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Thursday, November 22, 2007
Top 10 Live-action Family Films
Hi everyone,

It's that time of year for seasonal trips to the movies, and to celebrate, the Screening Room is taking a look back at our favorite family hits over the years.

The Screening Room's Top 10 Live-action Family Films >>

Some of our choices: "E.T." (of course), "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (the 1971 version) and "Back to the Future."

Plus, we've picked our favorite hide-behind-the-sofa moments.

But what are your favorite family movies? Which have we missed? (We had a tough time whittling the list down!) Post your thoughts here, and we'll publish the best.


Hi, quite honestly, I don't think Jurassic park can be viewed by little children so that makes it a non-family movie, at least that;s my opinion.

You forgot to mention Jumanji, which was great entertainment for all!
Grease, Dumbo, Babi, Snow White,
are one of the classic, and the ones suggested.
How in the world could you not include The Wizard of Oz in the top ten? This has to be the most watched family movie EVER! Bugsy Malone made the list, but not Wizard? Shameful.
FLy away home?
it is a travesty that "The Princess Bride" is not on this list
How could you leave off Goonies?
Harry Potter? Gimme a break! That's a horrible film, not a classic. What about Goonies? Wizard of Oz? Star Wars? The Sandlot? If you need a fantasy film even Willow is better. Thanks for at least putting Babe on your list.
The Wizard of Oz should be No. 1--- It's the classic American family movie. How could you possibly not have it in the top ten? Are you daft?
you look at all the classics E.t etc however there are some modern family films
Jumanji, Zathura, Over The Hedge, Finding Nemo, The Neverending Story(shows children and all ages the wonders of reading), The Princess Bride and I agree with the first comment that Jurassic Park is hardly family entertainment scares my five year old too much, and there are alot of films not mentioned at all
What ever happened to Lion King and Who Framed Roger Rabit, I'm sure that list was maybe a bit biast...
Well, our family believes Mary Poppins and Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang should definitely be included.

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I agree with Jurassic Park being a little over Family film category. Wizard of Oz being omitted is a tracvesty as well as A Chirstmas Story which every year I sit through it once with my kids. Mrs.Doubtfire may be high on my list along with Mary Poppins.
My all time favorite " The Thief of Baghdad " The one starring " Sabu " this movie was ahead of it's time in special effects I think the movie was made around 1940-1947.

Also " 2001 a Space Odyssey " another gem of the large screen.

to the person who posted Dumbo, Babi, Snow White: 1) It's Bambi and 2) those are not live action.
As a huge nerd, I am appalled (appalled!) by the omission of "Labyrinth", Jim Henson's 1986 Muppet-tastic Froud-filled whirlwind fairy-tale thingamadoo.


...OK, OK, so it's not really good, just, you know, good. But it's a solid delight and plus it was written by ex-Python Terry Jones. That never hurt anything.

And know why Jennifer Connely's character didn't have a date that night?

Because she didn't live in my town.
Not include Princess Bride?! Inconceivable! It has something for everyone and so many memorable lines. Adventure, pirates, ROUSs (rodents of unusual size) and true love: what more could anyone want?
I think "Goonies" has to be one of the most entertaining movies to watch with the kiddos. I have been known to watch it when they aren't around!
Family films should not include any sort of sexual innuendo. I cannot seriously see Ghostbusters as a family film. I would like to think that a family film would teach values or those traits we would like youngsters to model.
I also cannot see the Lion King as a family film. The original Lion King scared my pre-K and K students. (Maybe it should have been more like Kimba??) Why could Scar not been shown the evilness of his ways before he killed Mufasa? (Let's face it, that guy really needed some serious counseling!) My school-age students wrote their own story in which the adults realized Scar and Mufasa could both help train the next generation. They also used a Swahili dictionary and replaced 20 of the words found in the Disney Lion King. Hmmm the best family films? I'd have to seriously consider that question.
Okay--I would scratch "E.T." (sorry, it was good, but not Number One), "Bugsy Malone" (what is that?), and Willie Wonka (again, it was good, but not Top Ten). My list would include: Any Disney full-length cartoon, preferably "Snow White" or "Beauty and the Beast,"; "A Christmas Story"; the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy; "Matilda"; "Old Yeller" and the original "Parent Trap".

I would also add a little-known movie from England titled "Whistle Down the Wind" starring Alan Bates and Hayley Mills. Excellent!
I really enjoy Stuart Little 2, it's a great-looking movie, beautiful saturated production colors, plus it features Michael J. Fox voicing Stuart. But the real draw for me: You get to see Hugh Laurie before he became the famously cranky Dr. House. That's a movie that was fun for my son (age 4) and good eye candy for me!!!
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