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CNN's Shirley Robertson met Australian Olympic Gold Medalist Mat Belcher ahead of the ISAF Sailing World Championships.

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IOC to tackle threat to Olympic sailors of super-bug in Rio's watersupdated Tue Dec 23 2014 09:28:57

Olympic chiefs have pledged to arrest fears that sailors and windsurfers at the next Games will not just have to deal with their rivals on the water but a potential super-bug under it.

Fleet sails off for 3,500 mile raceupdated Thu Dec 11 2014 09:15:29

See as 91 boats leave St Malo in Brittany to travel across the Atlantic to Guadeloupe for the Route du Rhum.

A solo sprint across the Atlanticupdated Thu Dec 11 2014 08:50:12

Four years ago, Shirley Robertson met Sidney Gavignet as he sailed off for the Route du Rhum.

Transatlantic race captures a nationupdated Thu Dec 11 2014 08:29:43

Every four years, France's most intrepid off-shore sailors take part in the Route du Rhum.

Reluctant solo sailor beats sleep deprivation and Atlantic rivalsupdated Mon Dec 08 2014 08:36:23

In the cut throat world of big-time ocean racing, giant maxis are the undoubted leaders of the pack.

Caught on camera: Yacht vs. bridgeupdated Thu Dec 04 2014 09:45:00

A drawbridge collapses on a yacht being towed during a heavy storm. WSVN reports.

Bermuda to host 35th staging of America's Cupupdated Tue Dec 02 2014 13:51:32

Oracle Team USA will make its defense of the America's Cup in 2017 off the island of Bermuda, a British overseas territory in the Atlantic Ocean.

Alex Thomson: Meet sailing's 'David Beckham'updated Tue Dec 02 2014 07:57:19

In parts of France, he is regarded as sailing's answer to David Beckham, but Alex Thomson is just happy to be alive rather than fretting about his potential celebrity status.

Round-the-world sailing 'a drug' for record-breaking yachtswoman updated Fri Nov 28 2014 08:35:21

Dee Caffari did not seem born for a life on the high seas.

Superyachts show off their best sides in drone moviesupdated Mon Nov 17 2014 07:16:20

"It takes a special person not to barf in the trash bag."

New Zealand wins ISAF World Championshipsupdated Thu Nov 13 2014 10:47:42

CNN's Shirley Robertson shares highlights from this year's ISAF Sailing World Championships in Santander, Spain.

A long road to Olympic gloryupdated Thu Nov 13 2014 10:26:33

Shirley Robertson goes behind the scenes at the ISAF Sailing World Championships in Santander, Spain.

America's Cup hero James Spithill awarded sailing 'Oscar'updated Wed Nov 05 2014 06:55:17

It was deemed arguably the greatest sporting comeback of all time as Oracle Team USA won the America's Cup in September last year.

Underwater jigsaw puzzle of Captain Cook's ship Endeavourupdated Tue Nov 04 2014 07:24:19

This is no treasure hunt for a casket of gold at the bottom of the ocean.

The billionaire and the super yacht with sights on the record booksupdated Mon Oct 27 2014 07:49:37

When you're a billionaire, you can make an almighty splash.

The billionaire and the super yacht with sights on the record booksupdated Mon Oct 27 2014 07:49:37

When you're a billionaire, you can make an almighty splash.

America's Cup: Is Airbus Team USA's 'secret weapon?'updated Thu Oct 23 2014 08:54:45

How often do you see sports stars looking to the heavens in search of a little inspiration?

Could Alegre win the Mini Maxi?updated Thu Oct 09 2014 07:35:25

After years of coming so close to winning the Mini Maxi World Championships, could Alegre cross the line in first?

What does it take to race in Mini Maxi?updated Thu Oct 09 2014 07:11:47

Mainsail's Shirley Robertson meets Sir Peter Ogden, the owner of Mini Maxi yacht Jethou.

Owners face Mini Maxi championshipsupdated Thu Oct 09 2014 07:08:36

Mainsail's Shirley Robertson meets the mega-rich owners who will compete in the Mini Maxi World Championships.

Angelina Jolie and 'Pope Boat' to the rescue: Mission improbable?updated Mon Oct 06 2014 07:28:14

When clinging to life at sea, even a non-believer might be moved to pray for salvation.

Disney actors face 'hardest race in world'updated Fri Oct 03 2014 09:24:16

The mission is anything but a Mickey Mouse task: Navigate the world's most treacherous seas, crossing 73,000 nautical kilometers in a confined space with stressed-out, sleep-deprived crewmates. 

Superyacht plus: The new millionaire water toysupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 06:05:14

Gaze across the luxury stalls at this year's Monaco Yacht Show, and you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd stumbled upon James Bond's secret gadget lab.

Ocean race favorite aims for goldupdated Tue Sep 16 2014 07:35:26

CNN's Shirley Robertson speaks with Team Abu Dhabi's Ian Walker.

Final test before sailing's toughest raceupdated Tue Sep 16 2014 07:24:41

CNN's Shirley Robertson goes inside the nerve center of the Volvo Ocean Race in Alicante, Spain.

Countdown to Volvo Ocean Raceupdated Tue Sep 16 2014 06:59:34

CNN's Shirley Robertson meets the seven teams taking part in the 12th edition of the toughest race in sailing.

Will ocean racers follow Franklin to the ends of the Arctic?updated Mon Sep 15 2014 08:36:28

Robert Molnar has a vision: an ocean race from New York to the Canadian Pacific city of Victoria, via the Arctic.

Arctic ambition: The race to sail Northwest Passage heats upupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 06:34:35

The trip costs $20,000 to $150,000. For the money, you get a month crossing the world's final ocean frontier.

America's Cup: Challengers to Oracle's crown announcedupdated Thu Aug 21 2014 15:12:41

It produced one of the memorable sporting moments of 2013 and now the excitement is starting to brew all over again for America's Cup fans.

Surreal 'boats-on-wheels' race across the Nevada Desertupdated Tue Aug 19 2014 07:34:36

Over 300 miles from the nearest ocean, competitors in one of the world's fastest sailing races are battling against a moody wind.

The return of a sailing iconupdated Thu Aug 14 2014 13:36:09

The iconic boat of the America's Cup has been revived by wealthy owners. Shirley Robertson looks at the return of the J class.

Sailing in the desertupdated Thu Aug 14 2014 13:31:17

CNN's Shirley Robertson visits the most iconic location on the planet for land yachting.

How to master land sailingupdated Thu Aug 14 2014 13:29:47

Double Olympic Gold Medallist Shirley Robertson tries to transfer her water sailing skills to sand.

The physics of land sailingupdated Thu Aug 14 2014 13:24:37

Shirley Robertson masters the art of land sailing before the fastest race of her life.

Inside London's $67M superyacht hotel (engine not included)updated Mon Aug 11 2014 06:49:58

London's new superyacht hotel is so enormous that when it first arrived in the city, authorities had to lower the water level by five meters just to fit it under a bridge.

And for my next trick....updated Mon Aug 04 2014 10:36:05

His daredevil stunts have attracted over 3.5 million hits on YouTube and reached uncharted waters for sailing, but for his next trick Alex Thomson just wants to get back to doing what he does best -- circumnavigating the globe faster than anyone else.

Elizabeth Meyer recalls 'Armageddon battle' to restore Endeavourupdated Mon Jul 28 2014 07:19:36

Endeavour -- the boat's name is befitting of its journey twice to the brink of destruction and the tireless work that went in to restoring the 1934 vessel to its former glory.

Are Rolls-Royce's 'robo-ships' the future of seafaring? updated Fri Jul 18 2014 06:42:47

Ship captains of the future won't be salty sea dogs with their hand at the helm, and the ocean at their feet.

The most emotive racing yachts ever builtupdated Thu Jul 10 2014 11:17:47

Shirley Robertson continues to follow the progress of the revived J Class as owners give their insight into the boat's history.

Is the modern J Class still a classic?updated Thu Jul 10 2014 11:16:55

The sailing world debate on whether the revived J Class has lost it's way as the traditional boat is fitted with latest technologies.

Henley Royal Regatta: 'Downton Abbey' on waterupdated Thu Jul 10 2014 09:38:59

It's nearly 200 years old, and people still come back for more.

Ainslie's America's Cup crusade gets UK government backingupdated Tue Jul 01 2014 12:43:00

After gaining the royal seal of approval from the Duchess of Cambridge last month, Ben Ainslie's bid to bring the America's Cup to Britain for the first time in the competition's history has secured another important boost.

China's pioneers: Around the world with no sleep and a new languageupdated Tue Jun 17 2014 19:39:00

Are these the worst working hours in world sport?

Dongfeng Race Team select their crewupdated Thu Jun 12 2014 08:53:38

MainSail's Shirley Robertson finds out which Chinese sailors will be representing their country at the Volvo Ocean Race.

Chinese sailros face Ocean Race testupdated Thu Jun 12 2014 08:48:23

As the Volvo Ocean Race grows in popularity in China, crews are searching for Chinese sailors to compete.

Training sailors for the world's toughest raceupdated Thu Jun 12 2014 08:43:35

Dongfeng Race Team train work to integrate sailors from different countries to compete at sailing's toughest race.

Kate Middleton adds glamor as Britain seeks to right America's Cup 'wrong'updated Wed Jun 11 2014 08:45:27

The price of silverware just got a whole lot more expensive.

Beyond Monaco: Superyacht expeditions to the ends of the Earthupdated Tue Jun 03 2014 08:27:17

What could be more memorable than lounging on your sun-drenched superyacht in the world's most fashionable ports?

British artist takes to the water to retrace Turner's brush strokesupdated Thu May 22 2014 12:13:02

"I got the sailors to lash me to the mast to observe it. I was lashed for four hours and I did not expect to escape, but I felt bound to record it if I did."

Sailing champ sets his eyes on Rioupdated Wed May 21 2014 11:42:18

CNN's Shirley Robertson meets France's most versatile sailor Franck Cammas who has taken on some of the sport's biggest challenges.

Chasing world sport's oldest trophyupdated Wed May 21 2014 11:42:11

From the Jules Verne Trophy to the Volvo Ocean Race, Franck Cammas has conquered the world, setting countless records along the way.

Cammas takes on tough challengesupdated Fri May 16 2014 06:53:58

Franck Cammas talks about leading France to victory in the America's Cup while trying to qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio.

Are sky-high property prices steering home buyers onto water?updated Thu May 15 2014 07:33:59

How do you get a foot on the property ladder, when you live in one of the most expensive cities in the world?

Explorer: Underwater pirates looted what he says is likely Santa Mariaupdated Wed May 14 2014 15:03:05

An underwater explorer who says he's confident he's discovered the Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus' flagship, said Wednesday that there's evidence that the ship has been looted.

500-year-old mystery: Wreck off Haiti may be Columbus' flagship Santa Mariaupdated Tue May 13 2014 01:58:37

Is a sunken shipwreck off Haiti the long-lost remains of the Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus' flagship from his first voyage to the Americas?

Sailing a lifesaver for record-breaking quadriplegic yachtswoman Hilary Lister updated Mon May 05 2014 08:56:55

Hilary Lister had had the difficult conversation with her husband -- a few times in fact. The quadriplegic had finally made the decision to end her life, had prepared to say goodbyes to Clifford and the rest of her family.

Secret life of a superyacht superhero: Serve and obey at all costsupdated Mon Apr 21 2014 06:34:13

There's one word a billionaire's servant should never say.

Size matters: How sheikhs and oligarchs transformed the yachting industry updated Tue Apr 15 2014 08:27:53

How do you design a superyacht fit for the billionaire who has everything money can buy?

Australia's rich sailing traditionupdated Thu Apr 10 2014 12:12:06

MainSail explores the country's ability to produce some of the world's best sailors.

Sailing legend's epic careerupdated Thu Apr 10 2014 11:53:09

Six-time Skiff World Champion Iain Murray on being part of Australia's 18 Footers League and grooming his protégé for success.

'The F1 boats of the water'updated Thu Apr 10 2014 10:58:55

Sailing champions Adam South and John Winning on what it's like to compete on the revolutionary 18ft Skiff.

Australia's rich sailing traditionupdated Thu Apr 10 2014 06:37:22

MainSail explores the country's ability to produce some of the world's best sailors.

Supercar yacht: Dream machine or ego gone mad?updated Mon Apr 07 2014 07:15:50

The height of luxury -- or a vulgar monstrosity?

Sailor so 'rich' he forgot $100k yachtupdated Tue Apr 01 2014 06:57:27

It's one thing not to boast about your $100,000 yacht.

Live like the 'Wolf of Wall Street' on your own movie yachtupdated Tue Mar 25 2014 08:36:25

If this is one of the perks of being a crooked stockbroker, then perhaps it's not such a bad career choice after all -- just ask Leonardo DiCaprio.

A drop in the ocean for stuntman sailor Alex Thomsonupdated Mon Mar 17 2014 09:41:29

It's like a stunt from the latest James Bond movie, only this isn't a movie.

The changing face of America's Cupupdated Sat Mar 15 2014 09:26:44

Team Aqua owner Chris Bake talks about the RC44 class which is populated with big-hitting businessmen.

Russell Coutts' big challengeupdated Sat Mar 15 2014 09:17:50

The most decorated sailor in the history of the America's Cup talks about leading Oracle Team as CEO in its next installment.

Historic sailor shapes the futureupdated Sat Mar 15 2014 09:14:11

Russell Coutts has been tasked with shaping and securing the future of the oldest trophy in world sport.

'Awesome' Viking warship 'struck terror into people'updated Mon Mar 10 2014 09:05:27

There are ghosts at the British Museum.

Mile low club: Company turns submarine into private love hotelupdated Wed Mar 05 2014 04:34:51

"A service allowing travelers who like to get their thrills between the sheets to get them beneath the waves at the same time."

Richard Branson's treasure island where world's richest celebrities holidayupdated Fri Feb 28 2014 07:24:10

Richard Branson has never been one to shy away from sharing his ostentatious exploits with the wider world.

Extreme Sailing Series: Like Formula One on water?updated Tue Feb 18 2014 08:31:16

It's like motor racing on water -- deafening music blares out in the countdown to races, and fans flock to the water's edge. Welcome to the Extreme Sailing Series, extreme by name and extreme by nature.

Putting Bekking's boat to the testupdated Thu Feb 13 2014 17:43:27

CNN's Shirley Robertson joins Dutch skipper Bouwe Bekking as he embarks on a symbolic moment before the Volvo Ocean Race.

Volvo Ocean Race's new directionupdated Thu Feb 13 2014 17:20:49

CNN's Shirley Robertson looks at how organizers are trying to level the playing field and make the iconic race more affordable.

Bouwe risks all for Volvo Ocean Raceupdated Thu Feb 13 2014 17:19:00

CNN's Shirley Robertson meets Dutch master Bouwe Bekking as he prepares for his record equalling 7th tilt at the title.

Sharks, Dali and Waltzing Matilda: Explorer recalls epic raft journeyupdated Tue Feb 04 2014 11:01:47

Mike Fitzgibbons recalls 1973 with a mixture of fondness and tearful nostalgia.

Onne van der Wal: 'Sea astronaut' captures light years of progressupdated Thu Jan 30 2014 09:09:40

Onne van der Wal was born to be on the water -- and after witnessing decades of incredible sailing innovations, the renowned photographer now feels like he's an "astronaut of the sea."

The boat that rocked: Heavy metal on the high seasupdated Thu Jan 23 2014 07:48:09

The tropical cruise was once the quintessential getaway of the elderly retiree -- a relaxing voyage through sun-soaked climes augmented by the soothing sounds of the open ocean.

Cruise control: Saving on journeys at seaupdated Tue Jan 21 2014 12:28:01

New ships, expanded technology and pop culture phenomena are some of the factors making 2014 an alluring year for a vacation at sea.

Can Team New Zealand return stronger in 2014?updated Fri Jan 17 2014 08:01:47

After coming tantalizingly close in 2013, can Team New Zealand recover from their dramatic loss in 2014.

What does is take to win the America's Cup?updated Fri Jan 17 2014 08:00:31

After failing to capitalize on an 8-1 lead in 2013, Team New Zealand are attempting to find the missing ingredient.

Australia return to the America's Cupupdated Fri Jan 17 2014 07:50:50

In 1983, Australia II broke the American stranglehold on the America's Cup. Can they recreate that magic over 30 years later?

Epic adventurer Sean Conway finds home on rundown war boatupdated Mon Jan 13 2014 07:44:16

Having cycled around the world and then swum the length of Britain, adventurer Sean Conway is taking on an altogether different challenge -- to restore a historic wartime ship which was set for the sailing scrapyard.

Cricketers at sea: The world's most pointless sporting contest?updated Fri Jan 10 2014 06:47:16

It is a cricket match with no bouncers, rain never stops play and the outcome is preordained.

Kiteboarders evade sharks to conquer Atlanticupdated Thu Jan 02 2014 07:50:47

It's not every day you get a chance to kiteboard across the Atlantic evading sharks after winning a social media competition.

Wild Oats XI captures record-tying seventh Sydney-Hobart yacht crown updated Sat Dec 28 2013 16:46:03

It didn't come close to matching last year's record time but supermaxi Wild Oats XI won a record-tying seventh Rolex Sydney to Hobart yacht race on Saturday.

Supermaxis under challenge in closely fought Sydney-Hobart classicupdated Thu Dec 26 2013 10:55:43

Six-time winner Wild Oats XI was involved in a tense battle for the race lead as the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht race entered its first night Thursday.

Celebrating a year in sailingupdated Thu Dec 12 2013 12:18:26

Shirley Robertson attends the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards to meet the contenders for 2013 honors.

Who are the best sailors of 2013?updated Thu Dec 12 2013 12:17:01

Shirley Robertson meets more of the sailors nominated for the 2013 ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards.

Off-shore racers, record breakers and sailorsupdated Thu Dec 12 2013 12:16:06

Which sailors excelled in 2013? Shirley Robertson finds meets the winners of the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards

Mad men? The perils of sailing solo around the worldupdated Thu Dec 12 2013 08:31:07

It was on a platform of the Paris Metro that Michel Desjoyeaux realized he finally had to snap out of it.

Enric Sala: Saving the world's oceans one at a timeupdated Thu Dec 05 2013 11:17:01

When Enric Sala dips his toes in a pool of water, he does so in the knowledge he may well be the first man on the planet to do so.

The kite rider: World's fastest wave machineupdated Thu Nov 28 2013 06:18:35

Alex Caizergues toasts danger with a glass of bubbly in one hand and a clenched fist in the other.

Venice moves into cruise controlupdated Fri Nov 22 2013 08:48:52

Imagine lying in the back of a gondola, watching life pass by in one of the world's most picturesque cities.

10 of the world's most adventurous cruisesupdated Tue Nov 19 2013 21:06:13

"Cruising" -- the word conjures up images of overflowing buffets, arm-wrestling at the soft serve machine and death by deck quoits.

Part 1: Sailing on after tragedyupdated Fri Nov 15 2013 16:04:40

Ben Ainslie and Iain Percy talk about how the death of their friend and colleague Andrew Simpson has influenced them.

Part 3: Recruiting for 2014 America's Cupupdated Thu Nov 14 2013 09:19:21

Ben Ainslie and Iain Percy race the Argo Gold Cup to raise awareness for the Andrew Simpson foundation.

Part 2: Team Oracle's great fightbackupdated Thu Nov 14 2013 08:58:55

Shirley Robertson talks to Team Oracle strategist Ben Ainslie about his team's dramatic turnaround at the 2013 America's Cup.

Trash busters! Eco sailors aim to reduce ocean wasteupdated Fri Nov 08 2013 08:57:25

Take a walk along almost any beach in any part of the world and one's experience is often spoiled by the sight of trash -- flotsam and jetsam -- washed ashore from the ocean.

Zaha Hadid: 'Would they still call me a diva if I was a man?'updated Fri Nov 01 2013 08:42:06

When I first meet Zaha Hadid she's as tight-lipped as a closed door. This is a woman who doesn't do idle chit chat. Why would you when you're the world's most famous female architect?

Red Star Line: The ship that saved Albert Einstein's life?updated Tue Oct 22 2013 07:00:28

The world's most famous scientist, with his iconic wild hair, crumpled suit, and pens peeking from breast pocket, poses not in a laboratory -- but on the deck of a ship.

The 'perfect shot': Daredevil sailing photographer hangs out of helicopterupdated Thu Oct 17 2013 06:44:44

While the rest of us were watching two boats battling it out in one of the most thrilling sailing competitions of all time, there was another man soaring 400 meters above the waves watching our every move.

Greatest America's Cup finale ever?updated Thu Oct 10 2013 12:06:46

Shirley Robertson looks back at the build-up to the 34th America's Cup.

A dramatic start to America's Cupupdated Thu Oct 10 2013 12:05:30

MainSail is on location as Oracle Team USA goes head to head with Emirates Team New Zealand.

Incredible comeback at America's Cupupdated Thu Oct 10 2013 12:03:13

Emirates Team New Zealand is close to winning the oldest trophy in world sport, but can they go all the way?

The voice that launched a nation's dreams: Magic of the shipping forecastupdated Mon Oct 07 2013 07:29:16

When strangers hear Peter Jefferson's voice, they can't quite place it at first, and then it hits them: "I know you. You've been sending me to sleep for years."

America's Cup: Australians to challenge Team USA updated Mon Sep 30 2013 18:13:47

Australian tycoon Bob Oatley is turning from wine to water as he announced his intention to build a team to challenge defending America's Cup champions Oracle Team USA.

America's Cup: What makes a sporting comeback great?updated Thu Sep 26 2013 11:25:28

Oracle Team USA safely negotiated the choppy waters of sporting comebacks to pull off a memorable victory against New Zealand to defend the America's Cup.

Oracle Team USA wins America's Cupupdated Wed Sep 25 2013 17:05:08

There are comebacks -- and then there are comebacks.

America's Cup 2013: Oracle Team USA 9-8 Emirates Team New Zealandupdated Wed Sep 25 2013 06:14:56

America's Cup: Team New Zealand on ropes after Oracle USA comebackupdated Wed Sep 25 2013 02:47:08

For sailing fans, boxing references don't immediately spring to mind when describing the thrills and spills of their sport -- even if it is the biggest race of all: The America's Cup.

America's Cup: Miracle on Water still a possibility as U.S. ties series 8-8updated Tue Sep 24 2013 18:16:11

You've heard of the Miracle on Ice?

Oracle Team USA deny New Zealanders once againupdated Tue Sep 24 2013 08:14:57

Oracle Team USA's improbable America's Cup comeback gathered further momentum on Monday after a fifth straight win over challengers Emirates Team New Zealand.

Cannes rolls out red carpet for 'great ladies' of the seaupdated Mon Sep 23 2013 06:40:18

Gaze across Cannes Bay this week, and you'd be forgiven for thinking you had stepped back in time.

Racing classic returns bigger than everupdated Thu Sep 12 2013 14:06:37

Shirley Robertson is in the heart of one of the world's ocean racing classics, the Rolex Fastnet Race.

Triumph for all women crewupdated Thu Sep 12 2013 14:03:10

Shirley Robertson follows the first all female crew to enter the Volvo Ocean Race at the Rolex Fastnet Race.

Crews battle it out at classic raceupdated Thu Sep 12 2013 13:48:16

Shirley Robertson is in the heart of the Fastnet Rolex Race, following four crews from build up until finish line.

World's largest solar-powered boat cruises into Londonupdated Mon Sep 09 2013 09:18:03

It is one of the most iconic ports in the world, the dramatic backdrop to everything from ancient Roman sailing ships to World War Two military vessels and gas-guzzling speedboats.

America's Cup: Greatest yachting prizeupdated Sat Sep 07 2013 02:49:40

Big boats and big money. What it takes to win yachting's greatest prize, America's cup. Dan Simon has the story.

America's Cup now 'a new-age speedster' event with high hopes and criticsupdated Fri Sep 06 2013 18:55:39

The America's Cup, the most prestigious yachting race in the world and its oldest at 162 years, will seemingly join the aviation age this weekend when a new design of boat sails as fast as 52 mph.

America's Cup 101updated Fri Sep 06 2013 11:16:27

How much do you know about the America's Cup? Holly Firfer gives us the basics of the oldest sailboat race in the world.

U.S. champions seek redemption in America's Cupupdated Fri Sep 06 2013 07:23:27

It has been a stormy start to the America's Cup for the defending U.S. champions -- and the boats have yet to leave the safety of San Francisco Bay.

Voyage of a lifetime: Could you sail around the world?updated Mon Sep 02 2013 06:23:35

Could you survive on four hours sleep a day? What about coming face-to-face with waves the size of three-storey buildings? Or not seeing your loved ones for an entire year?

Is John Bertrand the new savior of Australian swimming?updated Fri Aug 30 2013 10:33:38

The man touted as the next savior of Australian swimming has arrived. Just don't ask him how much he knows about, well, swimming.

How to sail around the world for free: Five ways to live the dreamupdated Mon Aug 26 2013 06:16:03

Imagine if your commute to work was as easy as stepping onto a sun-drenched yacht. Or if your office window overlooked the open seas. How about waking up each morning in a different exotic port?

Meet the new America's Cup 'flying yacht' making big wavesupdated Fri Aug 23 2013 07:11:25

Never underestimate the little guy.

Meet America's Cup flying hi-tech boatsupdated Fri Aug 23 2013 06:03:41

A slew of hi-tech sailing vessels are making serious waves at this summer's America's Cup in San Francisco Bay.

103-year-old beauty's film debutupdated Thu Aug 15 2013 12:51:43

Meet the owner of an early 1900s Fife yacht called The Truant which was used in the 2011 film "Shadows of Love."

The first family of yacht designupdated Thu Aug 15 2013 12:13:18

Shirley Robertson explores the history of a Scottish yacht dynasty that has earned a worldwide reputation for their work.

Fife yachts stand the test of timeupdated Thu Aug 15 2013 12:12:13

CNN's Shirley Robertson explores the incredible legacy of Fife design and boards one of its yachts built in 1908.

Guts and glory: 162 years of America's Cup yacht designupdated Tue Aug 13 2013 06:38:17

On a misty afternoon in 1851, Britain's Queen Victoria watched a wooden schooner -- named "America" -- win what would later become one of the most famous boat races in the world. She asked one of her attendants who had come second. The answer? "Your majesty, there is no second."

World's 'most exclusive' club admits women for first time in 200 yearsupdated Thu Aug 08 2013 05:25:07

You know a club is exclusive when they won't even let the Queen in.

No, it's not photoshopped: Freedivers sip coffee with sharks 30 meters under seaupdated Tue Aug 06 2013 06:19:20

Things which might distract you while having coffee with a friend: food in their teeth, attractive waiters, giant sharks circling your head.

No land? No problem. Gibraltar's $200m five-star yacht hotelupdated Fri Jul 26 2013 06:27:24

Imagine this: in your hot little hands you hold a blueprint for a luxury hotel in one of the most idyllic -- and tiny -- locations in the world.

Telephone poles give nasty surprise to speedy sailorsupdated Fri Jul 19 2013 19:12:51

The sailboat crew chose an ocean-size ambition. They sought to land in Hawaii from Los Angeles with cruise ship-like speed, in less than five days.

Move over Abramovich: Meet 'Azzam', the world's largest, fastest superyachtupdated Thu Jul 18 2013 06:40:29

With the launch of the gleaming new Azzam, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich can no longer lay claim to being the owner of the world's largest superyacht.

'Action man' Russian president Putin explores shipwreck in latest adventureupdated Tue Jul 16 2013 10:24:29

He's fired darts at a gray whale, sped through St Petersburg in an F1 car, and taken a supersonic flight in a bomber jet.

Remembering Andrew Simpson: How an Olympian sailed into the history booksupdated Mon Jul 15 2013 08:20:11

On May 9, a cool breeze blew across the waters of San Francisco Bay. Gliding across the surface, two teams of world-class sailors -- Oracle Team USA and Swedish Artemis Racing -- were hard at work preparing for the upcoming America's Cup. According to reports, the wind was "a little above normal" at 25 to 35 mph, but nothing that professional sailors couldn't handle. Across the waterfront, anticipation was building ahead of the first America's Cup to be held in the U.S. since 1995.

Looking back at America's Cup tragedyupdated Fri Jul 12 2013 06:44:08

The racing competition made headlines when British double Olympic medalist Andrew Simpson died in May 2013.

The day that changed everythingupdated Fri Jul 12 2013 06:42:52

Oracle Team USA's Jimmy Spithill and Emirates Team New Zealand's Dean Barker recall the day Andrew Simpson died.

Making America's Cup saferupdated Fri Jul 12 2013 06:39:57

MainSail looks at measures taken to increase safety after the death of Britain's Andrew Simpson, a double Olympic medalist.

Cousteau: Why I'm going to live in an underwater villageupdated Wed Jul 10 2013 08:18:17

Speaking to Fabien Cousteau is like plunging into dreamlike darkness. The sunlight falls away as you dive deeper and deeper underwater with him, and you can't help but hold your breath a little as he describes the alien creatures hovering at the edge of vision.

Got $32m? Jackie O's 'Love Boat' for saleupdated Thu Jul 04 2013 05:37:00

If this yacht could talk, one can only imagine the stories it would tell about one of the most high-profile romances of the 20th century.

Immigrant MDs working fast food jobsupdated Wed Jul 03 2013 11:05:23

Thousands of Latino immigrant doctors are living in America, but not practicing medicine. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.

$15 million yacht can be controlled by an iPadupdated Mon Jul 01 2013 06:24:55

With her curved 'wings,' long pointed nose, and gleaming underbelly propped high above the waves, this space-age yacht might be better suited to the sky than the sea.

From Beyonce to Grace Kelly: How to holiday on a celebrity superyachtupdated Mon Jun 24 2013 10:04:38

Nothing drives home the luxury lifestyles of the rich and famous quite like images of them lounging on a sun-drenched superyacht.

Ghostly sailors and sweethearts come to life in underwater art galleryupdated Mon Jun 17 2013 06:34:40

Part 1: Wealthy owners compete in Sicilyupdated Thu Jun 13 2013 10:32:26

Wealthy owners compete with the world's best sailors in the RC44 over 5 days of competition.

Part 2: Russian owners compete at RC44updated Thu Jun 13 2013 10:27:59

Global business leaders compete in the RC44 championships.