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Thursday, October 30, 2008
A meeting with Mr Bond
LONDON,England -- As I enter the room I realise I have Bond at a disadvantage. His trigger-finger and indeed his right arm is trapped in a sling -- a reminder of recent skirmishes on behalf of Her Majesty's Secret Service. I raise my right hand and move in.

His injured arm flails helplessly but at the last minute, with the cat-like reflexes that have made 007 the most fearesome opponent, his left hand moves like a flash, intercepts and parries. Bond, it seems, can give a handshake with either hand.

A black cardigan would make me look like I need a pipe, a pair of slippers and a nice log fire, but somehow on James Bond it seems the epitome of causal elegance.

Our eyes lock and we each take stock of the combatant before us. I make the first move, telling the hitman that he is not unknown to me: "I believe we have met before Mr Bond."

"Really, where?" he responds, "'Casino Royale'"? I can tell he's stalling for time.

"No, no," I tell him, "Golden Compass," I add, savouring my triumph so early in the encounter. I remember him but he could not remember me -- I put it down to my mastery of disguise and ability to blend in with other, lesser reporters.

I long to add, "And if I recall correctly you were wearing the same cardigan," but he recovers before I have time to press home my advantage.

"Then it must have been in this very room!" His eyes flash as he surveys the plush chamber within the sumptuous folds of The Dorchester Hotel -- home to many a movie junket, and as British as MI6 itself.

"Who do you work for?" he demands. Suddenly the tables are turned. "I'll ask the questions if you don't mind, Mr Bond," I parlay smartly, but he's undaunted: "Who do you work for?"

"I work for CNN Mr Bond, and I must warn you -- we have people EVERYWHERE!"

The stand-off ends in a draw. We both take our seats and the interrogation begins. Five minutes later I realise I'm as far as I'm going to get with this Agent Bond.

Through the glare of a camera light to his left I notice two fingers being drawn across the throat of a shadowy figure. It's the globally acknolwedged sign for terminating -- either an enemy or a tv junket interview.

One final question Mr Bond: "What is your blueprint for achieving success at an audition?" Quick as a flash he responds: "Keep smiling."

Behind him, the fingers are being drawn across the throat more urgently now and it's time to plan my exit strategy: "Thank you for your time."

I cannot resist a smile as he hesitates for a moment, clearly scanning my words for hidden meanings, secret messages or clues to future missions.

We rise together and repeat the ambidextrous handshake. As I leave the room two tapes are pressed into my hand by strangers disguised as cameramen.

At the door I encounter the agent of a rival organisation -- BBC or maybe Fox. We regard each other suspiciously. "I'd be careful." I remark pointedly, "He's in a foul mood."

Judging by the expression on my enemy's face, my campaign of disinformation succeeds.

I smile and turn up the collar of my coat against the biting cold of a November morning in London and head for my meeting with "N", CNN's London Bureau Chief.

-- From Neil Curry, Screening Room Agent

To watch or read The Screening Room's interview with Daniel Craig go to or watch more videos on CNN's YouTube page.

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Superb aricle. Absolutely superb.

Many thanks for a very good read.
Absolute fodder.

Next time, please focus on the actor you're interviewing - and not about yourself.
Mission accomplished, Mr Curry!

I'd bet that you got far more than most from your allotted 90 seconds with The Big Star!
Was that supposed to be an interview?
Clever and cute. For a while there, I thought it was the trilogy of the next Bond movie - good stuff.
Made me enjoy my cup of coffee this morning.

Your comment put a smile on my face...
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