Thursday, July 19, 2007
Ethics and illness
Oh no! Second last post. I must stop mooching. But there must be an upside to ceasing my blog about health: I will become well again.

As I write this I am sitting at my terminal in the CNN bunker clutching my stomach with a suspected case of dysentery (picked up maybe from the dry-retch inducing latrines at the music festival).

I can add it to my list of 18th century diseases that I have picked up since starting Project:Life.

Prior to commencing 8 weeks ago I smoked, drank, ate bacon sandwiches and hadn't been ill in years.

Now I haven't touched a cigarette in a month, sup wine moderately and will cross the road to avoid bacon sandwiches but have suffered from

- consumption
- nerves
- fatigue
- and now dysentery.

My only conclusion is that trying to be healthy will make you sick.

If I had of continued this project much longer no doubt I could look forward to such Dickensian diseases as Scarlett Fever, polio and syphilis.

Gym dilemma number 2389:

As we know the gym these days is a sociological jungle with rules and norms separate from that of 'normal life.' So it throws up some ethical dilemmas - like this one:

I was at the gym and had put in a particularly valiant effort on the stepper. I was grunting like a poodle choking on a lamp-chop, I was sweating like my dad when he wears polyester in the sun, I had climbed 65 imaginary flights of stairs.

I fell off the stepper and headed for the showers to wash off the grime.
Uh oh, I discovered as I prepared to step under the comforting jets. I didn't have a towel.

So gym dilemma number 2389: is it okay to dry yourself using an article of clothing you wore at the gym in lieu of a towel? Or is that completely gross? Or is it not as gross as not showering?

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You can hire towels for £1 at most gyms. Just bring some spare change and you'll be ok.
Get well soon! drink a lot of water and get some rest
Dear me Brigid, you're like a sickly child from some Dickensian novel. Get well soon
Strangley Debretts don't make any mention of this, they are like so out of touch with the real world. So I think using your clothes to dry yourself is fine, but bear in mind this'll make you look like you just sweated through your clothes anyway, plus you'll feel like you're 8-years-old again when you forgot your gym kit at school.
I have also forgotten to bring my towel to the gym before. However, I don't think that trying to use sweaty clothes to dry off is a very good idea. The point of taking a shower is to clean, so using those clothes would be counter productive. Just ask the gym for a clean towel or wait till you get home to take a shower.

I'm having the same troubles as you! Good to know I'm not alone??? Yesterday I questioned why I ever quit smoking as I saw my friends puff away.
Since I quit.....I've gained 12 pounds, suffer from serious constipation, had 4 panic attacks, one just last week while I was driving and have blood sugar problems that the doctor has put me on medication for.
I never had any of these problems, when I was unhealthy, smoking, eating carb free and not going to the gym. I can't tell anyone that terrible side effect of trying to live healthy or ever go back to smoking as I have been so outspoken about how great it feels.
Ok, there is one positive side, I don't smell like a stinky ashtray anymore.
just commenting based on this "My only conclusion is that trying to be healthy will make you sick." -

my conclusion in living healthily is simply 'whatever floats your boat'.

scientists, health nutritionists and everyone else may ocndemn the easiest 'targets' such as smoking and drinking to causing heatlh illness - but we know that too many 'studies' and 'researches' have proven it otherwise.

i stopped reading health-related blogs and stuff many years ago, because it just doesn't make sense anymore. every professional is contradicting each other. everyone has their own theory. everyone tries to be a doctor and play God.

my conclusion? whatever floats your boat - and do everything in moderation. that's the true basics in life.
Welcome to the diary of a reluctant exerciser. Having previously shunned fitness regimes in favour of bacon sandwiches, Brigid Delaney vows to finally shape up, get fit and eat more healthily. Over the next three months read how she gets on in a brave new world of gyms, exercise classes and no bacon sandwiches.
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