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Coral farmer Assaf Shaham shows CNN around his desert farm where he grows medical coral.

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A new energy frontierupdated Mon Dec 29 2014 11:56:57

CNN's John Defterios explores how Eastern Mediterranean countries are making new investments in energy.

The power of the Chinese shopperupdated Fri Dec 19 2014 08:00:42

The biggest spending tourists on holiday are now the Chinese. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout reports.

Turkey's booming tech industryupdated Fri Dec 19 2014 07:57:34

CNN's John Defterios meets the CEO of Turkcell -- the first and only Turkish company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Prince of night-life reinvents music industryupdated Tue Dec 16 2014 06:13:15

CNN's Leone Lakhani meets Michel Elefteriades who made a successful career out of music.

Key trends in cyber shoppingupdated Fri Dec 12 2014 09:00:56

CNN's John Defterios explores how improved internet access is boosting the tech industry in the Middle East.

Retail stores vs. online shoppersupdated Fri Dec 12 2014 08:46:15

CNN's Samuel Burke explores how the decline in foot traffic to stores signifies a shift in the way consumers shop and buy.

Formula One puts UAE on the mapupdated Fri Dec 12 2014 06:10:55

CNN's Amir Daftari explores the role of the sport on Abu Dhabi's bottom line.

Tapping into petroleum potentialupdated Tue Dec 09 2014 05:10:39

CNN's John Defterios sits down with Bijan Zangeneh, Minister of Petroleum for Iran to talk about the impact of sanctions.

Energy ministers' crude concernsupdated Fri Dec 05 2014 06:04:26

CNN's John Defterios goes behind the scenes of the OPEC meeting in Vienna.

Iran's steel industry's big plansupdated Thu Dec 04 2014 07:41:40

CNN's Reza Sayah looks at the surge of the country's steel industry which is thriving despite western sanctions.

Stabilizing the oil marketupdated Thu Dec 04 2014 07:41:16

U.A.E Energy Minister, Suhail Al-Mazrouei talks to CNN about the difficulties of stabilizing the oil market.

Boeing believes in Gulf statesupdated Fri Nov 21 2014 12:13:06

CNN's John Defterios speaks with Boeing's CEO & Chairman Jim Mcnerney.

UAE's economic heart turns tenupdated Fri Nov 14 2014 08:09:17

CNN's Amir Daftari explores the ups and downs of the Dubai International Financial Centre which was created in 2004.

Fighting terror financingupdated Fri Nov 14 2014 07:51:02

Bahrain recently held a conference on how to best tackle ISIS with delegations from over 30 countries. CNN's John Defterios reports.

Erdogan's economyupdated Thu Nov 13 2014 09:40:21

CNN's John Defterios speaks to Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek about the country's growing pressures.

Turkey's billion dollar textile industryupdated Thu Nov 13 2014 09:39:06

CNN's John Defterios explores how local brands are turning the tide and taking their own brands global.

Big fish flocking Persian Gulfupdated Fri Nov 07 2014 12:17:02

CNN's Jon Jensen explores why marine biologists believe the sea's biggest fish is attracted to the world's largest gas field.

Concerns over big oil economyupdated Fri Nov 07 2014 11:51:23

The Gulf States have spent a lot of money on infrastructure in the last few years. But the days of big time spending could be numbered.

Nightclubs are booming in Dubaiupdated Wed Nov 05 2014 03:52:23

CNN's Amir Daftari checks out the growth of Dubai's booming nightclub industry.

Africa's richest man on trade with Dubaiupdated Fri Oct 24 2014 06:07:49

CNN's John Defterios meets Aliko Dangote who made his 20 billion dollar fortune in cement, flour and sugar.

Dubai's real estate market bounces backupdated Fri Oct 24 2014 06:03:13

in 2009 the city defaulted on billions of dollars -- resulting in a crash that knocked up to 60% off the value of properties.

UAE invests in Fujairah distributionupdated Fri Oct 10 2014 08:59:15

The UAE is investing billions of dollars into Fujairah to make it an oil and gas distribution point.

The rise, and rise, of the tiny UAE energy powerupdated Fri Oct 10 2014 08:26:18

Fujairah, one of seven emirates which make up the UAE, is putting new meaning into the saying "build it and they will come."

The scramble for the world's gasupdated Fri Oct 10 2014 05:35:20

CNN's John Defterios looks at the current demand for gas and how that impacts relationships across the world.

Saudi women join male dominated workforceupdated Wed Oct 08 2014 16:45:34

Only one out of 5 women in Saudi Arabia work. Now the Kingdom is looking to change that. CNN's John Defterios reports.

A brave new era for Saudi Arabia's women workers?updated Sun Oct 05 2014 23:07:33

In a country where women aren't allowed to drive, a female engineer is showing her male colleagues a thing or two.

Industry giants look to Saudi Arabiaupdated Fri Oct 03 2014 11:18:15

CNN's Marketplace Middle East travels to Saudi Arabia's eastern province to find out how it is attracting new businesses.

Are investors attracted to Egypt?updated Fri Oct 03 2014 11:06:54

CNN's John Defterios reports on whether Egypt is a good place to invest after the Arab Spring.

How a coral farm in the desert could help 'grow bones'updated Sun Sep 28 2014 22:37:07

Far from the sea, a man-made coral reef is taking shape -- and it could change medical operations forever.

Robust retailupdated Fri Sep 26 2014 10:17:33

CNN's John Defterios meets with Diego Della Valle, owner of Italian luxury brand Tod's.

Start-up nation invests in coral reefsupdated Fri Sep 26 2014 09:11:39

An Israeli company is farming coral reefs for medical purposes. Ian Lee reports.

The richest man in Saudi Arabia on oil, Isis and Murdochupdated Sun Sep 21 2014 22:47:51

Gaze across the Riyadh skyline and one building immediately demands your attention.

Eliminating ISISupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 07:44:16

CNN's John Defterios talks to HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Al Saud about how to deal with the Islamic State.

Saudi stock market surgeupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 07:37:44

CNN's John Deterios looks at plans to open the stock exchange to international investment in 2015.

Prince Alwaleed on the ISIS conflictupdated Mon Sep 15 2014 09:57:38

Saudi Arabian businessman Prince Alawaleed bin Talal speaks about ISIS and its global impact.

Golan Heights: Making wine in the shadow of warupdated Sun Sep 14 2014 22:00:35

A cold morning mist hangs over row after row of deep purple grapes -- a scene ripe for thoughtful contemplation.

The grapes of Golanupdated Fri Sep 12 2014 08:16:37

CNN's Ian Lee travels to the Golan Heights to explore wine making during war.

ISIS' black goldupdated Fri Sep 12 2014 08:06:11

ISIS may not be an oil major but has a revenue stream of over three million dollars a day. CNN's John Defterios reports.

Abu Dhabi's new super mall: Build it and they will come? updated Tue Sep 09 2014 00:56:18

On a man-made island in the Middle East, the world's newest super mall sits empty -- for now.

Abu Dhabi's massive new mallupdated Fri Sep 05 2014 10:26:08

Yas Island is bringing a massive mall to the capital of the UAE. But is there enough demand to fill it?

Property hotpots in the Middle Eastupdated Fri Sep 05 2014 10:25:02

In spite of local unrest, luxury property development across the region is on the rise -- and so are prices.

Iraq's black market in oil funds ISISupdated Fri Aug 29 2014 09:52:46

John Defterios looks at how oil exports fuels the terror organization's growth.

Turkey's presidential futureupdated Fri Aug 29 2014 09:40:32

John Defterios looks at the country's economic future after Erdogan's move from prime minister to president.

Can Recep Tayyip Erdogan revitalize Turkey's economic fortunes?updated Fri Aug 29 2014 04:42:50

Recep Tayyip Erdogan was officially sworn in as Turkey's new president Thursday after comfortably winning the country's first direct vote to decide its head of state earlier this month. The appointment could see the 60-year-old former semi-professional football player remain at the top of Turkish politics for at least another decade.

Grape expectations: How to make the "sexiest wine on the planet"updated Mon Aug 25 2014 06:48:54

In Lebanon's picturesque Bekaa Valley, life moves at a gentle pace.

Taking Lebanese wine abroadupdated Fri Aug 22 2014 09:00:54

CNN's Leone Lakhani explores how local wine makers are getting their bottles on shelves abroad.

Start-ups struggle with fundingupdated Fri Aug 22 2014 08:58:09

Leone Lakhani speaks with Wamda's founding CEO Habib Haddad about the challenges facing entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

Turkey's economy suffers blowupdated Wed Aug 20 2014 06:34:28

CNN's John Defterios explores what Recep Tayyip Erdogan's transition to president means for Turkish economy.

Tehran is a halfpipe: Entrepreneur makes skateboards in Iranian basementupdated Mon Aug 18 2014 07:05:11

He is skilled at the "throw-down," a move that gets you on a skateboard at near full speed.

Iran's passion for skateboardingupdated Mon Aug 18 2014 06:43:30

CNN's Reza Sayah looks at how skateboarding culture is taking off in Tehran and beyond.

Iran's king of cars sees need for economic speedupdated Fri Aug 15 2014 10:14:53

A little over 26 years ago, Mohammad Reza Najafi started manufacturing auto parts in Iran.

Easing sanctions on Iranupdated Fri Aug 15 2014 08:47:22

Business leader and industrialist Mohammad Reza Najafi says foreign companies should not be afraid to invest in Iran.

Forget Glastonbury: How Lebanon's Byblos Festival attracts biggest starsupdated Mon Aug 11 2014 05:16:10

The ancient town of Byblos has long been a draw for visitors to Lebanon's picturesque west coast.

A music lover's havenupdated Fri Aug 08 2014 07:12:23

CNN's Leone Lakhani explores what it takes to put on the annual Byblos International Festival.

Property tycoon's vision for Lebanonupdated Fri Aug 08 2014 07:05:12

Roger Edde wants to turn around the fortunes of his hometown of Byblos.

Gaza conflict: Can economic isolation ever be reversed?updated Sun Aug 03 2014 21:33:35

The horrific loss of life from the three week conflict in Gaza can never be valued -- but the economic fallout from war is also devastating the local population.

Gaza's marine gas fieldupdated Fri Aug 01 2014 07:50:07

Gaza's marine gas field was discovered in 2000. But politics and the conflict with Israel have delayed its development.

Gaza's economic ruinsupdated Fri Aug 01 2014 07:46:21

Marketplace Middle East explores the physical and economic toll on Gaza from years of conflict with Israel.

Cutting down on dates, Saudi food firm seeks long-term relationship with western tastesupdated Thu Jul 24 2014 22:22:16

French baguettes and pastries aren't the traditional bread of choice in the Middle East.

Bateel's new bakery ventureupdated Fri Jul 18 2014 10:47:39

Saudi Arabian Bateel brand is best known for its delectable dates but it now has more than a dozen cafes and a new bakery in the works.

'Tsunami of tourists' head for Iranupdated Thu Jul 17 2014 22:19:28

Through the hotel lobby he goes, to the elevator, up into guest rooms, and back.

Training programs offer hope to Jordan's unemployed youth updated Mon Jul 14 2014 22:41:25

In a tiny car repair shop in the Jordanian capital of Amman, one can encounter the latest efforts to solve the country's sky high youth unemployment rate.

How can Jordan create more jobs for young people?updated Fri Jul 11 2014 08:21:50

CNN's John Defterios talks to the Jordanian Minister of Labour, Nidal Katamine about his country's unemployment battle.

Making Jordan work amidst conflict and instabilityupdated Fri Jul 11 2014 05:19:26

Youth unemployment is not a new subject to make the headlines (see Spain and Greece) but it is has become a particularly acute problem for Jordan.

Pay TV boss on growth, piracyupdated Fri Jul 04 2014 07:00:15

CNN's Leone Lakhani meets with OSN CEO David Butorac to discuss what the company is looking to do next.

Jordan's farmers sufferupdated Fri Jul 04 2014 06:55:18

Caught between Syria's civil war and the burgeoning instability in Iraq, Jordanian farmers are suffering. CNN's John Defterios reports.

Seeds of conflict: Syrian civil-war stifles Jordanian farmersupdated Thu Jul 03 2014 22:59:12

In the Mafraq region of northern Jordan, it's not unusual to witness a shepherd guide his flock along a busy highway.

Jordan: A country between conflictsupdated Fri Jun 27 2014 11:45:17

With Syria on one side of Jordan's borders and Iraq on the other, CNN looks at the pressure mounting on a country between conflicts.

Can Aqaba offer port of calm in turbulent Middle East?updated Thu Jun 26 2014 22:38:50

In the port city of Aqaba, southern Jordan, construction works are popping up everywhere.

How has ISIS become one of the richest ever militant groups?updated Sun Jun 22 2014 22:25:13

The business of ISISupdated Fri Jun 20 2014 11:11:50

CNN's Randi Kaye explores how the group is getting the money to fund its insurgency.

Pig farming revivalupdated Fri Jun 20 2014 10:57:58

In Egypt, thousands of pigs were culled five years ago under a swine flu scare. Now breeders are trying to rebuild an industry that almost died.

Turkish Airlines soaringupdated Fri Jun 20 2014 08:25:39

CNN's John Defterios speaks with Turkish Airlines CEO Temel Kotil about the secret behind the airline's success.

The great airspace race: Can Turkish Airlines continue to soar?updated Fri Jun 20 2014 01:34:37

Turkish Airlines has gone from strength to strength in recent years, adding new routes across Europe and Asia as well as expanding into Africa.

Qatar counts cost of the 2022 World Cupupdated Fri Jun 13 2014 10:10:32

CNN's John Defterios finds out how much Qatar has invested into the World Cup.

Keeping Qatar coolupdated Fri Jun 13 2014 10:10:16

Marketplace Middle East visits a UAE based district cooling company, that has been keeping temperatures down indoors for years.

Could World Cup 2022 result in economic own goal for Qatar?updated Thu Jun 12 2014 22:37:14

When Qatar won the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup there was much pomp and pageantry in the tiny Persian Gulf state.

Fueling the world: A guide to the Middle East's oil and gas reservesupdated Wed Jun 11 2014 23:34:56

Dubai tops the world's best performing stock markets as UAE and Qatar lift off as emerging economiesupdated Fri Jun 06 2014 02:47:17

Call it a perfect market storm of wealth creation.

A perfect market stormupdated Thu Jun 05 2014 10:36:07

Both the UAE and Qatar have received an upgrade by market index group MSCI. CNN's John Defterios reports.

The business of comic booksupdated Thu Jun 05 2014 10:30:21

CNN's Leone Lakhani explores how comic books are taking off in the Middle East.

Is the Middle East the new hub of global aviation?updated Thu May 29 2014 22:48:33

After a decade of construction and almost four years behind schedule, the Middle East's latest airport destination began full operations earlier this week.

Doha opens giant $15 billion airportupdated Thu May 29 2014 12:45:27

Leone Lakhani looks at Qatar's brand new Hamad International Airport and the revamping of other airports in the region.

Qatar Airways' big moveupdated Thu May 29 2014 12:44:30

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar al Baker talks expansion as his company moves into its brand new home at Doha's Hamad International Airport.

Who can fix Egypt's economy?updated Mon May 26 2014 10:26:05

CNN's Reza Sayah looks at one of the biggest challenges for Egypt's presidential candidates, the economy.

Egypt prepares for new electionsupdated Fri May 23 2014 08:05:01

Marketplace Middle East explores how the upcoming election could affect the political situation in the country.

Russian oil giant looks eastupdated Fri May 23 2014 07:53:59

Lukoil has exploration projects in over a dozen countries worldwide and now runs all its overseas operations from Dubai.

Can Egypt's presidential candidates transform economic fortunes?updated Thu May 22 2014 23:59:52

Since the 2011 revolution, Egyptians have seen near non-stop protests, the toppling of two presidents, six elections, and a seemingly endless political crisis.

V. Shankar on Modi's key challengesupdated Fri May 16 2014 10:34:59

The CEO of Standard Chartered Bank on how the next Indian Prime Minister could turn around the world's tenth-largest economy.

Tony Blair on radical Islamupdated Fri May 16 2014 08:04:41

CNN's John Defterios talks to Britain's former Prime Minister about the threat from radical ideologies.

Indian expats on electionsupdated Fri May 16 2014 08:01:13

There are more than two million Indian workers living in the UAE sending almost 8 billion dollars in remittances back home every year.

Dubai's expat Indians: The world's most productive foreign workersupdated Thu May 15 2014 23:21:37

Dubai Creek was once the heart the Gulf emirate's business activity, where boats and barges sailed along transporting goods and people to foreign ports.

There's a plan to help the Middle East overcome conflict and unemployment, but can it work?updated Mon May 12 2014 22:55:52

Last week, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released its latest "Middle East and North Africa Economic Outlook" report.

Generating growth in cities with unrestupdated Mon May 12 2014 14:48:49

Generating growth in cities with political turmoil. CNN's John Defterios has more.

Trending travel spots for touristsupdated Mon May 12 2014 14:26:50

The latest on travel trends and destinations. CNN's Leone Lakhani has more.

Can Cairo's nightclubs bring the good times back to Egypt's capital?updated Wed May 07 2014 22:43:58

It's the weekend in Cairo and the city's upper crust is letting loose at The Garden, one of the latest night-time spots to open in the Egyptian capital.

Can Hard Rock Cafe keep the beat in the Middle East?updated Sun May 04 2014 22:13:00

As the legend goes, it all started with two Americans living in London in search of a good burger.

Craving franchises in the Middle Eastupdated Fri May 02 2014 13:11:50

John Defterios explores the rise of franchise brands in the region, including the Hard Rock Cafe.

Investing in Cairo's night lifeupdated Fri May 02 2014 13:08:19

Ian Lee explores the Egyptian capital's night life which is picking up after 3 years of political turmoil.

Cyprus energy potentialupdated Thu Apr 24 2014 13:30:24

Cyprus' President Nicos Anastasiades explains how the country is forging new ties. CNN's John Defterios explains.

Iraq prepares for electionsupdated Thu Apr 24 2014 13:29:43

CNN's Arwa Damon looks at how the country prepares for its first election since the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

Cypriot president: Underwater gas fields can help unite islandupdated Wed Apr 23 2014 21:49:24

It may be early days in the quest for energy underneath the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean -- but the eventual bounty may be sizable for Cyprus.

Sheikh to chic: Gulf looks to rival Paris as fashion capitalupdated Sun Apr 20 2014 22:32:24

A haunting moon rises over a darkened stage, bouquets of flowers masquerade as elaborate head pieces while a fair-skinned model smiles through a mask of colorful jewelery.

UAE gets a taste of Britainupdated Fri Apr 18 2014 07:07:15

A British luxury retailer known for high-teas and hamper baskets opens its first ever shop abroad. John Defterios reports.

Dubai pushes fashion forwardupdated Fri Apr 18 2014 07:03:05

Already the world's second biggest retail destination, the city is investing in a semi-yearly fashion event for regional talent. Leone Lakhani reports.

Fit for a queen but can a venerable British store succeed in the Middle East? updated Wed Apr 16 2014 23:11:41

After almost three centuries at the heart of London's busy Piccadilly retail district, Fortnum and Mason is broadening its horizons.

UAE hotel with big ambitionsupdated Fri Apr 11 2014 11:36:30

Rotana Hotels was born in Abu Dhabi 20 years ago. It now competes with the big players in the industry. CNN's John Defterios reports.

Is this the UAE's next hot spot?updated Fri Apr 11 2014 10:55:22

Ras Al Khaimah is known as a quiet northern Emirate, but that could soon change. CNN's John Defterios reports.

Nu Skin's huge corporate party rolls up in Dubaiupdated Wed Apr 09 2014 10:06:58

The United Arab Emirates is playing host to a huge corporate party this week. Hotel lobbies and shopping malls are flooded with Chinese guests and the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway is dotted with long rows of buses branded "2014 Nu Skin Success Trip" in English and Arabic.

The Middle East's new king of hotels aims to build where others fear to tread updated Sun Apr 06 2014 22:37:18

With sparkling new air hubs and new tourism opportunities, some of the world's biggest hotel brands have spied the perfect opportunity to pitch up in the Middle East in recent years.

Is youth unemployment getting worse?updated Sat Apr 05 2014 09:36:28

CNN's Leone Lakhani explores how job creation remains a major concern in the Middle East.

Ex-banker's fashion startupupdated Sat Apr 05 2014 09:23:39

Knot Standard co-founder Tarig El Sheikh talks about his online-based business which sells bespoke suits on a budget.

Modern Mideast art comes to lifeupdated Fri Mar 21 2014 19:55:17

John Defterios visits the region's largest art scene and explores how the Emirate is positioning itself as a hub between East and West.

Buying art in Dubaiupdated Fri Mar 21 2014 19:40:45

Marketplace Middle East looks at how taste in the region is evolving.

Qatar in hot waterupdated Sat Mar 15 2014 06:14:52

Three neighboring allies have withdrawn their ambassadors from Doha after a rift over its foreign policy. Leone Lakhani reports.

The end of Iran's economic isolation?updated Sat Mar 15 2014 06:13:41

Former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker talks about the country's interim nuclear deal with the West.

Egypt in transitionupdated Fri Feb 28 2014 07:11:59

The country's military backed government resigned this week and there are a growing number of labor strikes. Leone Lakhani reports.

The cost of boycotting Israelupdated Fri Feb 28 2014 05:31:36

Nic Robertson reports on a movement that calls for the boycott of companies out of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Dubai's road to recoveryupdated Fri Feb 21 2014 08:32:05

Dubai is buzzing again after a financial crash more than four years ago. CNN's John Defterios reports.

Dubai's business moodupdated Fri Feb 21 2014 08:18:08

Marketplace Middle East speaks with local movers and shakers who reflect on the city's economic outlook.

Trading with Iranupdated Fri Feb 14 2014 08:26:44

Marketplace Middle East looks at Iran's interim deal with the West as the country looks to attract overseas investors and businesses.

Cleaning the world's tallest buildingupdated Fri Feb 14 2014 08:21:51

CNN's Jon Jensen looks at what it takes to keep Dubai's Burj Khalifa in top condition.

Does McCain have faith in Rouhani?updated Fri Feb 14 2014 08:07:19

U.S. Senator John McCain talks about sanctions on Iran and the country's regional role. CNN's John Defterios reports.

'Refugee bank' helps Syrians abroadupdated Fri Feb 07 2014 04:38:42

CNN's Atika Shubert visits Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp where a start-up culture has emerged.

Bahrain's economy prepares for take-offupdated Fri Feb 07 2014 04:33:37

Leone Lakhani visits Bahrain's International Airshow and explores the country's efforts to attract more foreign investment.

Currency concerns in Turkeyupdated Fri Jan 31 2014 11:37:32

CNN's Ivan Watson looks at how the country's political situation is hitting the economy.

Can Egypt attract investment?updated Fri Jan 31 2014 11:35:03

Ian Lee looks at how the political turmoil is affecting the country's bottom line.

Iran nuclear deal: What's next?updated Fri Jan 24 2014 07:25:59

What happens if Iran's economic sanctions are lifted? John Defterios speaks with Ian Bremmer, President of Eurasia Group.

Mideast energy optionsupdated Fri Jan 24 2014 07:22:34

John Defterios speaks with the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency about Iran's energy potential.

Stability is key for Mideast economyupdated Fri Jan 10 2014 11:36:54

CNN's John Defterios explores the region's economic outlook for 2014.

UAE oil fields up for grabsupdated Fri Jan 10 2014 11:19:50

For the first time in 75 years, the emirate of Abu Dhabi is offering licences to operate some of its largest oil fields.

How to feed 20,000 people in one sittingupdated Fri Aug 02 2013 14:23:07

For most people working in the United Arab Emirates, the holy month of Ramadan is a restful time. It is a month of fasting, reduced working hours, family time and quiet religious contemplation.

The Arab World's lost generationupdated Mon May 27 2013 04:55:27

The Arab Spring toppled regimes in power for decades within only months of each other.

Death and disruption: Why Egypt remains economic basket-caseupdated Mon Apr 22 2013 10:19:33

The legal battle being fought by former Egypt president Hosni Mubarak under charges including being complicit in the killing of protestors will sustain a climate of uncertainty for the country's president Mohamed Morsy.

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IN FOCUS: Gaza Fishing Woes

Dubai staging a comeback amid economic gloomupdated Thu Dec 06 2012 11:56:48

Four decades ago it was merely barren desert land. Four years ago it was at the height of an unparalleled economic boom that turned to bust amid the global financial crisis. Today the emirate of Dubai is staging a lively comeback, once again announcing the kind of ambitious plans that made it famous in the first place.

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FACETIME: Pascal Lamy, Director-General, World Trade Organization

This week on Marketplace Middle Eastupdated Mon Nov 12 2012 13:33:04

FACETIME: Dubai Airshow Special

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IN FOCUS: Agricultural Adversity

This week on Marketplace Middle Eastupdated Tue Oct 16 2012 06:22:10

FACETIME: Osama Saleh, Egyptian minister of investment

This week on Marketplace Middle Eastupdated Tue Oct 09 2012 09:58:34

FACETIME: Luc Ourcel, CEO, Areva

General Electric CEO: U.S. tax policy hurting economyupdated Wed Oct 03 2012 21:18:21

High U.S. taxes and political indecision are hindering the country's economic recovery, the head of General Electric has told CNN.

This week on Marketplace Middle Eastupdated Thu Sep 27 2012 04:51:49

FACETIME: Mehmet Simsek, Turkish finance minister