August 24, 2007
Gay conversion

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To some Christian groups in the United States homosexuality is not only a sin, it's a mental disorder. As such, they feel it can be cured. More than 100 camps have been set up to administer "re-orientation therapy" with the intention of turning gay people straight. The programs are big business and highly controversial. Those running the camps say they have a 30 percent success rate. Opponents believe re-orientation therapy is dangerous, sometimes leading to attempted suicide by those who feel that they have failed God.
These people like to pick and choose which parts of the Bible they like and ignore the rest. Jesus said that we should not judge one another. If they were not judging other lifestyles to be right or wrong, they would not have anyone to "convert".
This is a good topic, and it is important that it be reported on. I wish there had been some discussion with psychiatrists and psychologists about conversion therapy. Hopefully soon gay people will not be subjected to this kind of wishful thinking by those who discriminate.
I've seen alot about this gay conversion story in the last few days, so after careful consideration,(and without my wife's consent- ha ha) I decided to convert and be gay.I've not felt so sexy in years, and it has been the incentive I need to go to the gym so i can wear speedos,visit steamrooms and drink starbuck's latte with soy milk. Thanks for the conversion baby!!
The growing number of countries legalizing gay marriage is a strong indicator that the world knows being gay is not a choice. Airing well known right wing religious views of homosexuality only spreads ignorance. Using a "Docto" with a tennis racket for a cure does not seem like very reliable reporting. How dare you!
Douglas Istanbul
Sexuality is different for every person. While a few people with gay traits may be able to live a contented life as a heterosexual, it is not possible for most. Unfortunately, the risks of attempting "gay converion" isn't isolated to the person attempting conversion. It effort will also destroy the lives of their heterosexuals partners. The only question is how much damage will be done.
You are full of it!.... Straight people need help reforming over to the Homosexual side... Then you wont have to worry about what others do with their lives.... since when did God give you the right to speak for him about what and how a person should live or be...Its just sad to know your groups have nothing better to do than to think you have the control to tell us what we need from God ro what he wants us to be...If you look around yourself you will be surprised how many of your group memebers really have those thoughts...Yet! maybe you do ...Seems to be alot of so called religion groups have done this.. and got caught...maybe you should give it a try, until than dont judge us...You are not God and never will be...Be you wont post this one.... Have a wonderful day... Your friend from The Gay Side and PROUD to be...
Gay conversion has always existed, but it has never and will never work. The concept of converting homosexuals to heterosexuality through a religious program is both a misunderstanding of human sexuality as a gift from God, and a rejection of the Christian ideal to love one another despite our differences. God is love.
It is incredible to watch this program and know that there are people out there who believe in it. To think that one can conform or convert back to a straight life is just like saying that one can change their skin color. We did not chose this, if we had choices are people so naive to think we would chose a road of hatred and discrimination?
Attempting conversion only harms the person and its family and makes the converters rich.
It's very important that this issue has been reported on - but I must say, as a woman, living with another woman, that it was so very frustrating and sad to see this program.

I'm sorry but the "ex-gays" seem like they have been completely brainwashed. If they had had support from their friends & family, I'm positive that they would NOT have reached out for conversion.

I believe that the REAL issue here is, as I wrote, a lack of support from friends & family.
If you truely love somebody, you accpet them for who they are, and you DON'T try to change them.
Naturally, if you come out the closet and you have no support, you'll be miserable and maybe even believe that something is actually wrong with you.

While I think "gay conversion" is complete bunk, I find myself asking those religious advocates why they need to pound on all the rest of us with their choice to live as a heterosexual. I don´t believe their orientation changes; I believe they suppress their own desires and "live" straight, which is against their true God-given nature! What a tragedy to visit that difficult and questionable decision on heterosexual people who mate with them! What a tragedy to send a message that there is something wrong with you if you know deep in your soul that God made you gay! What a tragedy that self-hate and loathing, familial shame, death, and all manner of destruction is wrought out of this confusing, nefarious, and absurd "therapy". Medical science gives us all the information we need to know that being gay is not a choice. Why do these "conversion therapists" persist in giving Christians such a bad name by promoting this nonsense?
Isn't it time the reformed Christian homosexuals who are busy preaching change sat down and did some deep thinking. They are not reformed they are BI-SEXUAL.
Gay conversion is yet another innovation in posting that homosexuality is a disease. One can only see homosexuality as a blessing if one can actually be thankful for the good things it has given. The vast majority is stereotyping gays as sexually active poeple, nothing more; nothing less--which is not. Gays now are moving toward the involvement in social building. A gay will wish not to be converted if he knows that by being so, he can help reshape ideology and society.
JC, Manila
im an arab homosexuel and im really suffering to convise others that love can exist between two from the same sex !!!
GoD can only knows who is good and who is not just let us live our lives our pain our passion our happiness an saddness...
about kids look around there is many many children without parents an who needs a chelter i can talk of the lebaneez kids after what israel did ... it is so sad how did Human did to life !
A person's sexuality is NOT a choice as one person reported. Its like telling a person its a choice for her to be white or coloured! Its not. Sadly because of the stigma, many have to live in hiding or lead a double life. Is it healthy to live like that? Im a lesbian and proud to be one. Im married, am proud and happy to live the rest of my life with her too!
If you consider homosexuality to be normal then robbery and gangsterism should be applauded.We should obey Biblical standards which kicks against gayism(Romans 1:26-28). Gays are made up frustrated folks that failed in their sexual life and the craze for liberality drove them into homosexuality.
Thank you CNN for depicting the feelings of gay people being exposed to right-winged Christians whose mission is to glue guilt and shame on perfectly healthy people.

As a pastor’s daughter and a former worship leader, coming out as a lesbian meant I had to leave church, and I joined George Michael in the saying: ”I’m dancing with the freaks now…”. My faith is intact but not my trust in anti-gay Christians. I hope they’ll extend their defintion of love to acknowledging that as long as your way of loving doesn’t harm yourself or others, go for it. Choose life.

I mostly feel sorry for straight people who’ve been married for decades with in-the-closet gay people, the latter might also struggle with depression, eating disorders, and/or suicidal tendencies, etc. The deranged sexual teaching in some Christian churches have long-term consequences.

Gillian Hampton, journalist, 34
Speaking of leaving out parts of the bible. 1 Corinthians 5:12-13

12What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13God will judge those outside.

We are not to judge brothers, or those who believe and act out their belief in the risen christ, but it is our duty to hold Christians accountable to that which they claim to follow.

The bible does not speak against homosexuality, as in the preference but against the act of homosexual sex. To change the preference is baseless if abstinence from the act is what is biblically required. Nature isn't much of an excuse, I'm naturally aggresive and prideful but that definitely doesn't force me to abstain from humility and to be violent. I have control over my actions, if not my biology.
I was willing to try anything as a cure for homosexuality, however I have come to realise that there is no "miracle" cure. Being gay is not just about same sex relationships, its a lifestyle, one that i have struggled to cope with for as long as i can remember and seems to get more difficult in time. My life will never be as i had once planned, comming to terms with my sexuality is the most diffucult challenge i have to face everyday for the rest of my life. Your story has helped me appreciate that i am not the only person in this situation.
I envy those who are open about their sexuality and maintain a happy lifestyle, no organisation/person has the right to dictate another persons sexuality.
It can only be America where such a ridiculous camp is set up..... What happened to the term "God accepts us the way we are" so called mentally disordered or not. Please! How ridiculous! I wonder who is financing these camps, or is it just another con artist that makes people walk out of wheelchairs and be cured from certain diseases, so that his bank account quadruples in size overnight.

If its so easy to convert with the power of the Bible and psyco's please can I fly out from South Africa, and be converted from white to black.......Get a life man.

This is just another example of the Republican Right family values sound machine thinking that they are somehow going to create a society in the narrow vision of themselves. If they believe that they are going to do away with homosexuality, then they have a big job on their hands! Being gay or lesbian is not a mental illness, its not a lifestyle choice, its an orientation just like anything else.
What kind of people do that to an individual?!? They(homsexual) are people, they have as much right as their 'straight' counterpart! I don't belive that being gay is a choice no matter what the church says or does. How dare can they do that!?! I am not gay but I am frustrated that some people do this just to say it is the 'right' thing which is not. Being one's self is the best thing regardless of sexual orientation. There is more harm done than good.
What is going on with all those religious people. Isn't it enough that most wars are fought over religion? Do we really need to make people, who do not fit the 'normal profile' in the minds of a few, believe they are abnormal and need therapy. Lets start camps to convert religious people into atheists and the world would be a better place
Since Christianity (not only them) highjacked sexuality, we, the people, are having a huge challenge to get back full ownership. It belongs to the people. I wish that sexuality is considered with the same eyes like eating, drinking, reading books, tea or coffee, brief or boxers.
It enrages me very much to read about those Gay conversions. It's sickening and pure hypocrisy. If God exists, he made everyone as they are.

Frank Heydenreich, Paris, France
I am not proud to be gay. I AM gay.
Its like a left handed person saying "I am proud to be a left-handed". It's not necessary. I am gay. Whether I want to be or not, is never going to change the fact that I AM gay. That would be like an Arab saying "I don't want to be an Arab".
I can't believe that humans are clever enough to land a spacecraft on the moon, yet we can't come to grips with this simple truth?
As a Jesus loving Christian man I take offense with the tactics of Gay Conversion. Jesus came to save us ALL as we are all sinners.
Christianity, being Christ like, is about love, not judgement.

I have many gay friends and family. Many are out many are not. I've lost friends to AIDS and I lost an uncle back in the mid '80's. My uncle was brought up in a traditional Mexican-Catholic home. He was gay, we always knew it, but he never openly admitted it. He was a great man of unbreachable character in many ways. His existance was not reduced or affected because he was gay and neither was his salvation.

As he lay in his sick bed with his last few breaths he asked for last rights and reaffirmed his commitment and faith in Jesus. I believe he is Saved and we will meet agin in heaven.

Salvation is for everyone and it should be encouraged with love not driven by hate. In the end it's God who judges all of us with mercy regardless of our time on earth.
If there is no discrimination on Gay issue and the Gay conversion is just for those gay people who is not comfortable with their sexual tendency, then maybe also consider sponser some therapy as "Straight conversion" . Because there must exists some people there that wanna to be gay......and kicking punishing the pillows and shouting the opposite content out!?
Another confusion I have and worry is that why this Gay conversion therapy is sponsored by ex-gays? but not straight? I am doubting a lot the so-said straight-dream illustrated by these ex-gays ones is the same as those of the REAL straight ones? I am sure they want to change to be straight just because they don't like to be gay, but not they really understand a real straight world is like. So, I don't believe what they said.They are more like to COPY something but not the real straight emotions. If even you don't accept and like the real side of yourself, who else can you count on to accept you?
I am deeply offended and saddened that CNN choose to run this horrible program and promote hatred and bigotry against gay people in the world. Do you think it is acceptable to show programs featuring blacks or asians being 'cured' of their color? Or how about women being 'fixed right' or jews or muslims 'improved'. It should be part of your editorial policy not to aggravate such destructivness. Gay people have been persecuted, tortured and killed for centuries by monsters with such disgusting ideas as your program propagates. Millions of homosexuals were killed during World War 2. Is this acceptable to you?
Your program should be immeditaely withdrawn from broadcast and its producers severely penalised and sent to be 'cured' of their problem.
The world would be a boring place without gays.
Gays have the most colourful lives as they really know how to live whereas most hetrosexuals lead a dull and boring life.
It is a waste of time converting gays into straights they will never change! Don't you have anything else better to do......
One anti-gay comment here said, that homosexuality equaled robbery. That one should obey the bible literally, When I read opinions like these or listen to activists from Christian conversion-centers as shown in the report fighting people who are different I can´t help but wonder what I should be more afraid of: Islamic fundamentalists forbidding women to show their hair in public because of the koran or right-wing Christian taliban fom the U.S. who condemn men and women loving and living together with same-sex partners because of the bible. To all religous people in the world regardless of your religion: you have brains, you have hearts. Why not use it?
It disgusts me that there are people out there who essentially demand that everyone else should be like them. Get over it: there are straight people, bisexual people, gay people, transgender people - whatever, you name it. These gay conversion nuts should undergo psychological treatment as well.

Don, London
Jesus taught to love thy neighbor as thy self. Not as you would have them be. No one fits the vision of everyone. We were never asked to like all of our neghbor, Just to love them them for who they are. Just as we love ourselves for who we are. If you cannot love your neighbor, how can you expect your Lord to love you?
The world has so many REAL problems, like war and poverty, natural disasters like tsunami and earthquake. Yet in United States, pride itself to be educated and liberated, spent so much time on converting people of what are they, not who they are. What a waste of time?

The other sad truth is, our society has grown little to accept the differences in others. Instead of celebrating truth and honesty, we want others to become who we are. Until we do that, how can individuals accept themselves, and how can societies accept immigrants, and how can the world accept the differences in our co-existance. World peace is as far away as one hundred year ago....what a sad truth.

United States, despite how proud it is of its freedom of information, and free speech, is certainly a good demonstration that democracy doesn't liberate one's thought. Education does little to reduce, let alone eradicate prejudices, and discrimination. We all have to find new answers.
I've been a Catholic since birth and I've been told that God loves UNCONDITIONALLY! That means he loves us all - straight or gay. I believe in accepting everyone as they are and not trying to change them into something you want them to be in order to be socially accepted. I have two beautiful kids and if ever one of them came up to me and said that they were gay, I would be accepting of that fact. I would not want to lose my child by being small minded. Thank you CNN for showing us how narrow minded some of those who lead us in our faith can be. Judgement of mankind and the life they lead/have led should be left to God.
I believe that they can be cured. It is not their fault. Mankind is either male or female . Hormone in balance produces strange individuals. Nothing to be ashamed of.

If sexual orientation is a choice, then all christians must be bi-sexual and choose only to live a heterosexual life-style.

Reparative therapy, or as it is some time called "conversion” therapy, has been shown not to work. Also, the so-called “cured” in many cases have often been shown to have not been “gay” in the first place. It's all theatre and acting.

There is categorically no independent, un-biased, non-religious-based medical / psychological research that supports the method, process, objectives and results claimed by the christian groups supposedly providing “cures” to homosexuals. None. In fact, the research says quite the opposite.

Most research shows sexual orientation as being similar to being either left-handed or right handed. Some people are left-handed, some people are right-handed, just like some people are gay and some are not gay. In other words, it’s just the way people are and attempting to convert someone to being hetero is akin to tying up a child’s left arm and forcing them to write with their right hand.

The problem with homosexuality is not the homosexuals, but the people who have a problem with it. They’re the problem.

No one chooses to be gay anymore than they choose to be straight.

Reparative therapy is dangerous and is not in anyway scientifically grounded. It should be banned.
That's why I was very afraid to come out of the closet. None of us would like to be discriminated. But it's something inside me,that I can not change. I'm just a normal person, why can't Bush see that?
I will never understand the fear over homosexuality. What's the big deal? Those professing that conversion therapy will cure gays and lesbians are ignorant, insecure and definately not speaking for God. Using God as a weapon is cowardly. I am not homosexual but commend those that are for their strength and apologize for the ignorance and cruelty of so many homophobics.
This gay conversion camp is the wrong way to go about "saving" these people. What will be next a camp for jews, muslims and buddhists to convert to christianity. The BEST way to help someone is to PRAY FOR THEM and pray for themselves...not judge anyone.
"stop looking at the splinter in everyone elses eye and take a look at the plank in your own"
I think that it's unfortunate that people automatically assume that all homosexuals are that way because of their genetic makeup. Personally, I had issues with homosexuality as a younger person -- however after long term work on my personal and psychological issues, I realized that the problems I was having were more about issues of self-hatred. And these issues in turn were due to a society that tells young boys who are not sport and girl-obsessed (or who are artistic and/or "effeminate") that they "must be" gay. I have now been married very happily for over a decade and have no desire whatsover for a homosexual relationship. Although I don't doubt that there are genetic factors that may be at work in many cases of homosexuality, I feel far too little attention has been focused on the psychological factors of a society that so quickly places children in boxes by labeling them this way or that. Of course this also means we have to avoid the same thing as adults and not go around judging people -- whether they are straight or gay!
This is vengeance against the persecution by the GLBT community. For so long, many of my countrymen have been forcibly converted in being a gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transsexual. Now is the time for vengeance. Now, these fools are forcing the Philippine government to approve same-sex marriage, which is illegal in Philippine law. Long live the unseen revolution!! Our people will be free from their influence!!!!!!
It's so weird that these organizations are operating at all. They clearly fall under anti/hate category and should be prohibited by law and authorities. I guess the real problem is not in this movement functioning. If this was perfectly allowed by law we would see anti-black, anti-muslim, anti-jewish organizations. Yet, they are not allowed. It's the fact that the government and legislation allows for this camps to exist that really makes you amazed.
The program is disappointinly unbalanced. A number of people (e.g. in a uni-gender environment) have confesed to some 'gay' practices when a willing opposite sex was unavailable. There are a number of other environmental factors making 'gay' practice the most bizzare self-fulfiling fad of our time. The vocal gay movement is pushing hard its agenda using its access to the media and even a section of the clergy. This program unwittingly but subtly lent them a helping hand.
Homosexuality normal? If all our ancestors were pure homosexuals, we will not be here. Neither do I believe in brain washing homosexuals to be straight. I feel love and being alongside them in an understanding manner is better.
Thanks for the positing CNN. I can only say that your contribution extends the world debate about homosexuality. I'd like to add that even the this reports appear neutral, the posting appears to do more harm than good because it encourages discrimination. It leaves a message to people that whenever there is some "social or behavior unacceptable" it is alright to aim to convert individuals to whatever is the norm of a group or the largest population of people. Giving groups the option to develop such program rises social conflicts. This is not a fair game at all but we live in a democratic country.

Anyway, I hope societies realize that the gay and lesbians for a long time have been trying to promote awareness, educating the public about why they love someone who happens to be the same sex and yes sometimes there's sexual orientation, which only refers to ones own preferred sexual stimulation. I want to ask Just exactly how can one change one's preference over anything. We can ask chocolate lovers how chocolate ended up to be their favorite. Or why some fan prefers the Colts to Bears or why some whites prefer a sex partner of another color or why some men prefer a man as life companion than a woman.
The international community should clearly respond / address to the state / role and rights of Gays and Lesbians in the society as soon as possible.
My concern are the discreet people, both young and adult, who are still hiding in their closets, persistently waiting and hoping for answers in relation to moral, social, emotional, and mental characteristics involved in such personality.
Prolonging to address this issue by leaders may cause social and personal frustrations, and internal conflicts among gays and lesbians, that may lead to restlessness and tension, apathy, regression, fantasy, and self-destruction.
There are at least two distinct issues running concurrently on this posting. The issue of gay conversion through therapy is one. Maybe it will and maybe it will not work, but who are we to say it should or should not be offered? Let the clientele decide for themselves if they want to enroll. They are adults aren't they? why is everyone busting a valve on that? The other is a gross misrepresentaion of God and his word the bible. God definitely does condemn the sin of homosexuality. Both old and new testaments are clear on this so please do not say God made people this way or God made you this way. He did not, as it is both contrary to His word and nature in light of his very condemnation of the sin in numerous passages. However God does LOVE ALL, those who practice homosexuality as well as the man who tries to do his best and stays clear of all the pitfalls he can. We are all "in the same boat" so to speak. The greatest therapy is to take in the truth that He gave His Son as a sacrifice to die for sin. That is the teaching of the bible. That no "therapy" can substitue for! But please dont say we should not judge matters that God has in fact in his word already passed judgment on. That is not even the sense of the "judge not" passage and is just a plain failure to read the bible as a whole.
The fact that it's big business clearly exposes the fact that it's another scheme of those who practice "religion" for fun and profit.

These people need to get serious and read the DSMIV. And indeed, if they are "Christian", they should allow that we are all God's children, gay, lesbian, straight, or indifferent.
The only ones that need conversions are the Christians.
Everyone has had a say... But what does God have to say about it... There is a moral law - there is a moral law giver... Jesus spoke on the subject... Check what HE and the bible say on the issue... Can we trust our feelings? Feelings can lie to us... Some feel like loving their neighbours - some feel like eating theirs - so where do we draw the line? In the name of freedom and liberty, and exploiting slogans like live & let live, choose life - we have violated the very same laws that were meant to protect us...
Here's just one more attempt by religious leaders to tell people they aren't good enough, they're sinners and horrible, and that they aren't going to heaven. I stopped believing all this bunk many years ago and feel very sorry for all the fundamentalists out there. The demons they must carry around in their heads as they TRY so hard to be something they aren't and never can be. It makes me so angry, though, when they push other people to believe they aren't good enough either. Some of the kindest hearted people I know and respect are gay. If God wouldn't have wanted people to be gay, then S/He wouldn't have created them. It's just as natural and perfect as an eyelash.
Shades of Anita Bryant!! This is another twisted way of "Christians" fleecing their flock...take the money and run. Why these Christians have decided being Gay is the worst sin an individual can commit is insane. I spent 28 years as a Clinical Social Worker, and the only thing my gay clients ever wanted was acceptance; not approval-because no one can give that-but acceptance for who they and we all are. The first stoning of a heterosexual adulterer will convince me these "Christians" hold true to their strict interpretation of the Bible.
Didn't these people come to the camp on their own willingness and desire to change their behavior? .Whether successfull or not it depends on a lot of factors . GOd said in the bible that one of humans sinfull natures of immorality is homosexuality. It is destructive, unnatural and harmfull for humans. He intended only good things for us. Either you believe His words and obey,or do whatever you think is right.
On the judgement day everybody has to be responsible for their own actions, you only have a choice while you are still living here on earth.
It is sad that so many individuals in our society have fallen victims of the biggest moral conspiracy in the history of the United States. Increasing the number of homosexuals means increasing the number of Democrats. If we speak of God we must recall that part of our calling is to "procreate" The U.S. has been decreasing in population. Same sex relationships, fewer marriages, and increasing numbers of lifelong single individuals have dramatically contributed to this problem. I think Osama is sitting somewhere in the hills watching us self-destruct...the ultimate form of terrorism.
This story was extremely biased, so I am not surprised by the anti-religious comments. FYI: Focus on the Family is a non-profit organization which asks for a suggested donation for their materials. If you cannot afford the donation they will still send it to you. The fact that CNN misrepresented that only underscores their attempt to support a one-sided view instead of holding to their "jounalistic intergity" and smply presenting the facts. Any story can be twisted to fit a specific agenda, so I encourage each person to research this for themselves. Go to and you can find out what they stand for.
you CAN choose to be gay. Some men 'settle for' sexual contact with other men who are gay because they find it easier and more comfortable.
Who are we to judge another person's life? I am a lesbian and I've come to terms with my being gay with the realization that at the end of my life, God's first question to me won't be "Are you gay or straight?". Rather, I think He would ask "How well did you love?". I wonder how these gay conversionists would be able to answer this question. It's quite sad really, that instead of spreading the REAL message of the bible, LOVE, they choose to spread a message of hate and judgement.
Blog Author, why are only posts supporting homosexuality and bashing Christianity appearing? I am not trying to pick a fight, but my first post on Focus on the Family was dead on. They are a non- profit organization that offers their materials to everyone regardless of ability to pay. Other organizations in the story may or may not be and I cannot comment on that, but readers deserve to know about Focus. Misleading them only serves to stir up reverse discrimination.
Sex is for procreation. That's the natural way. How far away from this have we come? You be the judge.

If you do not like the camp just do not go in there. Obviously if you are happy with your lifestyle why should this bother you? Just like there is closet heteros, so there is "closet" gays who want something better besides gay lifestyle. Why are people judging that they cannot "re-orient" themselves? It shows everyone has their angle and personal vision, however the striving for one's personal truth continues besides this continuous bla bla bla.
I am a Christian. Thank GOD for making me a gay & giving me a wonderful boyfriend.
First of all I as a true Christine do not believe homosexuality is a sin in the sense that if they really do have faith they wouldn't commit suicide. I also believe that they were led into this lifestyle due to circumstances beyond their control and how they perceived the immediate evironment and relationships and with individuals that had an impact on their lives. I also feel the percentage could be higher than 30 % success if they have the right positive attitude like anything else; wanting to have control and restraint over thier addiction and fantasies. There is always hope for those who believe in hope. Lucy D.
I think that the main thing is that one has to be happy with his own life whatever are the means used to access to his own happyness.

Amazing--the amount of hate provoked by the thought that someone would want to exercise their free will to become straight again. It becomes quite clear just how "tolerant" the gay thought police and their friends are...
I believe we are all missing the main point here by using the Bible and God. Let's leave the Bible and God out of the equation for a moment.

Homosexuality, although not all causes and solutions are known, if one really studies this subject well, is a collection of processes where shy sensitive, intelligent, artistic people, who are lacking the attention or love needed (other psychological factors have to be considered as well) for full development. People who choose this lifestyle are surrounded by an overwhelming environment where they are not able to attach their psyche to the proper sexual orientation that nature clearly defines for them. After all, in nature, when did one plant the seeds of a pea and had eggplant grown instead.

Although the current success rate of reintroducing the proper gender to the homosexual person is currently low at only about 33%, I believe this form of re-orientation thereapy is still in its infancy and within the next few years we become more readily available and have unprecedented success in helping our young, intelligent, sensitive and loving population leave the homosexual lifestyle, therefore reconnecting them to the gender nature intended them to have.

After all, we ALL have a share in this world and we ALL make up the world dynamic. If homosexuality is as normal as is mentioned, it certainly will defy nature. As for nature, it is about procreation. Nature would not be able to continue in a homosexual world.

My hope for the future is that those who are pursuing lifestyles not according natures intent, will be able to realize and become proactive in pursuing a healthy and productive lifestyle as nature intended it to be.
Forgetting for a moment that I think this 're-orientation' is a disgrace, but also that a 30% percent success rate is not high at all. People are who they are, thats what makes this world diverse & great; if we were all the same-how boring would this planet be? Who is anyone or any organization to decide who should be gay & straight? Sexuality is an incredibly personal issue & is up to the individual...not the Church or anyone else for that matter. You are fine just as you are :-)
It is true that God's love is unconditional, and that he loves gay people, but His love is shown in that He sent His only son to deliver us from a sinful life. The Bible clearly says that homosexuality is sin (See Romans 1:27-28), and God's will has always been for a man to live with a woman. Even if I think that this documentary was "angled" to produce rage from the gay community, it may also be true that he conversionists have their flaws.
Being attracted to the same sex is first and foremost a spiritual issue, which may be inherited or caused by hurt from one's childhood. Jesus came to free man from such bondage, and whoever wants to be freed, should seek counselling in a Charismatic church where deliverance from evil spirits (something Jesus has commanded Christians to do) take place. God loves you gay people, and wants to set you free!
The opening sentences of this article will mislead a lot of people to think all Christians think homosexuality is a mental disorder that has to be fixed. Most Christians don't view it as a mental disorder, nor do such programs believe they will make gays straight. Being in a Christian church that had such a program, I observed for several years what goes on, and speaking on what I saw, the program only tried to help people explore relationships with women. Maybe 15 percent or so went on to get happily married, but even so, they still experienced same-sex desires even in marriage. Hence, the program didn't say "you'll be turned straight", but rather it tried to open the door for them to enjoy raising a family in a heterosexual manner. And most important for those individuals, to feel like their lifestyle was pleasing to God, i.e. the God of the Bible. What the CNN article doesn't touch on is the complexity of thoughts in a person who is homosexual and how they deal with how the Bible discusses the homosexual lifestyle. The guys I knew who entered the program really hoped that at least they could develop relationships with women, and get a sense of restored peace with God. I understand many people don't want to believe in the Bible any more, and so would "feel sorry" for the ones who went through such a program, but until you meet a gay person who desperately wants to feel like he/she is in harmony with God, as described in the Bible, you just can't pass judgement on those homosexuals and their pursuit of peace with God. No matter what you may not like about the Bible, a lot of the homosexuals I met said they felt the Bible held the only dependable source of truth about Christ that they themselves were willing to trust in, and hence, that's what they wanted to seek after, at all costs. I deeply admired the people I met in that struggle. And it's so easy for someone who doesn't believe in the Bible to just say to the homosexual Christian, "screw that book and just go live life the way you want to." But that in itself is just another form of insensitivity.
This sounds very much like the Chinese Government policy that existed for many years. It is only last year that the Chinese removed homosexuality from the list of problems in their mental health handbooks. Maybe these Christians should go to Beijing to get updated to the real world
As a follower of Christ I am saddened to read the hostility in these comments toward Christians. God is love. Yes, that is absolutely correct. He is also merciful, just, righteous, and holy. It is His goodness that leads people to change, not coercion of another individual. I am sorry that other Christians are are being bashed because in the depths of their hearts they believe they are doing something helpful. I didn't see this program but I understand the concepts behind the camp. It is like a rehab for people who choose to go. I am certain people aren't dragged there kicking and screaming. Someone asked for a program like this and obviously, some people want it since your information calls it "big business" and describes it as growing. I believe it to be important for those of you claiming you don't like being judged by Christians to consider your comments as bashing people who simply are trying to help people who are asking for help. Not one of you are being forced to go there. So, let those who choose to go be free to be "converted" as you've been saying. The world is a complicated place. Whether homosexuality is a natural, biological, or spiritual issue is complicated. Some people want to be gay because they feel that is their nature and are okay with that. Others feel that is their nature and aren't okay with it. So, let them be free to seek the "treatment" or help they want. God is not about "forcing" us to change. He wants us to choose love, to choose Him because His ways are better for our wholeness. However, He fully respects free will. I am hoping the Chrisitans involved in these camps are doing the same. I am also hoping the commenters here will let others be free to choose the way they want to live their own lives, even if that means following Christ and/or going to one of these camps.
A 30% success rate converting homosexuals? Doubtful to begin with, it's a statistic and no doubt they are skewing the interpretation of "cured". Doubtless measured at the time they are leaving the "reorientation", and they are still pumped up on their own expectations, the hype, propaganda, religious dogma and personal charisma of the organizers. How many of those 30% they claim are still converted a year later? I'm willing to bet less than half. Where's the follow up here? There isn't any because it's all about hype, and it's all about money. Over $1000 per week in fact.

The first part of the video speaks eloquently to the lunacy of the converters. The doctor explains using his fingers to show that a penis and vagina go together, but two penises don't. Therefore "natural law" shows that homosexuality is wrong. Incredible. The next scene has the doctor smashing a tennis racket to release inner rage. He does look really mad, and yes folks, he "used to be" gay. Ha ha, how come all the snake oil salesman are themselves gay? How sad, they never accepted themselves and they don't accept anyone else.

There's a difference between being gay and practicing a gay lifestyle. If you're not comfortable being gay, you don't have to practice it. Just accept you're gay and it's ok.

Watch the videos, they put the lie to the sham converters. Remember folks, it's all about money. Obviously the converters rely on the old saying: "there's a sucker born every minute"!
What you can really choose is on living a straight or a gay lifestyle but... if you are born gay... you will always be gay!
You can tell that some boys or girls are gay since a very tender age... They are really born like that.
Is history repeating itself again?
Christian residential schools designed to convert our first nations people from their cultural roots have cause long term mental anguish to those subjected to it, and the variety of abuses that came with it. Damages being awarded by the courts have certainly made these so-called institutions of learning, "sorry."

Messing around with a person's mind by those pretending to be God's representative on this earth, I fear, will only result in more long term mental anguish. I would not be surprised to see subsequent court actions, and those who inflict this anguish being require to pay damages on those afflicted. However, the courts will be the least of their worries, for when are are before God, in judgment, there will be no hiding the truth of their bigotry and hatred. May God have mercy on their souls.
Gay conversion is incontrovertible. Ask those who as youngsters have practised with it when the opposite sex is 'unavailable'. The vocal gay movement is unrelentlessly assaulting the foundation of civil society (marriage and family) and are finding willing allies in the media and even the clergy. Their mesage has made this the most self fulfilling fad of our time. Your report has lent them a helping hand
The idea that God cares about what we do, say, and even think is not very popular these days. We are all independent people who bristle at the idea that God has some things He says are good, and others that He says are not good. We want to do what we think or feel is right, or best for us, without any consideration of how God wants for things to be.

This is much broader than any question of gay vs. straight. I am sure there is much more heterosexual sin than homosexual sin in the world. And pride is probably even more prevalent than sexual sin, though this is not due to any lack of sexual sin.

In fact, all of us have sinned in many ways against God. And we will all stand before Him to give an account of our words, thoughts, and actions.

Those who are involved in the programs described in these news stories may not have everything correct. The programs may not be very effective. But at least some of those involved take seriously the idea that God cares what we do. And they are trying to live and help others live in a way that follows what God has revealed.

Rather than just criticize what the people are doing in these programs, I suggest that you consider this question: What will you say when you stand before God, and He calls you to account for what you did in this life? Whether you are gay or straight will not be the primary issue.

Forgiveness for all sin is available through Jesus. And He calls those who follow Him to leave all sin, and He also provides the strength to follow Him.
People who want to change their same sex attractions should be respected. Many have strong religious identities that conflict with their sexual desires. Others simply feel conflicted with a gay identity. These suffers are often looking for community where their conflict can be understood. is one community that gives much needed support, but happens to be non religious.
I have an 18 year old lesbian daughter who has abandoned her Christian identity. When she was 17, I took her to a NARTH referred therapist. She chose to continue the therapy after she turned 18 and then discontinued it at her choice after 13 months. Since her lesbian relationships are consistently tumultuous, she chose recently to start therapy again with another more local “reparative” Christian therapist. She has no interest in leaving a lesbian lifestyle nor in joining a religion. She does, however, view her same sex attraction as something that may or may not change and a therapist as someone who can support her as she resolves other issues. I am pleased that she is so positive about her experience with reparative therapists and I attribute this to the information and training from NARTH.
While, reparative therapists do not affirm a gay identity as being predestined, good ones will not give ultimatums, nor will they shame. These therapists know that as early life wounds are resolved, clients are more likely to progress through what many see as a developmental arrest at an early life homo-emotional stage. People who believe shaming others is a way to bring about change could benefit from camps that would teach them to validate the true emotions of others and mentor and support and love those who struggle and young ones who are at risk.
For every "gay" person, there are two parents that are devastated and numerous relatives affected.

"Gay" is not a conscious choice. Nobody would willingly put themselves through this type of excruciating pain and depression.

SSA "Same Sex Attraction" has its roots in 10 basic sets of circumstances that sets up "perfect storm" that, in turn triggers the problem.

At this very moment, the American Psychological Association is revisiting their great social experiment of the 70's where, under the coercion of homosexual psychologists, homosexuality was removed from their lists of disorders.

The damage that has been done, families and individual lives ruined and lost due to this irresponsible decision are going to be marked in history as a sad chapter.

Before you BLOG off the cuff, get some information for yourself. Visit sites like or

These organizations are not detrimental to the "Gay" community, they offer education and help to those that want it.

Then GOOGLE the article, THE TROJAN COUCH for some history on the APA's decision of the 70's.

If you are a parent of a "Gay" child, read the book by Richard Cohen, GAY CHILDRED - STRAIGHT PARENTS...A GUIDE FOR HEALING. (Do not mix this up with Straight Parents - Gay Children).

If you are affected by Same Sex Attraction, read the book by Richard Cohen, COMING OUT STRAIGHT.

Gay Camps may not be the answer. Force conversion will not work. Love and understanding of the causes are the key to helping those affected.

Loving Father in Arizona
i think this is the studpidest thing ever. people need to learn to respect other people and not judge them. they can't help being gay. they should be ashamed for even starting a program like that.. and anyone who goes there shouldnt be ashamed of their feelings.
I can hardly believe this. How dare and selfrightous using the bible as justification to practice something like the "gay conversion program".
It is evidently wrong, can't work and is first grade unmoral psychological abuse, using methods (and likely - so not mentioned in the story - medication!) to surpress feelings - that leading eventually to depressions and worse.

There should rather be more progressively be support offered gays and their families during coming out.
I can remember that tons of wight being taken of me - by helping me out of the closet and live my life - as a gay - happy and content!

And there is not much difference to my life, just that I am careing and loving about a man!
Oh, and I am sure god loves me just as any other gay person - he is the one who made me the way I am!
I've seen this documetary to Cnn,I'm from Europe.I would like to say that if cristhians are trying to help you to cure yourself it's not a judging!They are realistic with the bible and does not pick or take parts from the bible,they look to the all bible!Also if you saw their behavior,lovly people it's not much said!
It’s not fair to judge people by their sexuality. If I told my friends that I was gay, they wouldn’t accept me as if I was straight. Most people think that being gay is a choice, but it’s not. Here in Holland it’s normal if u see two men holding hands. I accept people as they are no matter what skin color, race or sexuality. Be proud that you are gay and never let other people judge you. M. Ndayitabi, Amsterdam The Netherlands
Here's a bunch of people that have identified a market and trying to profit from it. Add some religion into the marketing strategy and you might just have a winning recipe. I'm proud to live in a country that allows me right to choose who I love and who I can marry.
Johan (South Africa)
It frightens me to know that these selfmade religious cults coming out of America actualy exist. I thought the religion christianity was about saving yourself, so why do they try to force thier brainwashed believes on others.The bible is a personal giude, not a compulsory rule book for all, isn,t it? I'm Mormon (was Mormon!),but i'm Gay!, so i choose freedom!. uk
One of the Ex-Gays on the program said that they wanted to get teh message out to homosexual teens that they could choose to turn away from being homosexual.

The only choice I made about my sexuality was the choice to accept myself for who I am, a homosexual man. Luckily my parents are not like those that send their kids to these conversion centers. To have had to face that kind of rejection from them would have been devastating. Instead, they embrace and accept me, and show the true face of love as only loving parents can.
The real "sickies" are the Christians themselves, pushers of the false messages of their imaginary "God". It is they who need "reorientation" courses, not gays!
The one thing we agree on is that God loves you just the way you are. However it is not enough to say, 'I want to live like I want to live' and still receive all that God promises, without sacrificing ones old 'self.' As sinners, we all seek after our own will, our own way, cling to habits, etc. but God loves us, still. God gives each of us choices to make. Yes, He loves us as we are, but He is patiently waiting for us to make the choice to love Him the way HE is, and to choose to live the way HE intended. In order to love Him the way HE is, we must choose to move toward the state of holiness that God is. The only way to become more like Him is to become LESS like ourselves. In other words we must be willing to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. This precious thing we cling to and feel we cannot live without, doesn't amount to much more than a bowl of ashes. But God will give such exceptional beauty in exchange for those ashes. Just trust Him. Give it to Him. Change your MIND and see what God will do. Many of you know that this is wrong but you feel it is just too hard to change yourself. You're right you CANNOT change yourself. 'Lord I'm giving this to you and I'm asking you to change my MIND, to transform me through new thoughts and patterns [a new heart] that YOU intended for me.'
This simple prayer can set you free, if you want to be free.

God will not force His ways on us. He wants us look over our lives and realize that He has been so wonderful to us, He has parted seas for us, yet we still walk after the lust of our own hearts. He is so merciful that He extends His grace another year, then another year, and continues to protect us and meet our needs, just waiting for us to choose His way. But instead we somehow get comfortable and begin to believe that God's grace, mercy and patience toward us, while we remain in sin, is a sign that He's just fine with our sins. He is not. It grieves Him, after all He gives for us, not to choose to love Him as He intended.

Charlene E. Cothran
If one is "born" homosexual or Lesbian then its okay. The Bible acknowledges that. Its nature and we cannot change that. However, if one "converts" to Homosexual or Lesbian then that person is "sick" and really needs help. So I believe the Gay Conversion should be for those "barrier crossers".
I have struggled with being gay for as long as I can remember........ first I thought it was horribly wrong and hid it from everybody, then I kinda accepted it and came to terms that it was what I was, then I joined a Movemkent that took me back to the part where it was wrong and I had to deal with it you know kinda like get cured .... Then I left that Movement and well here I am and I still cannot telly ou for sure ..... But I Believe Being Gay is a choice I made ... at some point in my life I actually made that choice to accept my feelings and live what I felt and I guess that's what they talk about when they say we make a choice ..... What I'm trying to say is that much as they Judge us don't we also judge them when we make all these comments about how wrong they are etc etc .... Anyways what I Know is that Being Gay might repeat "might" not be normal but it is a way of life so here I am Gay and Unhappy and I Know that as sure as Hell I wish I could change....... I Hope this gets posted buyt if it doesn't It's just what I feel...... Being Gay is weird and Not nOtrmal but if I chose to be Gay then I may as well accept the fact that I am and always will be different......

Love you all
"The Fat Guru"
Over the years of struggle with my own sexuality, I realized that being gay is not the defining characteristic that make me human afterall. My sexuality is just a part of me and not the whole me.

The misunderstanding and ignorance of the "gay lifestyle" is what drives discrimination. Being gay isn't synonymous to being sexual and hedonistic. Being gay, just like being straight, could also mean intimacy, family, spirituality and happiness. Gay conversion altogether reinforces the negative stereotypes that have long confused the general public by instilling that homosexuality is something that needs to be cured.

It is not homosexuality that needs to be reversed, it is not gay men and women that need to be converted. It is the general misconception and stereotypes that most people have (even gay men and women themselves) that need to be corrected.
The program on sin and Christianity was terribly unbalanced. The program did not present fairly the stories and the science showing how thousands of people have successfully changed sexual orientation, many of whom changed out of motivations other than religion. The discrimination practiced by the media against the "ex-gay" is awful. The media needs to present a greater balance, thereby enabling people to make an informed decision about change.
I suppose I consider myself Bisexual. For a while I thought I was gay, but it just never felt right for me. I have found complete opposition from mainstream/liberal/secular straight and gay people in supporting me as a man who wants to date women now. I got no support from gays (they said i was deluding myself - GLBT..yeah right count us bi people out please) and little support from any straight friends I had. The reparative therapy was my only support. I am not religious, and don't plan to be, but many of their ideas were helpful and at least I found support with them. If all the gay and gay supporters want acceptance, then show support to bisexuals..I for one had to go to these people to find acceptance of my decision to date women. I believe people should come to them based on decsions, I do not support forcing children to go. I have a healthy interest in women, so I do not face their exact dilemma...just dissaproval overall from those that espouse acceptance for gays. I've overcome the lie that my destiny is to be gay since I had some sex with men..I'm not..been there..done that. (And we all know its so cool for women to be bi..such a double standard) Thanks for listening
I think the main argument here, is homosexuality something some people born with or is it something acquired after birth. If it's genetic then there is no argument. If it's something acquired in life due to circumstances then comes the choice of the individual if he or she wants to be or not, for some it could work and for others it won't.
GRTGUYBOXER --I do not understand the hostility toward people like you --who have gone both ways and concluded you are able to choose heterosexual preference. They just don't want it to be true --they prefer to think that gays are intrinsically gay --genetically gay--and any evidence to the contrary seems to dispute their pet theory and they turn on that evidence --people like you--with a vengeance. WHY??

I guess because gays and their advocates don't want anyone suggesting that they have a choice--because that means it is possible for THEM to live by the Biblical standard on sexuality-- "male and female created He them --in the image of God."

God made woman because He saw it was not good for man to be alone. Jesus said a man should leave his parents and cleave to his wife. St. Paul said homosexual acts were sinful --along with all other sin.

We are all sinners who ought not celebrate or excuse our sins.

It's not about judgment --it's about right and wrong in the eyes of God who made us perfectly biologically suited for heterosex; no other arrangement works as well or can procreate. -create your blog! I appreciated your right on remarks.
"Do not judge", thats great. Lets play the blame game and judge those who decide they do not want to live with the lemon life has thrown them. This is not forced conversion, not forced religion but a place that exists because there is a need.

"Oh no, the bible says gay sex is wrong and I have "natural" homosexual feelings"

Congratulations, I'm naturally aggressive and have a family history of addictive behavior. Genetics and biology do not force action, or I'd be drinking myself stupid and brawling. Who one is, is never wrong until it leads to action.

Christians, read 1 Corinthians 5:12. Without Jesus, they could be nearly perfect and still fall infinitely short. If they want to not sin or sin, they're spiritual status is unaffected. If an active homosexual is seeking and accepts Christ, let God convict him or let him/her be shown for a liar, but love him/her always.
"Faith without action is dead"
You know what it is, I think only gaypeople and people who are against them have seen it, but we have to tell the whole world about this, its not a problem at all, those gaypeople are the most great people in the world and I one of them and very proud to be "special" like that!
Recently the APA (American Psychiatric Association) has decided to form a task force to investigate the possibility of re-orientation therapy and to explore the ex-gay position. I think that is wonderful. I am all for it. For a long time now the APA has been very pro-gay and very biased against people trying to leave the gay lifestyle.
What is wrong with people getting help to leave the lifestyle. Doesn't everyone have free choice in this country? Why are they discriminated against, subject to hate mail and verbal abuse. If a person chooses to leave the lifestyle and needs help, why can't he or she be able to find it?
People choose to be gay, why can't they choose to not be gay anymore.
My feeling is that until someone proves to me that there is a "gay gene", it is therefore behavioral and subject to the possiblity of re-orientation.
On another note, some people need God to help them change and some people don't. What is wrong with that? Everyone out there that is pro gay keeps saying leave them alone, don't discriminate, I say it goes both ways. Whoever wants to seek the help of God, let them.
Judging people also works both ways. Give the ex-gay movement a chance and see what happens!!!
People People P-E-O-P-L-E-!!!! Hang on the Just a Minute..... Look at us Here Take a Good Hard Look at all the comments we've posted sooooooo Far..... and you guys wanna say that The Christians are full of Hatred for Gays.... I suggest we all go back and take a good hard look at all we have written so Far and by "WE" I mean the Gay pple ... PURE HATRED!!! 100% PURE ANGER!!!! and we wanna be accepted, we wanna be LOved??? None of those Groups that where shown on The Program Forcefully recruit pple infact unles I am Mistaken you actually have to make a choice and want to change in order to enroll there...... I never saw drunks Bashing the AA or Drug addicts lashing out at Rehab Clinics so Guys please I believe everyone has a right to wanna change . I mean Hell Look at me "I AM NOT PROUD TO BE GAY" and Lord Knows I would give my Life to be able to have some help into changing myself into what I wanna be it may not be right but if I wanna change I should have that right ... so let's stop skirting the isue here and let everyone including the Christinas which I also am Have a right to exercise their freedom and their beliefs. If I wanna change I believe i should be able to do so in peace and with whatever kind of help I can get if it means whacking at some Crazy cushion in a shrinks office well so be it.......If being Gay is soooooooooooooooooo RIGHT hen I will never understand this dee grained rooted desire for Homossexuals to be accepted by the Church and By GOD, I mean I just don't get it ........ Sometimes I believ we as Gay pple actually condemn ourselves and show just how much what we are doing is wrong so let's stop persecuting thr church and just do whatever we wanna do ..... But My Message here is that The Church is right in their own beliefs and if we don't wanna follow hem then we are not obligated to...... I mean one day somehow or another we are gonna discover who was actually right... Might be in this life might be in the Next ........................
I am a 35 year old gay kenyan man, first of all I think gay conversion is complete bollocks, pardon my french, how in the world people think they can convert their feelings and emotions is beyond me.

There are enough real problems in the world to deal with without us having to make up another one.

Looking at it from a cultural point of view, in Africaand certainly in kenya where I was born and live, the idea of gay conversation could spread like wild fire, and it will burn may folks, its such a cultural taboo being gay, that marriage is more often than not the first option for people to gain the acceptance of their family, and by extention society and then what or more appropriately who they do on the side is semi acceptable, after all they have a family... bahhh! Gay cvonversation? yeah right! you would have better luck turning me white from black.... Humanity, Grace and Soul. Thats what is missing in the world.
Kudos to CNN in doing this untold stories. I am a Christian myself and I am gay. Jesus' teaching is always to love and have mercy on people who had hurt you. Most Christians talked about how the family unit had been destroyed because we legalise gay marriage. But what I dont understand is this: Isn't divorce destroying the families more than gay marriage? Jesus specifically told his disciples that "Whatever God unite, man must not divide", and this phrase was never used/heard of in discussing about family. People always blaming on gays,yet Jesus never ever said anything about homosexuals. The straight people should focus more about divorce rates rather than gays, as this is the NO.1 destroyer of the family unit! I think all divorcees are commiting great sin as they broke what God unites, and we should have movement to 'convert' those divorcees!
Its right we need to love one another whether it gay or not..but we need to uderstand them, we need to show God's love to them. Maybe some of the reasons why they became gay is they dont have a father figure when they grow up, some of them maybe dont know their real identity which is found in God because we are created by Him or maybe some of them they are being molested when they are young..but whatever reasons maybe we should accept them.. i have a gay friends and they are decent, they have good jobs and i dont thinks its right to judge them only God has the right to judge. and before you judge just look at yourself in the mirror first. :)
Well, let's see, years ago blacks were not accepted and jews were not accepted and now Gay's are not accepted. Surprise, surprise!
I find it funny exgay men are hosting these conversion therapy. Maybe it is because it is the only way they think they can get into heaven, by repenting and changing others for the chance to be allowed into God's Kingdom. This is the biggest dog doddies i have heard of since this war with Iraq! Let me see if I understand, these exgay's want to convert other gays to hetersexuality and christainity, while making a nice profit! Do you work for the Bush adminstration or the Catholic Church? I think the Christians that are trying to convert these poor(Oh, my they won't go to heaven) Gay people needs to put there nose back into the Bible. Remember the Bible, only God has the right to Judge others and what you are doing is being a hypocrite, so therefore, i am not sure you will see those pearl gates yourself. If these Gay people are stupid enough to spend money to fix themselves, then I guess maybe they do need help of somekind!
Here's a thought if you really want to help Gay people, Why don't you help them by letting them talk about how hey feel and be a friend to them so they don't feel scared and alone, instead of trying to hypnotise them to be straight, and for the record all you are doing is helping these young people go further into the closet.
Anoher strange thought, all of the exgay men maybe doing this because they don't feel normal themselves since they are no longer hanging out with people of their true own kind, so they are trying to have an excuse to be around Gay people without there wives knowing what they are doing within there minds.

Helpig young people make a choice is one thing but hypnosis and trying to force the issue is another.
Perhaps, the whole beating the tennis racket with his converted boys is used so that Richard can get off mentally.
Look out world, the X-men don't need your help, but the exgay men needs your help! Psychological help.
Spiritually, you are confused because God loves us all and it is clear you are not happy with your own choices and that i conflicting with your own spirituality.
Morally, You're ripping people off and using Christianity as an excuse to make a quick buck!
Psychologically, it is you that needs to seek guidance and the bible, and it is you that is trying to force your opinions on confused people that needs support and love, not to mention the psychological damage you are doing to others all in the name of Christianity!
Homosexuality is NOT a choice.

Given that a person raised in a very strict and straight environment and still come out to be gay just proves that it is inherent.

What I don't get is that why can't other people (fundies) recognize that there is diversity in all aspects including sexual orientation and gender identity.

The saddest part is that those wrong ideas perpetrated by the fundies cause our LGBT brothers and sisters to loathe themselves. That really sucks.

I can compare gay "conversion" to those ancient inhumane torture practices.

Live and let live.
As far as I could appreciate it, this re-orientation therapy is a recipe for creating psychopath serial killers. It is no more than a distorted vision of sexuality and only reflects some people’s fear of their own homosexuality.
i think bein gay is not the issu, the issuev is live yr life the way u want it ok
i am from ukraine, a former soviet republic. and i am gay. i have been working for a religious organization, supported by american missionaries, for as many as seven years(i had to hide my sexuality even though it was not my fault that i am gay) and i sure do know that all they are doing is just the way of making money. someone has to pay for gayconversions.they get money from churches and individuals and instead of helping the poor get their food and shelter around the world, they misuse it. i tell you, they would convert a monkey into mouse, if they got money out of it. i couldn't take it anymore and i had to quit - the job, not the relationship with God. He will forgive, if there is anything i am doing wrong.
Shame on the US ! Shame on bloody CNN to program such a disgusting and stupid program !! there's no way to CARE Homosexuality since it's NOT a DISEASE, an illness bloody fools and illetrate people !!
I don't know... maybe christianity is curable too....
This comment does not mean to offend anyone's belief, it is just an oppinion. That said, I think people would do anything for money. For what I heard and saw in the documentary I came to the conclusion that the therapy is a con. They are playing with fire there, and they're gonna get burnt eventually... It's okay to be gay, it's not okay to judge people based on their sexual prefferences...
How come that (again) when people talk about gay they only seem to think and talk about men???
How about gay women? (as you can guess I am one)
Why is gay = men??
Being homosexual is not a choice nor is it lifestyle. Homosexuality is a product of sexual orientation that occurs in the womb and/or very early in the first years of life. People have no choice in this matter.

APA, the foremost authority in Psychology and Psychiatry is very clear on dangers of such "therapies" as the one described in the article. They are dangerous. APA has stated a clear opposition to them. Not because they are "pro-gay" or anything of that sort. APA are professional and they base their consensus on scientific consensus.

Information on APA's attitude towards homosexuality and "sexual change therapies can be found is available at (Being Gay is just as healthy as being straight), (Children in homosexual families are all right), (lesbian, gay, and bisexual issues)
What a great issue to discuiss ..
I am living in mid.east and i hope to got like this psychiatrists to cure from this gay thing
As I read these comments, I realize that there are many people who express their beliefs by jumping on the bandwagon called political correctness surrounding the gay issue. What really gets me though is those people who distort and twist around God's word to fit there views. If you call yourself a Christian then join a bible study and start the process of learning the truth of God's word.
I think that this conversion camp business is the most hypocrytical thing that i have ever read of. why try to convert gay people when it was god who had created them that way in the first place. it's not some disease that can be cured, and just to say if it were, its not a bad thing like cancer, its not killing anyone, the most its doing is annoying people, but those who are annoyed, need to step off and try to be open to new things, the times are changing and its about time america starts to worry more about the important things than this petty b.s. I feel that people have a right to live the way they want to, and if the church has a problem with that, then they aren't who for thousands of years, many of us and our generations thaught they were, the church should except homosexuality with open arms and see that god made these people this way and that that's the way they should be. the first thing man tries to do is fix whats not broken. what about the war? what about S.S.? what about world hunger? what about our nations infrastructure? why not worry about and try to fix these things rather than trying to "cure" what nature intended to be?
i am alive here and now
i feel the power of love in me
i am free to love

and no other person, dead or alive
real or imagined
shall dictate the terms of my love
In a world of crime and violence, love and enlightenment is what counts, and only that. Homosexuality is that - love between two people. Racist America is a threat to all cultures around the globe and it is time somebody stands up to God's Christian Warriors! This reminds of Germany in 1933 and scares me!
All of my life I have felt like there must be something more. I can remember very early thoughts of an untethered existence, flying high above, free of any pain, worry, of bad feeling. Such was my dreams. Such still are my dreams, when they aren’t nightmarish emotional hells and torments.

I can recall my first experience in church and how empty I felt watching those who so obediently followed along. I knew that there was truth, but I also knew that those who sought it out in the church were looking in a tragically wrong place. I also discovered early on that God was something completely different than what was being talked about in church. I knew this because I knew God. I hadn’t the slightest idea how I knew God, I just did. It was something that was just always there.

Of course that was instant conflict. How could I know God when I wasn’t yet schooled in the Bible, the Catechism or the creeds and dogma of the church. How dare I say I know God when scholars had to be listened to and ritual performed. Nobody but the special people got to know God, the rest of everybody simply listened to what they said, and either believed or didn’t. After a few more years, I knew absolutely where my destiny lie, Hell that’s where. I knew that was what THEY called it, but I knew better than them. They would condemn me to their Hell, but I would wind up with the last laugh.

My first real sexual experience solidified my sexuality. Not in the sense of jubilant joy under a gay flag , but none the less seeking the comfort of those the same sex as me. I was raped in a public park by a person of my gender. I could never tell a soul. But then having something else to hide along with knowing God wasn’t such a big deal, not!

Religion I found to be nothing of comfort or joy, but instead a club for those who thought themselves better than others and needing that reinforcement. For those on the “straight and narrow” religion was very normal. The idea of family, and only one kind of family, policed by a hierarchy of self imposed leaders who adorned and ordained themselves was something that I began to repulse. Try as I might to get close and find the least bit of understanding, every single time was brought to utter despair. Despair turned to hate, and hate brought more hate. I can’t express in words the amount of pure unadulterated hate that’s been growing for decades inside myself. Only God keeps it there.

The people who see only my outside haven’t a clue of what lies within, and it’s a good thing. I have actually come to loathe anyone who promotes church, family, Bible, clean Christian or religious living. I find my self wanting them DEAD and out of sight. That might sound cruel I know, but after all, an awful lot of them have publically expressed that exact desire for me. Fair is fair, and I wouldn’t have the slightest remorse over the complete painful elimination of those who would create one more ounce of pain in my life. Them, or their children, or their children’s children, or any offspring until the end of time. That’s a lot of hate, created by a lot of pain.

Now stop and think for a minute. You don’t know who I am. I do know who you are. I may be a Catholic priest, a Lutheran minister, a Rabbi, or an apparently devout Mormon. I could be the happily married neighbor two houses down. I could be the one who you trust with your kids, or accounting, or who doles out justice in your district. You may talk to me every week or day, and you may take my advice without even a second thought. It may be my skills you rely on under the knife or in an airliner. It may be me who is your perfect image of status quo or success, or maybe I am none of the above. The fact is you can’t know unless I let you know. You can’t even be sure I’m a man, because I could have lied. What you see on the outside is an act. What’s on the inside is being expressed in these words.

There is a point to this though. No matter your feelings for me one way or another, I am still out there somewhere. What really matters is what you feel in yourself. Do you hate me because the Bible says you should? Do you hate me because the church tells you to, or because you are supposed to by simple proximity to your peers? Do you hate because you have been taught to hate? Hate begets hate. I hate because you hate. Will you continue to hate, so that it will add to the hate that may some day come from me to you, or will you find a form of compassion for those on the outside. Will you find it within yourself to lessen someone’s hate, or is your heart only in adding to it? I am out there, and just as sure as your heart beats, I await the last one. That is a question for you to ponder as you wait for sleep to come, from souls undone.
Let's not forget that many of these so-called Christian denominations are nothing more than cults even classified as such throughout Europe and South America. Due to our Freedom of Religion clause in the USA, we have to permit every yokel with a microphone to set up shop and call himself a church.
I have a question.. when is this show going to air in the Philippines? thanks
Okay. We have alot of people with dichotomous thinking here. Maybe there are gays that are born that way and maybe others are a result of psychological issues. Obviously some are born that way (i.e. people born with genitals that are not clearly male/female). Then others seem to be "cured"--even as a result of psychotherapy that was not aimed at their sexuality. Why put everyone in the same box--sounds like people are entrenched in their own position--probably because it is an emotional issue. Maybe being 'gay' is not a black and white issue--so everyone should be heard.
i believe that GOD (for want of a better word) is that point where everything relates to everything else, not a man-figure with two eyes a nose and a mouth. come on! how vain are we? and i certainly can't take seriously any man wearing a floor length jewelled cape and big pointed hat claiming to be the closest thing to GOD on this planet!

people confuse MAJORITY and MINORITY with RIGHT and WRONG
they confuse what SHOULD be with what COULD be

if there are more sunny days than rainy days it doesn't mean that the sunny days are right and the rainy days wrong
there are windy days, stormy days, snowy days and even days when frogs fall from the sky! are any of these days wrong? or are they all an example of what can happen on any given day?

why must we "obey the bible"? it's only a book assembled by ill informed power mongers a reeeeally long time ago
that's like saying we must believe the earth is flat because someone said so a long time ago, or that the earth is the center of the universe because someone said so a long time ago

grow up! let it go! can you not think for yourselves? i pity any person who allows their life to be bound by the ignorance of others
These so-called therapist will find that they have an additional item to worry about, other than homosexuality. Desparate people undergoing this therapy could end up suffering greatly from such reparative therapy applied in a negligent manner. Medical malpractice is often a very expensive enedevor.
Only in this country! You people are the christian talibans of the world.
I would have been amazed to come across so much pain, hatred, confusion, bigotry from predominantly americans ! its my meditation practise that literally lets me seee ! as a climber wanting to reach the summit (in biblical terms reaching the heaven) it makes absolutely no difference which route one takes( route being ones orientation) one might reach sooner or later but ultimately it certainly makes no DIFFERENCE... as it's really not about reaching the top ( but the journey) what really matters is the qualities and not the innate temperament for A particular route....
to me I might not agree with everything in the Bible --- or the interpretations(my professor used to say , even the Devil can quote from the Bible)but I absolutelly love Jesus because like a mountain climber he LIVED the qualities, who else could utter- to forgive the enemy while on the cross going through pain ....
but such is life ! I am an INDIAN and it pains to see the KAMASUTRA reduced to a sex manual, YOGA reduced to ASANAS(postures) and pranayama(breathing exercises), Vipassana (insight meditation) reduced to cure physical/mental illnesses....... it certainly pains to see not just how things are but the future !
I can certainly vouch that growing up in INDIA as a straight kid was terrifying, confusing and painful with no access to women of the opposite gender and being absolutely close to boys of the same sex , it really didnt change my orientation ( not for my friends either), I personally do not KNOW when I choose to be straight; that is how it was always ... i still do not know WHY!
it is my personal EXPERIENCE... and this is THE ONLY STANDARD by which I will judge gays/lesbians/bi/straight......
it hurts to imagine how painful it must be for young people growing up / knowing in their hearts that they are gay and not finding approval from society / family in particular.. all my wishes and blessings.......
I would like everyone to know, the debate should be about SEXUALITY and not the ORIENTATION when it comes to the SPIRITUAL REALM.... it is necessary to follow the precept of no SEXUAL MISCONDUCT -- otherwise too much energy gets diverted for spiritual progress.....
If only everyone could spend as much time and energy UNDERSTADING the workings of the MIND...
My experience shows, sex is not just for PROCREATION , I've used it for RECREATION too.
so what is natural/ unnatural ... it is the MISCONDUCT IN SEXUAL ACTS not with WHOM but its vital there is no pain/ deceiving in the act of SEX...
as was pointed out - its not that homosexuals have a problem with being homosexuals but the PEOPLE AROUND THEM (sadly -family included) , to me this is just HUMAN-NATURE , dont we all want to belong (feel normal-be majority) ... In INDIA people kill for communities/caste the riots that happen is all in the name of GOD... WE ALL HAVE CREATED GOD TO PLEASE HIM IN OUR OWN LIMITED/NARROOW/BIGOTED/HELPLESS image and its DEFINITELY not the other way around... how easy !
Jesus died on the CROSS and NOBODY cares about him REALLY, very few people would imbibe his qualities and say FORGIVE !!!!!!!!!!
Id like to forgive all and ask for forgiveness if Ive hurt someone.
bright blessings,
It is crazy when i heard that some pple are practise gay that is same sex when God has created many opposite sex for us to relief ourself instead of go against the God will.
they will be punish in this world and in the hereafter so act they commented
i was so disappointed that this story wasn't aired on our screen on the day of its schedule (08/25/07) hong kong 19:00, instead the "miners" story was the one shown. im a big fan of this program (world's untold stories) of cnn ever since i knew about it. i was really excited about this topic because it concerns me big time. yes i am gay. it would be great to do something about this. thank you so much.
The person who said, "Jesus said that we should not judge one another", has apparently never read the Bible to know what Jesus really said. God is indeed our judge to determine our ultimate fate. Nowhere does Jesus say we should not to judge actions to be in line (or out of line) with the moral principals He taught. The Judgement of what is right and what is wrong has already been given - by God. The idea that one can not observe actions to determine how they align with this Judgement is utterly absurd. God did not create us as mindless blobs, but as rational and insightful beings capable of making observations and comparisons to His standard. I may not always follow the Truth, but I know there is one.
If homosexuality can be turned into heterosexuality, the opposite could also be done, I guess. Haven't these so called religious people think it possible? I guess they never did, cos sexuality is not chosen when one is born and is not a mental disorder like the one they have in my opinion. Who said that religion is the people's opium? He couldn't be more right!
i think its very good topic to talk about gay conversion , well my opnion about , gays have should rites about it , every where in world ..

but about gay sex i m not comfortable
Well I ain't religious but aren't there stories of Jesus "helping" people with physical problems like blindness and helping people to get rid of greed?
I'm not suprised some christians are trying to "convert" homosexuals as it's the same as Jesus did.

Really religious people should mind their own buissness. Nothing good comes from them.
One…I don’t think that being gay is a mental disorder you like man you like man you like women you like woman , I think it’s kind of weird that theses Christians would make a gay camps to make people un gay. Two.. You really think a gay man is going to go to some camp probably 100miles from any know settlement to sit around a camp fire and feel straight whilst singing kum by yah .ridiculous.. For the record I am not gay but just feel this is out of hand .. church people are starting to freak me out
After having a gay cat, I know that it isn't just something that happens to humans, but it is something that is even in animals. Maybe it is a way of controling the population of humans and animals? So I say let mother nature do what she wants, leave the gay's alone.
Gay is not only sinful but sickening.
God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Adam. I seriously beleieve that Gayis a psychiatric and psychologic disorder.All gays worldwide must be rounded-up,converted and cured.
30% of gay teen’s committee suicide. It is strange that I had an accident 2 years back and ever since the whole life is actually repeating. I am 25 and I am struggling with this gay life for past 10 years. I know that I have lived this life many many times just because I am not accepting myself to be gay, I always land up committing suicide, but I wake up after 3 months of coma in a hospital, as if I can never get over this life, so finally I have decided to live it. THIS IS TRUE, I SWEAR.
Now that I know I have to live it, I am caught between choosing out of 2 lives that whether I should live a gay life or a straight life. Being Gay is not a choice, but living a gay life or a straight life is a choice. Again, if you are gay and want to live a straight life then it is like dieing every day.
When it come to being Gay, we all talk about God and how he thinks and what he thinks, especially when you are a Christian.
Here is a quest for all of you to think: “If you define God, then you are actually limiting its capabilities”. Christians say that men were made in the image of God, so there you go, as per Christians, God has a gender and he has 2 hands and 2 legs. I say that you are limiting Gods capabilities by defining it at the first place.
Secondly did we choose our gender or race? Did we choose that we should be born in a rich family or a poor family? So there is no way that I chose to be a Gay. I some times hate God, for the reason that he is making all of us to live life as per what he has designed us. I am not Gay by choice, so I know that its God who has forced it upon me, so should I really accept and approve his choice by living it. I am fighting against God for thousands of years, as I know that I have committed suicide many times, but I am not getting out of it as if there is no escape. Wouldn’t it be easy that you are poor so just kill your self, so you don’t have to live a poor life, then in this world no one will be poor. Similarly if you are Gay just end you life to get away from all that pain and humiliation, so there will be no one Gay, but it is not happening. Why?
I know one lady from Jamaica, she is straight but due to her abusive relationship even she says that she had committed suicide and repeating her life, until she realized that she has to live it.
My experience of committing multiple suicides tells me that there is no way out and the biggest irony is that people talk about God, but when I tell them my story they disapprove that I have lived so many lives and its repeating over and over again. Are you sure you believe in God?
Even from a biological point of view homosexuality is abnormal and needs to be "cured" We don't need to judge or look down on the people who have this "illness" but lets face it they are warped. It's obviously not the way it is meant to be done. If we all did it the species would be wiped out! From a christain point of view The Bible says "God gives people up to this condition after a rejection of him" Romans Ch 1.
I watch untold stories every weekend. Kudos to CNN for such a show. However, like some bloggers had noticed, the show on gay conversions wasn't aired on 28th SAT. Instead I saw the one on miners, which I'd seen the previous week. Maybe i missed it but could you please air a re-run this coming weekend. I really would appreciate.
The article claims the programs have a 30% success rate. I doubt it's actually that high. Regardless, that means they have a 70% or higher failure rate. Would you put money into a medical procedure if the failure rate was that high?
It's generally believed that homesexual people have been suffering the tragedies in their life especially the sentiment thing like the parents's departure and lack of maternal love. With that said, as we all are social members, we can assist them to live a better original or usual life as we do. Unfortunately, they seem like the alien people who live in a total different life style. Marriege, for example is a essential problem for them. I agree that the sexual clination should be standardized. There are many steps we can do to comfort them(homesexual people) in order to get them in right way for future life. Social ideology conversion depends on the standard we live. May be a few years ago, it will be accepted by the social approvement!
In essence this is an issue of freedom of choice. Homosexuality does NOT attempt againts other people's rights, neither heterosexuality. So lets them live their life as they like. Lets them marry. There nothing wrong with that.

So basically Since they're are places to change Homosexuals "choice" Then Heterosexuals are saying their orientation is a choice and we can set up camps tho change the way they are? They contradict their selves.
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