalización mal dirigida como ha ocurrido hasta ahora ?.
from one impressed romanian that had forgotten about... things - Thank you.
Motherless children - how cruel can one be - if there is a limit!
I saw i to. I've been in Romania several times, and I'm still surprised that they are already a member of the EU. There is no means of presure for the governement. Before Romania was a member, some of this this seemed to get slowly better. But now I've got a feeling that the governement knows the only presure is political. They can't be banned anymore. Whit what wapens to fight for this children? I happen to know some dutch missionaries who ware running a orphanich. The governement thinks of all kind of rules to make it very expencif to run. So what does the Romanian government wants? Love for the children is not on their which list.
In about a year my wife and I will also go as missionaries. These stories are among the things that scare me. How will I react to this suffering? And will I be able to help. I pray I am.

by the way, I prefer to stay anonimes, because I KNOW Romania
We must not only give our comment but most put a little effort in trying to solve situations like this. Helping infants that have not ask to come to suffer in this cruel world must be the responsiblity of us the people and our goverments main objective since thay will be the adults of the future. If we do not help them we will be the ones to pay in the future for not helping them. We must start by helping those that are around us. Educating the mother that are struggling to survive in this cruel world. As it is said no one knows the future, one day we are up and the other day we are down.
I am romanian and I'm not a hypocrit.But I am sad to see how CNN and these reporters are making money over these stories. Let's get something straight folks.Anyone? Remember "dear" baroness Emma Nicholson that actually forced the romanian goverment to stop the international adoptions?!!!!!
I'm very upset to see , that even today CNN or BBC or whatever international news station shows only these kind of story.
Why don't you show great Romanians that did and do a lot of great things for the world. Why???????????
Wright, it doesn't sell that well.
Just for the record,I'm an architect.
garbage as always.Is that all that you know about Romania?
Emma, thank you for bringing this situation alive so beautifully. While you've written about Romania, this is true of so many other countries including mine, India, where adoption laws are stringent and sometimes obstructive. But the real trick is to differentiate between the good guys and the bad guys. To be able to tell who the genuine loving adopters are, versus those who want easy access to babies for the sickest reasons. If we can crack that, some babies need not be motherless anymore.
How does a person look into the adoption of a romanian child. I live in the czech republic and am a resident, would this be considered a somewhat local adoption, and not necessarily international.

Can this info be posted?
Instead of being so quick to critisize the reporter for the article that reflects badly on Romania, think of the way she has given those children a voice. Because of their circumstances, those babies have lost their voice and hopefully through this article, the world shall hear their cry for the first time!
I am here volunteering in Romania with HFTN-Romania. I was feeling someone discouraged but after seeing this story I am encouraged to keep on. Thank you! see
Well i would like to ask this question?why do Romania Women like to abondon thier kids?I felt so sad and toched when i saw the story(ies) about Romania lost kids cos am a victim.My mother left me as well not even thinking she carried me for 9months,
I thought your programme was unbalanced and designed to be 'sensational'. I have been a volunteer at a special needs orphanage in Romania since 1999 and conditions have improved dramatically. We have a Romanian Dr who loves and cares for each and every child. I would have liked the programme to mention the impossible timeframe set by the EU to change the system. I doubt USA or any other Western country could have achieved the timeframe even with their infrastructures. It is sad when a child in any country suffers and I would love to see all children loved and stimulated. Are we going to see a programme about the children of Iraq and Afghanistan whose parents have been killed?
i saw this story on cnn and i have to tell that im really dissapointed because rich people or countries think " poor them they are so hopeless and helpless". This is not a romanian teenager, 19 years old, now student in a romanian university, learning economics and math. what you saw on cnn its not romania.i have to admit that we romanians are behind developed countries like usa or france at the chapter of" money, level of living or tehnology " but we are proud of our history and of our people that riched so high and made this name " romania" knowned. e.g. olympic games where romania won 4 gold and several silver.we are on the right way and we try to fight again corrupted institutions, fight again domestic violence and again this phenomen of"LOST CHILDREN". yes this is a negative part of romania but we have also pozitive parts and i especially try to not look at the negative side only to the full side, because i know something: we ' youngers of romania we have the power to change our country in better. nobody knows how its living in romania beside romanians, how its to work a hole month and get ONLY 100 $ salary, and from this money try to live with your family. i know what it means but i pray to God and thank Him because i know it was his will to put me in romania, because His plans are great with humanity. God have great plans in romania and we know it and we young people try to realize it. So DEAR CNN in the future try to show the romanian teenagers students whoms IQ level is bigger than any other american teenager, or how we are trying to learn english and foreign languages, or show are beauty landscape. because this storyies make a wrong opinion about us and people are judging us different.
SORRY, MAYBE I HAVE MISTAKES IN WRITING BUT I AM TRYING TO LEARN ENGLISH AND TO IMPROVE IT. BYE kissing everyone.........god bless you, god bless romania (and help us) and GOD BLESS AMERICA
I thought the programme was very unbalanced. I have been a volunteer at a special needs orphanage in Romania since 1999 and I have seen huge changes in that time. It's true there is still more to do. Without wanting to justify lack of understanding of children's needs couldn't we find cases in every country in the world? I wonder if the viewers would have realised the timeframe given by the EU for the Government to change the situation in regards to children in care. I doubt the USA or any other country could have achieved this impossible goal even with their infrastructures. I would like to see all children in the world loved, stimulated and cared for.
i had no clue about this. this opened my eyes to a whole different world that i am accustomed to, thank you.
i wish i could adopt some of those babies...why cant they just change the law??
what a shame. many foreigners especially israelis have taken over so many businesses in Romania in recent years. i wonder if they have any community and EU should interfere right away it's on the verge of cruelness. isn't less shocking and heart-wrenching than Darfur and other int. "big" stories.
i cried when watching!!!!!
There are lots of good things about Romania too. I have lived here for 6 years and have seen lots of positive changes. The problems that Romania continues to face are not unique and are common to most ex communist countries. Romania always seems to get a bad press - but there is much to be proud of here as well: beautiful countryside, generous people, thousands of loving families; many people have left but thousands more choose to stay because they love their country.
I agree with some of the other bloggers: somehow (and for whatever reason) only negative aspects of Romania get to be known on CNN (I am still waiting for a report that would show all the talent that lives there?).
On the other hand, I must give in that it probably was quite accurate in describing a society that doesn't really care of the offspring which is catalogued as "less than perfect", one or more generations that are following fortune rather than humanity, and a hand of well-meant volunteers that probably oscillate between being heroes and being laughed at for their helping. Made be think about adopting - so looked it up in the Romanian laws - but how difficult is that? The law even contains some paragraph accordint to which you have to be the grandfather of the child (if you live abroad) in order to adopt him/her...
By the way, would it be easier to adopt if you move to Romania?
As an American living 8 years in Romania, I have seen this suffering a great deal. In one way, I would say your coverage of Romania has beena great deal negative, and I believe it needs to be said there are many private orphanges doing a great deal of good, even private baby orphanges. On the other hand, I have seen the Romanian government make it increasingly difficult for these private orphanges to keep and maintain a normalcy for these children. International adopotion isn't always the key either, but teaching the government how to care for their own citizens would be a good start. We have a daughter now, born in that same hospital, Baie Mare, and she is now 20. Not only is the next generation of children growing up this way, the last generation of orphans grew up even worse. So things are getting better, but not good enough. The damage down to these sweet little innocent ones will never be undone, and they will pay for it the rest of our lives, as well as, the rest of Romania.
dear "anonymous" architect ( no courage to put a name on it???), i personally don't care if cnn or the others are making money on these kind of news, at least THEY tell us about it and don't hide these terrbile situations behind some "great" romanian! this sounds very much like some kind of propaganda, that reminds me of the communist era...thank you cnn, i'm over 50 and i still would take one of these kids
CNN is a disgrace.Thety are only interested in weird issues to make money.There are lots of untold stories out there in the USA.Why not bring them out for people around the globe to watch?
creo que Rumania es mas que solo historias de tristeza y de dolor, pienso que los jovenes debemos aportar algo humanitariamente para cambiar este negro panorama de estos chicos, la desiguladad existe en mayor o menor intensidad, la hospitalidad rumana es muy buena, me consta porque estuve en Bucarest en Marzo 2007
Acho que uma mãe nunca deve abandonar um filho seja qual for a situação.
Thanks to Emma, who enlighteds the world with a cruel facts as a resuslt of negligent society in that part of the world. Actions should be taken by international human rights organization to police and stop the unforgivable act. EU should be involved like a school principal steps up to make all students act right on campus.
I was born in Romania and came here when I was 12. Now 39 and seeing this story is so heartbreaking and so sickning to think that generations continue to abandon and disregard a human life. I would stop at nothing to adopt 2 children of any age, but I guess now trying to adopt and nurture another human life is no longer allowed. Cecilia DuBose
I would too like to adopt little Emanuel or his friend's.They are lovely,how can anyone abandon their children.I hope that one day they will find love.I am glad that they are being taken care of.I hope that they change the law for international people to adopt as there are so many people out there that can't have children and at least these little children might have a chance in life.I have 3 children and wouldn't give them up for the world....
Roberto is wright,Romanian Government haven't done enough for the lost children ,they done just at the limit to Europen asks,to be left alone to continue theyr political fight.
Are so many other good things to do for them,for the kids,but this must be done only by Government,because they have the money and the power and the sources to dislocate the sistem.
The question is if are they preocupied of this dramatic thing !!
What do you think?
Romanian Government does not have to hide behind some statistics,the truth is dreadfully indeed,the video posted on CNN is true.
I live in Romania,it is a beautifull country indeed,unic,but some things are very wrong done.
Recently I saw also on internet Afgan 5 years old kids,alone on the street because their parents was killed.The kids was famished,ill,crying,dirty,alone,rambleing on the dusty is a cruel image.....I'll send soon aphoto taken.

regards,Gabriela -Romania

I'm a physician and I'm disgusted by this extremely unbalanced material. I've been several times to Romania, I've seen it all, the good and the bad, it's not the way it is presented, by far.

This material is SHAMELESS cherry picking. That's ALL CNN can say about that place ???

Professional reporting should show both sides of the coin. Here, they show only the bad stuff, but hide the good stuff, that is 99% of the picture. WHY?

On the hypocritical vein, does CNN EVER show the kids in the slums of Harlem? NO. WHY???

Because of propaganda.
es increible no habia terminado de leer la historia y mis hojos ya tenian lagrimas. q cruel y egoistas no se debe de olvidar quien es nuestro creador Jesucristo. hay muchas personas q estan solas y anelan ser padres, q injusto somos
Children are Children, no matter in which part of the world they belong. If people cant take care of children why they born them on the first place. A child is a part of your soul, your body and i can't understand how a parent can be so cruel to leave her/his child in this condition when u never know he can't defend itself, Will it be able to see a tomorrow or not. At what level a human can fall down that he/she doesn't bother if their child will take a next breath or not and by chance if he survives what future it will be there?
for these kind of parents there should be very strict legislation inposed so other people will think twice before commiting this crime against humanity.
as for as babies are concerned, the fact is they now exist and it is the responsbility of the soceity to make sure they get the better future, it is not their fault that they are alone now, what i suggest, people who can affoard should try to adopt them to give them their innocent smile back
it is sad how a mother can abadon her child when she bears her/him for 9 months of conception...abandonement of children does not happened in Romania alone but its a global issue..the worst in this situation is abadoned cildren will grow up indifferent, at fragile age of 0-24 months this is the stage wherein the mother is the most significant person in the child growth and development...although we cannot change the fact that these children are unwanted but society can make a difference by making a move or implement laws to aid these children..
So sad to think things have not improved much. We adopted a 3 year old in 1994 and we found the conditions very traumatic.We look at our 15 year old fun loving happy daughter today and cry for the children who are deprived of the same chance in life.
that is only the bad part of Romania,at least in our contry the students doesn't have a gun to shoot the others...who saved u??? oh yea a romanian teacher,why don't u tell that story
Why not bring this matter at International arena on child right. every child deserve love and affection, when it is out there why not bridge them up.
This is ubsurd and unimaginable I think life is priceless and it overides the idea of being against international adoption. When other people are desperately looking for children, Children are suffering onthe other end. Cruelty in its own nakedness!!
It is sad that once again CNN broadcasts an unbalanced documentary. For those interested in the real "untold story of the Romanian 'orphans'" read the book "ROMANIA - FOR EXPORT ONLY". It gives you all the ins and outs of the exploitation of these children, by the adoption lobby.
Each newborn baby is a miracle. As hard as it may sound, may of them will not have the love of a family, no one to call dad or, worse, mom. The whole world should stand up for the cause of these babies. Let's not waste more time in politics. Let's use our lives to give love to these God's miracles.
Romania is a beautiful country the has endured a signifigant amount of turmoil. I am very upset about this situation; however, am content that "Romania's Lost Children" is being published internationally. We need not be naive nor ignorant to situations like these. We - The International Community need to open our minds, hearts, and hands.

I was adopted from Romania in 1990 and now reside in BC Canada. Every child deserves to have a stimulated and viable lifestyle like I have.

I propose that local and international organizations, as well as artists such as Activ (which are a Romanian music group)emphasize Romania's growing problem.

- Mihaela
After reading this article, I was so touched by it that I could not help myself but to break down and cried. How could any mother abandoned such an innocent life that is not asked to be brought up to this world without love, caring, and shelter? No child deserves to be treated so cruelty. I wish Romania should change their adoption law. There are many people out there that could not have children on their own would love to have this opportunity to adopt these children.

I have a daughter myself, I know what it takes to raise a child. Not only you have to give him or the basic necessity but you also have to learn how to connect with your child. My heart went out to these children. I will send prayers for these babies.God bless them.

P.s. I wish I can adopt all these kids. I know it will be hard for me to be able to take care all of them but if I can bring them to US, I will reassure that these kids will have a home.
How heartbreaking. Just like in my part of the world, so many babies (newborn) have been abandoned by mothers. 3 days after I gave birth to my daughter in 2004, a baby was not only abandoned but even killed and thrown in the trash by a young and confused mother. And this was only one of the many incidents of babies being thrown in the trash or left in public places. Some have been lucky to be found before they die but others just didn't survive. I believe that cases of abandoned children do not only happen in Romania but anywhere in the globe. The issue is not the cruelty of Romania but of the mother who has the guts to abandon for whatever reason, and forget the child she's born.
I am a romanian journalist working in Germany at present times. No doubt the facts shown by the footage exist, but at least the authors had the decency to say that efforts are being made. If Emma or anyone else had any passion left for their work, they would choose a country which is far more developed than Romania in order to get a story. But they don't. And that's what I really hate about modern day reporters: they are lazy, for crying out loud! It's easy to shoot in Romania, isn't it?! Try doing the same in Germany, because cases like these exist all over the world, even in the States. But it's harder to investigate, right? So let's go over there and do another documentary, I have to pay my monthly bills...
Another thing is: a journalist has to present facts like they are! Emma said over 2 million Romanians leave abroad to find work. Thus children get left behind. Emma, do you have kids? Do you have a clue about what's going on in the heart and soul of a parent, when he/she leaves the child behind in order to better provide for that child? No, that never crossed your otherwise very objective mind. That someone would make that sacrifice, of being away from their children in order to make money for them...
Wake up and smell the roses: child neglect happens all over the world. Stop throwing dirt at my country, that started on the road to democracy, stability and market economy such a short time ago. Still, if you decide to write about Romania, do it like a professional.
Thank you!

Laurentiu Diaconu
What I don't understand is why are all these Romanians so defensive? Isn't this a sad situation? There are problems everywhere in the world. From the richest countries in the world to the rich as America is, there is a lot of homelessness and lots of violence. But these are issues that need to be addressed and brought out for the whole world to know. If anything, these Romanians should remember, if they are old enough, how it was during the Communism. Everything was nice and dandy, no one was aloud to speak. Yes, we need to speak of the orphans in Romania, we need to speak of the problems all the Africa is facing, the problems in Asia and Central and South America and yes the problems that America has. If it wouldn't be for programs like this how would we ever know what's going on in the world. If reality saddens you tough luck, this is the information age. There are few more places in the world where everything is nice and dandy, where everything is well censored...Cuba and South Korea. Who wants to live there? No me!!! Keep up with the good work CNN, and don't worry about the few that want to live with their heads in the sand.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act"
George Orwell (1903 - 1950)
Such kind of babies are abandoned due to kinds of reasons. STDs like herpes, hpv, hiv/aids are may be one of the reasons. A female members at famous STD dating site said she know a herpes positive baby is abandoned in the hospital. She is collect caring people by creating a blog at that site to support that poor baby. Hope some of those people can adopt her.
that is so sad
It is sad to see the plight of these children. It would be great if there was some incentive in Romania to get these children into homes of families in Romania first and something like "Big Brother Big Sister" to help the children have personal experiences. I know international adoption is fraught with issues - is there a way to at least get the children placed with Romanian families who have immigrated?

Cinda Hocking, MSW
Internal Energy Plus Consultant
for ten years now I have worked with a small non-profit who has supported a wonderful Romanian woman who has sought to bring these abandoned children into loving families. She has worked tirelessly to wade through the red tape and social stigma many of these children face, and she faces barriers from a system that still doesn't recognize that these kids are people with value and potential. These children need the Romanian government to make decisions that are truly in their best interest, and the longer they delay, the more these children will be permanently damaged.
HELLO WORLD... Romania has not improved. At least, not for the children. In many ways, they have gone backwards by closing all international adoptions and opportunities therefore for these kids to ever get the PERMANENT families every human being in the world deserves.

When will someone make Romania do what is right BY THEIR KIDS?
you make me sick - ready to puke when I see so many lies on your footage!!!

Perhaps you, Grifith, better tell us how much you got paid to make up such unbelieveble lies.

Perhaps you should tell everybody that real aim is to campaign for allowing adoptions from romania (by thwe way against the EU laws), so that once again romanian children will be used as raw donnors of biologic material by the smugglers of human organs for reach unscrupulous people.

The sad part is that your lies work and what is even worse - that you have no actual interest in helping those little creatures there!
my heart goes out to these precious children, as my heart aches for the demonically controlled women in Iraq. I thank God I'm blessed to have been born in this great country USA. At times I feel overwhelmed with so much gratitude for living in freedom, yet at the same time I feel overwhelmed with sadness for the hell women and children in other countries are forced to live in......How can we dare question why we send our troops into these countries. would we not want to be protected if the shoe was on the other foot? shame on our callous hearts....
unbalanced journalism, going for easy emotional push-buttons. Cherry picks facts out of context, which is needed to understand said facts. As mentioned by others, child neglect and abandonment happens all over the world; countries with developed social services and infrastructure cope better with the situation. Romania isn't one of them.

Cliff's notes on facts:
a) international adoption was banned to stop child trafficking; some of those children ended up as replacement parts (unwilling organ donors).
b) The EU representative at the time (Emma Nickolson sp?) had in fact pressured the government to ban international adoptions. It was like Alexander's Gordian Knot; how do you fix a process fraught with corruption and unaccountability? - well, you stop it.
c) This country continues to be poor by Western standards; over two million have left to find (menial) work abroad. They send money to their families (or even children alone at home!). About 15% of the population has left as work migrants, and it's the dark side of EU accession. It reverberates through all levels of society, and one of the consequences is abandoned infants.
c) This is not a compassionate society; poverty breeds crippled and uncaring souls. There is little to no middle class, and the noveau-rich live in world of their own, much like a parallel universe.
d) Historically and collectively this country hasn't had a lot of respect for human life; it helps to be a cuddly healthy smiling baby.

I am a Romanian.
Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, Washington (USA) has an adoption ministry. They allow couples who want to adopt to do so free of charge. This church has about 3,000 members. On TV I saw that one of the reasons that Romania has banned international adoptions is because so many people were making an incredible amount of money from people who wanted to adopt these orphans. If a relatively small church of 3,000 people can support a fee-free adoption ministry, why can't a country? Buying and selling humans is absolutely wrong and it's appalling that so many agencies in the US and other countries have not changed what they are doing. When will adoption be about the children and not about the money, or where the adoptive parents live? If a couple can provide an orphan a loving home, that should be applauded and rewarded, rather than having to pay an enormous amount for a child. BTW, the babies in the orphanage have stopped crying because of a disorder called reactive attachment disorder. You can research this online. This is quite common in orphans from every country. When will FREE adoption be available worldwide???
Can anything be done to change the ban on adoption. I would take home one of those dear newborns tomorrow? This is so sad and disheartening? Does the government not care about their people?
i love your level of investigetive jounalism keep it up. it takes the mind full passion to stay on this story
Children are innocents who are helpless to control any aspect of the World around them. Since all time they have been the tragic victims, and they always will be.
They do not ask to come into this World-they have no choice in the matter. This story is only one, infants are beginning life in imperfect and harsh circumstances all over this planet. That has always been true. The global society of mankind will begin reaching its' true potential only when all children are universally protected from the ills of the World. Something that may never happen. A story like this is important, because it reminds us that children pay for the decisions of adults. Regarding Mothers who leave their babies at such places, I believe many do it to save the infants life, they know what they can offer is far worse.
This abhorrent phenomenon, of homeless children, is not only in Romania; it is global. Its major causes are two; poverty & the abuse of women. Its effects are, to name few, AIDS, CRIMINALITY, SUICIDE, etc. Everybody knows this; it is obvious. Albeit, few are those who take action, excluding the concerned organizations. We need this kind of documentaries, and need it intensely.
I am from Romania. The international children adoption in Romania was banned because some children were sexually used in their new american families. Now you know that it is better for them to remain in Romania and to be adopted by families from Romania.
There are so many "Romania" in the world today. Can someone tell what all has been done and can be done further so as to move further on this one. Thanx for the Story. Its stories like these that reminds us that there is a different life out there
Hillary was like Mike Tyson in his primes she jumped out in the political ring underestimating her opponent . Obama on the other hand was like HolyField he came out with unexpected momentum shocking Hilliary to the point of confusion. Hillary is swinging back so hard to win but Obama is blocking all punches and bites thats coming at him.

I'm not taking any sides I just like to hear your feed back thank you.
This idea may be way out there but has anyone thought that governments may be breeding soldiers in this way. Unfeeling soldiers who show no emotion and no pity. Apparently that would be a plus in today's dark and unfeeling world.
By: Melissa M

A newborn baby needs a caring mother to properly grow. Upon reading this article I was almost heart broken thinking that so many mothers left their children abandoned at a hospital, knowing the baby would have to stay there until they turned two. Reading that the babies do not even cry anymore because they have given up is such a sad thing. As soon as these babies are born and ready to leave the hospital, they should have a loving home to go to. No newborn child should ever have to stay in a hospital without the love and care they require. Romania should change this policy, and create a place for these new born children to go. A place the will have many men and women there to love these children as it they were their own, until the children were adopted or old enough to go to an orphanage. All these children need is to be loved, and this should not be too much to ask for.
The historic Romanian values children and family.
The orphans have not status, comfort, or empathy.
The developmentally disable still remain several in a bed for sleeping.
The all over picture is not good.
One prayer for Romania is for each citizen to remember the least of these and care rather than act with great prejudice.
Still I do very much look forward to visits and stays in Romania.
It's a trend now for whoever "journalist" in need of attention to do something about the orphans in Romania. this is always sensational, make people angry, sad, .... and sells good.
Good news are never on the news !!!!
There have been many comments criticizing CNN for posting such a negative story about Romania. As an American who has lived in Romania, here is my two cents: it's true. Many babies have been abandoned in hospitals with no one to love them. I worked in a hospital every afternoon and saw sweet little babies ignored and left to sit around in messy diapers. It's also true that it is extremely difficult to adopt these babies, and it is impossible to adopt them internationally. It broke my heart. That said, I also love Romania! The people I met there were so kind and good to me. I loved the time I spent living there. It is not some suffering third world country like the media portrays it to be. There is so much good, but like any country, it has its problems. The government has taken great steps to improve the orphanages and it takes time. It just hasn't been enough yet.
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